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The Priest Teaches His Flock

Chapter 1 Sally is Punished It is the late 1950s in the farming region of the Bib
le belt. The economy is booming, with bountiful harvests. Even in goo times farm
life is still har . The farmers in this region have a ee! religious bac"groun a
n this !ermeates from the #ob into the family life an u!bringing of the chil ren
. The church has an enormous hol over the lives of the !eo!le. $ather %ohn, the
local &atholic !riest ha only been in this !art of the country for about a month
. e was #ust starting to get use to the rural life, his other !arishes being in
very large cities. e ha been on a (retreat) for the last si* months, the churc
h forcing him to un ergo a force re+in octrination training. It was because it w
as his thir offense. e ha been caught two other times for (se*ual miscon uct).
The other two times he was #ust transferre to a new !arish, in a new !art of the
country. The Bisho! usually a monishe him for his sins an ma e sure that he was
no longer his !roblem. ,hen transferre , his new !arish never "new about his !a
st (sins). The last time involve some thirteen year ol girls, $ather %ohn !refer
ring them younger an younger each time. e ha to un ergo a !erio of (me itation)
at a seminary for (trouble !riests.) e ha !laye the game well, confessing his
sins, humble by his transgressions an acte genuinely re!entive of his sins. The
church welcome him bac", a new man with a new !arish. But his new !arish was no
longer in a big city, no longer a large church, they ha move him to a small town
in the Bible belt ho!ing that he woul have less chance to re+engage his !ast !r
oblems. The church ha about 100 members inclu ing all of the chil ren. It was ov
er 150 miles to the nearest goo si-e city. In this town, .atur ay night was the
movies an then home. .un ay was set asi e for church an family. $ather %ohn was
welcome graciously by the town fol", them being without a !arish !riest for over
si* months since their last one !asse away of ol age. To the town, $ather %ohn
was their savior, a fairly han some man in his mi +forties, intelligent, !ersona
ble with the entire town fol", es!ecially the woman an a wise, religious man. Th
e first thing $ather %ohn i was to begin giving !rivate religious training after
school an on the wee"en for some of the chil ren. .ome of the !arents ha s!o"en
to him about their rebellious chil ren, es!ecially some of the girls. The 1950s
ha brought roc" an roll, Elvis /resley an television to the heartlan . The !aren
ts ha been brought u! strictly an continue to raise their chil ren in the same t
ra ition. 0any ha been !unishe using belts an severe s!an"ings an thought nothin
g of continuing that in raising their chil ren. .ome ha even given $ather %ohn !
ermission to !unish their chil ren if they misbehave . .ally was the ol est augh
ter of .tan an 0ary. .he ha a younger sister, Bec"y an an ol er brother, 0ar", w
ho ha alrea y gra uate from high school an was hel!ing his father wor" the farm.
Bec"y was the level+hea e girl in the family, with .ally seemingly always getti
ng into trouble. .he followe her heart more than her hea an that usually that go
t her into trouble. .ally is a very !retty girl, 5 feet, 1 inches tall, a bouncy
!ony tail always in her light brown hair. er breasts were 21+&s, creamy white f
lesh accente by ar" brown areolas about the si-e of half ollars an her ni!!les, a
ee! re , grew to an inch long when har an erect. .he ha sha!ely legs ue to the
e*ercise she got in hel!ing her family on the farm oing chores. er ass was firm
an !ert. .he was still a virgin. 3lmost everyone in this small town was a virgi
n until they marrie , or at least were engage . 4o one coul suffer through a sca
n al in a small town if caught engaging in !re+ marital se*, es!ecially goo &ath
olics. .ally was sitting on the big es". er legs were s!rea wi e, her s"irt ha
ri en u! her thighs, way above her "nees. er thighs ache , her legs wanting to
close but $ather %ohn ha !lace a cross in a

small hole on the e ge of the es". e ma e .ally !lace her legs outsi e the cros
s. .he was or ere not to touch the cross with any !art of her bo y. If she i , 6
o an $ather %ohn woul !unish her. (/lease $ather %ohn, it hurts,) .ally crie . (
4ow, now, .ally. The 7or re8uires you to suffer for him.) e ste!!e in front of
her, ga-ing own at her half na"e legs. is coc" bulge out the front of his !ants
, but .ally was too intereste in her own !roblems to ga-e at him. is han s reac
he own an reste on her "nees. e coul feel her bo y trembling, her muscles !ulli
ng to "ee! her legs s!rea so wi e. ($ifteen more minutes. 9ou must be !unishe fo
r not remembering your lessons.) e let his fingers slowly move over her "nees,
stro"ing the young flesh. .he i not !rotest his seemingly innocent touching. er
!arents ha alrea y a monishe her when she ha trie to !rotest that $ather %ohn w
as being ina!!ro!riate with her. er 0other ha sla!!e her face, telling her that
she was imagining it an was #ust a young girls foolish thoughts. 3 !riest oes n
ot have im!ure thoughts. .ally was tol to o everything that $ather %ohn wishe .
e woul teach her the ways of the church. They ha even given him !ermission to !
unish her in whatever manner he saw fit. That was the en of the conversation for
ever. $ather %ohn saw no resistance on .allys !art so he increase his fon ling of
her young flesh. (I can feel your muscles straining. I "now it is !ainful. 9ou
must not touch the crosses or you will have to suffer further !unishment. ere l
et me hel! you.) is han s sli own to the insi e of her "nees an began to a!!ly
!ressure. (4ow ont touch the crosses, but let your legs !art o!en, yes, such a go
o girl,) watching as her legs began to bow o!en. is han s move u! her inner thi
ghs, feeling the taut flesh, the muscles straining from the obscene !osition her
ha !lace her in. e ha one this many times before, using the crosses to force y
oung girls into s!rea !ositions, their young, nubile bo ies o!en for his fon lin
g. e ha many more !osition that he woul !lace .ally in, each time using the cro
sses to "ee! her o!en an available. .allys thighs ache , her muscles trembling in
!ain. It ha been over forty five minutes, the cloc" in front of her slowly tic"
ing off the time. $ather %ohn ha !lace her on the es", ma"ing her sli e bac". .h
e was leaning bac", her arms outstretche behin her "ee!ing her u!right. e ha he
r o!en her legs, first her right one, o!ening it all the way until it hung over
the si e e ge of the es". (:ery goo .ally, now Im going to !lace a cross in the h
ole in the es". I want your leg on the outsi e of it. ;ont touch it with your leg
. If you touch the blesse cross I will have to !unish you severely.) e ha to he
l! her with her left leg, his large han gras!ing her slim an"le, slowly s!rea in
g it over to the other si e of the es". It imme iately began to hurt. 4o matter
how young her bo y was, it was #ust not that limber. (/lease $ather %ohn, that h
urts,) she begge him, but he continue to !ull her o!en, feeling li"e she was bei
ng s!lit u! the mi le. .he i not even notice her s"irt rising u! high on her thi
ghs. ,hen her left leg hung over the si e of the es", he got out another shiny c
ross, !lacing it in a hole in the es". .he ha not notice the holes. er thighs a
che , her groin felt li"e it was s!litting u! the mi le as she watche the cloc"
slowly count out the secon s. $ather %ohn watche her strain, her face grimacing
in !ain as the minutes !asse . The !osition she was in force her young breasts u
!, straining the buttons on the school blouse she was wearing. e coul see some
na"e flesh between them. .oon he woul have her stri!!e to the waist, her breasts
available for him to fon le but also to !unish. e was now en#oying the feeling
of her young flesh beneath his fingerti!s as he caresse her na"e , inner thighs
. e stoo between her outstretche legs, his arms un er her s"irt, his fingers cl
enching an unclenching on her ten er flesh. <3lmost finishe .ally, #ust ten more
minutes,) his han s moving u! higher, her s"irt slowly rising. e caught the fi
rst glim!se of a !air of white cotton !anties. is

han s move to the to! of her legs, sli ing u! an s"irt.

own from her "nee u! until it reache un er her
.ally was too busy trying to survive the ne*t ten minutes to worry about his fon
ling han s of her na"e legs, her li!s clenche tightly, straining to "ee! the ob
scene s!rea of her legs. $ather %ohns han s actually almost felt goo as the rubb
e her tire muscles. .he loo"e own, her face flushe as she reali-e how high her s
"irt ha ri en u!. e ha his han s high u! un er her s"irt, feeling the rough, ca
llouse han s rubbing over her ten er inner thighs. e was running his fingers cl
ose to the s!rea of her legs, feeling the fingers begin to !inch her ten er fles
h. (===,, that hurts $ather %ohn, ====,,) his fingers feeling li"e he was bruisi
ng her thighs. .he let her legs s!rea wi er, the !ain in her groin increasing. (
6oo girl .ally,) !lease that she s!rea her legs wi er, thin"ing that she was all
owing him even greater access beneath her s"irt. e !ushe her s"irt u! high onto
her stomach, her white !anties now com!letely e*!ose to his glaring eyes. is h
an s grabbe her legs on each si e of her e*!ose groin, his fingers resting tight
ly against her !ussy li!s, !ushing own onto the virgin flesh. ($ather %ohn, its t
ime, Ive finishe the hour, !lease let me u!.) $ather %ohn loo"e at the cloc", she
was correct, the hour was u!. e move out from beneath her legs, !ulling the cr
osses from the corner of the es". .ally close her legs as soon as she saw the cr
osses remove , sitting u! 8uic"ly. (.ally, !ull own your s"irt>) $ather %ohn a m
onishe her. (This is a church>) .ally loo"e own, reali-ing that her s"irt was no
t even covering her !anties, !ulling it own 8uic"ly, her eyes staring at the flo
or, not wanting to even loo" into his eyes. (9ou may go now, .ally. I will see y
ou tomorrow at the same time. 4ow this time, ma"e sure you learn your lessons.)
e watche her as she ran out of the room. .ally wal"e into the house, hearing he
r mother on the !hone. .he wal"e into the living room, her mother sitting own ta
l"ing on the !hone. (9es $ather %ohn. Than" you very much. .he i ? I cant than" y
ou enough. If she misbehaves again, you have our !ermission to eal out whatever
!unishment you thin" is a!!ro!riate. Than" you, $ather %ohn, see you in mass on
.un ay.) ($ather %ohn says you were ba an ha to be !unishe .) (9es, 0other, but
let me e*!lain.) (4othing to e*!lain. $ather %ohn tol me how well you too" your
!unishment. e was very !rou of you. .ays you are oing very well, e*ce!t for a f
ew cases of your misbehavior. But he says that he has evise some very clever !un
ishments to ma"e sure that your behaviors o not re!eat themselves. 3s I tol him,
he has our !ermission to o whatever he feels is necessary. ,e have com!lete con
fi ence in $ather %ohn to o what is right. 4ow go u!stairs an change your clothe
s, I nee some hel! with inner. urry now, the men will be insi e soon an they wi
ll be hungry. 9ou "now how your father oesnt li"e to wait for his inner.)
Chapter 2 Sally Gets a Present .ally seeme to have learne her lesson an stu ie h
ar to ma"e sure that she woul not be !unishe again. The ne*t ay she answere all
of $ather %ohns 8uestion. There was no mention of what ha trans!ire the ay before
an no mention of his !hone call with her mother. is coc" straine his trousers
as he taught .ally, sitting close to her at the table, her fragrance into*icatin
g to him. er mothers !ermission to !unish .ally #ust ma e his #ob easier. Easier
to molest that fine, 2

young bo y that was so close to him. e woul not !unish her to ay, he ha other !
lans. They soon finishe their lessons, moving from the table to reach into his e
s". (9ou have !erforme won erfully to ay, .ally. 9ester ays !unishment has seeme
to have hel!e your stu y habits. ;i you en#oy the es" yester ay? ;i you li"e you
r legs s!rea o!en wi e as !unishment?) e coc" #er"e in the thoughts of her youn
g bo y s!rea o!en for him yester ay. e ha run out of time before he ha a chance
to feel that young !ussy. 4e*t time that woul not be the case. (4o, $ather %ohn
. It hurt. I hear my mother telling you it was =@ to !unish me. I ont want to go
through that again.) (,ell, you i well to ay an I have a rewar for your goo wor"
.) e saw her eyes light u!. e reache insi e his es" an too" out a white bo*. (
I "now how much you li"e the cross, so I have a s!ecial one for you.) .ally crin
ge when she hear the wor cross. .he remembere how $ather %ohn ha force her to s!
rea her legs wi e o!en with the crosses ma"ing sure she obeye . ,hat was he !lan
ning to o? $ather %ohn too" a shiny metal cross out of the bo*. It hung from a s
len er metal chain. It was about three inches long an two inches wi e. e let it
angle from his fingers, it slowly s!inning in the light. .ally loo"e at it. It
wasnt flat, it seeme to have some esign on it, with ri ges running u! an own the
ifferent !ieces. .he coul almost see little !oints running along the ri ges. (It
is a s!ecial cross for you. The esign has vines running all aroun it, with thor
ns on them. %ust li"e %esus ha on his hea as he was crucifie . It is to remin yo
u of the !ain he ha to suffer to forgive your sins. It will be a constant remin
er of his gift to you.) .ally felt him move behin her, his han s moving to !lace
the cross aroun her nec". e attache it tightly, letting it hang own her front,
the cross falling between her breasts. e sat own in front of her, staring at t
he cross nestle tightly between her cleavage. (;o you li"e it .ally?) (9es, $ath
er %ohn, I am honore by your gift.) .he reache own to touch the cross. (===,,,)
her finger !ric"e by the shar! thorns on the cross. (Its so shar!, is it su!!ose
to be that way?) (9ou must learn to suffer as %esus has suffere for you. It is o
nly a tiny bit of the !ain that he en ure for you.) e !ulle his chair closer to
her, his han reaching out for the cross, !ushing it to the si e, letting it res
t against her left breast. (But you must wear it ne*t to your heart,) his han re
aching out to the to! button of her blouse. e watche her eyes wi en as he slowl
y fumble with the button until it o!ene . e !ulle her blouse o!en, her !ale s"i
n reveale , a tiny hint of cleavage showing through. e move own to the ne*t but
ton, watching her li!s clench as he i , her han s gri!!ing the arm rests tightly
. e unbuttone the ne*t button, !ulling her blouse o!en even wi er, her bra !ee"
ing out, am!le cleavage now reveale to his ga-e. .he ha large breasts for such a
young girl. e love that, shifting in his chair, his coc" tra!!e in his trouser
s. (/lease $ather %ohn, your embarrassing me,) her han s reaching u! an !ulling
her blouse shut, clutching it tightly to her bosom. (4onsense young la y. Im a !r
iest. If I get se*ually arouse at your bo y, it is your fault for tem!ting me. 4
ow !ut your han s own>) e gave her a stern loo", staring into her eyes, waiting
for her surren er. e i not have to wait long before he saw her arms fall to cl
utch the armrests tightly. (Im sorry $ather,) she murmure , allowing him access t
o her young bo y again. .he feare what he might o. 9ester ay she #ust barely esc
a!e his fon ling of between her legs, worrie that to ay she woul not be so succe

e smile , his fingers returning to her blouse, unbuttoning a thir button before
grabbing both si es of the material of her blouse an slowly letting it !art. It
was now o!en below her bra, her na"e u!!er breasts now reveale , her cotton bra
now the only thing between his fingers an her !er"y tits. e !ulle it wi er, se
eing her iscomfort as she was slowly e*!ose to him, the first time any male ha e
ver seen her half na"e bo y. (6oo girl, .ally,) tuc"ing the blouse to the si e.
.ally watche as he move the cross out from in front of her blouse an move it tow
ar s her na"e breast flesh. (=== ,) she moane as it felt li"e her s"in was burn
ing as the cross touche her s"in. .he coul feel $ather %ohns han touching her, ma
"ing her feel very uncomfortable. e !ushe the cross in between her cleavage, !u
shing har er on it, the tiny thorns beginning to !ric" her s"in. (====,,, that h
urts $ather %ohn.) ( ush chil , it is for %esus.) e let the cross slowly !lay o
ver her u!!er breast, ma"ing sure that the tiny thorns move harshly over the ten
er flesh. The s"in began to turn a light !in" as the tiny thorns scratche into
the flesh, barely cutting in the flesh, more li"e an abrasion. er chest was hea
ving as she breathe heavily, his fingers ragging the heavy cross between her cle
avage, rubbing in the ga! between her large breasts before moving bac" u! to the
to! of her breasts. The na"e s"in turne re as he scrubbe her s"in harshly with
the !ainful cross. e let his fingers touch the s"in, not ma"ing any !retense fo
r the fon ling of her young tits. er tit flesh was so s!ringy, his fingers ma"i
ng soft in ents, the thorny cross following, tearing her flesh. (It hurts, $athe
r %ohn, !lease,) she begge . e sto!!e , but move behin her. e was not finishe
with her, she "new that. e #ust wante a better !osition, an he foun it behin th
e chair, loo"ing own at her u!thrust breasts. .ally cringe when she felt his oth
er han on her bra stra!, letting the stra! sli e own off of her shoul er an arm.
It move to the other si e, re!eating the !roce ure, her bra hanging loose in fr
ont, the small clas! in the bac" the only thing "ee!ing her breasts covere . (Aa
ise your arms u!, .ally, now>) e or ere her. e watche as she slowly let them r
ise, his arms grabbing her wrists, im!atient to get bac" to the young tits e*!os
e to him. e !ulle her arms u! high the bac" of the woo en chair. (/alms out fla
t,) !ulling her wrists bac" until her han s were bent bac"war s. e move forwar
, !ushing his crotch into her waiting han s. .ally #um!e when she felt him !ush
his !enis into the !alms of her han . .he coul not sto!, her han s !inne beneath
his crotch, his bo y !ressing in har . (6oo girl, .ally. I ont want your han s m
oving.) is han s move own to her half na"e breasts again, grabbing the cross an
moving own the gentle slo!e of her breast until it reache the e ge of her bra.
e slowly let his coc" rub on her han s, feeling her trying to #er" her han s ou
t, but only stimulating his croc" to greater har ness. To ay she woul not be so
luc"y. To ay she woul have to ma"e him cum before she went home. (;ont move your
han s>) e now ha access to insi e her bra cu!, the cross moving insi e the cu!,
trying to fin a har ni!!le to abuse. (9ou have nice large breasts, .ally. .o im
!ortant for breast fee ing your chil ren when you get ol er. It is im!ortant tha
t your ni!!les are big so that your babies will be able to suc"le them.) .ally w
as flushe , her han s force to grab his har !enis, her fingers feeling the membe
r #er"ing in res!onse to her touch. e move the scratching cross insi e her bra,
his other han !ulling it from her bo y, his eyes able to see own insi e it. .he
"new that he coul see her ni!!les, but she coul not sto! him from molesting her
bo y. (====,,,, 333666, that hurts soooo ba ,) she crie out, her fingers #er"in
g, !ushing on his har !enis, the thorns on the cross fin ing her elicate ni!!le
an scratching it har , the tiny thorns feeling li"e nails on the har ene ni!!le.
(9our ni!!les were ma e for nursing, I can see that they are very large. 7et me
move this bra out of the way,) !ulling her bra own, revealing her na"e breast t
o his ga-e.

(;ont uncover them, !lease $ather %ohn,) she begge , her face turning re in humil
iation as she was stri!!e na"e to the waist for the first time in her life to a
male. (4onsense, chil , I am your /riest,) his han reaching un er the globe of h
er right breast an hefting it u! in his !alm. e move the cross to the ni!!le, h
is coc" twitching as he saw the ar" re ni!!le, the cross alrea y teasing it into
har ness. e let the cross touch her ni!!le, watching as tiny goose bum!s a!!ea
re on her areola, the ar" s"in accente against her !ale breasts. (3333 , 4444=
=,) she moane as he ragge the shar! cross over her har ene ni!!le, letting the t
horns rub harshly over the ni!!le an areola. (That hurts toooo much.) (It is for
%esus, to show him that you will suffer for him.) e !ushe har er, letting the
cross rub on her ni!!le, seeing it turn ar" re as the thorns abra e the ten er f
lesh. It woul hurt her later when he suc"e her ni!!les into his mouth, but he i
not care. er !ain woul ma"e his coc" har er. e rubbe his coc" on her han s, (g
oo girl,) his coc" #er"ing in a!!reciation to her soft han s. e let the cross r
ub over her entire breast, his han hefting the globes u! in his han , his finger
s often brushing across the har ene ni!!les, !luc"ing at the youthful flesh. .al
ly coul feel $ather %ohns fingers brushing across her breasts, but the !ainful cr
oss ma e in inconse8uential that he was molesting her. The !ainful scratching of
the cross on her breasts an es!ecially her sensitive ni!!les was more im!ortant
. .he felt him rubbing his har !enis against her han , unable an unwilling to st
o! him, feeling it #er"ing as she move her han to "ee! it from cram!ing, !inne b
etween the bac" of the chair an his groin. e sto!!e rubbing the cross on her na
"e breasts, letting it ro! between her na"e cleavage, nestle between the twin hi
lloc"s. e loo"e at her young breasts, now re an sore, her ni!!les swollen to tw
ice their si-e, a ar" re instea of the light !in" when he starte . e "new that
they woul be ten er an sore for a while an that ma e his coc" twitch in e*citeme
nt. ,henever she move aroun , her bra woul scratch !ainfully against her ni!!les
, "ee!ing them in constant erection, remin ing her of the !unishment.
Chapter 3 Sally Pays for Her Sins e move aroun in front of her, watching her e*
!ression as she sat there, her breasts !ushe u! by the bra still tightene beneat
h them, the twin !ea"s rising an falling with her ragge breathing, her eyes show
ing the humiliation of having to submit to the fon ling an abuse of her youthful
breasts. (7oo" at what the tem!ting of your bo y has one. 0y !enis is swollen a
n har . 9our na"e breasts an your soft han s have fille my testicles with the em
on see of s!erm. 9ou must !urge the evil flui s from my loins. ;o you un erstan
what must be one .ally?) .ally was afrai , afrai of what $ather %ohn was going t
o re8uire of her. (Im sorry $ather.) .he move to !ull her bra u!. (4o, leave the
tem!ting flesh na"e . I will s!ill my see on them for oing this to me.) e move
closer to her, his han s moving over her na"e globes again, this time no !retens
e for the fon ling of her flesh. e lowere his han to his trousers, sli ing the
-i!!er own, unbuc"ling the belt an o!ening his trousers. e watche the shoc"e lo
o" on her face as she saw the bulge in his shorts. .he felt him grab her han s a
n move them towar s his o!en !ants, fighting the movement, !ulling bac", not wan
ting to o what he woul re8uire of her. ( ow are you efy your !riest, .ally> 4ow
move your han s over here now or I will tell your !arents how you showe your na"
e bo y to me an trie to tem!t me with your flesh.) e watche the e*!ression on h
er face, having seen the loo" before. $irst the shoc" of his revealing his har e
ne coc", the !anic at his re8uest an now the threat of suffering her !arents is!l
easure at her

behavior. e saw her e*!ression as she finally reali-e that she woul have to o a
s he sai , the feeling of acce!tance of her fate at his han s. .he rela*e her ar
ms, allowing him to move her han s over an !ush them insi e his trousers, her fi
ngers force to encircle the har member insi e. .he coul feel how hot it was, the
trousers no longer covering it, the thin shorts har ly any !rotection. .he felt
a wet s!ot on his shorts, cringing as it clung to her finger. .he hear him moan
, his !enis #er"ing as she touche it, sur!rise at how much it move about in her
han . (0uch better, .ally. $eel my mighty swor . 9ou, a servant of the lor , wil
l be !rivilege to ta"e it in your han an force out the emon see that you are res
!onsible for. ,ell have to wor" on cleansing your bo y. 4ow I want you to run you
r han u! an own my swor . 3n !ay !articular attention to the en of it, the might
y hea . It is for there that my emon see will come forth to bath your bo y.) e
began to rela*, feeling .ally give in to his eman s, her soft han beginning to r
un u! an own his shaft, her fingers !laying over the hea as he or ere her. .ally
i as she or ere , her han gri!!ing the har member an stro"ing it u! an own. .he
move to the hea , feeling a big ri ge aroun it, letting her fingers !inch the e
n , it #er"ing in res!onse. .he coul feel his shorts getting wetter, maybe he ha
alrea y shot out his see . .he sto!!e , ho!ing she was finishe . (;ont sto!, you
are #ust ma"ing it lea" a little. It has so much to shoot out. 9ou will "now wh
en it is em!ty. It will begin to get soft. 4ow begin again, an use your other ha
n to grab my testicles an s8uee-e them gently. It is from there that the emon se
e is ma e. 9ou will have to force it out,) moaning as she began to gently massag
e his swollen balls. .he let her fingers stro"e the swor u! an own, her other ha
n gently caressing his testicles, feeling the heavy twin balls, gri!!ing them, h
is moans showing that she was oing it right. (=n your "nees in front of me, .all
y,) watching as she sli!!e off the chair, her na"e breasts bouncing as she "neel
e before him, her face in front of his o!en !ants, her han s still stro"ing his
har coc". .he was really scare now, her face only inches from his o!en !ants. .h
e saw him !ush his !ants own to his "nees, his shorts the only thing covering hi
s !enis. ,hy oesnt he shoot out his see ? .he was oing it li"e he or ere her to.
e watche her e*!ression as he slowly lowere his shorts, his coc" bouncing out,
thic" an har , ro!s of cum on the swollen hea , his heavy ball sac" hanging bene
ath, two large balls, fille with his cum. er eyes were wi e o!en in fear, her h
an fro-en in s!ace. (Bac" to wor", .ally, !urge my bo y of the emon see .) e gr
abbe her han an !lace it on his ic", her han #um!ing bac" as she felt the har co
c". .he coul not believe it. e ha !lace her han on his na"e !enis, the hot, har
member !ulsating. This was a man of 6o an he was forcing her to rub his !enis.
Aub it until he shot on her na"e breasts. .he !ulle bac" li"e her han was burne
. (/lease, $ather %ohn, ont ma"e me o it.) (4ow .ally, you must !ay for your sins
. 9our bo y tem!te a man of 6o . 9ou must now !erform an act of contrition.) e
grabbe her tiny han an move it bac" to his coc", wra!!ing her fingers aroun the
large member. (4ow rub it until you rive the emon see from my loins,) he or ere
her, watching her face. e smile when her han wra!!e itself aroun his huge coc"
an began to stro"e it u! an own, hesitantly at first, then har er, ragging her h
an u! over the swollen hea . e move his han own un er her chin, lifting her hea
u! so he coul see her eyes. (Eyes o!en .ally, I want you to see what you have o
ne to me, see what you have one to a man of 6o . 6oo girl, now use your other ha
n an s8uee-e the see out of my testicles,) her face only inches from his !ulsati
ng coc", her han moving u! an own his har ene member, tiny ro!s of cum lea"ing f
rom the hea as she i . C

.he was so humiliate , on her "nees in front of him, na"e from the waist u!, her
face only inches from his !enis, her han stro"ing it u! an own, ro!s of his see
, hot an stic"y on her fingers as she ran it over the lea"ing hea . er other h
an s8uee-e his testicles, the hot, swollen balls insi e moving aroun as she clen
che her fingers on them. (9oure oing a goo #ob, .ally. 9our !arents woul be so !r
ou of you, obeying so well. 4ow .ally, sit u! higher an !ress your breasts again
st my swor . I am getting rea y to !urge my emon see an it nee s to shoot on you
r sinful breasts. I want it shooting while nestle between your cleavage.) 3t las
t, it was almost over. .he sat u! higher an move forwar , !ressing her na"e brea
sts against the !ulsating member, feeling it #er" as she !ushe it between her tw
in globes, wra!!ing them aroun it. .he felt his hi!s begin to move, rubbing his
!enis on her breasts, her fingers !laying over the hea , wanting it to get over,
wanting him to shoot on her breasts. 3nything to en it. (99EEE., 9es, my bo y i
s !urging the see . $eel the hot see on your young flesh. $eel it burning your s
oul.) is coc" shu ere , the first loa of cum nu ge out of his balls by her soft
, clenching han . It shot 8uic"ly out of the swollen hea , shooting out between
her breasts, some of the hot, stic"y cum lan ing un er her chin. It felt li"e he
r s"in was on fire as the hot flui s lan e on her. .he wasnt sure if it was that
hot or was it her imagination of the emon see burning her flesh. er han began t
o rub in the stic"y mess on her breast, feeling the !enis !ulsating again an ano
ther loa shooting out. .he s8uee-e his testicles again, this time har er, wantin
g to rag it all this time. .he hear him moan, his han s reaching own an clutchin
g the si es of her na"e breasts, !ushing the ten er flesh aroun his member. (0or
e, there is more, .ally. 9ou were so sinful, baring your flesh to my eyes. 0a"in
g my swor so big an har . /urge it from my bo y.) e !um!e his coc" between her
breasts, her soft han s continuing to mani!ulate his organ, her other han grabbi
ng his balls tightly. ow much more coul there be? 0aybe she was res!onsible for
it. 0aybe she i tem!t him with her shameful bo y. There seem to be so much see
. It continue to shoot out, soa"ing her young breasts with the hot flui . There
coul nt be that much unless she ha !rovo"e it. .he rubbe har er, ho!ing for forgi
veness of her sins. .he ha to rag all of the see from him, her han clutching his
testicles, mil"ing the last of the see from his bo y. er other han continue to
stro"e the !ulsating member, feeling the large vein running u! the !enis fillin
g with see before shooting out the en , the mil"y substance shout out in ro!ey g
obs ri!!ing own between her breasts, the li8ui burning her abra e flesh, the tho
rns on the cross having o!ene u! tiny cuts in her s"in. e saw a newfoun urgency
in her tiny han s. a she finally been convince of her sins? a he finally conv
ince her that it was all her fault? (9es, .ally, you are oing such a goo #ob,) s
hooting the last an final loa of cum between her tits. e loo"e own at her, her
han still rubbing his shrin"ing coc", her other han still clenching on his ball
sac", now ten er from unloa ing his cum. .he su enly reali-e that he was one, fe
eling his swor shrin"ing in her han , no longer the har , swollen member that wa
s before, now #ust a soft !iece of flesh. er han was covere with his see , as w
ell as her breasts. .he starte to sit bac" on the chair. (4ot yet .ally,) moving
closer to her. e grabbe his shrun"en coc", still glistening with cum an move i
t towar s her li!s. (@iss the swor of 6o ,) he or ere her, seeing her eyes o!en
wi e as he touche her li!s with the wet coc". e coul feel it alrea y begin to g
et har again. (44466,) before she coul !rotest, he ha stuc" the wet coc" insi e
her li!s, the wetness trailing on her li!s. .he stuc" out her tongue in !rotest,
the wet see lan ing on it. It was salty an thic", sitting heavily in her mouth.
.he felt his han s on her hea , hol ing her tightly against it. (Taste the emon
see . Aemember what it tastes li"e. 4e*t time you will have to ta"e communion i
n the hot confines of your mouth.) e !ulle his coc" out, moving bac". e rubbe
her breasts with his han s, D

massaging his cum in her youthful breasts, !ushing the wet flui over her har ene
ni!!les. e !ulle bac", her innocent li!s now glistening with his cum, her re b
reasts now covere in a sheen of shiny cum. e !ulle u! his shorts an trousers. (
9ou may go now .ally, I will tell your mother how goo you were to ay. .he will b
e so !rou of her little girl. I will see you tomorrow. ,e will wor" on your conc
entration then.) e watche her as she !ulle u! her bra, sli!!ing her wet tits in
si e them, buttoning her blouse u! 8uic"ly, running from the room. .ally ran int
o the house, her mother still on the !hone with $ather %ohn. ,hen she hung u! sh
e went over to .ally. ($ather %ohn was very !rou of you to ay, .ally. e says yo
u are !rogressing along. 9our father an I are so !rou of what you are accom!lish
ing with $ather %ohn. .ince you are oing so well, we tol $ather %ohn you coul st
ay an e*tra hour every ay. I will miss the hel! with inner, but $ather %ohn sai
that he coul o so much more with you every ay.) 4ow clean u! an come own for inn
er.) .ally race u!stairs, shutting herself in the bathroom, washing $athers %ohn
see from her bo y an han s, !utting on a new bra an hea ing bac" ownstairs. .he
feare tomorrows lessons with $ather %ohn. .he ho!e that she i not tem!t him again
. =therwise she woul have to !ay for her sins again an she was afrai that this t
ime. 3frai that she woul have to use her mouth to suc" the emon see from him.
Chapter 4 Concentration The ne*t few ays, $ather %ohn too" great !ains to only t
eaching .ally her lessons, not engaging in any !unishments or ta"ing a vantage o
f her. e foun that this usually left the girls off guar . This gave them time t
o thin" about what ha ha!!ene an the facts of what ha trans!ire ten e to get mi*
e u!. They often began to blame themselves for what ha!!ene , no longer believin
g that $ather %ohn coul have force them to o anything. .ally was nervous the ne*
t ay, but $ather %ohn a!!eare as if nothing ha ha!!ene . .he com!lete her lesson
s, "nowing all of the answers, $ather %ohn !raising her. The ne*t ay was the sam
e, her lessons an then he let her go home, !raising her for her goo wor". e ha
even !hone her mother again, giving her a glowing !rogress re!ort. But the cross
hanging between her breasts was a constant remin er, the shar! thorns forever s
cratching the elicate s"in. er ni!!les still ache , her bra continually rubbing
against them. It seeme that they were forever har . It was Thurs ay, $ather %oh
n waiting for .ally as she arrive . It was time again. e ha waite long enough.
.ally sat own, rea y to begin the lessons. (,e are going to o this a little iffe
rently to ay, .ally. 9ou have been oing e*cellent with your lessons. To ay we ar
e going to test your concentration. 6o re8uires all of us to give him our full a
n un ivi e attention. It is im!ortant that you are able to bloc" out all outsi e
stimulation an be able to me itate or concentrate on the worshi! of our 7or .)
(I un erstan , $ather %ohn. I can o that.) (,ell see .ally. I want you to stan u!
here. Ta"e the Bible on the table. I want you to begin rea ing alou from it. &o
ntinue rea ing it until I tell you to sto!. I am going to test you to see if I c
an brea" your concentration. 9ou are to listen to what I have to say an obey my
comman s, but you are not to s!ea" to me. 9ou are to continue rea ing from the B
ible. &an you o that, .ally?) .ally !ic"e u! the Bible, stan ing in front of him
. (9es, $ather %ohn. That shoul not be har .) (I am going to ma"e it very ifficu
lt for you. If you isobey me, s!ea" or sto! rea ing from the Bible, you will be
!unishe . It is very im!ortant that you learn to concentrate on 6o . 9our !arent
s will be very !rou if you can accom!lish this.) 9

The !ast thoughts of !unishment came bac" into .allys brain. 4ot again. %ust when
she thought it was over, the nagging oubt came bac" into her hea . (4o, youre no
t going to !unish me again, are you $ather %ohn?) (=nly if you fail 6o an his te
st. 9ou ont want to o that, o you .ally? Everyone woul be so isa!!ointe in you.)
(4o, I can o it. I can !ass 6o s test. ,here o you want me to start?) (6oo girl,
.ally, I "now you can o it. =!en your Bible to the first !age an begin.) e watc
he her as she began to rea , slowly an cautiously rea ing each an every wor , he
r eyes staring intently on the Bible. e !ulle a full length mirror in front of
.ally, another to the si e of her. e wante her to be able to see what he was oi
ng an he also wante to see her from all angles. e move u! behin her, whis!ering
in her ear, (goo girl, .ally, "ee! rea ing. 0ove your arms out a little farther
in front of you.) e watche as she obeye , her eyes staring at the Bible, her v
oice continuing. (I want to see the cross I gave you, stan very still an "ee! re
a ing.) e hear her voice stutter for a moment. .ally felt his han s move aroun
her bo y, his !alms rubbing against the si e of her breasts as they move in fron
t of her. er voice stuttere for a moment, catching herself, her eyes bac" own t
o the Bible in front of her, rea ing on. .he now un erstoo what he was going to
o. e was going to ta"e a vantage of her situation. .he coul not win. If she sto
!!e him, she woul have to suffer a !unishment. If she i nt, she woul have to suff
er what humiliation he ha in store for her. .he felt his han fumbling with her t
o! button, #ust li"e before. e was going to uncover her breasts. %ust li"e befo
re. .he caught a glim!se of her image in the mirror, his smiling face behin her,
his large han s unbuttoning her blouse an !ulling it asi e, revealing her na"e
flesh. $ather %ohn !ushe u! against .allys ass, his coc" alrea y har . (.tan very
still,) moving his coc" bac" an forth over her ass. .he felt her bo y begin to
sha"e in fear, reali-ing what he ha !lanne for her. is fingers continue the unb
uttoning her blouse, now two buttons o!ene , her cleavage showing, the to! of th
e cross e*!ose , neste between her !er"y tits. e !ulle her blouse to the si e,
e*!osing her u!!er breasts. is coc" continue to rub against her ass, feeling he
r !ush bac" on it, not wanting to be !ushe over by his rutting. .ally continue t
o rea , becoming more ifficult, his !enis rubbing against her, her blouse slowly
being stri!!e from her bo y. .he felt the thir button !ulle o!en, his han s s!r
ea ing the blouse o!en wi e, her bra now e*!ose , her cleavage nestling the cros
s between it. 0aybe now he woul sto!, he coul see the cross. e saw her reflecti
on in the mirror, her large breasts !ushing out the bra, almost unable to contai
n them. is fingers continue their mission, the fourth an fifth button o!ene , !
ulling the blouse from her s"irt, letting it fall to her si e. (&an you feel wha
t your breasts are oing to my swor again, .ally. 9our young bo y is tem!ting me
again. 9ou will have to !ay for your sins. 9ou will have to rain the emon see fr
om my loins again, .ally.) .he almost sto!!e , "nowing that she woul have to rub
his !enis again. Aub it until he um!e his emon see on her bo y again. But she i
not want to be !unishe . .he remembere how she ha to s!rea her legs obscenely b
efore. ow he almost moleste her. ow !ainful it was. .he continue to rea , seei
ng herself in the mirror out of the corner of her eyes, not wanting to lose her
!lace in rea ing. .he felt his han s unbutton the sleeves on her arms, "nowing w
hat was ne*t. (/ull your to! off an let it fall to the floor, one arm at a time.

