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Animal Lord, Areddon the Great Stag

Animal Lord, Basti the Queen of Cats
Battlebriar, Lesser
Battlebriar, Greater
Beastial Things of Yb
Black Fiend [Demon, Orc]
Black Ones of Thuul-Gaaldruun [Demon, Ogre - Super Intelligent]
Black Spawn of Tharkuul [Demon, Regenerative]
Blind Three, the [Hag, as in those from Clash of the Titans]
Blood Fiend [Slaad Blue, Vampiric]
Blooded Lotus [Vampiric Plant]
Bloody Woman, The [Hag, Vampiric]
Charred Ones
Child of the Dark Gods [Chaos Spawn]
Children of Ybaoth [Vampire-esque Ilithids]
Cinder Fey
Crawler in the Dark [tentacled, invisible carrion wyrm]
Darkling Probe [Aberration, Demonic]
Deathstrider Scarab
Death Wyrm
Demon of the Depths
Devil Boar
Dire Bear
Dire Boar
Dire Falcon
Dire Lion
Dire Wolf
Doomspeaker [Hag, Oracle]
Dragon, Battleborn
Dragon, Flamespawn
Dragon, Seaspawn
Dragon Lord, Bahamut Zero
Dragon Lord, Io
Dragon Lord, Queen Tiamet
Drake, Black
Drake, Blue
Drake, Golden
Drake, Green
Drake, Red
Drake, Shadow
Drake, Silver
Drake, Song
Drake, White
Dreadclaw Stalker [Camo Deathclaw]

Dread Tree [Tentacled, Demon Plant]

Elemental, Air
Elemental, Earth
Elemental, Fire
Elemental, Spirit
Elemental, Void
Elemental, Water
Elemental, Greater Air
Elemental, Greater Earth
Elemental, Greater Fire
Elemental, Greater Spirit
Elemental, Greater Void
Elemental, Greater Water
Elemental Lord, Aman-Koteph, Lord of Air
Elemental Lord, Garunno, Lord of Earth
Elemental Lord, Karesha, Queen of Flames
Elemental Lord, Tanet, Queen of Spirits
Elemental Lord, Valako, Lord of Void
Elemental Lord, Zaanaan, Lord of Water
Elohim [Four Winged Angels with third eyes]
Fellwrought Blasphemy [Demonic Construct]
Feytouched Steed
Fiendish Ichor [Sentient demonic Godblood]
Flaming Serpent
Floating Legion
Frostfell Worm
Gheist, Haunting
Ghost, Blackveil
Ghost, Wagon
Ghoul, Deep
Ghoul, Desert
Ghoul, Foulspawn
Giant Bat
Giant, Aquatic
Giant, Forest
Giant, Frostfell
Giant, Ghosthalls
Giant, Hill
Giant, Lavabrood
Giant, Mountain
Giant, Tempest
Gorgon, Greater
Gorgon, Lesser
Gorgon, Queen
Great Ape
Great Dragon, Avakarash
Great Dragon, Belthaneth
Great Dragon, Cinderwrath
Great Dragon, Tragaon
Great Dragon, Valaor

Great Wolf
Grey Ape [Stone Skinned Apes]
Grey Fiend
Guardian Ape
Guardian Lion
Guardian Wyrm
Hawk, Windrider's
Intellect Devourer
King Scorpion
Legendary Crocodile
Legendary Wolf
Lost Thing of Ybaddon [Shapeshifting Construct]
Man Serpent of Yloth [Yuan-Ti Halfbloods]
Monstrocity from the Night [Giant Camoed fanged can only see movement]
Mummy Lord, Akhenotek
Mummy Lord, Jahuhatep
Naga, Bone
Naga, Ebon (Vampiric)
Naga, Sentinel
Naga, Stone (Gorgon-Like)
Naga Queen, Ilithara
Naga Queen, Shaeome
Night Terror [Phastasmal Ghost]
Oblivion Sphere [Metal Sphere of Death]
Pale Riders, the [The Four Horseman]
Ram, Warden's
Ravens of Myrroon, the [Intellegent Ravens]
Risen Dead, the
River Lion
Sabrehawk [Hawk with Bladed Wings]
Sand Slave Revenant [Controlled by the Desert]
Sand Strider [Daemon, Horselike but larger]
Sea Whisp [Giant Woman made of Foam and Waves]
Serpent Men of Set [Yuan-Ti Purebloods]
Servitor of Ybaddon's Will [Construct that Protects Sites]
Sheshey Hawk [Hawk that refracts light]
Slithering Dread [Big Snake with shark teeth]

Smoke Fiend
Spidery Fiend [Demonic Spider]
Starved Abomination [stitched together zombie corpse that is ravenous]
Swamp Daemon, Greater
Swamp Daemon, Lesser
Tentacled Maiden
Terror from Twenty thousand Fathoms, The [Exceptionally large squid with
razor sharp spines]
Titan, Athillis
Titan, Koronus
Titan, Malephon
Titan, Nyxis
Titan, Ramia
Titan, Zal-Zaladrus
Thing from Under the Stairs, The
Thorn [Fey]
War Machine, the Bronze Bull
War Machine, the Clockwork Dragon
War Machine, the Traitor's Steed
Were-Beast of Old [Werecreature of Ancient origin]
Winged Ones
Winter Ghost
Zakathan [Lizardfolk, High]