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Tropos Success Story in Indonesia

Koja Port & Jakarta International Container Terminal - Jakarta, Indonesia

ABB Wireless MESH Provides Competitive Advantage to Container Port Operations

Hutchinson PH, the world's leading port investor, developer and operator has network of port operations
comprises 319 berths in 52 ports. In 2014, the HPH port network handled a combined throughput of 82.9
million twenty-foot equivalent units world-wide.

In Indonesia HPH operates two International Container Ports, Koja Container Terminal (Terminal
Petikemas Koja TPK Koja) and Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) with state-port operator
PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero). TPK Koja on 21,80 hectares operates 24/7 using 25 RTG Crane with
throughput capacity of 1.2 million TEUs per year. JICT covers a total of 100 hectares area and is the largest
container terminal in Indonesia. JICT handles more than 2.2 million TEUs per year.
As evidenced by this project at Koja Container Terminal, the Government of Indonesia continues to focus
on massive infrastructure development and includes investment in Information and Communication
Technology (ICT) in the transportation sector to meet Asias rising flow of goods.
Customer highlights
- Provide mission critical redundancy for existing fiber network
- Must have robust communication network to support 24/7 container terminal operations
- Importance on reliable pervasive coverage, connectivity and scalability
- Minimizing costly time in port for ships and shipping containers
- Challenging wireless network environment, with large, constantly-moving metal structures.
- Harsh environmental conditions severe heat and high humidity with constant exposure to salt
- Integration with existing Next Generation Terminal Management System (nGen) software owned
by HPH.

Deployment of Tropos Wireless Mesh network as redundancy to the existing fiber optic network
that can deliver high reliable connectivity and coverage.
A scalable and reliable fixed and mobile wireless broadband network solution that handles realtime mission critical data.

- Successful integration with existing equipment without any disruption or downtime to port
- Easy and fast deployment of the equipment
- Reliable network operation in extremely harsh environment conditions
Systems and services
9x ABB Tropos 6320 Outdoor Mesh Router with dual radio (2.4 & 5 GHz)
PT. Primus Indonesia: Planning, Installation, Commissioning and Network Maintenance.

The Challenge
ABB Wireless Communications Tropos Solution
The globalization of goods means more raw materials and finished products are moving around the world,
placing additional demands on shipping containers and the transportation hubs that direct them to their
next destination.

Indonesias ambitious development plans demands ports to modernize in order to process containers
quickly and this is especially true for large strategic key operations such as Koja Port & JICT.
Many of the containers passing through its ports are destined for Singapore linked to global sea routes
carrying more than 40 % of world trade through the Malacca straits.
Quickly processing ships and containers will aid in Indonesias growth.
IT systems can manage and inventory the containers, including the manifest, schedule, storage
requirements and so on. Additionally a key requirement is knowing the location of each container is at all
The port uses handheld terminals to track containers but keeping them connected to the network is
always a constant mission critical challenge. KOJA and JICT currently cover 121 hectares.
The environment presents obstacles to using a wireless network as does a constantly-changing terrain.
Large metal cranes up to 100 meters tall move 24/7 loading and unloading containers. Containers
placed around the port are stacked up to 18 meters high, the equivalent of a five-story building. In
addition the tropical locale with its high temperatures and high humidity, as well as exposure to salt water,
is often problematic for outdoor electronic devices.

An ABB Tropos Wireless MESH network provides broadband connectivity for port operations. Eight nodes
of ABB Tropos 6320 outdoor mesh routers are placed on lamp poles 40 meters high throughout the port
area for complete coverage. One ABB Tropos 6320 acting as a Gateway is placed on the top of Control
Center Building. The Mesh works on 5 GHz radio with each ABB Tropos Node connected via a bridge to
the existing network.

The integration between ABB Wireless Mesh Network as a wireless backbone with the existing hardware
and software was very successful.
Koja Port personnel use handheld device and Vehicle Mounted Terminals (VMT) to access the nGen
system. Using this system KOJA Port is able to communicate the status and location of any container. The
network enables real time inventory control and individual container tracking as it transits the port.
The Koja Port and Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) network was installed by PT. Primus
Indonesia, which also provides ongoing management and support of the network. According to
Professional Services & Hardware Manager Teguh Satrya,
We chose Tropos because it delivers the advantages of a decentralized Mesh Technology, offers greater
coverage area with less equipment and provides consistent and reliable connectivity to the network. We
are very pleased with the performance in our unique operating conditions of extreme heat and high
After the successful deployment at Koja Port, HPH decided to use 2 Tropos Routers to cover the wharf
area of JICT Port just adjacent to Koja Port with plans for full coverage of JICT in the second stage.

Future Applications
Koja Port is expanding capacity to meet demand. Now that the ABB Wireless MESH network backbone is
in place, Koja Port and JICT are considering extending to fully cover their port areas

Statement from HPH Representative, Deputy General Manager for Engineering & IT System, Koja
Port; Marinus R. Saroengallo
Our port operations rely on ABB Wireless MESH to provide communication coverage where and when
we need it which is critical in this type of operation. ABB Wireless MESHs reliable and innovative solution
has provided us with a reliable business advantage.

Statement from President & CEO A. M Budiono Tjahjono, PT. Primus Indonesia
Our client (HPH Koja Port Terminal & JICT) is very impressed with the ABB wireless solution that PT
Primus Indonesia has deployed. They are very happy with the network performance and stability which
translates into a very happy client for PT Primus. We thank ABB for their excellent support in assisting PT
Primus with this first Port Container Terminal Operations reference opportunity in the region and we look
forward to expanding this example in to other Ports across Indonesia