.he hesitate , almost stuttering again, but then she hel the Bible with one han
, an let the blouse fall off her shoul er an sli! off her arm. .he re!eate the !
rocess with the other sleeve until it fell to the floor in a hea! at her feet. .
ally continue to rea , catching a glim!se of her in one of the mirrors, stan ing
there in her bra, $ather %ohn behin her, his har !enis still rubbing against he
r butt. (6o will always be testing you, .ally. e will have boys trying to touch
your bo y, to try to get you to have se* with them. I can hel! you resist the t
em!tation.) e move his han s aroun , the !alms of his han s grabbing onto her y
oung breasts, his han s clenching onto the s!ringy flesh. (7i"e this, they will
try to grab your breasts li"e this. They will try to get you turne on so they ca
n have se* with you. 9ou must resist the tem!tation.) e let his han s roam over
her breasts, loving the feeling of the !er"y tits, loving the feel of a young g
irls breasts. (They will try to get to your na"e flesh, removing your bra so they
can feel your na"e breasts,) his fingers moving to her bac", unsna!!ing the sim
!le white, cotton bra. (7et it sli! off to the floor, .ally,) he or ere her. .he
felt his han s running over her flesh, unable to sto! him from fon ling her bo
y. e s8uee-e her breasts har almost sto!!ing her from rea ing. .he felt her bra
stra! tension release, her bra hanging uselessly from her shoul ers. er breast
s were firm an !er"y, able to be su!!orte without the bra. .he hesitantly com!li
e with his re8uest, letting the bra sli! from her arms one at a time until it fe
ll to the floor. .he loo"e in the mirror again, her na"e breasts highlighte by t
he shiny metal cross nestle between them. .he continue to rea , waiting for his
han s to return, "nowing that he woul now be able to molest her na"e breasts. Th
is was the secon time $ather %ohn ha one this to her. a stri!!e her na"e to her
waist. e whis!ere in her ear, (boys will test your religious beliefs,) his han
s moving aroun to heft her large globes u! in his !alm, feeling the soft, warm
flesh filling his han s. is fingers move to her ni!!les, sna!!ing his finger ba
c" an forth over the har ening bu s, feeling her bo y shu er as her ni!!les leng
thene to over an inch. (They will rub your ni!!les li"e this, trying to turn you
onto se*. 9ou must resist the tem!tation, even when they s8uee-e them har li"e
this,) his fingers grabbing the ni!!les between two fingers an tightening on the
m. e !ulle her ni!!les har , !ulling them from her bo y, stretching them out ov
er two inches, her bac" arching to !revent the strain. It was becoming har er an
har er to continue rea ing. $ather %ohns han s were abusing her breasts, es!ecia
lly her ni!!les. .he coul feel the shar! !ain in the ti!s as his fingers crushe
them, turning an twisting them, bloo s8uee-e from the ti!s. is !enis seeme to b
e getting bigger, his hi!s !ushing the steely ro against her butt, moving bac" a
n forth. It was humiliating for her to be fon le at will by $ather %ohn, his han
s moving over her na"e flesh, unable to !revent the abuse of her bo y. (9oure oi
ng a goo #ob, .ally,) his han s leaving her ni!!les, but continuing to heft her
large tits in his !alm, loving the feeling of the young tit flesh. e continue t
o caress them, his fingers moving over them, clenching an unclenching on them, f
eeling them, loving the resiliency in them. .he felt him leave her, moving away
from her, his han s no longer on her breasts, his !enis no longer rubbing agains
t her butt. ,as he finishe with her? .he i not have to wait long for an answer,
hearing him rag a chair over behin her. .he loo"e in the mirror, $ather %ohn sit
ting behin her, 8uic"ly catching a glim!se of his han s moving towar s her hi!s,
her eyes arting bac" to the Bible in front of her, continuing to rea . .he felt
his han s move onto her hi!s, han s all too familiar with her bo y, now moving
own below her waist. (6o will test you with boys, ma"ing them try to get into yo
ur !ants, .ally. 9ou must resist their a vances, o not let them get you se*ually
arouse . If you "now what they are going to try to o to you, you will "now how
to sto! them. I will hel! you. I will show you what they want. I will show you w
hat not to let them o.) is han s move own to run sensuously over her ass chee"s
. e coul feel how firm they were, feeling her tighten the muscles as his han s
rubbe over them. 11

,hat was he going to o to her now? e ha trie to feel her between her legs befor
e when she was s!rea on the es". e ha run out of time, secon s before his finger
s woul have violate her se*. is han s now returne , this time to her tight butt
, his fingers grabbing her flesh, clenching it li"e he i to her breasts. (.!rea
your legs for me, .ally. 9ou have very beautiful thighs, the boys will love to m
a"e you o!en them an let them run their han s u! an own them, always trying to g
et into your !ants.) .ally resigne herself to her fate, allowing her legs to o!e
n, s!rea a!art at least a foot. .he continue to rea from the Bible, waiting for
the touch she "new was coming, waiting for $ather %ohns han s to move between her
legs an grab her thighs. (9ou can o better than that, .ally, wi er, s!rea your
legs wi er, li"e you i on the es". The boys li"e little girls with their legs s!
rea wi e.) e always en#oye ma"ing them s!rea their legs o!en, leaving them vuln
erable to his fon ling. e "new that soon .ally woul ma"e a mista"e. 3 mista"e t
hat woul cost her a !unishment. It woul be bac" onto the es" to s!rea her legs o
!en wi e, wi er then was comfortable, s!litting her u! the mi le. The crosses wo
ul be bac", ma"ing her com!ly, ma"ing her o!en an vulnerable to him. If she i nt
allow him access to between her legs now, she woul when she was s!rea on the es"
. e nu ge her legs with his foot, ma"ing her s!rea her legs o!en, now over two
feet. is han s grabbe her hi!s tightly, (more .ally, I want them o!en real wi e
,) his han touching her "nees, !ushing out on them, o!ening her legs wi er. .all
y "e!t o!ening her legs, but $ather %ohn "e!t insisting on more. is han s an fi
ngers !robe her, forcing her o!en, stretching her legs o!en. .he caught her refl
ection in the mirror, her na"e breasts heaving u! an own, her ni!!les still re a
n swollen from his fingers, her legs now s!rea obscenely, $ather %ohn smiling as
he en#oye her humiliation. .he continue to rea from the Bible, now having rea o
ver 20 !ages. $ather %ohn went bac" to the tas" of feeling u! her young bo y, no
w half na"e before him, her legs s!rea wi e, waiting for his touch, unable to !r
event his fon ling of her bo y. is coc" felt li"e it was going to burst from hi
s trousers, his han reaching own to rub it. .ally woul be ma"ing him cum again t
o ay, but this time he woul be giving her communion. e woul um! his cum into he
r hot, little mouth. is han s returne to her ass, feeling the flesh bunch benea
th his fingers as he grabbe the tight flesh harshly, feeling her tightening her
muscles as he i . (,hen 6o tem!ts you .ally, he is going to have boys lifting yo
ur s"irts li"e I am oing, their ine*!erience han s reaching un er to grab your !
anty covere flesh.) e !ulle u! on her s"irt, watching her na"e legs gra ually b
eing reveale to him, her legs !arte , her firm thighs available to his fon ling.
(9ou must fight the urge to get se*ually arouse . It will be ifficult, they wil
l o many things to ma"e you let them into your !anties.) is callouse han s were
rubbing u! an own her ten er thighs, each time going higher an higher, moving b
etween the (:) of her legs. .he shivere in fear, afrai of what he inten e to o o
nce he reache the secret s!ot between her legs. .he felt the bottom of her s"irt
!ulle u! an tuc"e into her waistban , na"e from the waist own e*ce!t for a thin
!air of cotton !anties. is han s returne to her butt again, grabbing her chee"
s har , fingers sli ing u! an own the crease, her ass chee"s clenche tightly, !r
eventing his !robing fingers from her most intimate !arts. .he felt his fingers
reach the #uncture of her legs, his han now between her legs, grabbing her se* w
ith his !alm, his fingers !ushing between her li!s. (/lease $ather %ohn, !lease
ont>) she finally crie out, unable to contain the molesting of her bo y any longe
r. .he lowere her arms, the Bible at her si e, tears running own her face, humil
iate at what she ha been sub#ecte to. (4ow, now, .ally, you i very goo , you i t
he best you coul in resisting 6o s tem!tations. It is a very ifficult tas", es!ec
ially for a young girl li"e you.) e let her s"irt fall bac" into !lace, stan in
g besi e her, grabbing the Bible from her han . (Than" you, $ather %ohn, I will
try har er ne*t time, I !romise,) relieve that he un erstoo . 15

(I "now you will .ally, I "now you will try har er ne*t time. 9ou will remember
the !unishment you ha to suffer, #ust li"e %esus an you will try real har er,) s
miling. e was waiting for this, waiting for the chance to !unish her. The loo"
of shoc" ma e $ather %ohns coc" #er" in his !ants. .he ha thought she woul not be
!unishe . e always love that, such naEve young girls. (4o, youre not going to !
unish me, are you $ather %ohn? 9ou sai I i a goo #ob. 3n I will try to o better
ne*t time, !lease, !lease,) she begge . (9ou will o a better #ob ne*t time becau
se you will not want to en ure the !unishment again. 9ou i a goo #ob, but you fa
ile 6o s test. $or that you must be !unishe . 4ow ste! over to the es", .ally.)
Chapter 5 The Punish ent !"ain (4ot the es", youre not going to ma"e me s!rea my
legs wi e again are you. That hurts soo much.) (9ou must learn, .ally, you must
learn to obey. 9ou isa!!ointe 6o . 9oure suffering shows that you are truly re!en
tant. 9ou want to re!ent for your sins, ont you .ally? The more you suffer the !u
nishment, the more you show 6o you want to re!ent for your sins.) .ally "new she
ha no choice. .he was going to be !unishe by $ather %ohn an she "new that he wo
ul ma"e her suffer. (I will o whatever is re8uire of me. I isa!!ointe 6o .) (I w
ill hel! you re!ent your sins to 6o , .ally. I will ma"e you suffer so 6o will "
now you are re!entant of your sins.) e watche her half na"e bo y move over to t
he large es", her tits bouncing as she wal"e , her s"irt still having fallen own
covering her legs again. e woul have it above her waist again real soon. (=nto
the es", .ally.) .ally sat on the es", facing $ather %ohn. er eyes o!ene wi e
when he !ic"e u! a woo en boar , about two feet by one foot. It was covere with
tiny tac"s stic"ing u! from the boar , s!ace a!art an inch a!art. .he leane bac"
, "nowing what was re8uire of her, afrai of what !ur!ose the boar ha , only "now
ing that she "new that somewhere, those tac"s woul be !uncturing her bo y. e li
"e the way she loo"e , her arms behin her, su!!orting her bo y u!right, her yout
hful breasts stic"ing straight u! into the air, her ni!!les still har , !ointing
outwar . e !ut the boar own, his han s reaching out for her tits again, grabbi
ng them roughly, bouncing them u! an own, sla!!ing at them before grabbing her n
i!!les an !ulling them from her bo y, stretching them out. e hear her moan in !
ain, but she i not !rotest the brutal use of her bo y. .he was alrea y in too mu
ch trouble. (4ot this time, .ally, this time I want you on your stomach. Turn ov
er an lay flat on the table. .coot u! a little first,) watching as she com!lie ,
seeing her !ress her breasts into the col table, her bo y shivering as the col
ness s!rea through her ni!!les. (7ift u! a little so I can sli e this boar un er
your breasts. %esus was crucifie to the cross with nails, you will suffer a sim
ilar fate. 9ou will be force to lie on to! of the tac"s.) e saw the loo" of res
ignation on her face as she !ushe u! on her bo y, her breast !eeling off from th
e es", his han s sli ing the boar un erneath her hanging breasts. e grabbe her
breasts by the ni!!le, unable to sto! himself from mil"ing the hanging #ugs, !ul
ling on the ni!!les li"e she was a cow rea y for mil"ing. e release them, her n
i!!les har an swollen, rea y for the tac"s. (;own now, !ress your breasts into t
he boar ,) his coc" #er"ing aroun in his trousers, wanting to esca!e, wanting .a
llys soft han s wra!!e aroun . It hurt her ni!!les as he !ulle an tugge on them,
stretching them, his fingers igging !ainfully into the ti!s, his fingernails bit
ing into the rubbery flesh. .he gritte her teeth an let her bo y slowly 12

lower own, her ni!!les hitting the tac"s first, one shar! tac" fin ing her left
ni!!le s8uare in the center of the nub. .he felt his han on her na"e bac", slowl
y !ressing her own, not giving her a chance to get into a better !osition, forci
ng her to suffer. er areolas were ne*t, tac"s fin ing the large silver ollar ci
rcles, the bite of the tac" !ric"ing the ten er s"in. 0ore !ressure on her bac",
!ushing har er this time, forcing her breasts to flatten onto the shar! tac"s,
tiny !uncture woun s a!!earing all over her breast flesh. (====,,,, that hurts $
ather %ohn. /leeeasse,) she begge , but his han s urge her farther own, !ushing
her own until her bo y weight !ushe her harshly into the tac" covere boar . (7ay
still now,) moving both han s onto her bac" an began to !ush, forcing her into
the shar! tac"s, hearing her groan an moan in !ain when the tiny, shar! tac"s !u
ncture her flesh. e love it when she moane lou er, "nowing that a tac" ha !unct
ure her ni!!le or areola, the shar! bite of the tac" attac"ing her ten er flesh.
(.uffer for 6o , .ally,) !ushing again, ma"ing her bo y move u! an own on the b
oar , giving the tac"s new !laces to !uncture, ma"ing .ally groan lou er in !ain
. (4ow your legs, .ally. 9ou are going to have to s!rea o!en more than last time
. I want you to feel that you are s!litting u! the mi le. There will be no time
limit this time. 6o will give you a sign when he thin"s you have suffere enough.
) e stro"e the bac" of her leg, letting his han sli e from her "nee own to her
an"le, then bac" u! again. (The first one is the easiest, .ally, let it sli e al
l the way over to the e ge.) e gras!e her an"le, letting it move over to the e
ge, "nowing that her bo y shifting woul allow the tac"s to fin new s!ots to !unc
ture, !lease at her groans of !ain. (4ow the cross to ma"e sure that you ont isa!
!oint 6o .) e !lace the cross in the hole in the e ge of the es", the gleaming
cross testament to .allys bon age. e ha tie u! some of the young girls, but he l
i"e it better when they !rovi e their own invisible bon age. It was so much bett
er to see them suffer at their own han s, s!rea o!en willingly, his han s fon li
ng their flesh as they move about, attem!ting to esca!e, but always "ee!ing thei
r legs o!en an s!rea . The humiliation was beginning again. er breasts ache , t
he shar! !uncturing tac"s continually tormenting her flesh. 4ow $ather %ohn bega
n to s!rea her legs, "nowing that he woul be loo"ing u! between her s!rea legs,
"nowing that she coul not close them, her se* only covere by a !air of sim!le co
tton !anties. is han s were alrea y fon ling her legs, the large, callouse han
s rubbing u! an own her lower legs as he began to s!rea her. .he loo"e bac", the
cross !inning her one leg o!en wi e. .he felt his han grab the other an"le an s
lowly !art it, o!ening her u! li"e a giant wishbone. .he turne her hea the other
way, watching as he o!ene her u!, her crotch beginning to ache as she was s!rea
o!en wi er then she shoul have been. (===== , !lllease, not so far $ather %ohn
,) she begge , her tear staine face loo"ing !itifully at $ather %ohn. e was en#
oying her !ain an humiliation, his face reflecting a large grin. (.uffer for 6o
, .ally,) #er"ing her leg to the si e, s!rea ing it to the far si e of the es",
ma"ing sure her an"le hung over the si e of the es" before he release it. ( ol i
t there while I get the other cross,) releasing her leg, forcing .ally to mainta
in the !ainful !osition. e !ic"e u! the other cross an slowly lowere it into th
e hole in the es", the two crosses now the invisible ro!e hol ing .ally o!en an
s!rea . e saw her loo"ing bac", ma"ing sure her an"le was far enough from the c
ross so it woul not acci entally touch it. That was the best !art of the crosses
. They always s!rea their legs o!en even wi er than necessary. 3lways wanting to
ma"e sure they i not touch the crosses. .o far, none of them ha . Even the ones
that he fuc"e , lying on their young s!rea bo ies, as they en ure his !owerful
rutting insi e their virgin !ussies, their legs straining to "ee! o!en, their !u
ssies !ainfully torn an bruise by his large coc", !um!ing them with his organ un
til he finishe , um!ing his emon see in their once virgin bo ies. The last girl
was the best. e ha her s!rea li"e .ally, on her stomach, her ass arche u! high
by a !illow, her legs s!rea o!en even wi er then .ally. e ha alrea y remove her
little !anties, her ass chee"s s!rea a!art by the wi e e*!anse of her legs. .he
was younger then the others, not "nowing what was going to ha!!en as he mounte
her bac", sli ing his na"e bo y onto hers, his legs 11

between hers, nestling his coc" between the chee"s of her ass, feeling her shive
ring in fear when she felt it. .he ha felt his coc" before, ma e to use her han
s on his coc", ma"ing him cum an even suc"e his coc" with her tiny mouth. e fum
ble between her legs, lining his coc" u! with her tiny hole, hearing her !lea in
gs. e ignore her, listening to her scream as he slowly force his coc" into her
tiny bo y. But it was not her virgin !ussy that he entere . It was her virgin as
shole. er hi!s shoo" from si e to si e, but her legs were always s!rea o!en wi
e, unwilling to sto! him from sin"ing his coc" into the ee! recesses of her rect
um an colon. e ha !um!e her for twenty minutes, her asshole stretche !ainfully,
ta"ing the giant man si-e coc" u! her bac"si e her !ainful groaning ma"ing his
coc" even har er. .he was his ownfall, telling her !arents about it. That was ho
w he en e u! at the (retreat) an ultimately here. .ally ache , her groin feeling
li"e it was torn, her thighs alrea y aching from the wi es!rea stance of her le
gs. .he coul see $ather %ohn behin her, staring u! between her s!rea legs, his t
rousers bulging in the front. er breasts stung, the shar! tac"s tearing into he
r flesh, unable to "ee! still, moving aroun , trying to relieve some of the !ain
. The worst were the ones that ha !uncture her ni!!les. =ne ha !ierce the ti!. E
very time she breathe , her chest heaving brought about e*cruciating !ain. But s
he ha other !roblems to worry about. $ather %ohn han s were returning to her bo
y. .he coul feel his han s running u! an own her legs, "nowing that he woul not
be content until he reache u! un er her s"irt. (:ery goo , .ally. 9oure s!rea so
wi e. I "now it must hurt, but you must suffer for your sins. 4ow lay still, I w
ill hel! you get through this,) his han s moving u! higher until it reache the b
ottom of her s"irt. (9our bo y is tem!ting me again. 9ou will have to raw out th
e emon see from my loins again. 7i"e you i the other ay.) is han s reache the t
o! of her legs, only inches from her !anties, her s"irt beginning to bunch aroun
her waist, his han s fon ling her flesh, his fingers igging !ainfully into her
ten er flesh, bruising it as he i , his coc" #er"ing when she let out tiny burst
s of !ain. er legs were trembling alrea y, her thighs straine to the brea"ing !
oint, the #uncture of her legs feeling li"e she was torn u! the mi le. .he "e!t
loo"ing own, ma"ing sure that her legs were not near the crosses, having to s!re
a them wi er each time, the !ain increasing as she i . is fingers were becoming
more urgent, !ushing har into her flesh, "nowing that he was leaving bruises. .
he coul feel the cool air of the room on her legs, "nowing that her s"irt was hi
"e u! high. (Im going to !ush your s"irt out of the way, .ally, his fingers liftin
g the s"irt u! an !ushing it onto her bac", her !anties now the only !rotection
of her butt. $ather %ohn move u! an !ushe own on her bac", forcing a groan of !a
in an a s8uirming of her bo y as the tac"s tore into new flesh. (=,,) she crie o
ut, humiliate as he !luc"e one of her !ubic hairs. (=w,) her legs wanting to clo
se, to sto! him from oing it but the crosses "ee!ing her s!rea an o!en to his to
rture. er legs tremble , the !ain in her thighs increasing as his fingers were
now moving over her s!rea crotch. .he felt him grab her !anties high u! at her w
aist an !ull them u!, the material between her legs slowly !ushe u! between her
ass chee"s an !ussy li!s, the material biting into the ten er areas of her bo y.
If the s!rea of her legs was not ba enough, now her !anties were tearing her u!
the mi le. is han s move bac" own between her s!rea legs, now almost na"e , he
r !anties only a tiny bit of material, her ass chee"s na"e , the !anties !ushe b
etween her chee"s, her !ussy li!s now e*!ose , the !anties nestle between them,
s!litting them o!en. is fingers move over her na"e flesh, feeling the tight, yo
ung s"in of her ass, trembling muscles hol ing her legs in their obscene !ositio
n before moving own an slowly running over her !ussy li!s. They were big, !uffy
li!s, covere in a batch of blon e, fine hair. e !inche one, hearing her s8ueal
in !ain, her ass !um!ing u! in res!onse to the !ain. e ran his fingers u! an ow
n over her !ussy li!s, her re face loo"ing bac" at him, watching her legs an the
crosses, afrai of touching them, unable to !revent him from molesting her virgi
n flesh. 15

(/lease ont $ather %ohn, ont touch me there, !lease,) she begge him as his han s c
ontinue to !lay with her !rivate !arts, his fingers running u! an own her li!s,
her bo y shivering in fear as they !laye across the fine hair, afrai of how far
he woul go. er breasts hurt, his fingers ma"ing her move aroun , her ni!!les al
rea y !uncture by two shar! tags now ragging !ainfully over the tac"s. e move l
ower own, his finger running between her !ussy li!s, feeling the !anty material
!ushe in ee!. ( ow are you tell me what I can o?) e went over to the es" an o!e
ne the rawer an !ulle out a large woo en ruler. It was about two feet long an ov
er two inches wi e. (/lease, $ather %ohn, Im sorry, I i nt mean it,) scare at what
he was going to o with the ruler. (I ont want another wor out of you, .ally. 9ou
are being !unishe an !unishe you will be. 0aybe a goo s!an"ing with the ruler w
ill teach you some manners. Teach you to obey your church an /riest.) .ally bega
n to sob. It "e!t getting worse, now $ather %ohn inten e to s!an" her with the r
uler. ,ith the tac"s un er her breasts an her legs s!rea !ainfully wi e, he was
now going to inflict even more !ain on her young bo y. .he was afrai where he wa
s going to use the ruler. It loo"e li"e it woul hurt terribly. $ather %ohn move
over towar s .allys butt. e !ulle her !anties at the to! an !ulle them out of he
r crease by running his han along the e ge of them. e smothere them bac" over h
er creamy ass, his han slowly running over the taut flesh. is fingers went own
between her legs, fin ing her !ussy now covere again, the !anties am! with her #
uices. e let the ruler lightly ta! against her ass chee"s, feeling her bo y ten
se u!. (.maaaac",) the ruler came crashing own on her right chee". (333666,) .al
ly crie out, her legs #er"ing out, almost touching the crosses, the tac"s grin i
ng on her abuse breasts. (///7EEE3..E, 4=====>) $ather %ohn let his han soothing
ly caress her ass chee", alrea y feeling the heat from the blow on her s"in. (0a
"e sure you "ee! your legs s!rea real wi e.) e watche as her legs bowe out wi e
r, groaning as she s!lit herself u! the mi le. (6oo girl, youre learning. 9ou #us
t nee some !unishment to learn your lessons.) (.000333&&@@,) this time har er on
her left chee". (====,,,,) .allys scream even lou er. .he began to sob lou er, h
er butt burning from the woo en ruler. But she i not say anything. .he #ust lay
there, na"e e*ce!t for a !air of white, cotton !anties, her legs s!rea wi e, her
breasts !ushe !ainfully into the boar of tac"s, her ni!!les !ierce by shar! tac
"s. .he felt his han return, caressing her burning buttoc", her ass clenching fr
om the !ain. (4ow youre being a goo girl. But there is still more. 9ou must learn
your lesson. (...00033&@@, ...000333&@@,) this time the ruler hitting each chee
", one after another, .allys bo y trembling in !ain as the ruler hit the same s!o
t as last time. 3 s!ot alrea y turning re an !ainful. (666666o;;;;, thaaattt hur
ttts soooo ba >) she crie out. (6o is why you are being !unishe .ally.) is han
s ran over her flesh, the heat from the ruler rising from un er her !anties. e
coul feel her tensing u! her ass muscles, clenching her ass chee"s tightly toget
her. (Im going to continue beating your ass with the ruler until you sto! clenchi
ng your muscles. 9ou are going to give into me an let me have my way.) (...0033&
&@, .0000333&@@,) the twin sla!s of the ruler, this time a little lower, catchin
g the to! !art of her thighs, stinging the ten er s"in. e coul see the s"in tur
ning re . 1B

.he i not "now how much longer she coul stan the !ain. er butt was so sore, the
ruler now fin ing new s!ots to hit, the !ain ra iating all over her butt. .he f
elt $ather %ohns han s return, rubbing lower onto her na"e flesh, his han s massa
ging her heate s"in. .he felt him move u! to her butt again. This time she i not
tighten her ass chee"s. e ha won. .he woul not fight him any longer. (9es, tha
ts a goo girl, .ally.) e move u! to her face, wi!ing the hair out of her eyes, t
ears running own her chee" an falling into a !u le on the es" beneath her. (Its a
lmost over .ally, #ust ont tighten u! on me an it will be over soon. 9ou want tha
t ont you? 9ou want me to sto! !unishing you.) .ally snivele , (yes, !lease $athe
r %ohn.) e "e!t his face ne*t to hers, but she felt his han s sli e own her si
e an move over her butt. e grabbe her flesh in his !alm, feeling the lovely fle
sh in his fingers, her soft s"in still hot from the ruler. .he let him have his
way, the fight beaten out of her. .he shivere in fear as she felt his han sli! b
etween her legs an sli! u! to run over her groin, his han closing over her crotc
h, s8uee-ing her se*. (9es, such a goo girl, .ally. $ather %ohn is ha!!y with yo
u,) is finger sli beneath her !ussy li!s, a gas! coming from her mouth as a str
ange finger was !lace in her most intimate !art of her bo y. e let his finger w
iggle between her li!s, feeling her bo y move u!, attem!ting to esca!e. (4ow, no
w, I thought you were going to be a goo girl, .ally.) .he felt his han move bac"
u! to her butt. (444=,) as she felt him slowly lower her !anties own in the bac
", her ass chee"s now na"e , humiliate at being stri!!e na"e an s!rea before him
. (44==,) crying as he !ulle them own to right below where here hilloc"s en e .
The han s returne , this time only na"e s"in available to him. is han s running
over the young, tight flesh. (.003&&&@, .0000333&@,) the soun of the ruler hitt
ing her na"e flesh now ifferent. The !ain was more intense. (99993333 ,) her bo
y sha"ing, her muscles trembling as the !ain ra iate to her brain. (6oing to be
goo , .ally?) e loo"e into her tear staine face again. (=r o you want more?) (
4o, $ather %ohn, no more.) (,ell see how goo you can be .ally.) .he let her bo y
rela*, as best as she coul . .he still ha to fight to "ee! her legs s!rea o!en s
o wi e. But $ather %ohn li"e that. e wante her o!en to his fon ling of her youn
g bo y. 3n she coul no longer o anything about it. .he felt his han s crawling a
long her si e an move onto her na"e ass chee"s again, his han clam!ing tightly o
nto the flesh, clenching an unclenching onto her butt. (4ow 6o will test you .al
ly. To see if you can obey.) is han sli own her ass chee"s, slowly sli ing own
insi e her !anties from the rear. (Ta"e a ee! breath an rela* now, .ally.) 4ooo,
she crie out, but not so $ather %ohn or anyone coul hear her. .he felt his fing
ers sli! own into her !anties, onto her na"e flesh an !ush u! un er her an sli!
between her li!s. er bo y fro-e as her se* was touche by a male for the first t
ime. er breathing sto!!e , fro-en in fear as she felt his fat fingers moving ar
oun insi e her li!s, moving u! an own her slit as she lay there na"e an s!rea .
The fingers move aroun li"e a tiny sna"e, slithering along her slit, moving u! a
n own. .he felt the finger fin the o!ening to her vagina an sto!, !oise at her v
irginal o!ening. (6o wants to ma"e sure you are a virgin, .ally. ol still while
I !ut a finger insi e you. I want to feel your hymen.) e saw the loo" of es!er
ation in her eyes as his fingers began to sna"e u! insi e her vagina. e felt ho
w tight she was, his finger having to fight its way insi e her, ben ing an !ushi
ng millimeters at a time. 1C

(33333 ,) suc"ing in a ee! breath as she felt his finger sli ing into her virg
in bo y, her inner muscles clam!ing own onto her, .ally unable to control her bo
y. (==,,) 8uietly !rotesting his finger banging !ainfully against her hymen. (9
es, 6o li"es you being a virgin, .ally.) e let his mi le finger stay insi e her
hot, tight !ussy, his in e* finger sli ing u! until it reache her clit. e let
it stab at the clit hoo , !ushing it asi e, revealing a large, swollen clit. e
rubbe it bac" an forth, her bo y #er"ing in res!onse. e !ulle his fingers from
her !ussy, his mi le finger wet an shiny from her !ussy #uice. .he might act li"
e she i not li"e it, but her bo y i !ut out enough crFme to "ee! her lubricate .
(3lmost finishe , #ust one more !lace.) .ally was confuse . ,hat was he tal"ing
about? .he i not have to wait long before his han crawle bac" out of her !antie
s, .ally breathing a sigh of relief as his finger was !ulle from her vagina, emb
arrasse an humiliate that he ha so o!enly fon le her bo y. (Aela* again, .ally,
almost one.) is han ran own the s!lit of her ass, !ushing a!art her chee"s as h
e i , his wet finger leaving a trace of her crFme along it as it "e!t going lowe
r. .ee"ing out her tiny asshole. 4ot there, why woul he want to touch that she t
hought, finally figuring out his intentions. .he let her ass chee"s rela*e , hav
ing alrea y gone beyon the !oint of no return. .he felt his fat finger fin her t
iny butt hole an the ti! !ush own on it. .he coul feel the wetness on his finger
an she "new that was from her. .he gritte her teeth as she felt the !ressure on
his finger slowly !ush own onto her tiny o!ening, feeling it slowly s!rea ing o
!en. It felt strange, being !ushe in, instea of out, his finger relentless, a co
ntinual !ressure. er s!hincter fought the strange an unnatural intrusion, but $
ather %ohn was stronger. (6666 A,) she crie out, unable to contain herself as h
er asshole was s!eare by a finger for the first time, the igit slowly worming it
s way insi e her. $ather %ohns coc" was rea y to burst. .he ha alrea y let him fi
nger her cunt an now he ha his finger u! her asshole. e coul feel her s!hincter
fighting the intrusion, her asshole hot an tight on his igit. .he #ust lay ther
e, s!rea o!en, moaning in !ain as he ha his way with her. .he was now his to o a
s he !lease . .oon, she woul lose the virginity of all three of her orifices. e
!ulle his finger out of her asshole, a slight !o! soun ing as it 8uic"ly clam!e
shut. (Time for communion, .ally. 9our young bo y has tem!te me again. 9ou are
going to have to raw the evil emon see from my bo y again. 3re you going to be g
oo an o that .ally?) .ally "new that she woul have to com!ly. .he ha alrea y !er
forme this tas" before, #er"ing his !enis with her soft han until he ha shot his
emon see all over her na"e breasts. 3ll she ha to o was o it again. (9es, $athe
r %ohn. I am sorry that my bo y tem!ts you so much. I will o as I am tol .)
Chapter # Gettin" His S$ord %eady for Co
(9ou may get u! .ally,) moving the crosses from between her legs. .ally allowe h
er legs to close, grateful that the !ainful aching in her thighs were finishe ,
but fearful of what woul be re8uire of her now. .he "new that she woul have to m
a"e him shoot his emon see . e ha tal"e about her ta"ing her communion, not un
erstan ing what he meant. .he lai still, her legs together. .he was afrai of wha
t woul ha!!en when she !ulle her chest off the tac"s. er !anties were still !ul
le below her na"e ass chee"s, not wanting to reach behin her, that woul !ull on
the tac"s below her. er humiliation was less suffering than the !ain. $ather %o
hn move u! towar s her hea , (let me hel! you .ally,) his han hol ing own the bo
ar . (Aaise u! slowly,) watching as she slowly rose u! onto her arms into a !ush
u! !osition, the boar 1D

slowly !ulling from her chest. e saw the tac"s, some re with bloo . e !ulle th
e boar an move it out of the way. (.it on the e ge of the es", feet hanging own
.ally.) ,hen he turne aroun , she ha hurrie ly !ulle u! her !anties an swung aro
un to the e ge of the es". er arms were covering her breasts, her legs together
. e move in front of her, !utting his han s on her "nees, (s!rea your legs, .al
ly.) .ally cringe when she hear that comman again. .he hate it. It always left h
er so vulnerable. .he i as he sai , her legs o!ening, feeling him move between t
hem, his hi!s !ushing on her thighs, forcing them o!en wi er again, the ache in
her thighs return. (6oo girl, .ally. 4ow your han s. 9ou have nothing to hi e fr
om the lor . Gncover your breasts. 9ou have alrea y tem!te me, my swor is har fr
om seeing your na"e bo y.) e waite , staring into her eyes until she relente ,
her !alms slowly lowering to her si es, her na"e breasts falling free. There wer
e many tiny little !uncture woun s, little re ots covering her breasts. They wou
l not show long, the tac"s being very shar!. is han s move u! to her breasts, h
is !alms encircling her globes, lifting them u!. (;o they hurt .ally?) (They sti
ng a little, $ather %ohn.) e began to s8uee-e them, his fingers moving towar s
her ni!!les. is coc" #um!e in his trousers when he saw the bright re s!ot in th
e center of her right ni!!le, the !in" ni!!le unable to hi e it. Two fingers mov
e towar s it, grabbing it an began to !inch, watching her face as he continue to
a!!ly !ressure. (%ust li"e %esus, !uncture woun s to show your suffering.) e s
8uee-e tighter, watching as she bit own onto her li! as he smashe the !uncture n
i!!le with his finger. (/lease, $ather %ohn, it hurts.) The !ain increase , his
fingernail !ushing into her ni!!le, a shar! !ain igniting it. e release it, wat
ching her relief. e wet his two fingers, moving them bac" to her ni!!le, watchi
ng as they became even har er, the cool air of the room hitting the wet ni!!le.
(9ou have very sensitive ni!!les .ally. That will get you into trouble later in
life. They will ma"e you become se*ually arouse . I will have to wor" on solving
that !roblem. I will have to esensiti-e them.) is han s move own to his trouse
rs, !ulling the -i!!er own. e saw her eyes move away, not wanting to see. (7oo"
own, .ally. .ee what you have one to my swor .) e unbuc"le the belt of his tro
users an un i the button, !ulling them bac" to the si e, her eyes returning to s
tare at his crotch. is coc" was alrea y !ushing at his shorts. (Aeach in my sho
rts an !ull out my swor . .ee what you have one to it.) e waite , waite for her
soft han s to encircle his coc". .ally i nt have a choice. .he reache over, her
han !ushing into the ban of his shorts, !ulling them own as she !ushe her han in
. is !enis instantly sla!!e into her han , her small fingers wra!!ing aroun it.
It imme iately began to twitch an #um!. .he loo"e u!, her face turning re , his
eyes watching her e*!ression as she began to !um! her han u! an own his swor li
"e she was taught. (9ou o well, .ally, such nice soft han s.) e !ushe his short
s own his legs, allowing her more room to !lay with his coc". is coc" #um!e aro
un in her han , e*cite at the feel of her fingers !laying over the hea li"e he h
a taught her, #um!ing in antici!ation of what she woul be re8uire to o. But firs
t, a little more humiliation. (.8uee-e my testicles li"e I taught you. $eel the
see you !lace there.) .ally was now cu!!ing his heavy testicles, feeling the hea
t, feeling the balls insi e. er other han was rubbing his har swor , tiny ro!s
of see lea"ing from its hea , mi*ing onto her han . It was so big, her han s tin
y in com!arison. e move bac" from her, her han s sli!!ing from his coc". (/ut y
our legs together.)

