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MAX ASHBY - 1410321 - UCA




The game is set in a 1950s science-fiction world, humanity has discovered a parallel
universe were planet sized items of food exist and humanity has begun to "mine" them
to solve food crisises. On one such world a science officer has crash landed and must
escape the food world before it is consumed by mining ships.
Scale and gravity are used as "powers" that the player can use. Scale is used as a
hand held tool that a player can use to re-size objects in the environment or the limbs
and bodies of enemy creatures.
A key aspect of the game is speed, a time limit occurs in game before the food is
mined and swalloed up by the miners. In that time the player must navigate the
landscape and use their powers to overcome both hostile enemies and
environmental obstacles.


My key goals for the end of this project are to

submit finished designs for the three main
characters, for the environment of the game and
also of the game mechanics.
These finished designs should of a standard for
which it possible to model them in Maya.

The protagonist of the story is a
science officer/engineer who
oversees operations on the
celestial food planets/objects.
He is the character the player
will assume and is equipped
with a matter-scale-altering
device to enable him to alter his

His suit is designed for

hazardous environments and is
equipped with a limited air
supply which must be
replenished in game.

The antagonist of the story is a food
monster, almost akin to Godzilla or the
giant ants from Them!. The creature
confronts the player throughout the
game level and the player must dispatch
it via their scale-changing devices.
The player may enlarge a limb to
overbalance the creature or ensmallen
the creatures eye to blind it. The player
may also use their gravity powers to hurl
objects or seize projectiles from the
It is not possible to kill the creature, the
player may only force it to retreat or
physically remove it from their path.

The sidekick is a nonhuman character,
essentially a walking,
talking computer. The
sidekick is meant to be
only a secondary
character that supports
the protagonist. The
character may or may not
provide anti-gravity
support as a secondary
"power up" or "ability".
The sidekick follows the
player closely, almost
like a dog and must be
protected from hostile
threats of both the
environment and

One of the key pieces of
equipment used by the player is
the "Mass/Scale Altering
Device"; a handheld device that
enables the player to manipulate
and change the size/scale of
physical objects to suit his
The device can be either
attached to the arm or be used
as a two handed device, it fires
in pulses rather than
continuously and must recharge
after each pulse meaning that
players must use its power
tactically. The device has an
unlimited power core meaning
that there is no need to refuel
or find new energy for it.