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Iron Ore Mining in Ukraine to 2020 Now Available at

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Timetric's 'Iron Ore Mining in Ukraine to 2020' report comprehensively covers Ukraine's reserves of iron ore, reserves
by grade, location and selected mines, the historic and forecast data on Ukrainian iron ore production and production
forecast by selected mines, iron ore prices, historic and forecast iron ore consumption and exports vs. crude steel
production in Ukraine and exports by country. The report also includes factors affecting demand for iron ore, profiles
of major iron ore producing companies and information on the active, exploration and development iron ore projects.
The Fical Regime section provides information about the country s regulatory authority, laws, licenses and other
fiscal regime information such as taxes, rates and other charges applicable to the mining of the commodity in the
country. It is an essential tool for companies active in Ukrainian mining, and for new competitors considering entering
the industry.
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Table of Contents
1 Executive Summary
2 Iron Ore Mining in Ukraine

Reserves, Production, Consumption and Trade

2.1 Reserves by Grade and Geographical Location

2.1.1 Reserves and resources

by select mines and type of ore

2.2 Historical and Forecast Production

2.2.1 Forecast production by selected iron ore mines
2.3 Active Mines
2.4 Exploration and Development Projects
2.5 Iron Ore Consumption vs Ores and Concentrates Exports
2.5.1 Domestic consumption vs trade
2.5.2 Exports

by country

2.5.3 Ukraine iron ore ports

2.6 Demand Drivers
2.6.1 Steel making and infrastructure projects to keep consumption buoyant
2.6.2 Ukraine construction industry and the use of steel
2.6.3 Production of steel in Ukraine

s key export markets

3 Key Iron Ore Producing Companies in Ukraine

3.1 Metinvest Holding, LLC
3.2 Ferrexpo Plc
4 Fiscal Regime
4.1 The Ukrainian Mining Industry

Governing Bodies

4.1.1 State Committee of Ukraine

4.1.2 Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine (MENR)
4.1.3 Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
4.2 The Ukrainian Mining Industry

Governing Laws

4.3 The Ukrainian Mining Industry

Key Fiscal Terms

4.3.1 Mineral Resources Fee

4.3.2 Corporate income tax (CIT)
4.3.3 Capital gains
4.3.4 Depreciation
4.3.5 Withholding tax
4.3.6 Losses carried forward
4.3.7 Value added tax
5 Appendix
5.1 Abbreviations
5.2 Bibliography
5.3 Secondary Research
5.4 Primary Research
5.5 Contact Timetric
5.6 About Timetric
5.7 Timetric

s Services

5.8 Disclaimer
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