.he was sur!rise , he always seeme to want her legs o!en an s!rea . .he i not he
sitate, closing her legs. er sur!rise turne to isa!!ointment an humiliation. (7
ift your butt off the table, I want to sli! those lovely little cotton !anties o
ff. I ont thin" you nee them, o you .ally? 3s" me to ta"e off your !anties, .ally
?) .he i nt have a choice. Gsing her arms to !ush her butt u!, (!lease, $ather %o
hn, ta"e off my !anties.) (=f course, my ear,) his han s lightly grabbe her !ant
ies at the waist an slowly began to lower them, stri!!ing her na"e . e !ulle th
em over her na"e ass chee"s, remembering how lovely they were before he ha use a
ruler on them. e lowere the front, her na"e bush showing, slowly lower, her !u
ssy li!s beginning to be e*!ose . e loo"e u! into her face an smile , seeing ho
w re face she ha become. 7ast time was ba enough when he ha fingere her na"e se*
an butt, but now he was slowly stri!!ing her na"e . .he woul be so e*!ose . e
sli them own her thighs, tugging at them through her tightly clenche legs until
finally letting them ro! to the floor. .he now sat before him, com!letely na"e a
n vulnerable to him. e loo"e into her eyes. .he instantly "new, her legs beginn
ing to !art o!en, her eyes beginning to tear. .he "new that he wante her s!rea .
.!rea wi e. .he woul be obscenely e*!ose , her whole se* na"e an e*!ose . (6oo
girl, .ally, youre learning.) e ste!!e between her slowly s!rea ing legs, his hi
!s !ushing out on them. (Aeal wi e, be a goo girl,) he encourage her. e watche
her !ussy li!s begin to !art, her !in", virgin, inner !ussy !ee"ing out. (0ore,
until your thighs ache, .ally. 9our han s, !ut your han s bac". .tro"e me again.
) 3gain he felt her soft han s rubbing his har coc", her other han gently s8ueeing his balls. .he loo"e own, seeing his han s moving to her legs, !ushing outwa
r on her thighs. The fingers move u! to the : in her legs, his fingers lightly t
racing across her !ubic hair, brushing it with his fingerti!s. .he loo"e an saw
how e*!ose she was. 7oo"ing u!, she notice that he was staring irectly at her se
*, almost able to see insi e her, the wi e e*!anse of her legs leaving her li!s
s!rea wi e, unable to cover her insi es. (/ay attention, .ally. @ee! stro"ing.)
e grabbe her !ussy li!s on each si e an s!rea her o!en even more then she was a
lrea y. (This is what men will sin for .ally. 3 chance to have se* with you. To
fill you with their har swor , to feel your insi es clutching at their member. T
hey will o almost anything, lie, cheat, steal, commit a ultery, anything to get
between your lovely thighs.) e !ulle wi er, stretching out her li!s, hearing he
r moan in !ain. (0000, that hurts, $ather %ohn.) (... , chil , you will have to
live with the !ain. I may have to !unish your se* to ma"e sure you un erstan wh
at you can o to men an 6o .) e grabbe her !ussy li!s between his large fingers
an s8uee-e them, twisting the ten er, !uffy tissue. (I want you to rub the hea o
f my swor between your li!s,) !ointing own between her s!rea legs. e watche as
her han s gri!!e his coc" behin the hea an he move forwar . e loo"e at her face
, smiling as he felt the hea lightly touch her !in" !ussy, the li!s closing arou
n the big hea , her bo y #er"ing to the touching of her most intimate bo y to hi
s hot, !ulsating coc". (9es, many men will sin for this, .ally. Aub it u! an own
, goo girl,) his coc" #er"ing in res!onse, the hea lea"ing !recum on her virgin
!ussy. .he ho!e that he woul not !ut it insi e her, ta"ing her virginity away. .
he grabbe it tightly when she felt his hi!s move forwar , trying to !revent him
from oing so. is swor #um!e in her han when she gri!!e it tightly. .he felt the
hea , so hot an rubbery, rubbing u! an own her slit. .he 50

loo"e own an saw the ro!ey see from his swor rubbing along her li!s. .he #um!e w
hen it hit her clitoris, a strange feeling hitting her. (;ont touch it there, .al
ly> I ont want you arouse . .li e it bac" own,) her small han s gri!!ing his coc"
so tight, moving it u! an own her !ussy slit. (I want you to feel what it woul
be li"e to have it insi e you. I want you to !ut the hea in until it hits your h
ymen. ;ont worry, only 6o will eci e when you are to lose your virginity.) .ally
shu ere when she hear that. is swor was so big. Es!ecially the hea of it. It wo
ul nt be able to go insi e her tiny vagina. (Its too big, $ather %ohn, !lease ont m
a"e me o it.) (Im not ma"ing you o anything, .ally. 9ou are oing it to atone for
your sins. The evil things your na"e bo y oes to me. 4ow !lease me an the 7or ,
!ut the hea insi e you. 7et me feel your sinful bo y.) .he gri!!e it tighter, he
aring $ather %ohn moaning, !ushing his hi!s forwar as she slowly !ushe it own un
til it !ushe against her tiny vagina. Its too big, feeling it !ushing against the
tiny o!ening. er wi e s!rea legs o!ene her vagina u!, but even that i not hel!
. It was #ust too big not to be !ainful. .he rubbe it aroun her vagina, feeling
the hea #er"ing about in. .he saw more of his see lea"ing from the hea , it glis
tening in the bright lights. .he was so embarrasse H her han hel!ing him !ut it
insi e her, her /riest, na"e between her s!rea thighs, his swor slowly o!ening h
er u!. It felt li"e a hot, steel vise, her !ussy clenche tight, his har coc" bat
tering at her virgin o!ening. e wishe he coul #ust !lunge his coc" into her an
fuc" her har . This was what he usually i . %ust li"e the es" he woul force them
into !ositions where their legs were s!rea wi e an unable to close. e might us
e the crosses, but he also many other ways. e once ha a girl stra ling a gymnas
tic vaulting bench. er legs hung over the e ges, unable to reach the floor, her
legs bowe wi ely over the fat bench. e climbe on the bench in front of her, hi
s s"in stic"ing to the leather as he sli towar s her. e bent her bo y bac", !in
ning her legs with his, her bac" having to arch !ainfully bac"war s, her hi!s ri
sing u! by the terrible stretch he was forcing her into. er little tits were ar
che u! to the ceiling, his mouth biting on her ni!!les until they stoo out over
an inch, giant bum!s on her almost flat chest. e move his hi!s forwar , one han
hol ing his large coc", !lacing it tightly against her virginal o!ening. e i n
ot let her get accustom to it, he !lunge it into her, #er"ing her forwar by her
arms onto the har coc", burying it into her as she screame an buc"e in !ain. e
ma e her ri e his har coc" for over twenty minutes, her bloo hel!ing to lubricat
e his ram!aging coc". .he screame as she sli u! an own on the har coc" between h
er legs, $ather %ohn han ling her li"e a !u!!et, !um!ing her u! an own his wea!o
n, her !ussy having to ta"e the brunt of his big coc". (7egs together again .all
y,) ste!!ing from between her s!rea legs. .ally was !u--le again. ,as he finishe
with her? But she com!lie , anything to not be so intimately o!en to him. (4ow
bring your feet u!,) ben ing own an grabbing her behin the "nees, lifting her le
gs u! until her feet were flat on the es". .ally ha to !ush bac" as her legs wer
e brought u! an !lace in front of her, her an"les together, her "nees bent. (6oo
, .ally. 4ow move your feet over,) !ushing her right foot to the si e, oing the
same to her left. .ally cringe again as she was s!rea o!en again. .he loo"e her
anus was also. own, not only was her se* e*!ose ,
(9our being very goo , .ally. 4ow go bac" to stro"ing my swor .) .he reache out
an grabbe his swor in her han again, her other han cu!!ing his testicles. .he fe
lt his han s on the insi e of her thighs, bowing her legs out, her se* rising u!
higher. .he saw his 51

eyes, staring intently at her s!rea se*, his fingers moving closer an closer to
her se*. But they i not touch her se*. 4o, they move farther bac", fingers on th
e si e of her anus, !eeling her butt chee"s bac". (44=, !leasse, not in my botto
m,) she crie , the humiliation of having her anus so e*!ose , his fingers only i
nches from her most intimate o!ening. (.... , bring my swor u! between your le
gs again. 7i"e you i before, but this time I want you to rub it over your tiny b
utt hole. Boys will try to tell you having them !ut their swor s u! your butt ho
le is not having se*, but you must resist the tem!tation. I will show you so tha
t they cannot fool you.) e move his hi!s forwar as her han grabbe his coc" tigh
ter again. (;ont worry .ally, Im #ust going to !ress it in a little ways. %ust so
you can feel what its li"e.) .he gri!!e his swor har , her small han wra!!e tight
ly aroun it, #ust below the hea . .he let it sli e u! between her li!s an over h
er !erineum until it reache her tiny anus. (/lease, $ather %ohn, not there, !lea
se.) But she continue to !ush it against her tiny anus, "nowing that he woul not
allow any e*cuses. .he woul have to !erform as he instructe . $ather %ohn felt
her tiny anus begin to stretch, the hea of his coc" slowly s!rea ing her virgin
o!ening wi er. e !ushe gently with his hi!s, urging more of his coc" insi e the
clenching mouth of her asshole. e loo"e u! at her, her "nees s!rea wi e, her f
eet flat on the es", her se* so o!enly e*!ose . (&an you feel your flower o!enin
g for my swor ?) It began to hurt, the har swor s!rea ing her anus wi e, forcing
it to o!en, stretching the tiny mouth wi er an wi er to accommo ate his swor .
(.lower $ather, it hurts too much, !lease,) she begge him, tears forming in her
eyes as the !ainful insertion continue . .he felt his han s move un er her ass c
hee"s, !ulling her u!, controlling her movements. e lifte her ass off of the es
", an then began to lower her bac" own. This time on to! of his swor . (9es, my
chil , ta"e it slow, let your bo y engulf my swor in your bac"si e.) is han s w
ere gri!!ing her chee"s, his fingers !ushe along si e of her anus, !ulling it a!
art, allowing his swor to slowly sin" in, millimeter by !ainful millimeter. (333
666,) she gas!e in !ain as her s!hincter finally relente , the hea of his swor s
lowly entering her anus, stretching an tearing the virgin flesh as the swollen m
ember began to be engulfe by her asshole. It felt li"e a crushing vice as the he
a of his coc" was s8uee-e by her s!hincter. It clenche an unclenche in res!onse
to the unnatural invasion of her bac"si e. e loo"e own, the hea isa!!eare in he
r anus, the tight ban of the o!ening wra!!e #ust below the hea of his coc", s8ue
e-ing the bloo to the hea . (Boys will try to get you to let them !ut their memb
ers insi e your butt li"e this. But they will want to !ush it in ee!er, bury it
ee! insi e your colon. They want to feel you hot, tight bo y s8uee-es it until t
hey fill you with their emon see . 9ou must resist this tem!tation. It is sinful
.) (=h, yes, $ather, I woul nt let them, it hurts too much. /lease ta"e it out, !
lease $ather %ohn.) (=f course, my chil . But first I want you to s8uee-e it. /r
ess own on it with your inner muscles. .how me how tight you can ma"e it.) .he h
a to get him to ta"e his swor out of her bac"si e, it burne , the mouth of her a
nus stretche !ainfully wi e. .he gritte her li!s together in !ain, an wille her
s!hincter to s8uee-e the huge member stretching her bac"si e. .he felt his swor
twitch in !leasure. (3gain, .ally, tighten again.) e felt her grab his coc". e
ha to fuc" her soon, es!ecially in her tight asshole. ,hen the girls he fuc"e i
n the !ussy woul com!lain about the !ainful fuc"ing of his coc", he woul relent.
e woul allow their !ussy to heal. e woul fuc" them in the ass instea . 0ost n
ever imagine such a thing, laying them face own, legs s!rea , his coc" between t
heir chee"s, unaware of what was about to trans!ire. It was only when his coc" w
as fully encase in their hot, tight asshole i they finally reali-e that they onl
y tra e one !ainful fuc"ing with another. By that 55

time it was too late, they woul have to submit to his coc" fuc"ing their asshole
, savoring the tightness, !rolonging his !leasure, their !ain for as long as he
coul . (=ne more time, then I will ta"e it out.) .he clenche on it again, the !a
in increasing as his swor seeme to get bigger each time she s8uee-e it. .he ha t
o get him to ta"e it out, it felt so uncomfortable, her anus stretche so tightly
aroun his swor . .he felt $ather %ohn !ull his swor out, feeling her anus shrin
" bac" own. 4ot 8uite a small as it was before, it woul never be the same again.
Chapter & Co
(=ver her .ally, it is time you raine the evil see from my swor . 7eave all of y
our clothes off. The sight of you na"e bo y will ma"e it easier to em!ty my swor
.) $ather %ohn !ulle off his !ants an shorts an sat own in the large chair. is
han reache own to his coc", stro"ing it to even greater har ness as he watche h
er wal" over to him, her young breasts bouncing as she wal"e . .he move towar s
the chair, $ather %ohn motioning her to "neel at the foot of the chair. .he scoo
te own onto the floor, her small han s moving towar s his swor , "nowing what wa
s re8uire of her. .he grabbe the big swor , her han circling the hot, throbbing
member in her han . .he s8uee-e it tight an then began to stro"e it u! an own, s
tretching the s"in bac" an forth, ma"ing sure that her fingers stro"e over the h
ea every other stro"e. .he let her other han reach own between his legs, cu!!ing
his swollen, hot testicles in her !alm, hefting them u! an own. (:ery goo , .al
ly. 9ou are 8uic"ly learning how to serve the lor . 9ou seem to have foun someth
ing that you are very goo at. I thin" you nee more !ractice though. ,e are going
to have to s!en more time im!roving your s"ills an teaching you new ones an les
s time on lessons. The lor always fin s something we are goo at an it is my #ob
to hel! nurture those s"ills in you. ,oul you li"e me to teach you more, .ally?
I "now your mother an father woul want me to e*!an your talents. 9ou want me to
tell them goo things about you, ont you .ally? They woul be very isa!!ointe if I
tol them you were uncoo!erative. They woul have you sto! seeing me. I woul have
to get them to have you little sister come in for some of my s!ecial lessons. ;o
you thin" she woul be more coo!erative, .ally?) The mere mention of her !arents
an her little sister was enough to get .ally to coo!erate with anything $ather
%ohn sai . .he "new there woul be many more times that she woul be stri!!e na"e
an force to rub his swor until he came all over her. (I want to fulfill my estin
y for the lor . I will o whatever you want of me. %ust o not isa!!oint my !arent
s. 3n leave my sister out of this.) .he was afrai if her sister came, $ather %oh
n woul start abusing her bo y li"e she i to .ally. er sister was too young an n
aive to un erstan what was ha!!ening. .he continue to stro"e his swor , seeing t
iny ro!s of his see glistening on the en . $ather %ohn move u! in the chair, his
legs !resse on either si e of .allys bo y, his coc" almost !ushe against her na"
e breasts. (,e are going to o it ifferently this time. 9ou want to learn somethi
ng new, ont you .ally?) e gri!!e his coc" with one han , his other han he !ut on
her hea . (0ove closer, .ally.) .he felt the !ressure on the bac" of her hea as
$ather %ohns han !ushe her hea towar s his swor . .he loo"e in his eyes, only se
eing lust in them. (I want you to ta"e my swor in your mouth, you sweet little m
outh. I will teach you what to o with it once it is in there. ,et your li!s, get
them nice an sli!!ery.) e watche as her tongue came out an ran all over her li
!s, the saliva glistening in the light. e !ushe his hi!s forwar , his other han
hol ing his erect coc" out straight. e began to rub it on her face. .he #er"e
bac" when she felt the hot swor on her chee". The thought of ta"ing his swor in
her mouth ma e her gag. It was ba enough when she ha to use her han on it, es!ec
ially when he shot 52

out his emon see . It was so hot, feeling li"e it was scal ing her s"in when it
lan e on her. 3n so thic", it woul not even run off, #ust sitting on her s"in. .
he "new she woul gag an cho"e if he shot his emon see in her mouth. .he ha to fi
n some way to sto! it. .he felt the han on her hea !ress har er when she flinche
away. The har swor rubbe over her chee"s, his han !ressing her face onto it, un
able to esca!e. .he coul feel a trail of wetness on her face as his see lea"e ti
ny amounts of flui as it ragge along her soft s"in, #er"ing in res!onse to the !
leasure !rovo"e . .he loo"e u!, his swor almost bloc"ing her eyes, rubbing over
her nose now. is han hel his swor , ma"ing sure the en of it rubbe on her face,
!ressing the en of it against one of her nostrils, trying to force it insi e he
r nose. ,hat a won erful i ea. e woul have to try it on .ally ne*t time. e wan
te to shoot his coc" off in her nostril, forcing his cum insi e her nose. is co
c" was too big to !ush it in, but if he !lace it #ust right, the !iss hole !ushe
insi e her nostril, he coul shoot his hot cream insi e. If it ha enough force,
maybe it woul shoot to the bac" of her nose to run own into her throat. o!efull
y, that woul ma"e her cho"e. But first, it was time to teach her how to suc" his
coc". .ally was a very talente girl, even if she i not "now it. er han s "new
how to o #ust the right things to his coc". .he might hate what she was oing, bu
t she was oing it well. e ho!e that her talents woul e*ten to her mouth. This w
as always the har est to teach girls, es!ecially reluctant ones. $uc"ing their !
ussies or assholes was relatively easy. Their natural bo y reaction to a har coc
" thrust in a tight hole always ma e for a goo fuc". The mouth was ifferent. The
y woul have to !ut a lot of effort into suc"ing, lic"ing an swallowing a large c
oc". 0ost woul #ust be a rece!tacle for his coc", a large oral hole that he coul
!lace his coc" into an fuc" bac" an forth. It woul be a s!ecial girl that woul
use her tongue to !lay over the coc" insi e their mouth or swallow har as it for
ce itself own her throat. e was ho!ing that .ally woul o that in or er not to i
sa!!oint her !arents an to !rotect her sister. e ha high ho!es for her oral abi
lities. .he felt the rubbery coc" hea rubbing from her nose own to her li!s. .he
felt it #er" as it touche her moistene li!s, moving bac" an forth over her li!s
, #er"ing as it felt her hot breath on the sensitive hea . .he acci entally stuc
" her tongue out in reaction to the coc" on her li!s, touching it. .he felt it t
witch an a tiny ro! of his emon see settle on her tongue. It was hot an salty. E
ven a single ro! bathe her entire mouth with the taste, the thic" flui 8uic"ly m
i*ing with her saliva to inva e her taste bu s. 9es, it might have been by acci
ent, but it felt so goo when her tongue touche the hea of his coc". (9es, you ha
ve this natural ability to serve the 7or , .ally. ;o that again, run your tongue
over my swor . Bath it with your innocent mouth.) e hel his coc" to where her
li!s were slightly !arte , the har rubbery ti! #er"ing from her hot breath bathi
ng it. e waite !atiently, wanting her to o it willingly. is coc" #er"e when he
saw the ti! of her tongue move out from between her slightly !arte li!s. e loo
"e into her eyes, seeing them !lea ing with him not to force her to o this. e s
tare bac", his eyes only reflecting his lust to have her mouth service his coc"
until she suc"e his semen from his balls. .he "new she ha no choice. e wante he
r mouth an she coul not sto! him from ma"ing her o his bi ing. .he let her tongu
e sli! through her li!s, startle as she touche the hea of his coc" again, feelin
g the heat from the har swor . .he coul taste the foul tasting flui again, swall
owing, ho!ing not to gag as it !ermeate her mouth with the thic" flui . .he let
her tongue move bac" an forth over the hea , feeling the tiny slit on his swor a
s it move bac" an forth over it. 0ore an more of the emon see lea"e out, the sti
c"y flui stretching out into ro!ey !ieces that clung to her li!s. It felt so goo
, none of the other girls ha been li"e .ally, so willing, so eager to !leasure
him, even though she was oing something that was revolting to her. e !ushe with
his coc" forwar . (7ic" aroun the hea of it .ally, I want it glistening with yo
ur saliva when you are finishe . 6et it nice an 51

sli!!ery an wet.) e !ushe her hea u!, loo"ing into her eyes as she let her tong
ue run all aroun the hea , !assing un erneath the ri ge, lathering it with her s
aliva. e coul see her humiliation as she soa"e his coc", her saliva mi*ing with
his cum to form a salty flui coating the hea . (:ery goo , .ally. 9ou are oing
a goo #ob of serving the lor . ,orshi! my swor li"e you woul the lor .) er mout
h was now in a tiny (=), her tongue arting in an out, the rough surface of her t
ongue running over the smooth s"in of the hea of his coc". It was time for her t
o ta"e it insi e, to ta"e it insi e her virgin mouth. is han hel her hea still,
her tongue moving over his swor . 3t least if he shot out his emon see , she co
ul move her hea or at worst it woul shoot on her face. That woul not be as ba as
it shooting in her mouth. There was so much emon see when she use her han s, th
e thic" flui covering her han an fingers with a stic"y mess. .he i not want that
in her mouth. .he i not want to have to swallow that. (=!en your mouth wi er, .
ally. 0a"e it in a big (=),) watching her e*!ression as he sai it. (4o, !lease,
let me use my tongue on it, li"e this,) her tongue lic"ing at the hea of his coc
", eager to !lease him, anything being better than having it in her mouth. (I ca
n o a goo #ob an em!ty the emon see from your swor with my tongue,) she begge .
(9es, you can o that, but I want your li!s wra!!e tightly aroun the hea of my sw
or . I want my swor in your sweet mouth, your big eyes watching me as I slowly f
ee it into the hot confines of your mouth. 4ow o!en wi e, .ally, ta"e it in.) I
!ushe with my coc" as I saw her li!s !art, the o!ening getting wi er, her li!s f
orming a wi e (=), waiting for my swor to be engulfe . .he i not have to wait lo
ng, $ather %ohn an*ious, !ushing his swor between her virgin li!s, the hot swor
slowly running along her tightly clenche li!s. .he coul feel the rubbery swor mo
ving insi e her mouth, her tongue !ushe to the si e as the big hea slowly fille
her small mouth. .he loo"e u!, seeing the big hea filling her vision as she felt
it !ulsating in her mouth. Two han s now hel her hea , one on each si e of her
hea , !ressing in har , "ee!ing her hea at the right angle, his hi!s !ushing his
har swor in an out of her mouth. .he coul feel the ri ge on the hea moving bac"
an forth over her li!s. .he starte to move her han s u!, going to !ush the swor
from her mouth. (7eave your han s at your si es>) e or ere her, seeing her han
s clench, but fall bac" own again. e #er"e her hea bac" onto the hea of his co
c", her li!s so tight aroun the throbbing member. (4ow, use your tongue again, r
ub all over the hea insi e your mouth, ma"e it 8uiver in your mouth.) .he was so
humiliate , being use by $ather %ohn, na"e , her hea hel tight, her mouth use t
o masturbate his swor , #ust li"e she ha been force to o with her han s. er han
s clenche tightly, her fingernails igging !ainfully into her flesh, unable to s
to! him from using her bo y. .he felt her hea turne si eways, his swor !ushe in
again, bulging out her chee"s. (0a"e your li!s tighter on it, .ally. 0a"e it rea
l tight, be a goo girl.) e watche her clench her li!s tight on his coc", almost
li"e it was her !ussy. (4ow suc" it li"e a lolly!o!, run your tongue over it.)
e began to !um! it in an out of her mouth, feeling her tongue bathing the coc"
as it !asse in an out through her tightly clenche li!s. (The 7or was right, .all
y, you are very goo at this. I thin" we have foun your calling, a way to serve t
he 7or .) e hel her hea u!, her eyes glistening with tears. (Im going to fee you
more of my swor , breath through your nose as it fills your mouth.) It seem to
go on forever, each time more an more of his swor entere her mouth. It was then
with rawn, but not before she ha to run her tongue over the length of it, feelin
g the large veins running own the length, feeling it twitching in her mouth. (33
3666 ,) finally cho"ing as it hit the bac" of her mouth, trying to force its wa
y own her throat. It !ulle out, but then thrust bac" in, each time har er, bounc
ing against her tonsils, forcing gags from her stuffe mouth. Tears fell from her
eyes as she cho"e on the har swor , her han s clenching an unclenching.

(9es, the 7or has ma e my swor very long. 9ou will have to get use to it !ushing
into the bac" of your mouth. Breathe through you nose. 9our cho"ing s8uee-es my
swor each time.) e !um!e his coc" bac" an forth in her mouth, her cho"ing an g
agging massaging his coc". e loo"e at the innocent face he hel in his !owerful
han s, his coc" s!litting her li!s a!art, her tongue still running over his coc"
as he fuc"e her face. (33366 , 666 AA,) his swor ma"ing her gag as it !unche
into her throat. e hel her hea tightly, bloc"ing her ears the only soun she hea
r was his heavy testicles banging against her chin each time he !unche his swor
ee! into her mouth. er mouth was getting fille with his emon see , the thic" sa
lty flui lea"ing out from his swor each time her li!s rew it bac" in. .he coul t
aste it on her tongue as it ran over the hea , unable to !revent it from lea"ing
, unwilling to swallow the foul tasting flui . $ather %ohn settle bac" into the
chair, !ulling .ally bac", s!rea ing his legs so she was "neeling between them,
her mouth still full of his har coc". =ne more humiliation for her first. e let
go of her hea . (/um! your hea u! an own on my swor , .ally. %ust li"e my han s
was ma"ing your hea o. 3n the 7or wants you to ta"e it ee!, he wants to hear yo
u cho"ing on it.) e rela*e watching her. .he let her hea move u! an own on his
swor , her tongue still running over the har swor as it move in an out. .he hel
her breath as she !ushe her hea on it ee!, feeling it slam against her tonsils.
(666 ,) cho"ing as it !ushe into her throat. (66666 ,) again, bac" in, ee! in
to her mouth, cho"ing herself on the hot swor filling her mouth. (9ou are so goo
at the 7or s wor", .ally, that I #ust have to tell your mother how !lease I am
with your !rogress. I am going to call her now, on the s!ea"er !hone, so you wil
l have to be 8uiet. But I want you still moving your hea u! an own on my swor .)
.ally shoo" her hea no, her eyes !lea ing. But she continue to !um! her mouth u
! an own on his swor , afrai of is!leasing him. 4ot her mother, she woul be so h
umiliate to be ta"ing $ather %ohns swor in her mouth while her very own mother wa
s tal"ing to him. (9es, I nee to tal" to your mother, let her "now of your e*ce!
tional !rogress. &ontinue !leasing me with your s"ills while we tal". I am getti
ng rea y to unloa my emon see . This time it will be in the hot confines of your
mouth. 9ou are so sinful at being so s"ille in oral se*, you must be !unishe in
the same way. 9ou will ta"e my emon see in your mouth an swallow all of it. I a
m going to um! it in your mouth while I am tal"ing to your mother so you will ha
ve to be very 8uiet an try not to cho"e on it.) er bo y shoo" in humiliation an
shame as he iale her number, the ringing coming out the s!ea"er !hone. ( ello,)
came out her mother voice. .ally fro-e when she hear her mothers voice, as if sh
e was caught re +han e with $ather %ohns swor in her mouth. $ather %ohn reache ow
n, grabbing her hea on both si es an began to !um! her hea bac" an forth on his
coc" again. e release it when he felt her tongue begin again to la! at his coc"
in her mouth, her hea moving u! an own, her li!s tightene on his coc". ( ello,
0ary, this is $ather %ohn.) (Is everything with .ally =@ $ather %ohn,) her voice
showing her concern for her aughter. (.he is fine, 0ary, she is still here with
me now as we s!ea", even though she cannot s!ea" right now.) e saw .allys eyes
o!en wi e as his coc" sli!!e bac" onto her tonsils, the huge hea gri!!e tightly
by her tiny throat. .he struggle not to cho"e, not to give out any noise to her
mother, as her

throat gri!!e the hea of his coc" so tight. e fought the urge not to cum yet, w
anting to o it at an o!!ortune time while s!ea"ing with 0ary. (I worry so much a
bout her. I o so much to !rotect her from the evil of the worl . I try to ma"e h
er safe from the runaway se* of the current generation.) (9es, you o so much, 0a
ry, I am sure that .ally a!!reciates all that you o. I #ust want to tell you how
well .ally is oing. I thin" she has foun the 7or s calling an I ho!e to instruc
t her to serve him with her e*ce!tional s"ills. .he has such a ee!, ee! un ersta
n ing of the 7or s wor".) e !ulle her hea own on his coc", forcing it !ast her
tonsils, into her throat. e let her throat muscles massage his coc" as it !ulsa
te ee! insi e her throat. (Thats so goo to hear, $ather %ohn. It is so ifficult w
ith chil ren nowa ays. 0a"ing sure they get the right training. I want to than"
you for oing that, teaching her all the things she nee s to learn.) (.ally is so
goo with her han s, able to use her s"ills to bring about a clima* to the situa
tion.) e grabbe .allys han s an move them so they gri!!e his balls, no ing to he
r to massage them so he coul unloa his emon see in her mouth. (Thats so goo , $at
her %ohn. I notice the same thing, she is goo in the "itchen. .he will ma"e some
man a very luc"y husban some ay. That is why I try to convince her to "ee! hers
elf a virgin, saving herself for her husban . .he can learn all about how to !le
ase a man when she has a husban . It is so im!ortant that they remain innocent.)
(9es, that is im!ortant, but she must also be her own !erson. .he cant #ust swal
low anything that someone gives her.) e yan"e her hea bac" own on his coc", bur
ying it bac" into her throat, seeing her eyes water as she fought bac" the urge
to cho"e an gag on the thic" coc" e*!an ing in her throat. er eyes !lea e with
him to release the coc" from her throat, but he hel her tight, hearing her heavy
breathing through her nose. (There are many gullible girls in this worl . They
will believe anything they are tol , they will swallow #ust about any story. It
is goo that she has religion, than"s to you $ather %ohn. It will "ee! her morals
high following your e*am!les an lea .) $ather %ohn !um!e her hea u! an own on h
is coc", her li!s s8uee-ing it so tight, her han s busily massaging his cum swol
len balls. e was getting rea y to cum. e loo"e into her eyes. .he instantly re
cogni-e what he was trying to tell her. .he woul have to swallow his emon see so
on. 3n she woul have to o it 8uietly, !reventing her mother from hearing it. It
was so !erverte of $ather %ohn, forcing her to mouth his swor while tal"ing to h
er mother as if nothing was going on. (.ally is very smart, 0ary. .he is more ma
ture then most girls her age. .he is very analytical with !roblem solving an e*c
ellent at following irections. It is very har to ma"e her cho"e on big !roblems.
) It grabbe her hea , burying his coc" bac" in her throat, feeling her bo y #er"
in res!onse as it sli!!e !ast her tonsils an !ushe into her throat. is fingers
move own the si e of her nec", feeling his coc" twitching right below the surfa
ce. (That is so goo to hear from you $ather %ohn. 3re you going to continue teac
hing her?) ,e have another aughter also, maybe after you have finishe with .ally
you might o the same thing to her.) .ally !anic"e , sha"ing her hea no, not her
sister, but she "e!t her mouth wra!!e tightly aroun $ather %ohns swor . (I have
so much more to teach .ally. .he nee s to have a ee!er un erstan ing of the Bibl
e.) e !ulle her face own on his coc". $arther own than ever before. er li!s we
re smashe against his na"e stomach, his heavy la en balls sla!!ing against her c
hin. is large coc" was com!letely burie in her young mouth an throat. er eyes
!lea e with him, as she 8uietly cho"e an gagge on his coc", tears running own he
r chee"s. (.he can go even ee!er, ta"e her religion even ee!er.) e !ushe her ow
n on his coc". is coc" began to !ulsate, shooting his first loa of cum in her t
hroat. 5C

