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When The Going Gets Tough..

Meek Just Weep

( November 15, 2015, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The truth is finally out
Since 2012, Navy lost Rs. 1.2 billion a year, because of privileges given to Avant
Those who know Nissanka will know how he Boasts about his Yacht, his Hummer &
fleet of Vehicles, His Spanish Secretaries & Local Models, His 22 Personal
Bodyguards that follow him even to the Toilet, His Friendship with Lokka (meaning
MR) & his Brats, his best friend Ethanol Johny, His new Bosom buddy Dudley
(Maithripalas Brother) etc etc
Well all that is great but who paid for it ?
The navys Loss = the Tax Payers Loss = You & me = we funded his Lavish Lifestyle
Nissanka Senadhipathi (chairman Avant Garde) used Vajira Abeywardena (Galle

Minister) to sort out all issues that would come up with the current Government, for
which he is alleged to have been paid over 300 million Rupees.
As a result Vajira first took Nissanka to meet the President immediately after the
elections on the 10th of January, as the president spoke to him cordially Nissanka
assumed all is well.
But when all hell broke loose with Raids by the Police and the finding of Unmarked
weapons, nissanka was still confident that his Vajira, lawyer Marapana and long time
friend & alleged business partner Wijeyadasa would rescue him.
Well they actually did by preventing his arrest and blocking the investigation until last
When the going got Tough, Nissanka was hospitalized in Singapore (mount Elizabeth
Hospt.), vajira begged the Prime Minister to intervene, Marapana & Wijeyadasa under
pressure from Nissanka Senadipathi openly backed him in parliament but alas with no
Support from the PM, Marapana Resigned & Wijeyadasa kept silent at the Presidential
meeting & vajira tried to crawl his way Back to Ranil by sitting next to him at the Late
Great Sobitha Theras Funeral.
The fact is, no matter how you look at it, Weapons belonging to the Armed forces
cannot be given to a private company without checks and balances.
As a result of Gotabayas haphazard decision, the Company is even linked with the
attempted murder of the Maldivian President;
for example;
Avant Garde had paid US$ 150,000 a month to the Maldives former Defense and
National Security Minister, Colonel (Ret.) Mohammed Nazim, now serving a jail
sentence in his country for alleged involvement in a conspiracy to oust the President
of the Maldives
The Avant Garde Vessel now in the custody, had its GPS off when it passed by
Maldives on the same day the countries Presidents Boat was Bombed
The Sniper caught attempting to Kill the Maldivian President is alleged to be an
employee of Avant Garde
This is what happens when thousands of weapons (paid by you and me) are given
to a private company without checks and balances.
Avant Garde was able to get away with this for so long, simply because Gota gave
them the Authority and the Former Navy Commander was their CEO with a salary of 3
million a month.
Meanwhile Nissanka Senadhipathi alleged that the Sri Lanka Navy has forcibly taken
over the ship owned by his company, threatening his staff on board.
He is now Crying to the Media saying his life is in danger. He pointed out that he
feared to live in his own country at present, due to these threats and has requested

the Ministry of Law and Order

seeking police protection. He insisted that
this was the truth and he had enough evidence to prove it.
The Sri Lanka Navy on Friday took charge of all weapons held in two ships in the
Galle Harbour by Avant Garde Maritime Security Limited (AGMSL) in a prelude to
provide other approved companies to engage in maritime security. The military
hardware was both on board the floating armoury MV Mahanuwara and MV Avant
Garde that had returned after a nearly two-month-long voyage from the Red Sea. The
move to take charge of all the weapons on board the two ships came on the
instructions of President Maithripala Sirisena who is also the Minister of Defence.
In future, the Sri Lanka Navy will handle the issue of weapons and ammunition to
those operating private maritime companies. Such weapons will be held in the Navys
armouries and a fee will be levied for the service provided, Navy spokesperson
Captain Akram Alavi told the Media.
the Navy will not be providing Sea Marshals. That will be the responsibility of the
maritime security service provider. We have been involved in a similar operation of
keeping account of the weapons and issuing them. This was done during the period
2009 to 2012, he said.
The move means Avant Garde can continue to operate and meet its legal obligations
to foreign parties to provide maritime security. However, it will not possess any military
hardware including automatic weapons and ammunition. Its requests will have to be
made to the Navy which will maintain a record and charge the company accordingly.
Thus Avant Garde will not have to retrench employees or cease operations.
However, the on-going inquiry into the weapons haul found on MV Avant Garde as well
as accusations of money laundering hangs over the company.

Puny Wijeyadasa Tickles The Mighty General

Only in Sri Lanka a relatively unknown Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe insults a War Hero
and he is still not Fired !
A Cold war is brewing and the Alliance faces its biggest challenge ever, not from
Mahinda Rajapaksa but from those who protects the corrupt and those who want to
expose them.
Wijeyadasa is a lawyer whose claim to fame was representing some pole vaulters like
Rohitha Bogollagama, Keheliya Rambukwella etc thereby gaining the confidence of
former President Chandrika who appoints him to parliament via the National List, then
he wiggles his way toward the direction the wind blows.
In 1999 he was fined for Evading Taxes & yet he attempts to portray himself Squeaky

Clean, but what is unpalatable is the manner in which he insults the prestigious title
Field Marshal which was bestowed upon General Sarath Fonseka by the President
of Sri Lanka.
Thanks to the Benevolence of the Prime Minister, Wijeyadasa holds the post Minister
of Justice lest he forget that it is a position he will loose in the near future.
Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka will forever be know as the General who led the the
Army to Victory and took on the Rajapaksas and paid the price for it, simply because
he does not play the game of politics like the crafty Wijeyadasa does.
Why the Hero would want dignify the likes of Wijeyadasa with answers is the biggest
question, nevertheless the Field Marshal comes out once again the winner at insults
hurled against him by Wijeyadasa;
Wijeyayadasa says It was me that gave him the first proper National Costume

Fonseka Replied yes he did give it and my Driver washed my car with it
Wijeyayadasa says he started his campaign in my house
Fonseka Replied yes i did go to his house when he was hiding inside due to a

shooting outside
Wijeyayadasa says I gave him 100 million thru my business contacts
Fonseka Replied wellhe gave me only 5 laks, wonder who pocketed the

Wijeyayadasa says the meaning of field marshal is someone who looks after fields or
-wel widana-

Fonseka Replied in that case his name translates to -victoryservant-

The field Marshal concluded by saying;
Minister Rajapakshe is a disgrace to the government that was set up to bring about
good governance. The President and the Prime Minister should make sure that he is
removed from his portfolio before the victory gained on January 8 is ruined and justice
ensured, the Field Marshal said. He said the minister was white-washing the

Rajapaksas so that he could change sides in the future because he would not be able
to win an election with UNP votes again.
Meanwhile Minister Rajitha Senaratne called Wijeyadasa a Goda Perakadoruwo, he
said The Justice Ministers statements on the Avant Garde issue has exposed him for
what he is and the people will judge him accordingly. He cannot erase what has
happened by calling people names.
Posted by Thavam