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Choose the correct verb tense:

1. My brother and I ___play______________________ (play) football on Sundays.

2. She _______looks_____________________ (look) wonderful today!
3. My uncle _____works____________________ (work) as a bus driver.
4. Mary cant come right now, she ______cuts_____________________ (cut) a cake for
5. ___Do______ you _____want___________________ (want) a cup of tea?
6. Every day my wife _______washing___________________ (wash) up,
______takes______________ (take) a little rest, and then
____________studies______________ (study) for her doctorial exams.
7. Tommy, why ____do________ you _______cry_________________(cry)?
8. I ______met__________________ (meet) my husband 12 years ago. I
_______sat___________ (sit) in the bus, when it suddenly
___stoped_____________________ (stop) and he accidentally
_______bumped_________________ (bump) at me.
9. ____Did______ you ___have___________________ (have) a good time at the party
10. We ___________had__________________________ (have) lunch when the phone
________rang____________________ (ring), so we didnt answer the phone.
11. I ______have____________ never ___been_____________ (be) to Italy.
12. Look! I ________cut_______________ (cut) my hair! Do you like it?
13. Novak Djokovic _____________won________________ (win) four Grand Slams.

Write plural forms of the following nouns:

bone ____bones________ tooth ____teeth__________ beach _beaches____________

policeman __policemen_____________ holiday ____holidays______________

Make the comparative and superlative forms of the following adjectives:



Thin ______thinner_________________


Bad _______worse________________
Little _______________________


Dangerous _______________________
Boring _______________________



Fill in the possessive pronouns and adjectives:

1. John and I met 5 years ago. Today is _____________ anniversary.
2. Give me back that mobile! It is _____mine_______!
3. Have you seen Peters new girlfriend? Shes got green eyes and ____her_____ hair is
very long.
4. Tom had to catch the bus, so he didnt touch his pizza. So, dont make a new one, take
Fill in much or many before the nouns:
__much_________ wine

____many________ eggs

____many________ people

____much________ cake
_____much______ cheese

___many_________ information

___many_________ chocolate bars


_____many_________ children

___many___________ news

Make questions to words written in bold

1. Taka lives in Japan. Where does Taka live?
2. My sister travelled to Australia last October. Where my sister did travel last October?
(ja mislim da pitanje treba da se postavi sa did) ili sa was ?
3. We are standing because there is no place to sit. Why we stand there?
4. He bought four bottles of milk yesterday. (ovo ne znam) What he bought yesterday?
5. My uncle has a lot of money. What does have my uncle?
6. We drink orange juice every day. What do we drink every day?
7. Herman comes from Germany. Where does Herman come from?

Put at, on or in
1. My parents are coming ____on______ Monday.
2. I wake up ___at_______ 6 oclock every day.
3. My best friends birthday is _____on______ 26th November.
4. A lot of tourists go to the Adriatic sea ____in_____ summer.

5. We went to the theatre ___in______ Friday evening.

6. He left ____in____ the morning and came back __at______ night.
7. I had a beautiful day with my family __on______ Christmas.
Make the possessive form.
1. Milk of John

____johns milk____________________________

2. Purse of my sister

____sisters purse____________________________

3. Son of James

_______James son_________________________

4. Game of children

_______childrens game_________________________

5. Tests of students

_______student tests_________________________