.ally struggle as she was cho"e by $ather %ohns swor , her breathing through her
nose ragge , tears staining her face as her throat 8uivere on the man flesh clog
ging it. .he felt it e*!an , "nowing that he was shooting insi e her throat. 3t
least she woul not have to taste it, shooting irectly into her stomach. (Than" 6
o ,) shoute $ather %ohn, as he !ulle his coc" from her throat, letting it sit on
her tongue. It 8uivere then shot another loa of cum, this time bathing her hot
mouth with his hot, heavy cum. .ally fro-e as her mouth was fille with the slimy
emon see . It felt li"e gallons, her chee"s !uffing out as they 8uic"ly fille u
!. .he swallowe , fighting bac" the urge to vomit an cho"e as they heavy see slo
wly ran own her gullet. (3men, $ather %ohn,) 0ary feeling the e*citement in his
voice. (It is goo to hear a man of the cloth with such an e*citement in his voic
e. o!efully you will share it with our aughter.) (/raise the 7or , I will share
everything with your aughter. I will allow her to !arta"e of everything I have
to offer. I as" that she also oes the same in return. That she gives all that sh
e has to the service of the 7or .) e watche her face as she swallowe loa after
loa of his cum, her throat bobbing u! an own, the heavy semen filling her stomac
h. (I will ma"e sure that she oes $ather %ohn. I want her to o everything that y
ou instruct her to o. .he oes have a min of her own, but she oes not "now how to
obey her el ers. ,e have taught her that over the years. If she oesnt !lease you
, you have our !ermission to !unish her. ,e have always believe in !unishing chi
l ren for misbehavior. .ome nowa ays ont believe in s!an"ings an stra!!ing, but w
e o. It has !roven very effective when we were raise . 3 goo birch ro or leather
stra! on the behin will ma"e them obey.) (,hy than" you 0ary for entrusting you
r care of .ally to me? I agree with !unishing chil ren. They nee the remin er so
metimes #ust to "ee! them on the straight an narrow !ath.) e loo"e own at .ally
, his shrun"en coc" still in her mouth, hanging insi e lim!ly, her tongue runnin
g over it acci entally as she trie to get ri of the terrible taste of his emon s
ee . (I am sure that somewhere along the way, I will have to !unish her. I have
many ways to ma"e sure that she remembers to honor her el ers to o to what they
say.) e saw the fear in her eyes as he tal"e about !unishing her. 9es, a goo !u
ssy whi!!ing always settle them own. e ha many girls that refuse his a vances.
=nce stri!!e na"e , their legs s!rea , he woul force them to raise their se* u!
to greet the stra! as it smashe into their s!rea se*. Each time they woul be for
ce bac" u! again, their se* s!lit o!en by the leather stra!, smashing !ainfully
against their once !in" inner li!s. Even the ifficult ones woul res!on . e foun
that a large il o !resse against their tiny asshole woul "ee! their se* u! an o
!en. The only alternative woul be to allow the il o to sin" !ainfully u! their a
sshole, an o!tion they hate even worse. (,ill .ally be home soon, $ather %ohn?)
(.he is #ust getting rea y to leave. .he #ust swallowe a very ifficult !roblem a
n has one a remar"able #ob at reaching a clima* to it. .he really has a taste fo
r it now. I will be gla to see her bac" tomorrow, eager to use her e*ce!tional s
"ills. I have some new e*citing things to show her tomorrow. It was nice tal"ing
to you, an I will "ee! you informe of .allys !rogress. 6oo bye now.) (6oo bye $a
ther %ohn, an than" you again.) The line went ea , the room silent again. e loo
"e own at .ally, her li!s shiny with his cum still hol ing his shrun"en coc" ins
i e her mouth, afrai of is!leasing him, not sure what she was su!!ose to o. e !
ulle his coc" from her mouth, ro!ey cum !ulling from her li!s as he i . (:ery go
o , .ally. 9ou are a very e*ce!tional girl with e*ce!tional talents that the 7or
has as"e me to hel! you reali-e. I ho!e you li"e the taste of my emon see , bec
ause you still tem!t my swor each time an you are going to have to swallow it of
ten.) 5D

(4ow get resse .ally, ont lie aroun her li"e a whore. ;ont forget, you are in the
7or s house, res!ect it>) e !ulle u! his !ants, leaving .ally slum!e on the flo
or, na"e .
Chapter The Cele(ration of the Candles $ather %ohn waite for .ally, his coc" a
lrea y har at the thought of her tight bo y. It woul soon be time to fuc" her.
e !lanne on ta"ing her virginity to ay, not with his coc" but a large il o. It w
oul be 6o s will that she relin8uish her virginity. .ally rea e going to see $ath
er %ohn again to ay, but there was no way she coul get out of it. er !arents th
ought $ather %ohn was 6o , or at least %esus, if not the ne*t best thing for her
. It was getting more ifficult tal"ing them out of bringing her sister Bec"y alo
ng for (lessons.) Bec"y even bugge her to come along, unsus!ecting of what she w
oul be force to en ure. .he was younger an more im!ressionable an woul surely o
anything $ather %ohn or ere her, thin"ing that she was fulfilling her estiny to
6o . .ally sus!ecte that 6o i not have much to o with it, it was all $ather %ohns
esires, but her !arents were too insistent that she submit. .ally wore a !air o
f #eans an a wool button own shirt. ,inter was almost here an it was beginning t
o get col . .he entere the church, going to the rectory in the bac". $ather %ohn
was waiting, sitting at his es", #ust as she "new he woul be. (6oo afternoon .a
lly. 3re you rea y to o the 7or s will?) (3fternoon, $ather %ohn. 9es, Im here to
o whatever is re8uire of me. 0y !arents are most insistent that I obey you an o
the 7or s wor".) (6oo girl, lets go into the other room. ,e are going to o somethi
ng very s!ecial to ay.) (The other room?) .he was frightene by the ominous soun
of his voice. It was ba enough in his office with his es". $ather %ohn move ne*t
to her, !utting his arm aroun her waist, (yes own here, .ally.) They move own t
he hall to the last oor an $ather %ohn o!ene it. There was a long staircase own
to the basement. (Thats the basement $ather>) (.ssshhh, little girl. The 7or wor"
s in many !laces. This will be much 8uieter an we will not be isturbe .) e urge
her own the stairs, .ally hesitating. The oor close behin them, only the light
at the foot of the stairs flic"ering. It loo"e li"e can le light. (Im scare .) .a
lly tremble . They woul be in the basementH even screams woul not be hear . (4ot
hing to be scare of .ally. ,e are own here to celebrate the 7or to ay.) (&elebra
te?) (9es, to ay is the &elebration of the &an les. 3 very s!ecial ay usually re
serve only for the !riests an nuns. ,e celebrate the im!ortant !art that can les
!lay in the religious ceremonies. 9ou are luc"y to be able to !artici!ate in th
e service. The Bisho! has grante you s!ecial !ermission because of your active r
eligious training an your outstan ing !rogress.) (The Bisho! "nows what we o?) (
I have tol the Bisho! how well you are res!on ing to the intense religious train
ing. In fact, you are invite to a wee"en retreat with the Bisho! an me.) (3 wee"
en ? 4o, I ont want to go,) she !roteste , not wanting to s!en a whole wee"en wit
h him, even if they Bisho! woul also be there.

(4onsense .ally. I have alrea y tal"e to your mother an she has given her !ermis
sion. .he thin"s it is an honor that the Bisho! invite you an that he will be !r
esent. I coul have your sister Bec"y instea , woul you rather I o that? .he is y
ounger than you, isnt she? I imagine that she woul be easier to train in my ways,
ont you thin"? Ill train her li"e I am training you, to serve the 7or an me as th
e vessel of the 7or .) e sto!!e on the stairsH his han reaching u! to her breas
t, lightly caressing the young flesh. (Though she is not as mature as you are,)
ma"ing his !oint by gently s8uee-ing. (.houl I invite Bec"y instea ?) is han co
ntinue to rub her breast, ma"ing no e*cuse for the fon ling of her flesh. .ally
stoo there as $ather %ohn continue to rub her breasts. e was getting bol er eac
h ay she came, no longer ma"ing any !retense for molesting her bo y. .he coul im
agine him oing this to Bec"y, rubbing her tiny moun s. (4o> Ill go, #ust leave Be
c"y alone.) e move close, whis!ering to her, (you are ma"ing my swor har again,
.ally,) moving her han own to the front of his trousers, ma"ing her small han g
rab his har coc". (9ou are going to have to ta"e it in your mouth again to ay. 9
ou li"e that, woul nt you? .erving the 7or with your mouth. 9ou are very goo at it
. 9ou have foun your calling in life, a way to serve the 7or .) Taunting her, fo
rcing her to move her han u! an own on his coc", ma"ing it #er" beneath his trou
sers. .he regrette that she ha one such a goo #ob before, her mouth use as a rec
e!tacle for his swor , his emon see s!ille into her stomach. (I will serve you,
$ather %ohn, in whatever way you want,) resigne to her !lace in life, ho!ing to
!rotect her little sister by giving into his twiste esires. e sto!!e fon ling h
er breast an !ut his han bac" on her waist irecting her own the ste!s. .ally was
!ushe into a large room. In the center stoo a large altar, a gleaming white woo
en structure over si* feet long an about three feet wi e. .he cringe when she s
aw the crosses, one in each corner, !ushe into a hole in the altar, securing it
tightly. It was #ust li"e the es". It was covere with a blac" velvet cloth, gol
en crosses sewn into the e ges that hung own the front. The altar was not as tal
l as the one in the churchH this one stoo about three feet high. .he cringe at t
he thought of being s!rea o!en on it, but she "new that was $ather %ohns intentio
n. .he began to rea the &eremony of the &an les. .he saw a table behin the altar
, a large selection of can les an can lestic" hol ers on it. There must be over
one hun re of all si-es an sha!es. .ome were alrea y flic"eringH hot wa* slowly
sli ing own the si e of the can les. (/lease, not on there,) .ally whim!ere . (,
e must get you !re!are first, .ally.) e grabbe her han again an !resse it again
st his trousers. (Aub my swor , .ally, while I !re!are you for the ceremony.) e
moane softly as her yiel ing han grabbe his coc" through his !ants, encircling
it, moving u! an own the har flesh. (:ery goo , .ally.) (/re!are ?) is han s mo
ve u! to her wool shirt, fingers traveling over her breasts again. (9ou must wea
r the ceremonial robe.) $ather %ohn !ointe to a white robe on a hanger. It was a
sim!le garment, the -i!!er running from nec" to bottom the only closure on itH
it loo"e li"e it woul hang #ust about to her "nees. e reache for the first butt
on of her shirt, his fat fingers too an*ious, fumbling with it. (But you must sh
e your worl ly !ossessions first.) (9ou mean my clothes? 9oure going to stri! me
na"e ?) (9es, .ally. The 7or wants you li"e you came into the worl , na"e an wit
hout sin.) is fingers continue to unbutton her shirt, feeling her tremble as he
slowly stri!!e her. e !ulle the shirt from her #eans, o!ene to e*!ose the basi
c white bra encom!assing her breasts. e reache own to her wrists, unbuttoning t
he buttons. e lowere the garment from her shoul ers, letting it sli e bac"war s
an own her arms. .he sto!!e stro"ing his coc" as he she the garment from her bo

er han s hung uselessly by her si e, her shirt lying on the chair ne*t to her.
.he felt his han s on her wrists again, !ressing her !alms against his swor . (A
ub it, ont sto! unless I tell you to> Gse both han s.) .he stro"e his swor again,
feeling it #er" in his trousers as his han s move u! her na"e flesh. .he felt h
orribly violate as he too" liberties with her young bo y. .he suffere his large,
clammy han s as they sli u! an gras!e her youthful breasts in his !alms, encirc
ling the bra+encase flesh, s8uee-ing. e let his fingers run over her na"e flesh
, the u!!er breasts that !ee"e out the to! of her bra, running along her cleavag
e, feeling the goose bum!s a!!ear as he moleste her. (Turn aroun .) is han s at
her waist, turning her bac" to him. .he "new it was so he coul stri! her bra of
f, but at least she was s!are from touching his har swor . .he felt his han s on
her bac", rubbing u! an own her na"e flesh. e fumble with the bra catch, event
ually unsna!!ing it, seeing the strain in the stra! release. er han s move u!,
"ee!ing the bra cu!s covering her breasts, her !alms !ressing it tightly against
her na"e flesh. e move closer to her, his crotch eman ing against her ass, his
coc" #er"ing in !leasure. e rubbe himself on her covere ass, han s on her na"e
waist, hol ing her in !lace as he masturbate his coc" on her. e let his han s
run u! an own her arms until he came to her shoul ers, !ushing the bra stra!s ow
n her arms until her clutching of her breasts sto!!e the movement. (7et your han
s own, reach behin you an grab my swor again. 9our roun buttoc"s are ma"ing it
so har .) .ally move her han s bac", feeling her bra sli! to the floor, her na"e
breasts free of confinement. .he !lace her han s between her butt an his crotch
, again fin ing his har swor , both han s rubbing it. is han s ran u! her arms
again, then slowly moving in front, feeling her na"e breast flesh. (4o) she begg
e , feeling his calluse han s reaching for her na"e flesh, unable to sto! him fr
om having his way with her bo y. .he shu ere as his fingers ran over her ni!!les
, teasing the rubbery ti!s into har ness, embarrassingly unable to control her o
wn bo y. $ather %ohn hefte her globes, his !alms gently lifting the flesh, his f
ingerti!s running bac" an forth over her ni!!les, strumming them into har ness.
e smile at her isloyal bo y, her chest heaving as he mani!ulate her young tit f
lesh. e !ushe his coc" more firmly into her han s, feeling the !leasure her fin
gers gave as she stro"e him. (9our bo y is betraying you, .ally. 6o can feel you
r lust. e can feel your ni!!les har en in !leasure. Im going to have to !unish y
our breasts. ;rive the evil from them.) (Its you oing it $ather. I cant hel! it>)
(4onsense, chil . Im a man of the cloth. I am only bringing out what is alrea y i
n your bo y.) e !inche her ni!!les between his fingerti!s, !ulling u! her breas
ts, feeling her bo y stretch u!, rising onto her toes. (That hurts $ather> 9oure
hurting my ni!!les, !leaseI>) .he arche u! higher onto her toes as his fingers,
tightening on the sensitive flesh, stretching her breasts unnaturally. Aeleasing
her abru!tly, he swung her aroun by the hi!s until she was facing him. er han
s were again at her si e, so he grabbe her wrists an brought them bac" to his tr
ousers, her fingers grabbing his coc" once more. e swung his o!en han an sla!!e
her right breast, his fingerti! hitting the flesh un er her ni!!le, ma"ing it b
ounce on her chest. (;ont sla! them, !lease,) she begge as his han sla!!e her oth
er breast, both of them turning !in". .he felt them bounce u! an own, humiliate
as he !laye with them li"e they were toys. .he crie out when his finger sna!!e h
er har ni!!les, the !ain shooting through her. 21

e a!!reciate the sight of her breasts, a slight !in" from the sla!s, her ni!!le
s !o"ing out, swollen from his fingerti!s. er ni!!les !ointe , begging to be ab
use . e sli his han own, sensing her !ull in her tight stomach as he move to th
e sna! on her #eans. .he felt his han s on her #eans, loo"e own, his han s unsna
!!ing them, one han slowly lowering the -i!!er. It soun e so lou as it move ownw
ar , her white cotton !anties beginning to show. $ather %ohn sli his han into he
r #eans, running over her !anty+covere ab omen, feeling her bo y tense u! again
as he !ushe his han ee!er into her #eans until he coul feel her bush. (The boys
woul love to sli! their han s in your !ants li"e Im oing. Im going to have to mast
urbate you an ma"e you have an orgasm. .how you what ha!!ens when you let boys !
lay with your untraine bo y.) e let his finger trace her !ussy li!s, !ushing he
r sim!le !anties asi e, letting his fingers saw u! an own her slit. (.uch nice !
uffy li!s, .ally.) (4o> ;ont o this to me>) she crie out, feeling a stirring betw
een her legs as his fingers continue to masturbate her !ussy. .he ha never ha an
orgasm beforeH her !arents taught her that masturbation was the evils toy. e !u
lle his han out of her #eans, an !ulle them over her ass. .ally felt so embarras
se . $ather %ohn was !ulling own her !ants an she was stan ing here, breasts na"
e , an letting him. ,hy i he "ee! oing this to her? .he "new that she must let h
imH her mother gave him !ermission to !unish her if she isobeye . .he felt him "
neel on the floor, his han s sli ing the #eans own her legs !ast her "nees befor
e he sto!!e , leaving them to bin her legs together. .he loo"e own to see $ather
%ohn stare u! at her before his ga-e move to her se*. $ather %ohn move his han
s to the waist of her cotton !anties an let them slowly sli e own the bac" until
they were below her hilloc"s, her buttoc"s now na"e . e grabbe the taut flesh
in his !alms, one chee" in each han an s8uee-e tightly. (9ou have such a lovely
bottom for such a young girl, .ally. 9ou are luc"y the 7or gave you such a nice
bo y. 9ou must show your gratitu e to your 7or by sharing it with your /riest.)
(9es, $ather %ohn, my bo y is yours.) .ally resigne herself to the fact that he
was going to have his way with her an there was nothing she coul o about it. (/u
ll your !anties own in the front for me .ally. .how me your se*. /ull them all t
he way own to your #eans,) he or ere her, watching her blush as her han s move o
wn an sli the white !anties own over her ab omen until her bush began to show. (
0ore .ally, show me more,) his whis!ere or er humiliating her even more as he wa
tche her slowly stri! na"e for him. e was ma"ing her ta"e off her own clothes,
egra ing her, uncovering her own se*, his eyes only inches from her na"e flesh.
is arms still wra!!e aroun her hi!s, han s clenching an unclenching her firm as
s chee"s, ma"ing her gas! each time. e !ulle out on her chee"s as he s8uee-e th
em, feeling her buttoc"s !art, "nowing her tiny anus was e*!ose . .oon he woul h
ave her boun face own on the table. .oon he woul be teasing her tiny anus. is c
oc" #er"e in antici!ation. .he was almost na"e now, her #eans an !anties hanging
uselessly below her "nees, the rest of her bo y bare. (=ver here,) he !ushe her
towar the altar, watching as she too" tiny ste!s, her #eans an !anties bin ing
her legs together. It ma e her sha"e her ass so sensuously. .he felt the e ge of
the altar hit her stomach, $ather %ohns han on her bac" forcing her bent over fa
ce own on the table. (/lease,) she begge , again. $ather %ohn "nelt behin her, r
ubbing his han s u! an own her legs an over her ass, feeling the sil"y smooth s"
in. e move his han s own to her #eans an began to !ull them off. (7ift u! one l
eg,) her right leg off the groun , $ather %ohn !ulle on the #eans. (4ow the othe
r,) stri!!ing the garment 25

from her bo y, the !anties torn off at the same time. e now ha her na"e . (.uch
lovely s"in, .ally,) he rubbe all over her bo y, his callouse han s harshly cha
fing her girlish flesh. (/ut on the robe while I go !re!are.) e !ushe her over
to the white robe an slowly began to stri! off his own clothes. e savore her te
rrifie loo" as he lowere his shorts, his large coc", alrea y swollen an har , !r
otru e out. (6o wants me the same way .ally, na"e .) e !ic"e u! a blac" robe an
!ulle it on, the -i!!er rising u! noisily. .ally loo"e the other way, but not b
efore she saw his organ tenting out the front of the robe. .he 8uic"ly sli!!e in
to the white robe, !ulling u! the -i!!erH at least she woul tem!orarily be cover
e , though she i not e*!ect it to last long. 4ot when his swor was so swollen. 4
o, she woul have to service his swor again with her mouth. .he woul be force to
swallow his terrible+tasting emon see . .he cringe as she felt his han s on her
waist, sli ing u! her bac", his har coc" !ressing against her almost na"e bottom
. (It is time to begin the ceremony, .ally. 6et u! on the altar. 9ou must be rea
y to celebrate with the 7or .) .he scoote u! on the e ge the altar, her feet an
gling over the e ge. e !ic"e u! her feet an use them to !ivot .ally aroun on he
r ass, turning her the other way, then !lacing her feet on the altar. e !ushe o
n her si e, (lie on your stomach, .ally, an stretch out. an s over your hea , !
ut them near the crosses.) .he felt him !re!are her bo y, s!rea ing her out on t
he altar. 3s her arms move to the crosses, she glance u! to see how close they w
ere. .he felt his han s on her bac", own over her sha!ely buttoc"s an over the b
ac" of her legs until he touche na"e flesh below her "nees. (.uch a goo girl.)
e move to her hea , sei-e one arm, grabbe a fur+line leather belt an wra!!e it a
roun her wrist, tightening it until he coul !lace the !in into the hole on the b
uc"le. (;ont tie me u!>) she screame . e ha never one this to her before, an she
more than feare what he woul o once he ha her boun , unable to efen herself. Be
fore she coul !rotest further, he move 8uic"ly an secure her other wrist. e cli
!!e both to the crosses in each corner, tightly securing her to them. .he tugge
on them, the crosses banging noisily but not bu ging. $ather %ohn observe the fr
ightene loo" in her eyes as she reali-e how vulnerable she was now. e move own
towar s her feet, his han running over her, unable to miss the chance to fon le
her tight ass. e ran his han own one leg, !ulling it out to the si e as he sli
lower an lower, s!rea ing it out towar the cross in the corner. .he felt his han
running over her na"e legs, !ushing on her ten er inner thighs, s!rea ing her o
!en. .he "new he woul use leather stra!s on her legs, stretching her into a wi e
(J), boun an efenseless. .he feare what he !lanne to o to her. .he "new it must
be worse then what he ha alrea y one otherwise he woul not nee the tight bon ag
e. $ather %ohn waste little time securing her legs in the s!rea eagle !osition,
eager to begin the ritual. e stare at .ally from his !osition at the foot of th
e altar between her s!rea legs. e coul almost see un erneath her robe, into her
ar"ene se*. (3re you rea y to worshi! the 7or , .ally?) e move over to the can
les, watching as .allys eyes followe him, the scare loo" on her face. (;ominito,
3stoloso, Benito,) $ather %ohn began to chant in 7atin, a slim can le over 15 i
nches high in his han , the flame burning brightly, the wa* slowly running own t
he e ges of the can le stic". $ather %ohn chante in 7atin for over five minutes,
!ic"ing u! new can les as the others woul start to burn own. By time he finishe
, he ha over ten can les burning on the table besi e .ally. (Time for you to #o
in in, .ally,) his han reache for the bottom of the robe, sli ing it slowly u!,
baring her na"e bo y.

.ally crane her nec" to loo" at $ather %ohn. (,hat are you oing?) .he !anic"e as
he slowly !ulle the robe u! over her waist an out from un erneath her, moving h
igher an higher until it was tuc"e neatly un er her nec", her bo y na"e from her
shoul ers to her toes. $ather %ohn ran his han s own her bac", his !alms clutch
ing her na"e ass chee"s, !ulling them a!art, watching as her tiny anus was e*!os
e . e let his fingers sli e along her !ussy li!s from behin , hearing her !rote
st as she was cru ely fon le . .ally coul only catch a fleeting glim!se of him o
ut of the corner of her eye. e move bac" into her view, stan ing ne*t to her he
a , ga-ing own at her innocent face !lea with him. er eyes almost !o!!e out of
her hea when she saw the can le in his han , the yellow flame ancing in the slig
ht bree-e in the room, the wa* slowly ri!!ing own the si e of the can le. .he st
ill i not sus!ect, her min not ca!able of believing that anyone woul !ur!osely l
et hot wa* fall on sensitive flesh. er beseeching eyes turne to !anic when he m
ove the can le over her bac" an began to ti! it, the hot flame burning an meltin
g the wa* on the si e. (4o> 4o>) she screame as she watche the wa* slowly flow o
wn the e ge, "nowing that in a few secon s it woul s!ill off an lan on her s"in.
(/lease, $ather> ;ont>) (4ow, now chil , you must suffer for the 7or . The !ain
will !urge the evil from your bo y.) e let his other han stro"e her ass, feelin
g her tighten her chee"s as he fon le them. (Aela*,) his eyes following the slow
ly ri!!ing can le wa*. e was using a bees wa* can le for the less intimate !orti
ons of her bo y, the wa* e*tremely hot. is coc" #er"e beneath the robe as the w
a* fell from the can le an ro!!e on her na"e bac", a large re blob of hot can le
wa* falling on her !in" flesh. .ally screame , her voice ringing off the soli w
alls, no one able to hear her cries of !ain e*ce!t for $ather %ohn. The wa* burn
e her s"in before finally cooling, the lingering !ain of the freshly burne flesh
shooting u! to her brain. .he felt $ather %ohn brush the rie wa* from her bac",
his other han still hol ing the can le, this time moving it lower so that it wa
s over the hilloc" of her buttoc"s. (4o more $ather, !lease, Ill ta"e your swor i
n my mouth an rin" your see , #ust ont burn me anymore.) Tears flowe from her eye
s an ran own her chee"s. .he loo"e so beautiful, stretche out na"e on the table,
her innocent face etche in the !ain he inflicte on her. is coc" rubbe on the s
il"y robe he wore, #er"ing u! an own at the lovely sight before him. (0ore .ally
, you must celebrate with the 7or .) e bent the can le, this time the wa* fell
on her na"e ass chee". e saw her bo y react, her ass chee" clench an unclench a
t the terrible !ain of the hot wa*, almost a elightful s!asm. .he screame again,
this time not so lou , the !ain #ust as intense but her bo y not as sur!rise .
.he #er"e against the stra!s hol ing her s!rea on the table, the leather igging
into her flesh, but unyiel ing. $ather %ohn became more insistent with the can l
e, not giving her a chance to recover from the !revious ri!!ing before lan ing m
ore hot wa* on her flesh. e move the can le u! an own her ass chee"s, her muscl
es ri!!ling in res!onse to the !ain. $ather %ohn love the way her bo y reacte .
er ass move u! an own in !ain, li"e it was fuc"ing something un erneath her, he
r tight ass muscles contracting each time a ro! of hot wa* hit the flesh, then r
ela*ing before the ne*t ro! woul hit. e hear her sobbing, her screams now mute
, her throat hoarse. 9et he ha #ust begun. e brushe the wa* from her ass, the r
e wa* falling to the floor. ,hen the hot wa* sto!!e falling on her ten er s"in,
.ally loo"e over to see $ather %ohn !ut the can le own on the table. Aelieve tha
t it was over, her bac" an ass still in !ain from the lingering burns, she murmu
re , (Than" you $ather,) ho!ing that he woul let her off the altar now.

Instea , $ather %ohn !ic"e u! a blac" can le, one that woul not burn as hotly as
the other. e saw the loo" on her face as she reali-e that he ha only #ust begu
n. (9es, .ally, we arent finishe yet, so much more flesh to cover. The 7or nee s
to hear your cries of !ain to cleanse your soul of the evil.) (4ot there,) she c
rie out, clenching tightly as his han !ulle a!art her ass chee"s. e sla!!e her
ass har , the stinging inflaming the burns he ha alrea y inflicte on her bo y. (
Aela* your ass chee"s .ally or I will stic" the can le u! your bottom an let it
burn own until it goes out. ,oul you li"e me to o that?) e felt her chee"s rela
*, resigne to the "nowle ge of where the wa* woul fall ne*t, yet shu ering as sh
e brace for the inevitable !ain. .he flushe when his han s!rea a!art her ass che
e"s, his fingers now only inches from her anus, the tiny !in" hole so com!letely
efenseless. The !ain was even worse than she e*!ecte , the hot wa* hit irectly
on her anus, blac" covering the tiny hole. .he screame , a gut wrenching scream.
It felt li"e her anus was torn from her bo y, the !ain shooting ee! insi e her.
$ather %ohn 8uic"ly brushe the wa* from her anus, wanting to see the reaction o
f her tiny hole. e was not isa!!ointe . The tiny o!ening !ulse in an out from t
he terrible !ain, the !in" hole now turning an angry re . (9ou shoul see how you
r hole o!ens an closes, .ally,) her moan of shame an !ain electrifying. (3gain,)
turning the can le ownwar once more, the hot wa* ri!!ing off the can le again l
an ing on her !ulsating anus. It caught it #ust right, small amounts of wa* ente
ring her rectum, the burning !ain now rawn into her bo y. e ha to fight to "ee!
her chee"s a!art, her !owerful ass chee"s trying to clench close from the !ain.
.he felt $ather %ohns finger !laying over her !ain+rac"e anus, wi!ing the wa* fr
om her, but the fingerti! became more insistent, slowly !ushing into the !urse h
ole. .he crie out as she was s!eare by his finger, the ti! riving into her rectu
m, her s!hincter clam!ing own, !ressing, trying to e*!el it from her bo y. (The
7or gave you a hot, tight bottom .ally. .oon you will have to share it with him,
allowing his servant insi e it,) he taunte her. e !ulle his finger from her as
shole, seeing the ar" re hole slowly close as his finger left. is han s move to
her an"les, removing the leather stra!s from them, watching as her legs close w
hen she felt the release. e went to her wrists, oing the same, seeing the relie
f on her face as she believe he let her loose. .he reache bac", !ulling the robe
own over her na"e bo y, turning over as she i . er relief turne to anguish as
she felt $ather %ohn grab her wrist again, bringing it u! high to the cross an s
ecuring it. (,hat are you oing now?) (,ere not finishe yet, .ally,) !ulling her o
ther wrist to the other si e, her u!!er bo y again s!rea wi e. (,e must now wor"
on the front si e, .ally, you have so many !laces that the wa* is going to visi
t.) e smile , his coc" har as steel as he imagine the hot wa* ro!!ing between h
er s!rea !ussy li!s an on her e*!ose clit. ( avent you !unishe me enough?) she cr
ie out. (The 7or wants you to suffer a little more, .ally. Then he will give you
!leasure. /leasure that you have never felt before. e wants me to masturbate y
ou until you have a clima*. The 7or wants you to reali-e the things that your bo
y is ca!able of.) (4o, not that, !lease no, ont o that to me.) .he coul not bear
the humiliation. (I have never even one that before. /lease> 4ot in front of yo
u>) e move own to her legs, but not before !ulling the -i!!er own her robe, let
ting the garment fall to the si e. (The 7or will en#oy seeing your face as you c
lima* for the first time. e has given me the honor of oing it. 4ow lets o!en you
u! for the can le, .ally.) e grabbe one of her an"les an attache it to the cro
ss. (.!rea your legs for me,) !ulling her leg over to the other si e, loo"ing u!
between her legs, snea"ing a loo" at her eyes as he watche her !ussy li!s slowl
y s!rea o!en. e 25

attache her other leg, her teenage bo y again s!rea eagle, her se* fully e*!ose
to his eyes. e ran his large han u! her leg, moving u! her insi e thigh, gri!!i
ng the ten er flesh, rubbing u! an ownH en#oying her attem!ts to close her legs
an the leather stra!s igging into her flesh. .ally watche as he !ic"e u! a long
white ta!er, the ti! of it glowing hotly. e stoo by her hea , his fingers movin
g towar s her mouth. (=!en your mouth an stic" out your tongue,) his fingers alr
ea y s!rea ing a!art her li!s, loo"ing for her tongue. (00066,) she crie out as
his fingers grabbe her tongue, !ulling it out of her mouth. (@ee! it there or I
will have to ta"e a whi! to you to teach you to obey,) watching as her tongue he
sitantly !ushe out farther. e move the can le over her face, turning it si eway
s so the flame burne the wa* on the e ge. er eyes stare at the ri! of wa* that
slowly rolle own the si e of the ta!er in slow motion, waiting for the inevitabl
e !ain that woul follow. .he coul not believe that he woul ri! hot wa* on her to
ngue an now feare where else he woul o it, her se* s!rea o!en an vulnerable. The
!ain shot into her the secon the wa* hit it. Even the wetness of her tongue i n
othing to ull it. (:ery goo , .ally, now lets move on own to your breasts.) e cu
!!e one of her breasts in his han , !ushing, forcing the bloo to her ni!!le. (Th
e ni!!le is so very sensitive. The wa* on it will ma"e you suffer.) 3ll .ally co
ul o was wait an shu er in fear as he !re!are her breast for the hot wa*, his fi
ngers ma"ing sure her ni!!le was a har an easy target. .he i not have to wait lo
ng, the hot wa* burning her ni!!le an ar" areola as she let out a !iercing screa
m. The !ain was incre ible, .ally sobbe an sobbe . .he barely ha time to recover
before he move over to the other breastKbut not before he left a trail of hot w
a* an !ain on her chest. .he screame again as her other ni!!le was roaste from t
he wa*, her chest heaving u! an own, her breasts bouncing. $ather %ohn love her
reactions as she #er"e aroun on the altar an he continue to run the hot wa* all
over her flesh. 3fter her breasts grew accustome to the hot wa*, he slowly move
own her stomach towar the : of bo y. e too" !leasure in her es!erate attem!t to
close her legs, wrenching on the leather stra!s, as the can le move closer an c
loser to her na"e se*. (9es, .ally, it will be there soon. 9ou will feel the fir
e of 6o touching your se*. It will teach you a goo lesson.) .he s8uirme as he te
ase her, the !ainful, hot wa* running u! an own her sensitive inner thighs, alwa
ys close to her se*, but never touching itKyet. .he moane an #er"e about, the !a
in overcoming her senses, $ather %ohn not even giving her a chance to catch a br
eath before another blob of hot wa* woul hit a new, ten er s!ot. e brushe the r
ie wa* from her bo y each time, !re!aring her for more. Then she saw the loo" in
his eyes an "new the time ha come. e was rea ying her, s!rea ing her se* o!en
to s!ill the hot wa* into the most intimate !art of her bo y. It was ba enough w
hen he burne her anus, the tiny hole still burning. .he !lea e with him to no av
ail. is fingers gently !rie her !ussy li!s a!art, the !in" flesh of her inner l
i!s slightly wet. e felt her tremble, "nowing the !ain she ha felt before woul
be nothing li"e what she woul feel now. e move the can le over her s!lit !ussy,
turning it si eways, his eyes wi e with e*citement as the first ro! of wa* slow
ly sli own the long can le. It seeme to hang for secon s before it fell, four se
ts of eyes on it as it lan e with a thu irectly between her li!s with a s!lat on
her inner flesh. er hi!s shot u! in !ain, her legs !ulling on the leather stra
!s, her fists clenche as the !ain shot to her brain. 3 long, agoni-ing cry tore
through the room as the hot wa* burne her se*. It felt li"e a re +hot !o"er !ush
e between her legs, unable to brush the wa* asi e, her bo ys only alternative to
wait for it to cool by itself. .he loo"e in his eyes for any "in of sym!athy see
ing only a smir" on his face as he

turne the can le again, but not before moving his fingers own her se*, her vagin
a now s!rea o!en, waiting for the ne*t burning !ain. $ather %ohn turne the can l
e more, wanting it to fall faster, his coc" nee ing relief soon. e saw the ro!
fall, a huge glob of molten wa* that covere almost all of her small vagina, the
o!ening clenching tight as the flesh reacte to the !ainful burning. .he screame
lou er, her bo y bouncing u! an own. e imme iately let another ro! fall, hittin
g #ust to the right of the first, her screams almost constant now. e i not thin
" she coul ta"e much moreH the !ain woul certainly overcome her. But he ha one m
ore !lace. =ne more !lace that he wante the hot wa* to visit. is fingers !ulle
bac" the hoo an .ally felt the cool air of the cellar on her e*!ose clit. .he "n
ew how sensitive it was, "new the !ain woul be e*cruciating, ho!e she woul !ass
into unconsciousness. .he watche in !ure fear as the ro! of wa* fell in slow mot
ion. The wa* hit her bu , !ressure buil ing as it mol e over her clit. 3n then t
he !ain came. The terrible, !iercing !ain that shot from her clit, u! her s!ine
into her brain. .he screame li"e she ha never screame before. It felt li"e he ri
!!e her clit off with a !air of !liers. .he buc"e li"e a horse, her arms almost
yan"e from the soc"ets as she fought to esca!e the cruel !ain. But she was secur
e , hel tightly an s!rea , her bo y vulnerable to all the evil that $ather %ohn
coul o to her in the name of the 7or . $ather %ohn left her sobbing, her bo y #e
r"ing in !ain, while he went to retrieve the tool that woul ta"e her virginity.
e woul not let her see it yet, wanting to get her bo y into !osition first. er
legs were lim! when he too" the leather stra!s off of them. er eyes loo"e at h
im as he hea!e a new obscenity on her, !ulling her leg u! to her boun wrist, a n
ew leather stra! bin ing it over her hea . e !ulle her other leg u! to the othe
r wrist, ben ing her bo y in half, her legs now s!rea obscenely wi e. er !ussy
an anus now o!en, you coul almost see insi e her she was so s!rea . .he i not ev
en !rotest this new in ignity, failing to reali-e the full gravity of the situat
ion. (6o has etermine that you are to lose your virginity to ay, .ally.) e wait
e for her reaction, which i not ta"e long. (4o, you cant o that> Im a goo girl, Im
saving myself for my husban >) she crie out, her bo y still in !ain. (It is the
7or s will that this be one. e has as"e me to !erform it.) (/erform it? ,hat are
you going to o?) .he was afrai H she coul imagine what he woul satisfy his lust
. ,oul he !ut his swor insi e her? o to
e brought out the instrument. (This is 6o s tool,) showing her the shiny cross.
It was about fifteen inches long an the secon cross!iece was about si* inches wi
e. It loo"e li"e a normal cross e*ce!t for the bottom half. It was thic"er than
the rest an more roun e . The bottom two inches was larger, li"e the hea of a c
oc". It ha to be an inch an a half wi e, much bigger then .allys tiny vagina. (It
will be use to tear your hymen, giving your greatest gift to the 7or .) It was
about si* inches long. e o!ene a #ar of :aseline, her eyes watching as he lubri
cate the cross. (4o, ont>) she crie . .he not imagine this> e move between her s!
rea legs, !ulling her !ussy li!s a!art again, wi!ing the rie wa* from her vagina
. e !ushe the bulbous hea of the cross against her vagina an !ushe , seeing her
tiny hole begin to o!en to allow entry to the har , unyiel ing cross. .he groan
e in !ain as her !ussy was force o!en by the cross, her !ussy slowly e*!an ing o
!en to grab onto the bulbous hea at the en . $ather %ohn !ushe har er, she buc"e
as the thic", har , unyiel ing metal continue its !ush insi e her. e felt it b
um! against the tiny layer of s"in, her mai enhoo . (;ont o this to me,) she begg
e , feeling her vagina stretche wi er than it ha ever been. E*ce!t for $ather %o
hn, no one ha ever touche insi e her, not even herself.

