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Strategic HR Approach 1

Strategic HR Approach
HRM/552-Organizational Training and Development
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Strategic HR Approach 2

Strategic HR Approach
Employee well-being is a necessity for a company. The employees keep the company
going, thus making it that much more important to ensure the employees needs are looked after.
The following cases are a look into how the employee needs arise and the steps to assist the
employees. The cases show that sometimes the company has to go beyond the set standards to
help an employee.
Medical Bills
A long-term employee has been in the hospital for a couple of months and asks the
company for money to help pay the bills from the stay. The company is already meeting the state
law requirements, which is providing health insurance and disability. Unless the employee
provides other evidence, the employee was not harmed at work causing the cancer; the company
does not have to put any further effort to assist the employee. However, the company should still
show support and find ways to assist the employee, especially because the employee has been
with the company for 25 years. The company can attempt to perform fundraisers, taking
donations for the employee from other employees or donate money itself to pay for the medical
bills. The companys choice to help the employee, beyond the health insurance would increase
employee relations and show the employees that the company actually does care for its
New Management and Accidents
A new manager has joined the company over a team of 10 employees; under the guide of
the supervisor multiple accidents have taken place. However, the employees who have been with
the company more than four years state the manager micromanages. Although the supervisor
complains that the employees do not respect him because of his age and length of time with the

Strategic HR Approach 3
company. The supervisor also complains the teams performance is below the expected average
performance. The first step for the company is to speak to the supervisor about his management
skills. Explain to the manager that the micromanagement of the team will not improve respect or
production from the team. The company then needs to speak with the manger and the employees
about avoiding accidents in the workplace especially when the requirements of the Occupational
Health and Safety Board requires that this company keep their employees safe from any
harm. OSHA specifically states 54 Fed. Reg. 3904 (Jan. 26, 1989) OSHA issued guidelines that
consist of safety and health management practices used by employers to protect the safety and
health of their employees. ("Injury and Illness Prevention Programs", n.d.) If the company fails
to comply, the company can see fines and lawsuits for unsafe work conditions.
Failure to present a safe work environment will lead to more accidents and employee
loss. Employees will be unwilling to work in an environment that is unsafe and will lose respect
for the entire company, rather than the single manger. The manager will have to gain the respect
of the employees and learn a better management style rather than micromanaging.
The company has a female employee who was terminated for being late to work more
than eight times. The employee returned with a union member, which OSHA permits, stating
male employees with the same record have not been terminated and another female with the
same record has not been terminated because she is a wife of management. The company was
following the guidelines set by the company, however all employees who have the same record
should have been terminated as well. Because the employer did not terminate the other
employees, the company shows favoritism or discrimination and the company also faces
violating terminating union rules. According to "Occupational Safety & Health

Strategic HR Approach 4
Administration" (n.d.), Section 11(c)(2) provides that an employee who believes that he has
been discriminated against in violation of section 11(c)(1) "may, within 30 days after such
violation occurs," file a complaint with the Secretary of Labor. (para. 5) The company has to
make changes by eliminating the employees who have the same violations, regardless of sex or
marital status. Once the complaint has been received by the company, a thorough investigation
should take place, resolving any discrepancies up to possibly terminating any supervisors not
following the regulations. The employees have to see everyone is treated the same to keep the
company organized and working as a team.
Return after Baby
An employee returns to work after only three weeks of maternity leave. When the
employee returns her performance suffers and her appearance begins to suffer. The employee
has no improvement after six months and is disconnected from the other employees. While the
employees performance is a major concern for the company, the company must determine what
the cause id behind the change in performance and behavior. The company should begin with
investigating regarding why the employee returned to work so quickly. The company should
explain to the employee that nothing negative would occur from the employee taking more time
off. The company can also offer counseling for the employee if she is suffering from depression.
The employee also can be offered intermittent FMLA if the employee has difficulty
paying for bills. "FMLA is designed to help employees balance their work and family
responsibilities by allowing them to take reasonable unpaid leave for certain family and medical
reasons. ("Leave Benefits: Family & Medical Leave", n.d.) Covered under FMLA is the birth
and care of a baby for up to 12 weeks off, therefore the employee would be able to take more
time if needed.

By the company determining the issue with the employee and finding a

Strategic HR Approach 5
reasonable solution as intermittent FMLA, other employees discover any issues they have can be
taken to the company to determine if a solution is possible through the company.
The company has several employees who need the company to go above the regulations.
The actions the company takes will make a difference in how the employee perceives the
company. This will go a long way in employee relations and performance. When a situation
arises the company can consult the HR department as well as a legal team to determine what the
best steps are to take to assist the employees.

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