(It will be over soon, my chil ,) $ather %ohn calmly tol her as he rea ie the cr
oss. (9our sacrifice to the 7or .) e !ushe , ri!!ing her hymen in one shove, th
e cross sin"ing into her no longer unuse !ussy at least four inches before he st
o!!e . e i nt want to fuc" her, only ta"e her virginity. e ha !lans for that la
ter, when he woul ta"e her with his own coc". It was worse than the wa*, her hym
en tearing, the har cross slowly sli ing into her virgin !ussy. .he crie at the
loss of her virginity, $ather %ohn woul no longer have an e*cuse to "ee! from s!
illing his emon see by stic"ing his swor in her vagina. $ather %ohn !ulle the bl
oo ie cross from her !ussy. e washe her se* with a warm cloth, wi!ing the wa* a
n bloo from between her legs, then release her. .ally turne over onto her si e,
wee!ing from the egra ation that she ha suffere to ay. (4ot yet, .ally, you stil
l have to cum for the 7or .) e !ulle her u! to stan ne*t to the chair he now sa
t own in. (.!rea your legs for me, .ally,) he or ere her. .ally stoo there, na"e
, her legs again s!rea for him. .he felt his han s move to her se*, one han !ul
ling her li! bac", the other han beginning to sli e u! an own her slit, his thic
" fingers running over her vagina, all the way bac" to her anus, then bac" u! be
fore rubbing over her har , still burning clit. er hi!s began to gently roc", h
o!ing that he woul not notice the !leasure that began to ra iate from his mastur
bating fingers. e move a calluse finger u! to her vagina, letting it slowly ent
er her unuse !ussy, feeling how hot an tight she was, her !ussy walls clam!ing o
n the finger as he began to sli e in on the crFme he was forcing her to !ro uce.
(.uch a hot, tight vagina, .ally. The 7or has given you so many treasures.) e
began to finger fuc" her !ussy, his other han rubbing bac" an forth over her cli
t. (9es, I can feel your #uices beginning to flow, .ally. 7et yourself go, clima
* for your 7or ,) he or ere her as he continue the force masturbation of teenage
bo y. er feet were barely able to hol her u!, his coarse fingers insi e her "e
e!ing her raise u! as he continue to fon le her o!en se*. .he coul nt hel! hersel
f, it was the first time she ha ever felt anything li"e this. 3n it felt goo , e
ven if it was $ather %ohn that was oing it, even through the hot remnants of the
burn. er hi!s move bac" an forth, no longer trying to hi e the !leasure, #ust
wanting the feeling to continue. (0mmm,) she moane , ho!ing that he i not hear h
er. e !ushe two fingers insi e her, her bo y rising u! on her toes as her !ussy
clenche on the twin igits insi e her. e "e!t u! the masturbation of her clit,
the ti! of his finger rubbing bac" an forth over it, feeling it swell u! to over
twice its si-e. e woul love to finger her tight asshole, but he i not want to
lose the comman he ha over her bo y, wanting to see her humiliation as she was f
orce to cum on his fingers. .ally coul not believe the feelings that $ather %ohn
was rawing from her bo y. =ne minute he was burning her se* with hot wa*, the n
e*t rawing her virgin clima*. .he was so confuse , her hi!s moving bac" an forth
, her !ussy clam!ing on the fat fingers insi e her. ow coul he !rovi e both !ai
n an !leasure to her bo y? This feeling ran from her se*, sen ing a shu er throu
gh her an a 8uic" release of wetness between her legs. .he gri!!e the fingers in
si e her, tightening on them, almost sto!!ing them from moving in an out. .he fe
lt his other fingers s8uee-e her clit tightly, another shu er running through he
r bo y. .omething was ha!!ening> .he coul not believe the !leasure that ran thro
ugh her bo y, from the to! of her hea to the ti! of her toes. is fingers contin
ue to masturbate her, she i nt care any longer, he continually wrenche more shu e
rs from her bo y. is fingers sli ing easier now, her vagina soa"e , some of it
running own the insi e of her thigh. $ather %ohn hel her tightly, his fingers st
ill !ushe insi e her but not moving as she finally finishe clima*ing. e !ulle h
is fingers out, her #uices glistening on them. e !ut them in his mouth, tasting
the fragrant #uices of .ally, her orgasm leaving her !ussy wet. (;i you en#oy y
ourself, .ally?)

.ally close her eyes an !ut her hea own, not wanting to see $ather %ohns reaction
, nor to allow him to see hers. (;ont ma"e me o that again,) she lie . $ather %oh
n stoo u!, his han s on .allys shoul ers an began to a!!ly !ressure on them. (=n
your "nees, .ally. It is time to rain the emon see from my swor . In your mouth,
) he or ere her. .he i not have time to react, falling heavily to her "nees, his
swor only inches from her face. .he wet her li!s as his han s rew her hea close
r to his har swor . (=!en wi e .ally. It is now time to serve your 7or ,) !ushin
g his har coc" between her li!s, feeling the wet li!s running over the hea as it
sli insi e her mouth, feeling her hot breath on the bulbous hea . (9es, that is
goo , .ally. 4ow use your tongue, get it wet.) .ally suc"e on his swor li"e he
ha taught her, ho!ing to get it over with 8uic"ly. e woul um! his see in her mo
uth an she woul be force to swallow it again. .he felt his han s on her hea , gr
i!!ing tightly, bobbing it bac" an forth on his swor . .he !ut her han s on his
legs, ho!ing to sto! him from !ushing too far in her mouth, but his han s sla!!e
hers away. .he gagge as the thic" hea hit the bac" of her mouth, trying to gain
entrance to her throat. .he lic"e all along his swor , feeling the veins runnin
g u! the length of it, "nowing that soon they woul carry his filthy, emon see ou
t of his swor to fill her mouth. e !ushe in har , her li!s !resse against his s
tomach, the har swor ee! in her throat, the s!asm of her muscles massaging his f
lesh. (9es, .ally, so goo . 4ow receive my emon see , suc" it from my loins an s
wallow it>) e !um!e his coc" into her mouth, loo"ing into her innocent eyes as
her li!s wra!!e tightly aroun him, her tongue moving all over as he shot insi e
her hot mouth. .ally strangle on his hot, salty see . It was so thic", filling a
n running own the corner of her mouth. .he swallowe har , almost cho"ing on his
swor as it !ushe in ee!er, a secon loa of see filling her mouth. The taste linge
re on her tongue as he shot a final loa into her mouth, gagging again, force to
swallow his see , her stomach fille . $ather %ohn let his lim! coc" sit in her m
outh, feeling her tongue move aroun it. er eyes !lea e for him to ta"e it out,
but he love the sight of her with her li!s wra!!e aroun it, even if it was now s
oft. e stro"e her face, (such a nice mouth you have, .ally. Tomorrow I have som
ething new for you. I thin" youll li"e it. 9ou are very goo at serving your 7or w
ith the lovely bo y he has given you. 3s the 7or s vessel, I will hel! you learn
to serve him. 4ow lic" off the emon see from my swor an then you may leave. Tomo
rrow at the same time.) e felt her tongue run all over his coc", the flesh alre
a y beginning to har en again. (9es, you are goo .)
Chapter ) Sally*s Sister +eets the ,ishop .allys younger sister, &harlotte sat at
the es" while the Bisho! stoo over her. &harlotte ha always been a bit of a reb
el, which was why she was in the Bisho!s office now. .ally was the one who got th
e attentionH .ally was so goo . .ally was even ta"ing lessons from $ather %ohn.
&harlotte coul nt have !rivate lessons li"e .ally, because she wasnt ol enough, ye
t. (,hy cant you be li"e .ally?) they always as"e . ,ell, she ha fi*e them. .he sn
uc" out of the house the last two ays to see the Bisho!, to as" him to teach her
li"e $ather %ohn was teaching .ally. It was curiousH he ha smile at her an agre
e as long as she !romise to "ee! their sessions !rivate. &harlotte imme iately ag
ree , swearing (un er 6o ) that she woul not reveal anything that ha!!ene uring
the classes. e also eci e to call her by her mi le name, &harlotte, not Bec"y h
er first name, telling her it was a more grown u! name, grown u! li"e she was. T
he classes ha starte normal enough, the Bisho! very attentive to &harlotte, thou
gh he seeme to touch her more than usual. ,henever she came into the room or lef
t, his han woul touch or lightly sla! her butt. 7ately it seeme to rest on her b
ottom longer an longer, &harlottes moving away the

only reason he sto!!e . But &harlotte i nt thin" that it was a ba thing, li"ing t
he attention, attention that .ally was not getting. 3n , he was always com!limen
ting her. (.uch a !retty girl you are, &harlotte, so mature for your age,) his h
an lingering on her u!raise butt as she got rea y to leave for the ay. (Tomorrow
I will teach you some very s!ecial things,) he tease , his han still smoothing
over her s"irt, !atting her gently, (so !retty.) .he snuc" out of the house the n
e*t ay as well, the Bisho! eagerly awaiting his young stu ent. .he sat in the ch
air, rea ing from the Bible while the Bisho! hovere over her, loo"ing own at the
!retty girl, her breasts !ushing out against her blouse, her s"irt sli!!ing own
over her "nees hi ing the lovely !air of legs from his eyes. The Bisho! reache
own, (9ou are such a !retty girl, &harlotte, an so goo , always obeying,) he whi
s!ere as his han sli u! an own her na"e arm, acci entally brushing against her b
reast, her big eyes loo"ing u! at him, loo"ing to see if it was an acci ent or i
ntentional. (.o !retty,) smiling as his han returne to her arm, feeling her na"e
flesh tremble beneath his large han . is han touche her breast again, this tim
e &harlotte i nt even loo" u!, becoming bol er now. (.uch a goo girl,) brushing l
ightly over the ti!s of her breasts, seeing her han s clench on the table, letti
ng him have his way with her. The Bisho! was becoming bol er. The first time, sh
e thought it was an acci ent, his han brushing against her breast. But it return
e , this time ta!!ing at the ti!s, her bo y 8uivering in e*citement as she felt
the feel of unfamiliar han s on her intimate flesh. er ni!!les seem to e*!lo e,
!ushing !ainfully out on her white cotton bra. .he felt so naughty, letting the
Bisho! touch her. &harlotte ha been masturbating for a number of years, en#oyin
g the touch of her fingers. .he often fantasi-e of being s!an"e , her bottom na"
e , over the la! of an ol er man while he sla!!e her na"e ass chee"s. =r of bein
g stri!!e na"e in front of others while they watche her humiliation. These fanta
sies always gave her intense orgasms. .he thought it woul be irty, but this was
the Bisho!, not some boy trying to feel her u! in the movies. It ma e her e*cite
that the Bisho! woul be intereste in her bo y. It ma e her feel so much ol er a
n mature, li"e .ally. The Bisho! leane over &harlotte, whis!ering into her ear,
his han moving to her "nee, resting on it. (9oure much !rettier than your sister,
) &harlotte loo"ing own as his han began to caress her leg, li"e it was ha!!enin
g to someone else, not her. (9ou ont min me touching your leg, o you, &harlotte?
9oure such a goo girl. 9ou want to be li"e .ally, ont you?) .he s8uirme in the cha
ir, the Bisho!s han slowly moving in circles, each time going higher, his fingers
slowly ragging u! her s"irt as they move , her "nee now na"e to his touch, a fa
ct that his han soon recogni-e , moving own to touch the na"e flesh. .he #um!e w
hen he touche her, almost as if she was being touche by electricity, the feel so
unfamiliar. (0ove your chair bac", &harlotte,) the Bisho!s voice comman ing, &ha
rlotte not even hesitating before she sli it bac", farther away from the es". .h
e "new that she was giving him easier access to her legs, but he was the Bisho!.
e "new what was best for her. er mother ha tol her that she shoul always trus
t the !riests. It shoul go oubly for the Bisho!, she thought. 3n he thought she
was so !retty, not li"e the others that always com!limente !retty .ally, ignorin
g &harlotte. (;oes $ather %ohn o this to .ally?) ($ather %ohn has taught .ally h
ow to obey an to serve the 7or . There are many ways to serve the 7or an !leasin
g your !riest or bisho! is very im!ortant. 3re you mature enough to celebrate be
fore 6o ?) The Bisho! loo"e at her sweet li!s, the big blue eyes, the !er"y tits
!ushing out her blouse an those lovely legs an consi ere the hi en treasures be
neath her s"irt. .he loo"e u! at the Bisho!, her eyes staring into his. (9es, I
want to serve the 7or . 7i"e my sister oes,) she state . (0omma says I must obey
$ather %ohn an I guess she means you also. I will o whatever you want,) resigni
ng her fate to the man that stoo over her, secure in the "nowle ge that he "new
best for her. 10

(Thats a goo girl,) his han s reaching own to her legs again, touching her na"e "
nees, returning to caress her na"e flesh. e move higher u! her legs, her s"irt
cree!ing u!, his !owerful han s s8uee-ing her teenage flesh as she sat in the ch
air her han s still clutche tightly. (=!en your legs,) the soun of that comman s
en ing shivers through her bo y. .he felt a little embarrasse , humiliate an at
the same time naughty an very e*cite , letting him o these irty things to her bo
y. .he willingly com!lie , her legs rela*ing, her estiny literally in his han s
. (9oure such a goo girl, &harlotte,) his han s now able to sli! between her "nee
s, rubbing her thighs, feeling the satiny flesh. is han un er her s"irt was ma"
ing it move u! higher an higher, his eyes ga-ing at her lovely legs as the na"e
flesh was slowly reveale to him. e love the feel of her young s"in, rubbing u!
an own her thighs, each time moving higher, his large han forcing her legs wi er
. (7et me touch you higher, &harlotte,) his voice soft an soothing as he felt he
r thighs begin to clench tighter the closer he move to the : between her legs. (
9oure such a !retty girl, such lovely thighs. I nee to see your lovely legs,) his
han s !ulling her s"irt out of the way, his fingers searching between her thigh
s. .he sat there, letting him lift her s"irt, her han s at her si e, not willing
to interfere with a Bisho!. Es!ecially one that li"e her so much. =ne that thou
ght she was !retty, !rettier than her sister. 4o, she woul let him o what $ather
%ohn oes to .ally. 4ot sure what that was, but eager to !lease. (.tan u!,) he o
r ere her, !ulling on her arm before she even ha a chance to react. (9es, thats g
oo ,) his han s moving to the bottom of her s"irt an slowly !ulling it u!, watch
ing as her legs began to be e*!ose . e raise her s"irt higher, (loo" in the mir
ror &harlotte,) !ointing to the full+ length mirror on the wall to the si e. &ha
rlotte loo"e at her reflection, her !ussy instantly getting wet at the sight. Th
e Bisho! was raising her s"irt, her na"e legs clearly visible, her white !anties
now coming into view, his eyes watching as she was being enu e for him. (Turn s
i eways, see how !retty you are. The 7or gave you a beautiful bo y an you must s
hare it with your Bisho!,) his han s on her hi!s, turning her so she !rofile in
the mirror, his han s now un er her s"irt on her !anties. (6rab your s"irt an !u
ll it above your waist for me, &harlotte. .how the 7or your bo y,) he encourage
her. &harlotte coul nt believe she was oing it, but she was, raising her s"irt hi
gh above her waist an hol ing it there, seeing her reflection in the mirror, her
long legs now seeming even longer, her sim!le white !anties the only garment hi
ing her se* from the Bisho!. 3n she was not even sure how long he woul allow th
em to stay on, his han s moving u! an own her hi!s. .he watche as one of the Bis
ho!s han s move to her butt, his large han able to encircle the tiny chee", feeli
ng him gri! her tightly. (9oure being such a grown u! girl, &harlotte,) his han s
en#oying the touch of her teenage flesh. er ass was so resilient an firm, his
han able to grab her entire chee" in his !alm, feeling his fingerti!s sli! betwe
en her crac", his coc" #er"ing in his !ants at the thought of her tiny little an
us nestle tight between her chee"s. ($ace the mirror now, &harlotte,) turning he
r so the front of her bo y was reflecte in the mirror, eager for his han s !lay
over her !ussy. (.!rea your legs o!en for the 7or , &harlotte,) his han s on her
hi!s, rubbing u! an own the sha!ely hi!s, feeling her lower bo y begin to move
bac" an forth. (=bey the 7or ,) he or ere her, her legs !arting only slightly, w
anting more. .till not un erstan ing why, she obeye H her legs moving outwar , t
he Bisho! behin her, whis!ering in her ear. .he s!rea her legs outwar , the Bish
o! continuing to eman , forcing her to obey solely by the tone of his voice, see
ing her !anties stretch across her ab omen as the s!rea of her legs became more
severe. is han s were becoming more familiar on her bo y, urging her hi!s 11

to move bac" an forth, watching her own reflection in the mirror, her se* thrust
ing in a moc" se* act. ,hen !ulle bac", she coul feel a har ob#ect against her c
hee"s, "nowing that she was having a se*ual effect on the Bisho!, his har !enis
rubbing against her, not "nowing whether she shoul be ashame of herself for oing
such a sinful thing or !rou that her bo y coul o this to a !owerful man li"e th
e Bisho!. The Bisho! fanne his fingers over her ab omen, watching her face in th
e mirror, seeing her submission to him. e move lower, letting his fingernail tr
ace u! an own her !ussy slit, sli ing her white !anties into the groove, alrea y
feeling the moisture from her bo y soa" the material. This was much more intens
e than when she rubbe her own !ussy with her fingers. is han s were so much mor
e eman ing of her bo y, forcing res!onses from it that she ha nt "nown she ha . .h
e let her legs bow out a bit, wanting to give his finger com!lete access to her
!ussy, wanting to feel his fingernail !ush har er between her li!s. (I li"e that
, &harlotte,) com!limenting her when she bowe her legs out, (you li"e this, ont y
ou? ;oes it feel goo ?) &harlotte felt so naughty, watching her own reflection i
n the mirror, seeing his finger highlighting her !ussy slit in her !anties the s
ame time she felt the fingernail ragging her !anties along her inner !ussy. .he
"new that she was getting wetter but she no longer care . .he !ushe bac"war , fe
eling the Bisho!s har !enis touch her ass, letting her hi!s roc" si e to si e, sl
i ing over the throbbing flesh behin her. It was naughty to o such a thing to a
!riest, never min that he was a Bisho!, but his fingers were rawing such se*ual
lust to the surface of her bo y, she was unable to control her own emotions. The
Bisho! was en#oying the way &harlottes bo y res!on e to his masturbating finger.
e !ushe in ee!er, feeling her li!s close aroun him, sawing u! an own her slit
as she roc"e bac" an forth. e wante more. e wante to feel her na"e !ussy, to l
et his fingers sli e along her moist !assage. (0ove over to the es",) !ushing he
r over until her legs touche the e ge. (;own, ben over the es" for me, &harlotte
,) she submissively com!lie with his re8uest, her ass !ushing u! against his har
coc" as she i . (9ou loo" so !retty that way, &harlotte,) his han running over
her ass as she !ut her hea own on the es". .he #um!e at his touch. =ne minute sh
e was bent over the es", her s"irt !ushe high above her waist, her !anty+covere
butt arche u!war , the ne*t she felt the rush of the cool air on her na"e chee"s
. In a 8uic" flash the Bisho! ha !ulle her !anties own to her "nees, leaving her
bent over the es", her na"e ass !ushe out. It was so e*citing, half na"e , the
Bisho! behin her, but at the same time it was so embarrassing. This was the firs
t time any male ha ever seen her na"e . er !anties hanging at her "nees ma e it
so much more humiliating. (9ou loo" so !retty li"e this, &harlotte. .uch a goo
girl you are, obeying me. ;o you want me to touch you again?) The Bisho! whis!er
e in her ear, but his han was alrea y rubbing over her na"e chee"s, en#oying her
na"e flesh, feeling her tremble from his touch. (=h 6o >) she blurte out, the B
isho!s han moving between her legs an touching her na"e !ussy for the first time.
It was an electric touch, a strange han touching her na"e !ussy. .he thought sh
e woul cumH it was so intense. (9es, 6o woul want you to celebrate before im, &
harlotte. &an you o that, can you cum for 6o ?) is fingers move u! an own her s
lit, her #uices instantly soa"ing them. er bo y res!on e to his fingering, two
fingers now !ushing u! an own her slit, ins!ecting as he i , feeling the hot sil
"y flesh of her inner !ussy li!s, her #uices allowing his fingers to gli e effor
tlessly. e force her legs o!en. ,ell, more li"e !rom!ting as she willingly !art
e them, giving him com!lete access to her se*. It felt strange when his fingers
began to ins!ect her !ussy li!s, touching every single s!ot of the most intimate
!art of her bo y, as if he owne it. .he continue to feel 15

embarrasse , his han s an fingers ta"ing such liberties with her bo y. Is this w
hat .ally i ? ;oes .ally have to stri! for $ather %ohn as the Bisho! was ma"ing
her o? (I en#oy touching you, &harlotte. 9our !ussy is so beautiful, the way it
is is!laye as you are bent over the es". 9ou are so wet, &harlotte. 3re you goin
g to celebrate before 6o , &harlotte?) The Bisho! touche her clit, her ass archi
ng u! high as soon as his fingerti! ma e contact with the sensitive bu . It felt
li"e he ha electrocute her !ussy with his touch, her ass shove outwar , trying
to esca!e his touch. (.o soft,) he murmure into her ear, (such a nice, soft !uss
y.) .he felt his other han stro"e her chee"s, !ushing her ass bac" own, his fing
er again returning to her clit. (0mmm,) she moane as his callouse finger rubbe o
ver the ten er button. .he felt so o!en, her ass na"e an arche u! as his han s c
ontinue to !lay with her bo y. .he i not thin" she coul last much longer, her ar
ousal at a fever !itch, her hi!s moving bac" an forth on his gentle masturbating
fingers. (7et yourself go, &harlotte. .urren er an celebrate before 6o ,) the B
isho!s fingers moving faster u! an own her slit, his other fingers grabbing her c
lit tightly, rubbing it. &harlotte let go, the orgasm so !owerful, her bo y shu
ering an trembling, her #uices soa"ing his han , embarrasse that he was seeing h
er cum. .he began to cry, sobbing as she came, humiliate that her bo y ha betray
e her. The Bisho! continue to stro"e her, hol ing her, whis!ering in her ear, (y
ou are so goo , &harlotte,) his fingers rubbing her !ussy lightly, feeling her b
o y sha"ing, &harlotte still crying. (9ou are such a grown u! girl, #ust li"e yo
ur sister, .ally.) e hel her until she sto!!e crying, his han continuing to run
over her bo y. (6et resse , &harlotte,) hel!ing to !ull her !anties u!, catchin
g one last glim!se of her !ussy as she move her legs together. e watche her smo
oth her s"irt own, "issing her on the chee", (go home now, &harlotte,) watching
as she left the room.
Chapter 1- Sally %ides the Cross $ather %ohn ha nt even sai hello to .ally. /ulli
ng her along the corri or again, .ally "nowing that they were going bac" into th
e basement again. .he shu ere when she saw the cross. It was huge, stan ing over
eight feet high, four feet wi e, ma e out of heavy woo . It was a little strang
e for a cross, it loo"e li"e it was u!si e own, the cross !iece lower own the u!
right, not near the to! li"e a normal cross. 3t least the altar was gone, but sh
e feare the cross, not sure what it woul be use for, but scare that her bo y wou
l somehow be secure to it. $ather %ohn seeme to en#oy that, stri!!ing her an tyi
ng her u!, leaving her bo y o!en to whatever he esire to o to her. (9ou loo" ver
y lovely, .ally. 3re you going to be a goo girl to ay?) e move towar s her, gra
bbing one of her han s an moving it to his crotch. (.ee, you have alrea y ma e m
y swor har . Aub it for the 7or .) e en#oye the feel of her tiny han , not even
able to fully gras! his coc", her han moving u! an own his shaft as he stare in
to her eyes, seeing her humiliation, seeing her submit to him. It felt goo , her
han rubbing u! an own his coc". .he was learning 8uic"ly to !lease him. To ay s
he woul learn much more, to ay she woul learn to !lease his coc" with her !ussy.
,hile she was technically not a virgin any longer, the cross having ta"en her h
ymen, she still ha not felt a coc" insi e her snug !ussy. .he rubbe his swor , c
ringing when his han s move towar s her chest, bracing herself for the inevitabl
e fon ling. .he felt his han s encircle her globes an s8uee-e har , not sto!!ing
until he hear her moan in !ain as her breasts were tightly tra!!e in his !owerf
ul gri!. is fingers move to her blouse, slowly o!ening the buttons, his eyes st
aring into hers as he gra ually stri!!e her na"e again, unable to sto! him from
having his way with her. is han s !ulling her blouse to the si e, her

!lain white bra now e*!ose , her han still rubbing his swor u! an !ants.
own, feeling it #um! in his
$ather %ohn let his han s roam over her bra, feeling the resilient flesh beneath
his fingers, mol ing her breast meat as she continue the slow, sensuous massagi
ng of his eager coc". e longe to sheath it insi e her tight !ussy for the first
time an feel her s8uee-e until he fille her with the 7or s see . (.li! your blou
se off for me, .ally,) his han s running over the to! of her breasts, elighting
in the feel of her na"e flesh. .he sli!!e it off her shoul ers an arms, !lacing
it on the floor. (Bac" to my swor , .ally, but ont let my see s!ill yet or you wi
ll be !unishe ,) slowly rubbing his coc" again. 0oving closer to her, his han s
sli!!ing behin her bac", his mouth ne*t to her ear as he unhoo"e her bra, his ha
n s rubbing over her bac", letting her feel how na"e she will be in a minute. (I
#ust love your breasts, .ally. They were meant to be share with the 7or ,) movi
ng away, !ulling the bra stra!s off her shoul ers an letting them sli e own her
arms. (7et it fall to the floor,) he or ere her. .ally let her bra fall, not eve
n attem!ting to hi e her na"e breasts, "nowing that $ather %ohn woul sim!ly forc
e her to e*!ose them. .he move bac" own to his swor , rubbing it bac" an forth,
ho!ing to get it over soon. .he felt his fingerti!s move to her ni!!les, feeling
them instantly har en, his fingernails rubbing over the swelling ti!s, stimulat
ing them to har little !oints. $ather %ohn was !lease with the way her tits loo"
e , the youthful globes with no sag, her ni!!les almost !ointe , the ar" areolas
encircling the !in" ni!!les, almost li"e a target. 3 target that his fingers fo
un instantly, !inching the flesh between his !owerful fingers, watching her face
grimace in !ain as he ha his way with her flesh. (The 7or has given you a beaut
iful !air of breasts, .ally, an such won erful ni!!les, so har an !ointe ,) twis
ting them as he tal"e to her. e en#oye the sight of her half+na"e bo y, his han
s bol ly running over her breasts while she stoo before him, her han s slowly m
asturbating his har coc". (6o has given you so many talents, .ally. 9our han s o
such a won erful #ob on my swor . 4ow, move over to the cross, .ally. I have su
ch a treat for you to ay,) !ushing her until she was facing the cross. $eeling $
ather %ohn behin her, his han s on her na"e waist, his !enis thrust u! against h
er. .he cringe when she hear his voice an saw what he ha in his han s. (/ut your
wrists together, .ally. The 7or wants you boun to his cross, #ust as %esus was.
e wants you to give your bo y to him as an offering.) $ather %ohn began wra!!i
ng the leather stri!s aroun .allys wrists as she hel them together for him. e ti
ghtene them, seeing the blac" leather igging into her white s"in. e too" her bo
un han s an attache them to the ro!e hanging from the !ulley at the to! of the c
ross. e began to raise her arms, the ro!e slowly !ulling her wrists higher an h
igher until they were well above her hea . er na"e breasts straining u!war s as
$ather %ohn continue to stretch her arms above her hea , almost fully e*ten e b
efore he sto!!e . is han s returne to her bo y again, rubbing u! her na"e si es
, .ally fi geting, his fingers tic"ling her as they move towar s her breasts, ag
ain. is han s mol ing her breasts, hot han s hefting them u!, fingers !laying w
ith her ni!!les until they became har again, !inching an !ulling them u! higher,
stretching them from her bo y. $ather %ohns han s mol ing her hi!s before reachi
ng bac" an unhoo"ing her s"irt, the -i!!er sli ing effortlessly own, his han s l
etting the material fall. e a mire her ass chee"s, the white !anties mol ing th
em tightly. is han s running over the taut flesh, feeling her clench as he i .
(The 7or loves your bo y, .ally. e has given you so much to offer im.) is han
s grabbing the !anties at the to! an slowly !eeling them own over her flaring h
i!s, own her legs. (.te! out of them, .ally,) he watche as she move one foot u!
at a time, !ushing the !anties to the si e. 4a"e , her arms boun high over her h
ea , so vulnerable an that is how he li"e her, na"e an o!en. .ally !ulle on her
wrists, $ather %ohn !ushing his !enis against her na"e butt, his har swor rubbin
g u! an own her chee"s. (4o, not any higher,) she crie out, stretching out on he
r toes as 11

$ather %ohn !ulle her wrists u! further, .allys lithe bo y yan"e firm, her toes a
lrea y aching from balancing on them. (I li"e your bo y, .ally, so taut an rea y
, your muscles tightene . ,e must !re!are you to receive the 7or s offerings.) $a
ther %ohn move to the si e of .ally, a miring the silhouette of her na"e bo y, h
er ni!!les still har an !ointe , her legs stretche tightly. e ha another leathe
r stri! in his han , ben ing own to grab her left an"le, wra!!ing the leather st
ri! tightly aroun it, one en left trailing on the groun . .ally felt her foot !u
lle from the groun , $ather %ohns han encircling her boun an"le an moving it u! t
owar s the cross. .he now un erstoo his !lan for her. e wante her legs boun to
the cross!iece, his han s moving her leg higher an higher, her crotch o!ening u!
as she !recariously balance on one leg. .he "new once she was boun , she woul b
e s!rea wi e o!en, her se* com!letely e*!ose . .he "new that is what he wante .
(0mmmm,) she moane in !ain as her leg was bent, lifting it high over the cross !
iece before letting it fall again, this time the woo en cross "ee!ing it from re
turning to the groun . $ather %ohn ma e 8uic" wor" of securing her an"le to the
woo en cross, but not before !ulling her leg outwar to the farthest reach, !ulle
wi e, her crotch alrea y s!litting. .he felt the rough woo on her ten er s"in,
small slivers of woo #abbing into her flesh remin ing her of how she was boun .
$ather %ohn let his han rub along her o!en thigh, en#oying his han iwor", her le
g s!rea wi e, her se* s!litting o!en for him. Aubbing his han u! an own her thig
h, moving to her se*, touching it for the first time, to ay. e felt her shiver
as he i . (.o o!en, .ally. .o o!en for the 7or .) e move to the other si e, 8ui
c"ly securing her other an"le with another leather stri!, !ulling her an"le u!,
seeing her other leg o!en wi er, her crotch now s!lit wi e. ( ol tight, .ally,)
feeling her bo y tense as he !ulle u!, her entire weight now su!!orte by her wri
sts. (=nce I have you secure , the !ressure will be off your han s.) .ally thoug
ht she was being s!lit u! the mi le, her se* stretche unbelievably o!en as $athe
r %ohn !ulle her other leg u! an out, moving it wi e to the far reaches of the c
ross!iece before securing it tightly. er butt slum!ing ownH gravity oing its #o
b. .he coul feel how o!en she was, embarrasse at how she must loo", feeling $ath
er %ohn stan ing behin her, staring at her o!en se*. er !ussy li!s !ulle a!art
wi ely, her butt crac" stretche o!en wi e. Even when she tightene her chee"s it
i little to !rotect her tiny anus from his ga-e. .he felt his han s on her hi!s,
his fingers igging into her flesh, moving u! behin her, feeling that she was at
the !erfect height for his swor . That is what she feare . ,hile not technicall
y a virgin, she still ha not ha a !enis insi e her vagina, a fact she was now su
re that $ather %ohn was going to rectify, his coc" a e8uately arouse by .allys ha
n . $ather %ohn sli!!e his fingers between her s!rea !ussy li!s an began to sli
e u! an own her slit, feeling the moisture begin to form. (Be a goo girl, .ally
an get wet for the 7or .) =ne finger !ressing a !ussy li! to the si e, the other
finger running u! an own the inner sil"y flesh, touching every s!ot on her li!s
, forcing the #uices to flow. 4ow the other li!, !ulle outwar , fingers rubbing
the wetness u! an own, lubricating her for when his coc" woul thrust insi e her.
$ather %ohn !ulle both !ussy li!s a!art, her tiny vagina nestle tightly insi e,
the elastic o!ening so small. e move his fingers u! higher, see"ing out an fin
ing her clit, not sur!rise to fin it alrea y erect. ,hile she might verbally !r
otest his ru e fon ling of her bo y, she coul not sto! her bo y from hotly res!o
n ing to the bon age an force masturbation. er thighs aching, the s!rea of her
legs !ulling her muscles tight. .he ha never felt so humiliate H s!rea o!en an b
oun na"e , $ather %ohn behin her, his fingers ta"ing too many liberties with her
bo y. .he #um!e , startle when she felt a hot, rubbery !iece of flesh !ushe u!
against her !ussy, "nowing that $ather %ohn ha ta"en his !enis out an was rubbin
g it u! an own her slit. The giant hea !ushe asi e her li!s, sli ing effortlessl
y u! an own her am! slit, so embarrasse , certain that $ather %ohn believe that
she was willingly !artici!ating in her own ebasement. .he felt his han gui ing i
t, moving it aroun her vagina, the flesh huge. It woul never fit> 15

(9es, it is big,) $ather %ohn feeling her reluctance as he !resse his coc" again
st her tiny !ussy. (But you can ta"e it, .ally, ta"e it for the 7or . It will hu
rt for a while, but a little !ain for the 7or is not much to as" for.) e let hi
s hi!s sli e forwar , feeling her vaginal o!ening slowly s!rea wi er to acce!t t
he huge intrusion, his han s hol ing her hi!s tightly, unable to contain his ent
husiasm, eager to feel her sil"y insi es massage his hot coc". .uch won erful gi
rls the &hurch brought him, such sacrifices the girls gave to the &hurch, their
nubile bo ies at his is!osal to o with as he !lease . e coul not wait any longe
r, shoving har with his hi!s, her !ussy force to s!rea wi e an acce!t the re , b
ulbous hea of his coc", tightly gri!!ing beneath the hea , tra!!ing it, causing
her !ain, her scream ma"ing it so much more !leasurable. e en#oye it when the g
irls screame for the first time as they were entere , a scream that coul not be
u!licate H the girls always woul remember how $ather %ohns coc" felt for their fi
rst time, something their boyfrien s or husban s woul never "now. (3hh>) .ally s
creame , her !ussy feeling li"e it was tearing, the tight bon age leaving no roo
m for esca!e, force to acce!t the big, har !iece of flesh insi e her. .he coul n
ot control her muscles, her !ussy clam!ing tightly onto his !enis in res!onse to
the !ain, !rom!ting even more !ain as she clenche tight, the flesh !ulsating in
si e her as it en#oye her tightness. $ather %ohn thought that .ally was going to
s8uee-e the hea of his coc" off, her bo y clam!e tight on the hea , s8uee-ing t
he bloo from it. e ma e it #er", feeling her bo y res!on by clenching an unclen
ching, elighting in the way he coul force her bo y to res!on to his coc". (.uch
a smooth sil"y !ussy you have, .ally. The 7or gave you such a lovely !assage to
share with is servants. &an you feel my swor insi e you, elighting in the way y
ou are res!on ing? 9our !arents woul be so !rou of you as you serve the 7or .)
e !ushe har er, feeling his coc" sli e further insi e her, her wetness ai ing it
s entry, feeling her !ussy walls clenching tightly on his big coc", stretching o
!en to receive his instrument of lust. (=h, its too big>) .ally crie as she trie
to !ush away from the har coc" entering her, $ather %ohn easily following her mo
vements, .ally unable to esca!e the inevitable. (6o , it hurts,) she sobbe , fee
ling the ri ge running over the hea , his coc" slowly !ushing insi e her, the la
rge vein running u! the length of it !ulsating with his bloo , throbbing against
her virgin walls. (9es, .ally, 6o loves the feel of your bo y, ta"e some more o
f my swor insi e you,) !ulling his coc" until only the hea was gras!e by her !us
sy then !ushing in again, this time har er an ee!er, his coc" !lowing her virgin
flesh asi e, $ather %ohn grunting from the e*ertion of having to force such a l
arge instrument into such a small hole. 7uc"ily, she was getting wet as his coc"
began to !ush in an out, each time touching virgin territory, each time awa"eni
ng new esires in her bo y as she finally felt the feel of living, !ulsating coc"
meat insi e her. (Ggh,) she grunte in !ain, ta"ing his forceful fuc"s insi e he
r, the cross "ee!ing her boun an s!rea for his ta"ing. er !ussy clenche tightly
on the har swor as he !ulle it out almost as if she i nt want it to leave, tryin
g to rela* her muscles as it sli bac" in again, each time his thrusts getting ha
r er an ee!er. .he thought it was going to come out her mouth each time he !lung
e in, e*!ecting him to hit bottom, sur!rise when the ne*t thrust when even ee!er
. (Isnt it all the way in?) she crie out, ho!ing that she ha ta"en it all. (Its on
ly half in, .ally, you have so much more to go,) !ushing with his coc" har , bur
ying three 8uarters of his coc" in one !ainful stro"e that "noc"e the air from h
er lungs. The su en thrust !lowing asi e all the resistance her !ussy coul muste
r, his har , unrelenting coc" !enetrating ee!er. ow coul a !iece of flesh be so
har ? It felt li"e an iron bar shoving into her vagina, unyiel ing as it force
her !assage to !ainfully acce!t its !ower. In an out, it continue to !enetrate,
his coc" feeling as if it was en less. (/lease, no more,) her !ussy now a ma-e o
f conflicting emotions. is coc" !ainfully tore in an out, but her vagina was gr
i!!ing the coc" as it !lunge bac" in, the tight ban rubbing u! an own the har me
at, massaging it. It felt strange, almost goo . .he "e!t trying to thin" of the
!leasure, wanting her !ussy to continue getting wet, his 1B

coc" sli ing easier on the slic" walls. ,hen she tense u!, her !ussy woul !ainfu
lly clam! on the coc" insi e her, $ather %ohn !ainfully ragging it out. (9es>) $
ather %ohn sang out as he finally bottome out into the e!ths of her !ussy, his c
oc" hea banging har into her cervi*. It felt li"e a giant glove wra!!e aroun his
coc", fingers !laying lightly over it as it !lunge bac" an forth, her !ussy beg
inning to s!asm from the har coc". e trie to concentrate on something else, not
wanting to cum yet, wanting her to get se*ually arouse from his fuc"ing, wantin
g to ma"e her cum first. is stomach sla!!e nosily into her ass as she was fully
im!ale on his swor , his han s moving her hi!s in a circular motion, forcing he
r !ussy to thoroughly massage his coc". (Im so full,) .ally !ushing out, trying t
o relieve the fullness insi e her. .he coul feel every twitch an #er" of his coc
", as he staye burie insi e her. (Its time to !lease the 7or , .ally. I want you
to s8uee-e my swor when I !ull it out an rela* as I !lunge bac" in. 9ou are goin
g to go from full to em!ty an then bac" to full again as I begin to roc" my swor
bac" an forth in your bo y. /lease the 7or , .ally,) he or ere her, feeling her
begin to tighten u! on his coc" as he slowly !ulle it from her !ussy. It !ulle
out so slowly, creating a giant vacuum+li"e suction ragging out her insi es. The
secon s tic"e by so slowly, her !ussy twitching on the hot flesh as it !ulle ou
t. .he felt the rim of the hea !ass through her vagina, his coc" !ausing, .ally
hol ing her breath for what she "new to be the inevitable. .he i not have to wai
t long, $ather %ohn growing im!atient, her !ussy bringing such elightful feeling
s in his balls. (Ggh,) she grunte in !ain as his coc" !lunge in, sheathing itsel
f in her tight !ussy in one !owerful thrust, burying itself u! against her cervi
* again. $ather %ohn continue to stro"e faster an har er, the soun of flesh sla!
!ing against flesh ringing off the walls of the room, !unctuate by short gas!s o
f !ain an sur!rise from .ally as she was force to ta"e a !articularly har or !ai
nful angle with his coc". is coc" !leasure by her sil"y insi es, sli ing u! an
own in her !ussy, the tightness threatening to rag the s!erm from his balls. It
was time to cum insi e her, let her feel for the first time the hot s!erm bath h
er !ussy. e wante her to feel the !leasure, his fingers circling aroun in front
of her, running through her bush before fin ing his inten e target, her swollen
clit. is fingers !ushing along the e ges, s8uee-ing her clit hoo out of the wa
y, his callouse finger fin ing the hy!er+sensitive ti! an rubbing, her gas! of !
leasure ringing out. .he !ushe bac" onto $ather %ohns swor burie ee! insi e her,
twitching in !leasure as his fingers foun her clit. (6o , !lease,) she begge , h
er hi!s trying to move, her tightly boun an s!rea legs !reventing her, force to
stay still when she really wante to roc" bac" an forth on the har flesh insi e h
er. is coc" stro"e faster an faster, his finger becoming more urgent in the ass
ault on her clit, sla!!ing the har rubbery ti! with his fingernail, a masochisti
c !leasure eru!ting in her bo y from the !leasure mi*ing with the !ain of his sh
ar! fingernail. &lenching her !ussy on the coc" insi e her, gri!!ing it as tight
as she coul , her mouth clenching as she trie to rag as much !leasure from his
coc" as she coul . ating herself for feeling this way, from gaining !leasure fr
om the swor of $ather %ohn, feeling fulfillment from being boun na"e an s!rea ,
unable to sto! him from having his way, un!re!are to even try if she coul . .he
#ust nee e to cum an cum now. (Its time, .ally. Time to cum for me. I want you to
feel me filling your once virgin !ussy with my hot, emon see . 9ou are so naugh
ty to o this to me, .ally, a shameful girl. I am going to have to !unish you whe
n I am finishe cumming in you. 4ow cum for the 7or , cum for me, rain the semen
from my balls,) he or ere her, his coc" slamming in an out of her !ussy, the onl
y soun in the room of their lust. e was right. It was shameful for her to o thi
s to a !riest. ,hat woul her !arents say if they "new? .he woul have to !ay for
her sins, she woul acce!t whatever !unishment $ather %ohn eeme a!!ro!riate. .he
ha to cleanse her soulH he woul hel! her with this. But first she coul nt wait an
y 1C

longer, his finger masturbating her clit, her !ussy stro"e har an fast. It was t
ime, time to cum. .he hear him gas! in !leasure, his coc" seeme to grow insi e h
er, feeling the vein twitching, the hea swollen in !leasure. .he was about to fe
el her vagina fille with hot semen. $ather %ohn trie to !ush his coc" as ee! ins
i e her teenage bo y as he coul , his coc" banging !ainfully against her cervi*,
burie ee! insi e, twitching in !leasure. is balls were !ainful, swollen with h
is cum. (9es, now, .ally, cum with me,) the cum shooting u! from his balls an fi
lling her !ussy with his hot cum, mi*ing with her #uices. ($eel the hot emon see
in you, .ally. 9ou are such a whore, .ally, your !ussy forcing such !leasure fr
om my bo y.) e sla!!e her ass har , feeling her !ussy tightening on his coc" as
he s!ille his #ism insi e her. 3 whore, but he ha ma e her this way, forcing he
r to stri! na"e , tying her s!rea an o!en, ta"ing her virginity from her once in
nocent bo y. .he "new that this woul not be the last time he woul ta"e her, each
time he ha further egra e her, committing uns!ea"able acts on her bo y against
her will in the name of 6o . These thoughts of what he woul o sent her into a !o
werful orgasm, her bo y sha"ing, her !ussy clenching an unclenching as she felt
his !owerful coc" hose her insi es own with his hot cum, bathing her walls with
the emon see . er bo y was renche in sweat, glistening as her ni!!les !o"e out,
feeling his #uices run own her thighs as he began to fuc" in an out again, ai e
by her !ussy soa"e in his cum. is fingers tightene on her clit, !ulling an twi
sting the har button, multi!le orgasms overwhelming her teenage bo y, unable to
com!rehen what he was oing to her. .he was the best he ever ha , her ine*!erienc
e !ussy bringing such !leasure to his coc". e always love the untraine girls, t
heir bo ies res!on ing to the acts he committe on them, not trying to !lease him
, but reacting only to the animal im!ulses he ha unleashe in their bo ies. e on
ly ho!e that her sister, &harlotte, woul be as goo , the Bisho! certain to have
alrea y begun lea ing her own the !ath to her eventual egra ation an humiliation
. is coc" began to soften as he finishe cumming insi e .ally, slum!ing own over
her bo y, her soa"e !ussy alrea y beginning to !ush his soft coc" out. (6o love
what you i with your bo y, .ally. e li"e the way you ragge the emon see from m
y mortal flesh.) .he began to cry, embarrasse as to how her bo y ha reacte , cum
ming with $ather %ohn. .he eserve to be !unishe . $ather %ohns han s still stro"i
ng her bo y as his coc" fell out of her !ussy with a lou !o! followe by a rush o
f flui s running own the insi es of her thighs. $ather %ohn began to untie .ally
, eager to !unish her, his coc" alrea y stirring again at the thought of abusing
her bo y. $irst her legs, untying them, hel!ing her to !ut them bac" onto the g
roun again, .ally sighing, relieve that her legs were no longer !ainfully s!lit
a!art. .he felt her arms lowere , $ather %ohn releasing her wrists, .ally rubbin
g the feeling bac" into them. (=ver here,) he or ere her, !ushing her over to a
clear s!ot on the floor. (7ie own on your bac",) watching as she bent own onto h
er "nees, her ass is!laye for him as she turne over an let her bac" hit the col
tiles of the floor, her ni!!les har ene from the col . 3t least she was not boun
, the floor har an col as she lay own, $ather %ohn towering over her, his semi+
erect swor still out, glistening from the mi*ture of their cum. ($eet flat on th
e floor, "nees bent. I want you to !ush your ass u! off the floor an s!rea your
legs wi e o!en. 7et your "nees bow o!en.) .ally was frightene as she began to fo
llow his instructions. ,ith her legs s!rea an her butt off the floor, raise u! h
igh, her se* was the highest !oint of her bo y. $ather %ohn sai he was going to
!unish her, woul he actually !unish her se*> (,wwhhat are you going to o?) (Im go
ing to s!an" you, .ally. The 7or wants me to s!an" you between your legs, !unish
the !ussy that tem!te my swor . I want you to hel! me by giving me com!lete acc
ess.) e move onto the floor besi e her, !ushing out on her "nees, (wi er, .ally
, I want your !ussy li!s s!rea bac", I want your inner !ussy to receive the s!an
"ing.) 1D

.ally coul nt o anything e*ce!t let him !ush her into the !osition he wante . is
han s sli!!e un er her ass, !ushing u!war s, forcing her to arch u!, her !ussy
high in the air, her legs bent an s!rea , the area between fully o!en for him.
e gri!!e her se* with his han , fingers !ushing between her !ussy li!s. Aubbing
u! an own, his fingers forceful an !owerful, not the soft masturbation that he h
a !erforme on her before, but the har touch of someone that ha control over her
bo y, someone that en#oye hearing her cry in !ain. (/lease, not there, s!an" my
ass,) she begge him, afrai of the !ain he woul inflict on her. (9ou are refuse t
he 7or , .ally? It was your !ussy that tem!te my swor H it will be your !ussy th
at will receive the !unishment. 4ow raise u! higher,) his han s urging her butt
u! off the floor until it was over two feet u! in the air. (9es, the 7or li"es y
ou !resenting yourself that way. 4ow I want you to "ee! that !osition, even when
I s!an" you. ;o you un erstan .ally? 3re you going to obey the 7or an ta"e your
!unishment?) .ally tremble but raise her butt off the floor, seeing $ather %ohns
swor alrea y swollen again. ,hy oes she o this to him? ow come she cant control
herself? $ather %ohn smile as he loo"e own on her, her !ussy s!rea wi e, stic"y
with the mi*ture of cum alrea y rying, her bo y trembling as she !resente herse
lf for his !unishment. (It will be ten, .ally. Ten sla!s on your s!rea !ussy. If
you move, I will start all over. 4ow rise u!,) his han rea y to inflict the fir
st hit on her s!rea an o!en se*. .he close her eyes, not wanting to see his han
, !referring to feel the !ain first, the antici!ation worse. .he i nt have to wai
t long, the shar! smac" of his !alm on her un!rotecte se* riving her bo y u! hig
her as his han swung in from below, sla!!ing her low on her se*. (=w>) she crie
out in !ain, her legs trembling in !ain, but she "e!t the !osition, the sting of
his han on her elicate se* throbbing. e rubbe her !ussy again, feeling her bo
y tense, his fingers gri!!ing her !ussy tightly, a cruel gri! to show her the !o
wer the 7or ha over her bo y. (9es, the 7or is !lease with the way you are ta"in
g your !unishment,) his han leaving her se*, getting rea y to hit her again. .he
hel her breath in antici!ation, the soun of his han brea"ing the air as it swun
g in an arch, u!war to hit her low on her se* again with a resoun ing thu , her
bo y arche u! higher from the force of the blow. (Tttooo har >) she yelle in !ai
n, his han hitting her har er, ma"ing her feel his !ower. (Thats two, .ally. 4ow
brace yourself, Im going to s!an" ownwar between your legs, I want your ass off t
he floor at all times. If it touches, we will start all over again.) e watche a
s the muscles in her legs tightene u!, waiting for the force of the blow to rive
her ownwar , rea y to sto! it from ha!!ening, not wanting to begin again. 3 8ui
c" goose of her !ussy, his large han able to encircle her whole !ussy, fingers f
in ing their way between her li!s, !ulling her u!war . .he felt him abuse her !u
ssy before the han left her again, her ass arche u! high, brace for the ne*t ons
laught. 6o it hurt, each time his han hit har er, eagerly rawing out a lou er sc
ream, .ally not isa!!ointing him, her voice ringing out, (333www>) the !owerful
han eliciting a !ainful res!onse from her bo y. (Three,) his voice ta!ering off,
his han returning to fon le her se*, feeling her s"in begin to heat u!. The sla
!s were becoming har er an 8uic"er, four an five almost in succession, .ally onl
y able to gas! in !ain before she was struc" again. .i* an seven move u! higher,
!re!aring her for eight an nine, both hits targeting her e*!ose clit, $ather %o
hn successful in rawing the lou est scream from her li!s as her elicate clit was
smashe by his !alm.

(EEE >) she yelle in !ain, the tenth hit by his !alm the most !ainful, almost sl
amming her bo y into the floor, $ather %ohn !utting all of his !ower behin the l
ast an final s!an". .he saw his swor , swollen an har again, her screams bringin
g in bac" into a state of erectness. $ather %ohn coul nt contain himself, her s!r
ea bo y, her screams of !ain ha ma e his coc" har . e flung his bo y between he
r legs, his har coc" fin ing an shoving insi e her !ussy again before .ally coul
even !rotest, her scream of !ain as his coc" tore into her ma"ing it #er" in !l
easure. .ally coul only lay there, her legs s!laye out to the si es her "nees be
nt submissively, giving him access to her se* again, his coc" !lunging in an out
of her, her hea turne away as $ather %ohn rutte away into her once virgin !ussy
again. e i nt last long before she felt the now familiar hot s!erm bathing her
insi es, clenching her !ussy onto the cumming swor , ho!ing to 8uic"ly en her su
ffering. .he felt him get off her bo y, stan u!, !ushing his coc" bac" into his
!ants. (6et resse , .ally, sto! acting li"e such a slut or it will be another !u
nishment for you.) .ally 8uic"ly got resse an left, crying once she left the chu
rch, unable to contain the mi*e emotions in her bo y, her se* burning from his c
oc", but she still remembere cumming while $ather %ohn was insi e her, embarrass
e that she coul nt control her own bo y. (I thin" we shoul ta"e both of them on t
he retreat, Bisho!. ,hat o you thin"?) $ather %ohn smile as the Bisho! tol him o
f the way &harlotte ha allowe her bo y to be use . (9es, efinitely, I will tal"
to their mother tomorrow. ,ell leave on $ri ay night, that way we have the entire
wee"en to en#oy their nubile bo ies. .ally will be a bit of !roblem, but it wil
l be en#oyable to !unish her. &harlotte will o anything to be li"e her sister, s
o I thin" we shoul show her sister !erforming, giving her instruction on how to
!lease the 7or .) 0ary answere the tele!hone. (9es, Bisho!, I a!!reciate what th
e church is oing for my aughter, .ally. I thin" it woul be a goo i ea to have &h
arlotte #oin the retreat. 9es, Bisho!, Im gla you are ta"ing such a !ersonal inte
rest in &harlotte, #ust as $ather %ohn oes in .ally. 4o !roblem for the whole we
e"en , we will not e*!ect them until .un ay night. 9es, Im gla that they will be
taught how to serve the 7or . =f course, young la ies nee the gui ance that the
&hurch can give them in oing that. I only wish I ha ha the same o!!ortunities th
at they are receiving.) (.he i nee to be !unishe , Bisho!? ,hat i $ather %ohn o
to her? e s!an"e her? I thin" that will teach her a lesson in not obeying the e
l ers of the &hurch. 9es, you have our !ermission to o the same to &harlotte, if
you thin" it is nee e . 9oung !eo!le nowa ays are raise too leniently. 3 little
!unishment goes a long way in ma"ing them more willing to obey their el ers. Th
an" you again, Bisho!. ,e will have the girls rea y for you $ri ay at seven.)
Chapter 11 The %etreat Father John is transferred to his third parish. Each time
he was caught molesting his parishioners. Bishop Samuel and Father John take th
e sisters Sally and Charlotte for a weekend retreat of serving the Lord and his
servants, their odies used in many ways in the Lord!s work.
(0om, !lease ont ma"e us go, es!ecially not &harlotte,) .ally begge . (Ive tol you
about this before, .ally. Its your a olescent se*ual fantasies. They are both th
e servants of 6o , an one of them is the Bisho!. 9ou shoul go to confession #ust
to get !enance for even thin"ing of such a thing. 4ow get your sister, I hear a
car !ull u!,) $ather %ohn came into the house to !ic" u! .ally an &harlotte. Th
e Bisho! waite in the car, he ha his reasons to not be seen by 0ary yet, reasons
that woul be reveale soonH the Bisho! woul eal with 0ary when they returne from
the retreat. (6oo evening, 0ary. 3re the girls rea y?) It was a 50

ream come true, the girls mother elivering two such elightful creatures into thei
r han s for the wee"en , with her !ermission to !unish them, which he was sure t
hey woul have to o. .ally woul efy him an woul then re8uire a !ainful !unishment
to ma"e her consent to what he wante to o to her lovely bo yKin the name of the
7or . In fact, he was loo"ing forwar to it. The Bisho! ha sai &harlotte woul be
more willing, but was ine*!erience at anything se*ual. .he woul #ust have to be
taughtH another tas" $ather %ohn foun to his li"ing. .ally an &harlotte wal"e i
nto the room, &harlotte with a big smile on her face that !artially isa!!eare wh
en she i nt see the Bisho!. There was a loo" of resignation on .allys face, "nowin
g that her own mother was elivering her to a wee"en of se*ual eca ence an !erver
sions. er only ho!e was the she coul tell the Bisho! an he woul sto! $ather %oh
n. (,here is the Bisho!?) &harlotte as"e , isa!!ointe when he wasnt there. ( ave
no fear, chil H he is waiting in the car.) e move closer to .ally, gave her a "
nowing loo", then etouring to grab the bags from 0ary. (3re you rea y for a wee"
en of serving the 7or an his instruments, .allyH are you rea y to be a servant t
o the 7or ?) er hea hung own, (yes, $ather %ohn,) resigning herself to the fact
that she coul nt sto! him, her only salvation woul be the Bisho! or at least to
sto! $ather %ohn from molesting &harlotte. (,e will be bac" 0on ay morning, I ont
want to travel on the .abbath,) "n e#tra night of de auchery with your daughter
s . $ather %ohns coc" was alrea y bulging his trousers. 7uc"ily, he ha worn a coa
t. (Thats fine, $ather %ohn. I "now they are in goo han s with you an the Bisho!.
Teach them how to o the 7or s wor". 3n ont forget, girls, if you misbehave, $athe
r %ohn has my !ermission to !unish you. 3n , he will !unish you #ust as I was !u
nishe when I was a little girl, a severe s!an"ing, even with a belt if necessary
. 4ow off you go an have a #oyous time oing the 7or s wor". They wal"e out to the
car, a 191C two+ oor $or , no one s!ea"ing. The engine was running, winter almo
st u!on the valley, the engine heater trying to "ee! the cris! air out of the ca
r. (Both of you in the bac" seat,) he instructe , throwing the bags in the trun"
, the Bisho! allowing the girls to climb into the bac" of the car. .ally was gla
, at least nothing coul ha!!en until they got where they were going, which was
also a !roblem as she ha no i ea where they were being ta"en. .he notice that &h
arlotte was a little istraught by not being able to sit with the Bisho!. .he was
acting as if she ha a schoolgirl crush on him. ,hen the Bisho! ha gotten out of
the car to allow the girls into the bac" seat, he was !lease as they climbe in,
their asses !ushing out so tem!tingly. They both wore "nee+length s"irts, very
!lain, their roun e buttoc"s !ushing out the fabric as they bent over to climb i
n the bac" seat. The Bisho! climbe bac" into the front seat an they went s!ee in
g off into the blac" night. (The retreat is only about 50 minutes outsi e of tow
n, we will be there 8uic"ly. I "now it is a little cram!e bac" there, but you wi
ll have a lot of room to s!rea out once we arrive.) "nd spread you will e. It wa
s 8uiet the whole tri!, the girls afrai of starting a conversationKafter all, th
ese were !riests, an what o you tal" about to a !riest? $ather %ohn an the Bisho
! were not intereste in tal"ing, at allH too e*cite about getting the girls to t
he retreat an into their lecherous han s. They !ulle in front of a large woo en
cabin, lights burning insi e, $ather %ohn having !reviously set u! the retreat f
or the wee"en , not wanting to waste any time. (,ell girls, we have a wee"en of
celebrating with the 7or . &harlotte is new to these ways, so .ally, you are goi
ng to have to teach her how to !lease 6o . .ally has alrea y sinne , she has s!r
ea malicious lies to her mother about us, so she must be !unishe . The 7or e*tra
cts severe !unishment from his floc" when they transgress. Luic"ly insi e, it is
col out here.)

.ally "new that she was in trouble an that the Bisho! was not going to hel! her.
In fact, she feare that the Bisho! woul ta"e a vantage of her bo y as $ather %o
hn oes, afrai that both of them woul force her to o things that she i nt want to
o. 3n !oor &harlotte, com!letely unaware of what she was going to be as"e to o a
n of what they woul o to her. But &harlotte was ifferent, she seeme so willing t
o o whatever was as"e of her by the Bisho!, awe by his !ower, willing to serve t
he 7or in any manner that the Bisho! !rescribe no matter how !erverse. &harlotte
felt the warmth of the fire as soon as they entere the cabin, a roaring bla-e a
lrea y in the fire!lace. The room was not furnishe li"e a house but as a church,
an altar in the center of the room, a large, heavy woo en structure, crosses s!
rin"le freely over the to!, a "neeling bench in front of it, the railing low eno
ugh for reci!ients to !lace their elbows on while "neeling in !rayer, !ur!le !il
lows to cushion the "nees. ,hat was most out of !lace was the strange ob#ect in
the corner. It was a four+ legge bench, thic" hewn lumber as legs, connecte to t
he to! was a triangle of leather shooting u! from the si es to reach an a!e* in
the center, a shar! ri ge of leather somehow "e!t rigi by whatever material fill
ing its center. The to! of the !yrami stoo at least five feet from the floor. Tw
o strange rings of metal were bolte to the floor on each si e, centere symmetric
ally with the center of the bench. 3 large su!!ly of ro!e was !ile u! high ne*t
to it. &harlotte i not well on it any longer, e*cite that the Bisho! ha brought
her for the retreat, eager to !lease the Bisho! an the 7or , willing to evote he
rself to is service. er thoughts "e!t going bac" to the !owerful way that the
Bisho! ha rule over her, #ust li"e in her reams, an ol er man who force her to o
his bi ing, s!an"ing her for his !leasure, e*tracting !leasure from her untrain
e bo y. 4ow with $ather %ohn an .ally !resent, the thought of being stri!!e an h
umiliate before them ma e her se* wet, a sin that she woul confess to the Bisho!
at the first o!!ortunity, ho!ing for an act of contrition to cleanse her soul o
f her im!ure thoughts. .ally saw the evil loo"ing bench, "nowing that it was for
the e*!ress !ur!ose of "ee!ing her boun so they coul !unish her, afrai of how h
er limbs woul be arrange on it, afrai of how e*!ose she woul be to them. (Bisho!
.amuel an I are going to change into our robes. /ut your suitcases in the room
over there, it is your be room for the wee"en . Then, I want you bac" imme iatel
y. ,e are going to have a !rayer session before be .) &harlotte an .ally o!ene t
he oor to the be roomH the first thing they saw was the mammoth be that seeme to
fill the room to overflowing. It wasnt a ouble be , much more massive, able to a
ccommo ate at least four !eo!le, .ally cringing at its !ur!ose. .he "new they wo
ul not be left alone at night, Bisho! .amuel or $ather %ohn, or both woul be vis
iting them. &harlotte coul nt believe how big an comfortable the be was com!are t
o her small, har be at home. (Im so gla I came>) &harlotte s!ewe out ha!!ily. .al
ly i nt have the heart to tell her why she ha been brought here, not even sure &h
arlotte woul un erstan or care. .he seeme !erfectly content to obey whatever $at
her %ohn or Bisho! .amuel tol her to o. (,ell, youre not the one going to get !un
ishe ,) .ally shot bac". (I woul ta"e whatever !unishment the 7or wishe ,) ho!in
g that Bisho! .amuel woul !unish her. They set their bags own, 8uic"ly !utting t
heir s!arse belongings away. (,e better get out there.) $ather %ohn an Bisho! .a
muel were waiting for them, resse in heavy blac" robes that hung to the floor, t
he girls not yet reali-ing that they were na"e beneath them. They both wore heav
y gol crosses aroun their nec"s, similar to the one that ha ta"en .allys virginit
y not long ago, thic" vines embe e on the shaft of the cross, a rough surface th
at woul rub harshly any orifice that it entere . (@neel for a !rayer session, gi
rls,) motioning them over. (Tomorrow I will have some clothes for you to wear ur
ing the rest of this wee"en . 9ou will wear what novices wear. 4ow "neel for the
7or .) 55

The girls "nelt, their "nees sin"ing into the !lush !illows, their han s clas!e
in !rayer, $ather %ohn an Bisho! .amuel moving in front of them. They close thei
r eyes as $ather %ohn began !raying lou ly, as"ing for the 7or s forgiveness for
their sins an the sins of the young girls in front of them. 3s"ing for the 7or t
o allow the girls to atone for their sins, for a sign of how they can serve the
7or . It continue for over a half an hour, their eyes tightly clenche as Bisho!
.amuel too" over the !rayers, his voice rising higher, !raying to the 7or for th
e sins of the young girls. &harlotte was im!resse , the Bisho! was !raying for h
er soul. .ally more worrie , "nowing that they were u! to something an she woul
soon fin out what it was, sure that it woul not be !leasant. .ally hear a strang
e rustling, $ather %ohn !raying again, the soun of them moving, but she "e!t her
eyes shut tightly, afrai of o!ening them. (3men,) $ather %ohn sai . (3men,) Bis
ho! .amuel concurring. (The 7or has s!o"en to us. e has tol us how he wants &ha
rlotte to serve the 7or . e wants her to become a nun. It is a har #ourney to b
ecome a nun, a rigorous regiment to be followe as a novice first. The 7or will t
est her in many waysH test her evotion to 6o an to the !riests that serve im.
e will !lace many obstacles in her !ath, obstacles that we will be able to hel!
her with. er sister will have to hel! her, show her the ways that she has been
taught to serve the vessels of the 7or , the !riests who serve the 7or . There w
ill be times that are trying, times when the 7or will have to !unish her in or e
r to ma"e her worthy of is love. 3re you willing to commit to the service of th
e 7or , &harlotte, giving your bo y an soul to the service of the 7or ?) &harlot
te o!ene her eyes, smiling ha!!ily. (9es Bisho!> I will o whatever is as"e of me
for the 7or . I will suffer whatever !ain is necessary, as i %esus i to save ou
r soul.) This was what she ha reamt of, serving the Bisho!. (3n you, .ally. ,ill
you assist your sister in achieving her goals, teaching her as others taught yo
u? .howing her how her bo y an soul can be use for the 7or an is vessels withou
t regar to her !ersonal interests.) $ather %ohn loo"e at her, a stern warning ag
ainst any isobe ience. $f that is what Charlotte wanted%and her mother was sure
to e so proud of her%why should $ stand in her way& .he hate to thin" of the thi
ngs she woul have to o, the things that she woul have to teach her sister, "nowi
ng that her sister woul have to serve $ather %ohn an Bisho! .amuel, service thei
r lust. But, it was &harlottes ecisionH maybe at least they woul leave her alone.
(9es, $ather %ohn, I will teach her.) (I thin" we shoul celebrate &harlottes eci
sion, firstH .allys coo!eration will eci e on how severe her !unishment will be.)
The Bisho! move his han own to &harlotte, his fingers lifting her chin u! as sh
e continue "neeling at his feet. (.ally is going to teach you how to ta"e commun
ion from the .wor of 6o ,) his coc" #er"ing in lust. e saw her innocent eyes lo
o"ing u! at him, the smile of obe ience on her face. 9es, he was going to en#oy
this. e move his han s to the front of his robe, sli ing the -i!!er, starting a
t the to!, seeing &harlottes eyes follow his han as it went !ast his waist, his n
a"e chest now reveale . e waite for a secon , letting it register in her brain
before continuing, the -i!!er sli ing own, his coc" #er"ing free, no longer cons
traine by the harsh fabric of the robe. &harlotte coul nt believe it, never havin
g seen a !enis but once before an then only the flacci one of a small boy. It wa
s nothing li"e this an this from a servant of 6o > It was big, bigger than she h
a ever imagine H huge when he rubbe it u! against her chee". It stoo out over ei
ght inches, bobbing u! an own. 3t the en was a giant hea , a ar" angry re , the
rim aroun it an even ar"er re , it was almost li"e a helmet. In the center was a
n eye, an eye that woul shoot out his see . The shaft ha veins running u! the si
e, she coul almost see the bloo !oun ing through them, the bloo that was ma"ing
it so har . .he coul see his balls hanging own below, heavy an swollen. .he 52

woul har ly be able to get her han s aroun them. 3n , she wante to o that ba ly,
o whatever the Bisho! re8uire of her, unconsciously un erstan ing that this is
what he woul as" of her. (9ou are a very beautiful girl, &harlotte, you have tem
!te the Bisho! with your bo y, #ust as your sister has with me,) $ather %ohn s!o
"e, moving closer. (9ou are going to have to rive the emon see from his bo y, th
e see that you !lante in his loins. 3n , you will be re8uire to use your mouth t
o o it. 9ou will swallow his see , an act of contrition for your scan alous bo y
an the things you o to us.) er han s reache out an lightly touche the Bisho!s c
oc", her fingers #er"ing bac" when she felt how hot it was. (I will o what is re
8uire of me, $ather %ohn,) too engrosse with touching the har coc" in front of h
er to really !ay much attention to the !riest. .he reache again, this time her h
an wra!!ing aroun it, gri!!ing it tighter now when she felt it #er". .ally move
closer to her, (rub it u! an ownH) at least she woul nt have to o it. &harlotte s
eeme to be in awe of the Bisho!s coc", her eyes glue to it while her han sli u! a
n own the shaft. (Tighten your fingers when you move over the hea ,) she gui e h
er little sister. .he watche &harlotte o it, Bisho! .amuels coc" #er"ing again wh
en her han rubbe the ri ge aroun the hea . (&u! his balls with your other han .)
&harlotte was mesmeri-e by the har , hot coc" in her han s, not able to ta"e he
r eyes off of it as she listene to what .ally tol her to o, u!licating her instr
uctions. .8uee-ing his balls cause a moan come from his li!s, (;i I s8uee-e too
har , Bisho! .amuel?) (=h no, &harlotte. 9ou are oing a won erful #ob. &ontinue,
) his breathing ragge as he watche her mani!ulate his coc" nearly as e*!ertly as
a whore woul o. $ather %ohn ha tol him how .ally ha a natural "nac"H maybe it w
as here itary, her mother 0ary having ha a similar trait. &harlotte s8uee-e his
balls again, this time har er, feeling the two heavy balls insi e, the heat from
his bo y. er han too" full stro"es, u! an own the shaft, rewar ing her by #er"
ing each time her han !asse over it, her fingers gri!!ing tighter, ho!ing to !le
ase him. (Tell her what to o ne*t, .ally,) Bisho! .amuel or ere e wante to feel
her hot mouth wra!!e aroun his coc", afrai he might cum before she coul use her
tongue, her small han s oing such won erful things to his coc". (0ove closer to
his coc" an blow on it, hol it tight, your breath will ma"e it #er" even more.)
.ally remembere too vivi ly the times she ha to ta"e $ather %ohns coc" ee! in he
r mouth. It was only inches from &harlottes face, the hot, throbbing coc" of the
Bisho!, her han hol ing it tightly. .he blew on it, blew on the hea . .he s8ueee his balls, her han barely able to contain the coc" as it #um!e in the sheer ec
stasy of her hot breath. .he tightene her fingers #ust below the crown, s8uee-in
g the rigi flesh, her han s com!ressing his balls again, this time har er, blowi
ng longer this time over the tra!!e hea . .he was rewar e with a ee! moan from t
he Bisho!. (=!en your mouth real wi e, &harlotte. is coc" is big an he wants it
insi e your mouth. 3re you rea y to o this?) &harlotte coul only no to $ather %
ohn, her eyes staring straight ahea to the coc" that throbbe in her han s. .ally
"new what it felt li"e the first time, the unmista"able feel of throbbing flesh
#er"ing in your mouth, han s on your hea hol ing you tightly, forcing your mout
h on the hot flesh. Bisho! .amuel waite , seeing her mouth form into a big (=,)
her eyes wi e o!en, big blue innocent eyes, staring at his coc". e coul wait no
longer, !ushing his hi!s forwar , im!aling her mouth with his coc". e shove ha
r er than he e*!ecte to, his coc"hea hitting the bac", a lou gag coming from ee!
in her throat, her mouth closing over his shaft, her soft, wet li!s almost ma"i
ng him cum. (Than" you, 7or ,) was the only thing he coul say when he felt her t
ongue running over the hea of his coc", feeling his semen lea" out, struggling t
o "ee! from cumming. e !ulle his coc" out until 51

only the hea was tra!!e insi e, her tongue bathing it with her hot saliva as &ha
rlotte la!!e at it hungrily. &harlotte ran her tongue over the rubbery flesh !ul
sating in her mouth, her li!s wra!!ing tightly aroun it. It was big, her li!s st
retching wi e to allow the thic" member insi e her mouth. .he felt it #er" when
her tongue touche the ti!, an unmista"able salty flavor inva ing her mouth. .he
ran her tongue over the ti! again, another #er" an the taste !ermeating her mout
h. So that is what it tastes like . The thic", salty flui she ragge out of his c
oc" not all that un!leasant. The taste now filling her mouth as the thic" flui m
i*e with her saliva. It felt so goo having it in her mouthH the Bisho!s organ, al
ive an !ulsating, her tongue an li!s ma"ing it #er" an #um! insi e. .he felt so
!rou of herself as she !lease the Bisho!. &harlotte was embarrassing .ally, acti
ng li"e a whore. It i nt ma"e a ifference that he was a Bisho!, he was still ta"i
ng a vantage of them, but &harlotte was acce!ting it so willingly. ,ell, if she
was going to act li"e a whore, then .ally woul treat her li"e one. .he !ut her h
an s on the bac" of &harlottes hea . (9oure going to have to ta"e more than that,
&harlotte. Bisho! .amuel wants it ee! in your mouth.) .he !ushe , feeling &harlo
tte resisting as the thic" shaft slowly !ushe ee!er into her mouth. ay e you wo
uldn!t e so willing if it is shoved down your throat. (hy was Sally doing this&
.he was frightene , as the har coc" !ushing out her chee"s, !ulling bac" out, th
en thrusting bac" in, further this time, moving to the bac" of her mouth. It was
big, too big to fit in her tiny mouth. .he trie raising her han s u! to sto! th
em, the su en !anic of having the large thic" coc" shove own her throat, cho"ing
her to eath. (/ut your han s own, &harlotte> ow are you efy the 7or ? 9oull ta"
e it all the way into your mouth an own your throat li"e a goo girl. ow o you e
*!ect to become a goo nun if you ont even "now how to !lease a Bisho!? &ontinue,
.ally, show her how much you learne . $ather %ohn tells me you have a uni8ue tal
ent with your mouth.) (.ally is e*ce!tional,) $ather %ohn chime in. (.he has suc
h a talent in raining the emon see from my bo y with her mouth. 0any times she h
as suc"e an swallowe the emon see from my loins.) .ally !ushe on &harlottes hea ,
this time har er, watching the Bisho!s coc" slowly sli!!ing through her tight li
!s, noticing a glint of !anic in her sisters eyes as she obeye the Bisho!, her fi
sts clenching tightly at her si e, unable or unwilling to sto! them from using h
er mouth. &harlotte gagge H her throat s!asming as over half of Bisho! .amuels la
rge coc" was burying itself in her mouth. (@ee! your tongue moving on it, &harlo
tte, run it u! an own the si e. 7a! at the hea , taste his cum in your mouth. If
you breathe through your nose it will be easier. They li"e to ma"e you cho"e an
gag on their coc", it brings them great !leasure.) &harlotte coul not believe h
ow long it was, the thic" shaft seeming to go on forever, !ushing u! against the
bac" of her mouth, ben ing slightly an trying to enter her throat. It felt li"e
a giant !lunger trying to s8uee-e into her tiny throat, the contractions ri!!li
ng u! an own the shaft as she breathe heavily, suc"ing in as much air as she cou
l through her nose. .ally hel her hea tightly, !reventing her from bac"ing off t
he coc". The only thing she coul o was clench her fists an swirl her tongue arou
n the shaft, ho!ing to rain the emon see from him 8uic"ly. is hi!s shot forwar
, another inch of coc" force into her throat as her throat gurgle an gagge . $at
her %ohn was right, &harlotte i seem to have a natural ability to suc" coc", see
ing the Bisho!s thic" coc" bury itself in her tiny throat, a family trait that he
r mother also ha . e coul see her throat !ulsating, his thic" coc" burying insi
e, her eyes alrea y tearing u!, staring at him, her innocent li!s wra!!ing so t
ightly aroun his coc". (9ou o such a goo #ob serving the 7or , &harlotte,) Bisho
! .amuel was not sure he coul go much longer without cumming. e began !ushing h
is hi!s in an out more 8uic"lyH she was ta"ing over half of it now, gagging as i
t hit the bac" of her throat, but her throat was o!ening u! to ta"e it all insi
e, her eyes wi e, a loo" of ama-ement 55

that she was ta"ing it so ee!. e lifte her chin u! higher so she was staring in
to his eyes, (there is more, &harlotte, Im going to bury it all in your throat,)
s8uee-ing her hea , .ally "ee!ing her from moving away. .he gagge an cho"e , the
Bisho! !um!ing his hi!s bac" an forth, the har coc" !ushing !ainfully own her t
hroat. .he coul feel it #er"ing in the hot confines of her throat, his stomach s
mashing against her li!s. It i feel li"e a giant swor in her mouth an throat. .h
e coul nt move her tongue now, his shaft !ressing it to the bottom of her mouth,
his coc" no longer nee ing the stimulation, the s!asming of her throat oing a mu
ch better #ob. .he was breathing heavilyKbarely able to suc" in enough air throu
gh her noseKho!ing that he woul !ull the huge coc" from her throat soon. Bisho!
.amuel finally !ulle his coc" from her throat, slowly ragging it bac" out, feeli
ng her throat muscles clinging to it as the hea !o!!e out of her throat. er ton
gue moving bac" to bathe the hea of his coc" as she suc"e it, creating a eliciou
s vacuum that threatene to ma"e him cum in her hot mouth. .ally caught the sight
of $ather %ohns coc" #utting out the front of his robe, fearing that he woul ma"
e her ta"e it in her mouth again, lic"ing her li!s, getting them wet for him, wa
nting to get it over 8uic"ly. (Ta"e my coc" an fee it into your sisters mouth, .a
lly. 7et &harlotte see if she can ta"e two coc"s in her mouth at the same time.)
e felt .allys familiar soft han grabbing his coc", gri!!ing it tightly. .he wou
l have to ta"e it in her mouth if &harlotte was unable to, an he wasnt sure if &h
arlottes small mouth woul be able to stretch wi e enough to ta"e both of their co
c"s, but &harlotte was the one that was as"ing for this, let her suffer her own
fate. .ally was shoc"e by the or er, it was ba enough with one coc" in your mout
h, how woul her sister be able to ta"e two? .he hesitate , then, "nowing that sh
e woul be !unishe if she i nt obey, gri!!ing his coc", moving closer to &harlotte
, seeing the fear in her eyes. Aubbing $ather %ohns coc" along the si e of her si
sters face, she foun herself intentionally leaving a trail of shiny cum on the bu
lging chee". Bisho! .amuel let his coc" sli e out until only the hea sat on &har
lottes li!s, her tongue running over the ti!, the coc" #er"ing in lust. .ally mov
e $ather %ohns coc" over, two massive organs each see"ing to enter the hot confin
es of the tiny oral cavity. &harlotte o!ene her mouth as wi e as she coul , feel
ing the corners of her mouth stretching, almost tearing, two hot !ieces of !ulsa
ting flesh !ushing along her li!s, each see"ing entrance, each big enough by its
elf to fill her mouth, unsure if she woul be able to han le two at once. But, th
ey were not giving her that o!tion, her own sister ai ing them, her own sisters h
an !ushing $ather %ohns coc" in her mouth, as Bisho! .amuel !oise his coc" on her
li!s, waiting for $ather %ohn to #oin him. Bisho! .amuel hel her hea , !ushing,
$ather %ohn #oining him, seeing &harlottes li!s s!rea ing wi er. (Aeal wi e, &ha
rlotte. .how us you can serve the 7or by ta"ing both of our swor s in your mouth
.) 4either coul wait any longer, &harlotte force to ta"e them in, their coc"hea
s slowly engulfe , each insi e rubbing against the other in her innocent mouth.
&harlotte felt stuffe , a strange feeling as her tongue ran over the two coc"s,
their cum mi*ing to fill her mouth again with the salty flavor of their emon see
s, the thic" flui lea"ing from the hea s of their coc"s. They finally sto!!e ,
each no longer willing to !ush any ee!er without causing her e*treme !ain an tea
ring, more willing to use her as they i now, rea y to fill her mouth with their
cum. .he i nt fully reali-e how much semen they woul um! in her mouth, now she wa
s face with the ilemma of two cumming at the same time. (.tro"e my coc", .ally,
ma"e it cum insi e your sisters mouth,) $ather %ohn eager to ma"e .ally !artici!a
te in &harlottes egra ation. e was rea y, ho!ing that Bisho! .amuel was also, ea
ger to see how much cum they coul fill &harlottes mouth with at the same time. 5B

Bisho! .amuel continue stro"ing his coc", (now, &harlotte, when we cum, I want y
ou to swallow it all, ont let any ri! out of your mouth or you will be !unishe .
9ou must swallow the emon see as your act of contrition.) e saw consent in her
eyes, her tongue eagerly running over his hea , feeling $ather %ohns coc" rubbing
against her sweet mouth. (&harlotte, s8uee-e my balls, s8uee-e the cum from the
m. 9ou too, .ally, s8uee-e the emon see from $ather %ohns balls, em!ty them into
your sisters mouth. 7et her taste these holy flui s.) &harlotte gri!!e his hot ba
lls, feeling his coc" #er" in her mouth, the twin shafts rea y to cum. .he brace
herself, feeling the shafts #er", almost feeling the cum running u! the thic" s
haft. er mouth was filling with a thic", !asty flui , $ather %ohns see #oining i
n with the Bisho!s. .he swallowe , almost cho"ing, gagging as the thic" see slowl
y ran own her throat into her stomach. 3s soon as she em!tie one mouthful, she w
as fille again, the hot flui shooting out onto her tongue, the salty taste !erme
ating her mouth. er chee"s bulge , unable to contain all of the mi*ture, &harlo
tte trying to swallow as fast as she coul , each time her mouth fille again. The
y came forever, her gagging only stimulating them to fill her again. .he finally
felt them get soft, her tongue !ushing the flacci organs from her mouth. .he be
nt over, s!itting u! a mouthful of cum, the thic" flui ri!!ing from her li!s in
a long string to fall on the floor, cho"ing as she i , fearing the !unishment of
not swallowing as they ha as"e . Bisho! .amuel lifte u! her hea , (you i a goo
#ob of serving the 7or , &harlotte. ,e have many other tas"s for you to !erform
to see if you are worthy of the #ob ahea of youH tas"s that .ally will show you
how to o. 4ow it is time for .ally to be !unishe . 9ou can see what you will suf
fer if you fail to o as you are as"e .) $ather %ohn move over to .ally, !ulling
her u! from the !rayer bench. (Ta"e off your clothes, .ally. Bisho! .amuel hasnt
seen your shameful bo y that tem!ts me so. Luic"ly, ont "ee! the 7or waiting. It
is time for your !unishment.) (/lease, $ather %ohn, I wont o it again,) she was b
egging, but her han s were alrea y moving to her blouse, 8uic"ly stri!!ing it of
f, not wanting to see the loo"s on their faces as her bo y was reveale . .he loo
"e over at &harlotte, watching intently. The bra was ne*t, her han s moving over
her na"e breasts, trying to hi e them from their leering eyes. (;ont cover your
sinful breasts, .ally,) Bisho! .amuel or ere , watching as her han s sli to her
si es, her breasts heaving, her breathing labore . (7oo", her ni!!les are alrea
y har . .he has lust in her heart. I thin" her lust shoul be !unishe . Ta"e off
the rest of your clothes, .ally, then it will be time to ri e the bench over in
the corner. 9our breasts will bear the brunt of the !unishment.) .ally feare wha
t they were going to o to her. .he was ho!ing they woul #ust s!an" her as $ather
%ohn ha one on numerous occasions. e i it often until his member was har , the
n .ally woul have to satisfy his lust with whatever means he re8uire of her, her
mouth or her !ussy, she woul have to ta"e his swor until he unloa e his emon se
e insi e her. 4ow, the Bisho! was tal"ing of !unishing her breasts, a thought so
un ing too !ainful to en ure. They really coul nt thin" of oing that to her, her
breasts too sensitive, es!ecially her ni!!les. .he 8uic"ly sli!!e out of the res
t of her clothes, ho!ing her willingness woul ins!ire them to a lesser !unishmen
t. $ather %ohn hel!e her u! onto the bench, lifting her u! highH Bisho! .amuel o
n the other si e grabbing her other leg an forcing her to stra le the shar! leat
her ri ge. .he felt s!lit u! the mi le, sli ing bac" an forth, ho!ing to relieve
some of the !ain on her labia as the ri ge !ushe her !ussy li!s a!art, her ten
er, !in" insi es rubbing on the ry leather ri ge. er wrists were grabbe , a tig
ht ro!e wra!!e aroun , bin ing them together, then thrown over a heavy beam abov
e her, $ather %ohn was !ulling the ro!e bac" own, her wrists being force u! into
the air until they were stretching u! high, .ally fearful as it left her youthf
ul breasts so vulnerable. (Tie her an"les own,) $ather %ohn grabbe one an"le, an
other ro!e being !ulle through the ring in the floor, .allys legs !ulling ownwar
, forcing her !ussy to sit har er on the ri ge, Bisho! .amuel 5C

ma"ing short wor" of her other leg. er na"e bo y !erching high on the bench, he
r !ussy s!lit by the shar!, leather ri ge, her legs s!rea ing wi e to the si es,
her arms high above her hea . er na"e bo y now available for whatever !unishme
nt they eci e to inflict on her. $ather %ohn !ic"e u! a short, fle*ible ro ma e
of fiberglass, similar to a fishing ro . /ulling the ti! bac" an ben ing bac", t
hen releasing it, he let the to! of the ro shoot out 8uic"ly, sla!!ing har on th
e leather bench near .ally. (I thin" something in her mouth woul be a!!ro!riate,
) !ic"ing u! her !anties an forcing her mouth o!en, stuffing them ee! with one f
inger, her chee"s bulging out. Aubbing his han s over her breasts, first cu!!ing
, then encircling the resilient flesh, he s8uee-e , fingerti!s rubbing the ni!!l
es, forcing them to stic" out, $ather %ohn ma"ing them better targets for the ro
. (=ver here, &harlotte,) Bisho! .amuel !ulling her own on the chair near the b
ench. (If you ont behave, I will have to o that to you.) .he was on his la!, his
han alrea y unbuttoning her blouse, reaching in to gras! her bra+encase breasts,
(Ill have to beat these little beauties,) his fingers alrea y rough with her bre
asts. (Ta"e off your blouse an bra,) eager to manhan le her young breasts.) Even
though he ha alrea y cum, his coc" was har again, at the thought of the breast
!unishment .ally was about to receive. &harlotte, com!lying 8uic"ly, stri!!ing t
o the waist as his han s were moving to her na"e breasts, !inching an !ro ing th
e ten er flesh, forcing her to s8uirm her ass, rubbing against his lengthening c
oc" beneath her, her se* alrea y wet. $ather %ohn began lightly ta!!ing on the t
en er un ersi e of .allys breasts, moving bac" an forth from one to the other. Fl
ick, flick. .allys eyes wi ene as the light ta!!ing that barely hurt at first beg
an to ta"e its toll, the ro lic"ing the same s!ots over an over in a monotonous
rhythm, the s"in turning a light !in". e gri!!e one of her ni!!les, !ulling u!
on it, e*!osing more ten er flesh un erneath, the ro sla!!ing bac" an forth over
it. er ni!!le stretching as the ro continue its assault, moving on to the othe
r breast, that ni!!le gri!!e tighter, stretching higher u!, the ro ancing over t
he reveale na"e flesh. It began to hurt more, $ather %ohn hitting har er an hitt
ing the same s!ot over an over. is fingers !inche her ni!!les har , ma"ing them
bigger targets which he then release an 8uic"ly too" a vantage of. .he felt a f
iery !ain in each ti!, the ro stri"ing her s8uarely on the ten er !in" ni!!les,
burning. er u!!er bo y was sha"ing an turning, trying to avoi the ro , but $ath
er %ohn followe her, elighting in the way her tits were bouncing aroun , the ro
stri"ing them over an over again, unerringly fin ing the ni!!les an inflicting t
he !ainful !unishment. &harlotte was not fairing much better, Bisho! .amuel e*ci
te by .allys breast !unishment, began ta"ing out his measure of #ustice on &harlo
tte, his fingers !inching an twisting her ni!!les as she gas!e in !ain. (I li"e
how you s8uirm aroun on my la!, rubbing your cute little bottom on my swor .) Th
en he bent own, his mouth encircling one !in" ti!, closing his li!s aroun it, hi
s teeth hol ing it tightly, his tongue running bac" an forth over the tra!!e nub
. .ally coul nt believe the fiery !ain that shot through her ni!!les when $ather
%ohn struc" the har ti!s with the ro . )ow could he do such a thing to me& The r
o stri"ing the sensitive ti!s with such force that she shu ere in the tight bon
age they ha !lace her in, her hi!s moving bac" an forth with the !ain, her breas
ts ancing as she trie to esca!e each successive blow of the ro . But $ather %ohn
was goo at following her bo y, each time see"ing out one of her ni!!les an stri
"ing it firmly with the en of the ro , the shar! sla! of the !lastic riving anot
her muffle scream from her !anty+ clogge mouth, tears running own her chee"s. .h
e felt his fingers on her ni!!les, "nowing that he was only ma"ing sure they wer
e har for the ro , rubbing the sensitive flesh, forcing it to grow. .he felt his
fingers leave, bracing herself for the ro again, tearing a muffle scream from h
er li!s as he struc" each one har er, the ro sla!!ing harshly across the now re
ene s"in, the ro burying itself ee! into her firm flesh.

Bisho! .amuels fingers were tearing into &harlottes breasts, !inching an s8uee-ing
the firm flesh in a fren-y of lust brought about by .allys breast whi!!ing. e w
as ho!ing that the same o!!ortunity woul !resent itself with &harlotte, a small
in iscretion the only reason he nee e to !unish her. $ather %ohn starte moving t
he ro own onto her stomach, sla!!ing at her ten er ab omen, ma"ing her #er" bac"
an forth on the ri ge, seeing her !ussy wet the leather as she sli bac" an fort
h. e swung the ro lower, sla!!ing it so it hit the to! of her slit, seeing her
eyes o!en wi e as she silently screame in her gag, as her clit was beat with the
ro . Gnbelievable !ain shot u! her s!ine when he hit her clit, then sla!!ing at
her ass, riving her bac" an forth, her labia !ainfully scra!ing bac" an forth a
long the shar! ri ge, li"e a "nife o!ening u! her !ussy. e finally sto!!e , his
han s moving u! to cu! her swollen breasts, the s"in now re with mar"s, the ni!
!les har an sensitive, .ally flinching when his fingers touche them. .he coul fe
el his han s moving own to her slit, fin ing her clit an rubbing it. is other h
an went aroun to her chee"s, his finger sli ing u! an own her sweat+covere crac"
until fin ing her anus. (0y swor has not visite you here, yet.) /ushing with hi
s finger, $ather %ohn forcefully entere her rectum ma"ing her #er" forwar , his
other han !inching her clit, riving her bac" own onto the fingerti! that was now
embe e in her hot rectum. (This wee"en , you will learn how to !leasure the 7or
s servant with your bac"si e. 4ow, I want you to cum for your sister an Bisho! .
amuel.) .8uee-ing her clit har er, he was forcing her to ri e bac" onto his fing
er, tra!!ing it in her hot, buttery insi es. er insi es clenching his finger ti
ghtly as he screwe it in, ma"ing her feel the har "nuc"les as he twiste it si e
to si e. 3t least the !ain from the ro ha sto!!e , but it felt li"e the ri ge wa
s ruining her for life with $ather %ohn forcing her bac" an forth along the shar
! e ge, her slit rubbing harshly along the leather. 3n then there was the strang
e fullness of his finger forcing itself u! her bac"si e, his "nuc"les bashing ag
ainst her o!ening, the rest of his finger moving aroun her insi es li"e a small
sna"e. .ally glance over at Bisho! .amuel an &harlotte, his han s abusing her si
sters na"e breasts as she bounce on his la!, "nowing the !leasure that &harlotte
was force to give him with her butt rubbing his swor . .he felt $ather %ohn !inc
h her clit har er, riving his other finger ee!er insi e her. .he "new the only w
ay she woul be release woul be if she came for him. Trying to bloc" out the !ain
of the ri ge, she concentrate on the finger rubbing her clit to erection, sla!!
ing at her swollen bu . 3 s!asm !asse through her bac"si e, a burning sensation
as the finger continue to massage the muscle trying to force his finger out. .he
refuse to thin" of $ather %ohn !ushing his swor u! her tiny bac"si e, his finge
r alrea y causing her significant !ain. $ather %ohn leane forwar , suc"ing on he
r ni!!les, his li!s surroun ing the har flesh, suctioning it into his mouth, his
tongue rubbing along the beaten flesh. e saw her eyes closing, her hi!s ri ing
the ri ge, her labia sli ing u! an own as he continue fingering her bac"si e.
e coul see her #uices coating the leather, "nowing that she woul cum soon. (9es,
.ally, cum for us,) he encourage , his finger rubbing her clit more gently now,
his tongue la!!ing at her beaten ni!!les, his finger burrowing ee! in her colon
. .ally coul nt hel! herself any longer, her bo y eman ing release, the first org
asm shu ering through her bo y. The !ain mi*ing with !leasure as $ather %ohns mou
th an fingers sent ri!!ling !leasure through her bo y when she came, floo ing th
e leather ri ge with her #uices, ashame as she felt how wet she ha become. is f
inger in her butt shove in ee!, twisting an turning in her clenching anal tract,
the orgasm racing through her bo y. The secon orgasm hit when $ather %ohn bent
his finger in her butt, stretching it wi er than it ha ever been, his other fing
er !laying with her clit. .he loo"e u!, humiliate when she saw Bisho! .amuel an
&harlotte watching her intently, $ather .amuel still !laying harshly with &harlo
ttes breasts, the young flesh now !in" from abuse.

(6oo girl, .ally.) e untie her, her bo y slum!ing to the floor as he hel!e her
off, his arms hol ing her u! when she struggle to regain her footing. (Both of y
ou get rea y for be . ,e will be in to lea you in your be time !rayers.) $ather
%ohn let his fingers roam over .allys ass, whis!ering in her ear, (you will have
to service my swor before you slee!, .ally. 9ou can show &harlotte how to use yo
ur 6o given talent to !leasure the 7or s servants. 4ow off you go, chil .) Bisho!
.amuel !inche &harlottes ni!!le one last time. (Into the be room. I will be with
you shortly,) ta"ing her han an !ushing it against his har coc". (9ou will have
to ta"e care of this tonight,) watching her breasts bouncing as she #oine .ally
in going into their be room. (This be is so big,) &harlotte #um!e into the be ,
bouncing on the soft mattress. er short nightgown hi"ing u! her thighs, her br
ief !anties barely visible. ( ow i we get so luc"y?) .ally was not so ha!!y, she
"new the truth. (&harlotte, its big enough for four. 3n , I thin" sometime soon
$ather %ohn an Bisho! .amuel will be #oining us. ;o you un erstan what that mean
s?) .he wasnt sure, but she sus!ecte that they might leave &harlotte alone tonigh
t, letting her watch, "nowing that it was her that they woul be intereste inH he
r bo y that woul be ta"en by them tonight. (3re they going to have se* with us,
tonight? Both of us?) The thought ha entere her min , es!ecially after having su
c"e the Bisho!s coc". ,hen she ha thought of it, it soun e much cru er than when
it was ha!!ening. .he now un erstoo what .ally ha one with $ather %ohn. The way
he !laye with her bo y after !unishing her, that he was so familiar with it, "no
wing now that .ally ha submitte to him before. 4ow, she "new why her sister ha nt
wante her to come to the retreat. But, that was not what she wante . .he was go
ing to be a nun, serve the 7or . If she ha to also serve Bisho! .amuel, she was
willing to o it for 6o . This was her calling in life an Bisho! .amuel ha !romis
e to hel! her. (Im not sure about you, but Im sure they will have se* with me. Im #
ust afrai of both of them, afrai of what they will o to me.) .he sli her nightgo
wn u! her legs, $ather %ohn giving both of them the nightgowns, reali-ing that t
hey were short an that she was not given any !anties to wear, for a reasonH $ath
er %ohn ma"ing no !retense of what he was e*!ecting from her. (It will be even m
ore embarrassing with you here, seeing your face as they have me, unable to sto!
them from oing whatever they with me. I wish 0om ha nt ma e us o this, I wish sh
e un erstoo it better.) .ally #um!e as the oor han le turne , the oor slowly o!e
ning. %ust as she sus!ecte , $ather %ohn was the first through the oor, Bisho! .
amuel following. Both were wearing bathrobes, bulges in the front, their coc"s a
lrea y har at the thought of entering her bo y. (6oo evening, girls. Its time for
your evening !rayers,) $ather %ohn sai , a smile on his face. (&harlotte, you s
tay over there with Bisho! .amuel, .ally, over here. I will instruct you in !ray
er.) Bisho! .amuel sat own on the be . (=ver here, &harlotte,) watching her scra
mbling to move ne*t to him, his eyes on her short nightgown sli ing u! high on h
er legs, ho!ing to catch a glim!se of her !anties. (9es Bisho!,) 8uic"ly settlin
g in ne*t to him. 7oo"ing own, her nightgown high u! on her thighs, her han s tr
ying !ull it own, the garment too short to cover much. Bisho! .amuel sli his han
own on &harlottes thigh, !ushing the nightgown u! higher again. (4o nee to hi e,
&harlotte, the 7or has given you a lovely bo y an you must let us celebrate it.
) .ally move towar s $ather %ohn, his han s bec"oning her closer to the e ge. .h
e trie as har as she coul to "ee! her nightgown own but its shortness i little t
o hi e her na"e legs, afrai that Bisho! .amuel coul see un er it, see her na"e s
e*. (@neel on the be , .ally,) his han s gri!!ing her hi!s as he turne her towar
s the hea boar . e !ushe her u! tall, her na"e breasts beneath the nightgown,
the ni!!les !ushing out the thin fabric. B0

is han sli own her bac", slowly, over the gentle swell of her buttoc"s, feeling
her s8uirming at his touch. (Behave, .ally>) .he fro-e, his han s returning to
the tas" of feeling her lovely bo y. (0uch better. 9ou must let the 7or celebrat
e your beautiful bo y, is master!iece of !erfection,) as his han s continue to
roam over her buttoc"s, sli ing own to touch her na"e thighs. (6oo girl, .ally,
now bow your hea in !rayer,) his other han !ushing own on her bac". .he felt his
han s roaming all over her bo y, "nowing that this woul not be #ust a !rayer se
ssion, he inten e to use her bo y again, more humiliating this time because Bish
o! .amuel an &harlotte woul be watching, fearing that Bisho! .amuel might be #oi
ning in. .he trie to avoi his han s until he scol e her, fearing further !unishm
ent li"e earlier tonight, not wanting to en ure that again. .he let his callouse
han s continue molesting her, moving own onto her na"e thighs, his touch harsh.
.he felt her bo y being !ushe own, his other han still on her na"e thighs till
she was almost on all fours, her short nightgown rising u! in the bac", his han
s following her na"e s"in. .he coul only imagine how she loo"e , feeling as if s
he were wagging her na"e butt in front of the Bisho!. (9es, very lovely, .ally,)
$ather %ohn sli ing his han u! her sil"y thighs, !ushing her short nightgown u!
higher an higher, his han s caressing her na"e butt, the nightgown now bunche a
bove her waist. er s"in was so smooth an sil"y, her buttoc"s tight. e !resse o
wn on her hea , his other han !ushing un erneath her, raising her ass u! higher.
(3rch u! for the 7or , .ally. =r, woul you rather be boun in !osition?) e watc
he her !ush her butt out an u!, offering u! her na"e bottom to him. .he i nt want
to be boun , ma e hel!less by $ather %ohn with ro!es. But this was almost as ba
, force into !ositions that were !rovocative an highlighte her young, na"e bo y
, not only to $ather %ohn but also &harlotte an Bisho! .amuel. .he !ushe her but
t into the air, her bac" slo!ing shar!ly ownwar , his han s returning to her na"
e buttoc"s. (.!rea your legs for us, show us 6o s treasures,) $ather %ohn urge he
r, his han s sli ing own her satiny thighs, moving between them, his strong han
s !ushing out. e watche her "nees s"i ing along the blan"et, her !ussy !ee"ing
out from behin , her chee"s !arting, the tiny wrin"le hole snuggle tightly betwe
en them. e move his han s u! her bac", sli ing the nightgown u! higher, !ulling
it over her hea , leaving her na"e an !ose for him. e lay across on her bac",
his han s reaching un erneath her to gras! her hanging breasts in his big han s.
(;o they still hurt?) he whis!ere , tugging on her ni!!les, hearing soft groans
from her li!s. .he coul feel his swor beneath his robe sli ing along her na"e b
utt, his fingers grabbing her swollen ni!!les, !inching them, the !ain of the ro
returning. er hi!s began moving in res!onse to the !ain, trying to esca!e the
harsh fingers. (9es chil , li"e that,) her ass rubbing along his har coc". is o
ther han sli ing beneath her, cu!!ing her se* in his large !alm, !ulling her u!
har against his throbbing coc". ( ow you tease the 7or with your se*, .ally,) hi
s hi!s moving bac" an forth to rub his !ulsating coc" on her teenage ass. e beg
an hum!ing her, his hi!s moving bac" an forth, her bo y e*citing him. @neeling u
!, he !ulle off his robe, his re throbbing coc" bobbing in front of him. (I cant
wait any longer, .ally. It is time to ta"e my swor insi e you.) Bisho! .amuel wa
s getting e*cite watching $ather %ohn with .ally. e !ulle &harlotte closer to h
im, his han s on her near na"e thighs, her short nightgown ri ing high on her le
gs. e grabbe the hem of the nightgown an began !ulling u!. (Aaise your butt u!,
&harlotte, let me sli! your nightgown off,) the fabric almost ri!!ing as she le
t the gown sli e out from un er her, Bisho! .amuel now free to !ull it u! an ove
r her hea . e loo"e at her, half na"e , her breasts so firm, her ni!!les !ointe
, still re from the abuse, only a !air of thin !anties hi ing her treasures fro
m his eyes. &harlotte was again stri!!e for the Bisho!, an e*citement between he
r legs again. .he coul nt un erstan the feelings, ashame that a man of the cloth
was se*ually e*citing her. .he watche his han s rubbing over her bo y, !owerful
han s s8uee-ing her firm breasts as if they were melons to B1

be teste for ri!eness. &harlotte !arte her legs as his han sli his han s woul go
own her na"e stomach, "nowing
(.uch a goo girl you are, &harlotte,) his han sli!!e into her !anties, sli ing o
wn her ab omen to !ush into her bush. e yan"e on the hair, hearing a tiny yel!
when he !ainfully !ulle out some of the hairs. (,i er, &harlotte,) his finger se
arching out her !uffy li!s, sli ing own between them as her legs s!rea further,
giving him com!lete access to her virgin se*. e nestle his finger between her l
i!s, her #uices running freely as he began stro"ing u! an own the satiny flesh.
(Ta"e out my swor an caress it. ,atch as .ally ta"es $ather %ohns swor insi e her
hot bo y. 9ou will learn to o that, learn to !lease my swor with your hot insi
es.) e settle bac", her soft, small han encircling his coc", sli ing u! an own
the thic" shaft as he fingere her slit, his ga-e going bac" to $ather %ohn an .a
lly. (Aeach bac" an !ut my swor insi e you,) he or ere .ally, wanting her to !ar
tici!ate in her own ravishment. is coc" shu ering as her han touche him, the li
ght contact almost ma"ing him cum. e !ushe his hi!s forwar , her han gui ing hi
s coc" between her legs, sli ing the hea of his coc" u! an own her slit, along h
er #uices, the unmista"able sign of her arousal at submitting to him. (9es, so g
oo , now !ut it in insi e you, the 7or cant wait any longer.) e !ushe with his h
i!s as he felt her !lace the hea of his coc" on her vagina, the bulbous hea over
sha owing the small o!ening. .he felt so humiliate , bent over submissively, her
butt arching u! high in the air as if she willingly wante his swor insi e her.
.he reache between her legs, grabbing at his hot member, sli ing it u! an own he
r slit as it throbbe in her tiny han s. .he !lace it against the o!ening to her
vagina, feeling the rubbery hea !ulsating, eager to bury itself in her buttery i
nsi es. .he let go of it, grabbing the blan"ets in her fists, !re!aring for the
!ainful entry. It was not long, $ather %ohn !ushing with his hi!s, s!earing her
!ussy on his swor , her vagina force to swallow the hea of his swor , tra!!ing i
t tightly insi e her o!ening. .he screame , the entry swift an !ainful, her bo y
shu ering as she was s"ewere on his !owerful swor . (as that how it would e whe
n Bishop Samuel takes my virginity& &harlotte felt his swor #um!ing in her han a
s .ally screame , "nowing that he was en#oying her sisters iscomfort, a hint of w
hat he woul o to her when he too" her. .he stro"e har er, her han barely surroun
ing the girth of his swor , moving u! an own the shaft, tightening her fingers
when she ran over the hea , feeling it #um! in her gras!. $ather %ohn gri!!e .al
lys hi!s tightly, his fingers turning her s"in white as he force his coc" into he
r tight !ussy. (Than" you, 7or ,) he !raise , her hot insi es gri!!ing his throb
bing member so tightly. e !ulle .ally bac" onto his coc" at the same time !ushi
ng in with his hi!s, feeling her vagina fighting the intrusion of his large coc"
insi e her tiny bo y. er !assage was still as tight as a virgins, having only b
een entere three times, all by $ather %ohn. 3nother groan from her li!s, this ti
me over half of his coc" burying insi e her. e !ushe out on her thighs, forcing
her to s!rea wi er, his coc" sin"ing in ee!er as she o!ene u! for him. /ulling
out, grunting as he shove bac" in again, her !ussy fighting his coc" as he trie
to bury it ee! insi e her. =ne more time he !ulle out, ta"ing a ee! breath an sh
oving bac" in, this time the !owerful thrust burying his giant member ee! insi e
, !ushing har against her cervi*, his coc" !ulsating. $ather %ohn continue his r
elentless fuc"ing, !ushing his coc" in an out of her vagina, each time !ushing e
e!er an ee!er into her tight !ussy, ma"ing her groan as he too" her forcefully.
er face s"ewere in !ain, her fists gri!!ing the blan"et as her once virgin !uss
y was force to ta"e his large coc" insi e her tight !assage. er walls were stre
tching !ainfully wi e to ta"e in the thic" shaft, the hea rubbing u! an own her
insi es. .he felt him fuc"ing her faster, his coc" moving in an out, force bac"
in with more !owerful stro"es, sli ing u! an own her sli!!ery insi es. .he i nt "
now why, but her !ussy began to get wetter, ai ing his coc"s thrusts insi e her,
ma"ing it hurt less an less. .he felt $ather %ohns han s move aroun her, sli!!ing
own to her se*, his han caressing his coc" sli ing in an out of her !ussy as he
continue his !owerful assault on her teenage B5

!ussyH moving u! to fin her clit hoo , !eeling it bac" to reveal her har an swol
len clit. .he shu ere , !ushing her ass u!, forcing his swor ee!er insi e her as
he touche her love button, his finger sur!risingly gentle in rubbing it. .he be
gan to move her hi!s bac", meeting his forwar onslaught, ta"ing his !owerful thr
usts insi e her, his finger ma"ing her bo y tingle. (.ee how e*cite .ally is get
ting in serving the 7or s servant,) Bisho! .amuel commente , his finger still bur
ie in &harlottes !ussy, soa"e with her #uices, reali-ing she was e*cite by what w
as ha!!ening to her sister. er han s were stro"ing his coc" as if she ha been i
n training for year to o this, #ust as .ally ha been, both naturals. They watche
$ather %ohn an .ally e*!lo e in a fren-y of orgasmic bliss, $ather %ohn burying
his coc" ee! insi e .ally, his hea thrown u! in the air, !raising %esus for the
tight !ussy mil"ing the emon see from his loins. .ally was wagging her ass si e
to si e as she came with the first !owerful rush of cum ee! insi e her, bathing
her !ussy with the $athers hot #uices. $ather %ohn reluctantly !ulle out of .all
ys !ussy, his coc" glistening with their combine #uices, her !ussy lea"ing the th
ic" cum he e!osite insi e her own her thighs. e fli!!e her 8uic"ly onto her bac
", "neeling over her hea , gri!!ing her by the chin, !ulling her hea u! to his c
oc". (=!en wi e an clean my coc", .ally. /raise the .wor of the 7or with your to
ngue an mouth,) he or ere , his fingers not giving her a chance as they !ushe in
, o!ening u! her mouth to his flacci , wet coc", !luc"ing it own onto her waitin
g tongue. .ally was force to lic" the cum from his coc", her mouth filling with
the taste of his thic", salty cum an her own #uices. .he lic"e at it obe iently,
his han s hol ing her hea tightly, her li!s wra!!e aroun the shrun"en flesh. .h
e coul feel it har ening again, the flesh growing in her mouth. &harlotte felt u
nfulfille when Bisho! .amuel an $ather %ohn left .ally an her. .he wante Bisho!
.amuel, no matter how much of a sin it was. e ha arouse her an ma e her cum. .h
e wante to feel his swor insi e her virgin !ussy. .he was afrai to say anything
to .ally, "nowing the .ally i nt en#oy what $ather %ohn i to her, oing it only to
avoi his !unishment. (6oo night, .ally.) (6oo night, &harlotte,) .ally sai , an
then a slee!, not wanting to iscuss it. ing, (Im sorry you ha to see that,) roll
ing over to
MMMMM .ally was startle when the oor o!ene , the booming voice of $ather %ohn ri
nging in the room. (Aise an shine for the 7or ,) he blare out lou ly. (6et resse
an come into the "itchen for brea"fast. ,e have a full ay of s!iritual lea ersh
i! an training.) e was carrying two novice uniforms, !utting them on the be an
instructing, (/ut these on. 4o un erwear or blouse. 4ow hurry, the 7or waits for
no man.) &harlotte !ic"e u! one of them, a ar" blue ress. .he ha seen some of t
he novices wearing them. 3 large : cut into the front, but the novices were allo
we to wear white blouses un erneath. They woul be na"e . &harlotte was e*cite at
the thought of it, her breasts woul be available to them an she was sure that s
he woul 8uic"ly feel the han s of Bisho! .amuel on them. .he loo"e at .ally, see
ing a ifferent e*!ression on her face, resigne to another ay of se*ual abuse. Th
ey 8uic"ly freshene u!H &harlotte too" off her nightgown, sli ing her !anties ow
n her legs. .he !ulle the ress on, seeing that it was cut rather short, much sho
rter than the novices wore. .he loo"e own at the :, noting that if she bent over
, her breasts woul be bare . .ally 8uic"ly followe suit, sli!!ing into the ress,
feeling the harsh fabric against her s"in, her ni!!les har ening as they rubbe
on the material. The ress was not ma e to be worn without un erwear. (7ets go,) w
anting so ba ly to get the ay over with, resigne to her fate.

$ather %ohn ha brea"fast rea y for them, a sur!risingly e*cellent brea"fast of e

ggs an bacon. e loo"e u! at the girls often, catching 8uic" glim!ses of na"e fl
esh between the : in their resses, his coc" har at the thought of his han s roam
ing freely over the lovely firm globes. e smile at Bisho! .amuel, who was also
eyeing the girls. 3fter brea"fast, $ather %ohn ha the girls rea ing from the Bib
le, Bisho! .amuel hel!ing &harlotte, .ally his !u!il. e sat own ne*t to her, he
l!ing her to un erstan what she was rea ing, watching but not touching her, yet.
e "e!t them busy for over three hours, continuing their rote memori-ation of t
he Bible. (9ouve been oing very well this morning, .ally,) $ather %ohn sai , lean
ing in closer to her. (/ut your han s on the table,) watching as she glance u! a
t him, com!lying with his or er, the loo" in her eyes revealing that she "new sh
e woul have to submit to him again. e !ut his han s in the : of the ress, light
ly touching her cleavage, running his finger u! an own her sil"y s"in. is finge
rs move over one !lum!, ri!e breast, s8uee-ing it as if it were a ri!e cantalou!
e, his large han easily encircling the firm flesh. e became more insistent, ste
!!ing behin her, reaching ownH both of his han s now free to e*!lore her teenage
tits, !ushing asi e the ress to bare them to his han s an all eyes. er breasts
were roughly fon le , $ather %ohns callouse han s gri!!ing tightly. .he "e!t her
han s on the es" allowing $ather %ohn to have his way with her bo y, her breast
s now na"e , his han s swiftly !ushing asi e the ress. .he ha to arch her bac",
$ather %ohn grabbing her ni!!les, !ulling them u! an out, stretching the rubbery
flesh until she moane in !ain. .he loo"e own, her breasts e*ten ing into !oints
, the ti!s feeling as if they were gri!!e in a vise. $ather %ohn wante more, rel
easing her breasts. (Ta"e off your ress, .ally. Bisho! .amuel, will you hel! me
with .ally?) (3nything for the 7or , $ather %ohn. &harlotte, ta"e off your ress,
as well. The 7or wants both of you as you came into the worl , na"e .) Both gir
ls stri!!e off their resses, their na"e bo ies reveale again. &harlotte was ho!i
ng that Bisho! .amuel woul ta"e her virginity with his swor H .ally afrai of wha
t the two of them were going to o with her, afrai that two swor s woul be !lace
in her bo y. They were !ushe into the be room, Bisho! .amuel the first in, ro!!i
ng his robe, his har coc" bouncing as he got on the be . e lai bac", his erect
coc" hel u! high by his fist, the throbbing hea a ar" re . (.ally, "neel on the
be an stra le Bisho! .amuel.) el!ing her s!rea her "nees wi e aroun Bisho! .amu
els hi!s, her !ussy an chee"s !arting, revealing not only her !in" !ussy, but als
o the tiny wrin"le o!ening of her anus. $ather %ohn let his han s sli! between h
er legs from behin , moving a thic" finger u! an own her slit. (&an you get wet
for the 7or , .ally?) .he felt the finger between her legs, !ushing a!art her li
!s, sawing u! an own her sil"y insi es. e was e*!ecting her to get wet, wet so
that Bisho! .amuel woul have an easier time getting his har wea!on insi e her. .
he close her eyes, reaming that it was a lover who was oing it to her, anything
to mas" the reality of the situation. .he began to feel a tingling in her se*, t
wo fingers now !ushing a!art her li!s, running u! an own, his other han caressin
g her buttoc"s. .he felt so ashame at what they were ma"ing her o, forcing her t
o lubricate her vagina so that they coul have their !leasure with her. (.hes rea
y, Bisho! .amuel. I e*!ect she will be hot an tight for your swor .) $ather %ohn
!ulle .ally u! higher, moving her hi!s towar s the large coc" that #utte u! in
front of her, Bisho! .amuel stro"ing it as he hel it u! for her to sit on. (4ow
ta"e his blesse swor , .ally, an !ut it between your legs. 9our evil bo y has ar
ouse the Bisho!H you must now service him in re!entance.) .he rose u! higher, he
r han s reaching own an touching the Bisho!s swor , both of her han s hol ing it
straight u! into the air, feeling it #er" an throb beneath her fingers. .he rubb
e the ar" re hea along her slit, loo"ing own an seeing it s!rea her li!s a!art,
ro!s of his see glistening in the bright lights of the room. .he !resse it again
st her vagina, !ushing own with her hi!s, B1

stretching o!en to ta"e it insi e. is swor was thic"er than $ather %ohns, the he
a slowly forcing her o!ening to stretch 8uite wi e to acce!t it. .he felt $ather
%ohns han s leave her hi!s, but return to her buttoc"s, stro"ing her chee"s as s
he !ushe own har er, acce!ting the thic" swor . .he moane in !ain as she loo"e o
wn, the hea almost all the way in, her o!ening stretching tightly aroun it. (6oo
girl, .ally, #ust a little bit more an you will have the hea in, !ush own,) his
han s moving to her shoul ers, forcing her own onto the Bisho!s coc". 3 tiny yel
! esca!ing from .allys li!s as the hea !o!!e insi e her. is han s moving bac" ow
n to her buttoc"s, his fingers eager to e*!lore where his coc" woul soon be. e
saw her turn an loo" at him when his finger ran own her slit in bac", over her a
nus, the tiny hole 8uivering. (Ta"e it ee!er now, .ally, you have to raw out the
emon see . .8uee-e him with your evil bo y. 0a"e him um! his emon see insi e yo
u.) is finger circle her anus, the wrin"le hole o!ening an closing as it began
to s!asm, not use to being touche so intimately. e smile at the loo" she gave h
im as she suffere his ru e fon ling, but the thic" coc" entering her !ussy too"
her attention away. .he felt the Bisho!s swor !ushing ee!er, loo"ing own to see h
alf of it alrea y insi e her, stretching her o!en. .he s!rea her "nees wi er, ho
!ing to relieve some of the !ressure. .he !ulle u!, feeling the bulbous hea ragg
ing from her !ussy, then !ushe own again, her weight riving his swor ee!er into
her bo y this time. .he i it again, feeling her !ussy o!ening to ta"e it ee!er,
clenching onto the rigi flesh between her legs. (.o hot an tight, .ally. The 7or
blesse you with such a nice bo y.) e watche her fuc"ing u! an own his shaft, h
er titties bouncing as she too" his coc" ee!er an ee!er, feeling li"e her !ussy
was going to s8uee-e his coc" to eath. .he now ha three 8uarters of it insi e he
r, $ather %ohn giving Bisho! .amuel the no . Bisho! .amuel, reaching u!, stro"e
her breasts, grabbing her ni!!les with three fingers an began to tighten, her ey
es o!ening wi e. /ulling them towar him, he watche them stretch. (Ben over,) he
or ere , his fingers yan"ing her ni!!les own !ainfully. .ally ha no choice but t
o ben , his fingers igging !ainfully into her ni!!les, a fiery !ain shooting thr
ough her chest. e let go of them as her breasts brushe his chest, his arms movi
ng behin her, !ulling her tightly against him, !inning her arms to her si e as h
e i . It hurt as his coc" insi e her bent, !ushing against !laces in her !ussy t
hat ha never been touche before. er bush was now !resse against his ab omen, hi
s coc" burying ee! insi e her, #er"ing an #um!ing as she s8uirme . .he grew afra
i when she felt $ather %ohns han s begin to roam over her butt again. ,ith her ar
ms !inne , she coul nt efen herself. (&harlotte, bring me that bottle of holy oil
,) !ointing to a glass bottle of a clear, thic" oil that was sitting on the corn
er table. &harlotte grabbe it 8uic"ly, bringing it to $ather %ohn, ho!ing that s
he might get to !artici!ate, wishing that it was Bisho! .amuel insi e her vagina
instea of .allys. (/our it on .allys butt,) he or ere , his fingers moving to eac
h si e of her chee"s, !ulling outwar , .allys chee"s !arting even as she was figh
ting him. (,hat are you going to o?) .ally was !anic"e , feeling the cool oil s!
rea over her butt, es!ecially between her chee"s, her anus !uc"ering from the co
ol li8ui flowing over it. Bisho! .amuel began to stro"e har er with his swor , h
is hi!s riving ee! insi e her, !ushing her butt into $ather %ohns han s. (Ta"e ca
re of Bisho! .amuels swor , .ally. Tighten u! your bo y on it. .how the 7or how y
ou ta"e care of is servants.) e s!rea her chee"s a!art harshly, e*!osing her a
nus. e !ulle out more, her hole o!ening, &harlotte ta"ing a vantage of it an !o
uring the oil irectly on it. Aunning his finger

over her anus, he coul feel her shiver. e foun the o!ening, his slic" finger, !
lunging ee! into her rectum with a !owerful thrust, her muscle fighting to "ee!
him out. (===,,,>) The finger insi e her rectum hurt at first, riving her own on
to Bisho! .amuels swor , forcing it to bang !ainfully against her cervi*, li"e it
a sta"e riving through her bo y. er hi!s were moving si e to si e, trying to e
sca!e the finger that continue moving aroun insi e her anal tract, her bo y unab
le to !revent the lubricate igit. .he "new he was going to so omi-e her. It woul
be ba enough to ta"e a swor u! her bac"si e, but they woul s!lit her u! the mi
le if she ha to ta"e both of them at the same time. (9oull "ill me with it,) tear
s flowing own her chee"s, as one finger became two, the Bisho!s swor beginning to
!ush in an out faster. (The 7or wants you to give all of your bo y to is serva
nts.) /ulling his finger out, he grabbe .allys an"les, !ulling her legs bac", !us
hing own on her ass, forcing the Bisho!s coc" ee! insi e her. e s!rea her legs w
i er, "nowing they were aching from the wi es!rea stance, but he nee e to get be
tween the Bisho!s legs an hers. e settle own on .allys bac", his han un erneath h
is bo y, grabbing his har coc" an sli ing it u! an own her crac". is hi!s began
to move bac" an forth, his han s !ushing her chee"s together, ma"ing a nice tig
ht fit for his coc". .he coul feel his swor sli ing along her crac", the hea rub
bing harshly over her anus. It felt even bigger than before, afrai of where he w
as going to !ut it. Bisho! .amuel seeme content un erneath her, his coc" !ulsati
ng in her !ussy, letting her vaginal walls o all the wor" of massaging his coc".
.he felt the heavy weight of $ather %ohn settling own on to! of her, tra!!ing h
er na"e bo y between these two men of the cloth. an s were gri!!ing her ass che
e"s an !ulling them a!art, feeling her crac" stretch !ainfully wi e. .he felt th
e rubbery coc" hea against her wrin"le o!ening, the slic" monster !ressing again
st it. (.lowly,) she begge , resigne to the fate of being so omi-e an ta"en in b
oth of her holes at one time, ho!ing to avoi as much !ain as !ossible. (9es, acc
e!t it, my chil ,) $ather %ohn whis!ere in her ear. (/ush out li"e you are havin
g a bowel movement, it will o!en u! nicely for my swor .) e began !ushing own w
ith his hi!s, fee ing his har coc" u! her bac"si e. .he !ushe bac", tra!!e betwe
en them, acce!ting her fate, ai ing in her own so omy. .he screame in !ain, the
initial thrust of his swor !ushing his coc" hea into her hot, clenching rectum.
(6o , its sooo big>) she crie , trying to !ush bac" again, ho!ing to relieve som
e of the burning from the so omy. $ather %ohn was too im!atient, the feel of her
hot, tight teenage asshole clutching !ainfully onto his coc" hea almost too muc
h for him, afrai he woul cum too soon. e wante her to feel the full measure of
his coc", wanting to bathe her colon with his hot, emon see . is fingers ug int
o her chee"s, his hi!s !ushing forwar in the relentless !ursuit of the e!ths of
her bowels. is coc" !um!e into her in #er"ing motions, !ulling out, then bac" i
n, each time going ee!er, each time iscovering new !arts of her anal tract. e s
ent his coc" into the buttery e!ths of her bowels, gri!!e by her cram!ing ass mu
scles as it was sin"ing insi e her. It felt so hugeH her anal tract feeling li"e
it was being torn, trembling as she too" his swor u! her gut in shar!, #er"ing
shoves. The thic" swor ha her s8uirming beneath him, her anus stretching wi er,
gras!ing the shaft of his swor li"e a tight ring gli ing u! an own the thic" mem
ber. (6gghh>) she crie , tears running own her chee"s, her stomach cram!ing, the
thic" coc"hea , a fullness ee! insi e her stretche colon. .he coul feel his coc
" #er", a tiny gas! from her li!s each time he i . (The 7or has given you such a
tight bac"si e to !lease is servant, .ally. 4ow, I want you to s8uee-e both of
our organs with your tight insi es. ;o a goo #ob an we will rewar you with our
see .) e coul nt wait any longer, !ulling his coc" out, grunting as her ass musc
les fought the big hea , creating a giant vacuum behin it. e !ulle out until he
r clenching anus gri!!e only the hea , her rectum fighting to !ush the rest out.
e then !lunge bac" in, hearing the groan of !ain coming from

.allys li!s as her colon was force to stretch to ta"e the thic" coc" bac" in once
again. e began fuc"ing her, her muscles mil"ing his coc" as he i . Bisho! .amu
el was no longer i leH two .wor s of 6o ravishing .allys bo y. They were s!littin
g her u! the mi le, each !ushing in at the same time, each trying to out o the o
ther, !ushing in farther than their coc"s shoul go. They both hit bottom at the
same time, Bisho! .amuels swor banging harshly against her cervi*, $ather %ohns sw
or burying itself ee! into her cram!ing colon. er cries an groans of !ain seem
only to !rovo"e them into greater lust, their coc"s now coor inating their effor
ts, one !ushing in while the other !ulle out. The area between her legs was cons
tantly fille with a swor , each #er"ing aroun insi e her. (&harlotte, get behin
$ather %ohn an use your tongue on his anus while your han s mil" his testicles,)
Bisho! .amuel or ere her. &harlotte was so hot from watching the ravishment of
.ally, wishing that it were her that ha Bisho! .amuels coc" in her !ussy. .he got
behin $ather %ohn, her fingers s!rea ing a!art the chee"s of his butt, o!ening
u! his anus to her ga-e. .he cringe at the thought of the egra ing act she was a
bout to !erform, but she coul nt isa!!oint the 7or s servants. .he close her eyes,
!ushing her face between his chee"s, her tongue out an !oise . .he felt him 8ui
vering beneath her when her hot, wet tongue hit his o!ening, her fingers !eeling
him wi er, the hole o!ening, her tongue rigi , !ushing into the hot, e!ths of h
is rectum. .he gagge at the tastes, fighting the urge to sto!, so eager to !leas
e the Bisho!, her tongue moving bac" an forth over the foul+tasting o!ening. er
han s reaching own to his testicles, feeling the cum+swollen balls in her han s
an beginning a gentle s8uee-ing motion that seeme to rive $ather %ohns hi! bac"
an forth into her sister at a faster !ace. .he let her han sli! own between her
legs, masturbating her !ussy as she rimme $ather %ohn. The !ain began to iminish
, the almost gratifying fullness of being stuffe re!lacing it. It felt li"e one
giant hole between her legs, barely able to istinguish where each swor was !ushi
ng in an where one !ulle out. er clit bange by Bisho! .amuels !ubic bone, his hi
!s sli ing bac" an forth as he fuc"e u! with his swor , ma"ing her ta"e all of h
im insi e her. .he coul nt control the s!asms in her anus, forcing her !ussy to s
8uee-e on Bisho! .amuels swor , a fiery feeling in her bac"si e as the so omy con
tinue . .he grunte an groane through the long minutes of her uel ravishment. $at
her %ohns han sli!!e beneath her bo y, searching out an fin ing her clit. Two fin
gers s!rea bac" her clit hoo , e*!osing her swollen bu to his other fingers, !in
ching it tightly. .he began to buc" beneath them, a growing feeling of !leasure
s!rea ing through her bo y, confuse that she coul be en#oying the vaginal an ana
l !enetration by the two servants of the 7or . The room was fille with the soun
s of ra!ture, the sla!!ing of na"e flesh, the groans of !leasure an lust as the
three of themKai e by &harlottes tongue an fingersKcame. 3n came together, both s
wor s burie ee! insi e the young bo y of .ally, growing larger as they stirre .
Three cries of #oy rang out as .ally receive the emon see of both men. Bisho! .a
muel um!e his hot see insi e her !ussy, $ather %ohn 8uic"ly followe suit, bathin
g her bowels with his salty see , burning the abra e anal tract. .ally came as h
er bo y fille with a gallon of cum, 8uivering an sha"ing in an e*!losive orgasm
that roc"e her bo y. $inally, all three bo ies slum!e own, raine , their se*ual
ar or tem!orarily sate . .ally felt $ather %ohn !ulling his ra!i ly eflating swo
r from her bac"si e, a small fart soun ing as the air esca!e from the vacuum cre
ate by the thic" member. .he felt a rush of cum lea" from her anus, running own
the insi e of her thighs. Bisho! .amuel !ushe her over, !ulling his coc" from he
r !ussy, coate in the sheen of glistening cum. (&harlotte, come over here an cle
an our swor s with your mouth. $ather %ohns inclu e .) e !ulle her over to $athe
r %ohn, !ushing her hea own onto his la!, her mouth rebelliously o!en as she sta
re at the flacci !enis, covere in cum an tiny s!ec"s. BC

6agging as the lim! swor entere her mouth, her li!s wra!!ing aroun the lim! fles
h. er tongue touching it, the foul taste fille her mouth, gul!ing as she trie t
o get ri it. (3fter lunch it will be time for confessions an acts of contrition.
&harlotte will learn to use her bo y in the 7or s wor" an also to suffer un er t
he han of 6o .)
Chapter 12 Conclusion Father John is transferred to his third parish. Each time
he was caught molesting his parishioners. Bishop Samuel and Father John take the
sisters Sally and Charlotte for a weekend retreat of serving the Lord and his s
ervants, their odies used in many ways in the Lord!s work.
&harlotte coul barely eat, wanting to sli! her han s un er her ress an masturbat
e. .he ha been arouse too many times by Bisho! .amuel an $ather %ohn, each time
she wasnt allowe to have an orgasm. .he still remembere how Bisho! .amuel ha ma e
her cum when he was giving her !rivate lessons. .he wante to serve the 7or an B
isho! .amuel in whatever manner they wante , even if it meant giving u! her virg
inity to him. In fact she almost welcome it. It was the ultimate gift in serving
the 7or , to give her virginity to 6o . .ally was 8uiet uring lunch. They ha bo
th ta"en her, their swor s entering her in both !assages until they fille her wi
th their see . &harlotte coul see that she i nt relish serving the 7or as &harlot
te woul . .he only wishe that she coul be as luc"y as .ally. (&lean u! the table
girls. Its time to worshi! the 7or an his servants.) Bisho! .amuel coul nt wait m
uch longer to fin out how willing &harlotte woul be in serving him an the 7or .
e wante to be insi e her hot, tight !ussy with his coc" as she lay beneath him,
ta"ing his !owerful stro"es. is coc" bulge out the front of his robe. e saw &
harlottes eyes staring at it, her tongue moving out to lic" her li!s as if in ant
ici!ation. &harlotte hurrie to finish the chore, her thighs clenche tightly toge
ther, wanting so much to feel the Bisho! between her legs. .he almost ha an orga
sm when she hear his or er. (=ver here &harlotte. .tan in front of me an ta"e of
f your clothes. .how the 7or what a beautiful bo y you have.) is han went to th
e front of his robe, no longer even attem!ting to hi e his arousal. &harlotte wa
s embarrasse to ta"e off her clothes in front of her sister, her bo y not as mat
ure as hers, her breasts not as large, her hi!s not as full. .he trie to !ut her
sister out of her min , gla that .ally ha a seat behin her with $ather %ohn. .h
e stoo within inches of Bisho! .amuel, slowly unbuttoning the stra!s that hel th
e ar" blue novice ress. .he let the stra!s fall off of her arms, the ress leavin
g her na"e to the waist. .he ma e no attem!t to cover her na"e breasts, sli ing
the ress own her legs until it fell to the floor at her feet. .he "ic"e it asi e
, stan ing in front of Bisho! .amuel in all 6o s glory, na"e , the way 6o ha crea
te her. Bisho! .amuel move closer to &harlotte, a miring her lovely breasts. er
ni!!les were alrea y har , the harsh material of the ress !artly res!onsible fo
r teasing them that way, sure that her arousal ma e them that way. .he ha a hair
y bush, her thighs still clenche tightly together. e touche her stomach, feelin
g her #er" as if shoc"e by a lightening bolt. (&alm own &harlotte. I #ust want t
o e*!lore the bo y 6o gave you.) is han sli own her stomach. (.!rea your legs f
or the 7or .) is han sli between her thighs, urging them wi er an wi er until h
e was satisfie by the wi e e*!anse. is han move u! her sil"y inner thighs, feel
ing the muscles trembling beneath his touch. e sto!!e short of her !ussy, teasi
ng along the crease of her legs. e inhale the scent of a girl in heat. .he woul
ma"e an e*cellent nun, rea y an willing to service all of the !riests in the na
me of the 7or .

&harlotte felt her !ussy getting wet as Bisho! .amuels fingers lightly touche her
bush, sen ing tiny tremors own each follicle. .he coul nt wait to have him touch
her, her wi ely s!ace legs giving him am!le room, the #uices running freely own
her thighs. (3re you rea y to serve the 7or , &harlotte?) is fingers i nt even
wait for an answer, !ushing asi e her abun ant bush to fin her labia, his finger
s gri!!ing her an !inching her li!s together. .he almost #um!e away when he touc
he her, &harlotte forcing herself to stay still for him. is fingers sli u! an o
wn her li!s, s8uee-ing them as he i . e sto!!e , his fingers gri!!ing each li!
an slowly s!rea her o!en for his intimate ins!ection, !eeling her li!s bac" unti
l he was tugging them wi e o!en. is fingers were not gentle, not what she ha e*
!ecte . e !inche her labia before he s!rea her li!s o!en, yan"e wi e o!en until
they ache . .he shuffle her legs o!en wi er, ho!ing to relive some of the !ress
ure, Bisho! .amuel only !ulling wi er. .he loo"e own, his face only inches from
her se*, his hot breath blowing on her. .he tremble as she saw his tongue sna"e
out of his mouth, bracing herself for the touch. (66666=;;;,) she crie out in ec
stasy, no amount of !re!aration coul have gotten her rea y for the e*8uisite tou
ch of his tongue on her !ussy. er legs almost colla!se as his tongue sli u! an
own her slit, the !leasure too ifficult to even escribe. (Than" you 7or >) er b
o y tremble as Bisho! .amuels tongue e*!lore her se* so intimately, his tongue sl
i ing u! an own her slit, his fingers "ee!ing her s!rea wi e. (= 6=;,) she e*cl
aime lou ly. is tongue ha stiffene , !resse against her virgin hole an rimme th
e tight hole sen ing shu ers through her bo y. If it werent for his han on her as
s she woul have fallen own, his tongue sen ing e*8uisite tremors through her you
ng bo y. Bisho! .amuels li!s were covere in her #uices, her !ussy !utting out an
abun ant su!!ly of elicious crFme. e !resse on her ass, sen ing her !ussy into
his waiting tongue, the stiff flesh !ushing into her virgin hole. er muscles fo
ught the intrusion, gri!!ing his tongue as he !ushe in ee!er in until he foun he
r hymen, the final barrier to the hot, tight e!ths of her !ussy. .he woul nt last
much longer, his tongue e*citing her 8uic"ly, her bo y close to e*!lo ing. e !
ulle his tongue reluctantly from her vagina, his fingers moving u! to !eel bac"
her clit hoo , the har re bu !ulsating with esire. e la!!e her slit all the way
to her clit, his li!s closing aroun her har ene bu an su enly suc"ing it ee! in
to his mouth. (/raise the 7or ,) &harlottes han s reaching own an grabbe Bisho! .
amuels hea an !ulle him u! against her !ussy. e ha wra!!e his li!s aroun her !le
asure button, the har little button that she !laye with late at night in be , he
r fingers sna!!ing at it until her bo y crumble un er an orgasm. is mouth suc"e
her clit in li"e a vacuum cleaner, rawing it ee! into the hot confines of his m
outh. .he came when his tongue lashe across it, sla!!ing it bac" an forth while
his li!s hel it tightly. (Ta"e me Bisho! .amuel) she screame in ecstasy, her #ui
ces freely flowing as her !leasure button was attac"e by his tongue. .he felt as
hame as she came, "nowing she was #uicing in the Bisho!s mouth, but his tongue co
ntinue to ravage her clit, her bo y sha"ing an trembling as the orgasms race thr
ough her young bo y. .he ha never felt anything li"e it before, not even un er h
er own solo masturbation, her han s rubbing the Bisho!s face bac" an forth over h
er se*, unable to control her own emotions. er only concern was the increasing
orgasms that race through her bo y. .he was finally s!ent, sin"ing to her "nees,
her han s leaving Bisho! .amuels hea . 3shame , she hi her face. (Im so sorry Bis
ho! .amuel. I ont "now what came over me,) she blurte out. (The ;evil too" over y
our bo y &harlotte. I will have to !urge you with the .wor of 6o .) e 8uic"ly t
hrew off his robe, his har coc" #utting out in front. e lifte u! her chin until
it was inches from his coc". (@iss my swor &harlotte. The only way to !urge you
is for you to give your virginity to the 7or .) .he loo"e u! at his throbbing m
ember, lic"ing her li!s. (9es Bisho! .amuel. 7et me serve the 7or with my worthl
ess bo y.) .he wra!!e her li!s aroun his hot flesh, rawing it into her mouth, he
r tongue la!!ing at it. .he loo"e u! at him, her innocent eyes staring into his.
is han s rew her B9

hea farther onto his member, forcing it in an out of her mouth, her tongue runni
ng u! an own the thic" shaft, feeling the throbbing veins running along the shaf
t. (00066,) she coul only mumble, her small mouth fille with his hot flesh. .he
suc"e his coc" li"e a whore, her enthusiasm ma"ing u! for her ine*!erience. e h
ate to sto! her, but he wante to cum in her virgin hole. (=n the be chil . It is
time for you to receive 6o s swor .) e !ulle her u! by the hair, laying her own
on the be . (.!rea your legs for the 7or . .how him the ar", hot hole that he w
ill use to !urge the ;evil from your bo y.) is coc" throbbe as she lay own, her
na"e bo y s!rea ing for him, her !ussy o!ening u! until he coul almost see insi
e her forbi en hole. (/eel your li!s bac" an use your fingers to get wet.) is
stro"e his coc" as she began to masturbate, her fingers glistening with her #uic
es. .he might have #ust cum, but she was alrea y arouse again, her hi!s beginnin
g a gentle fuc"ing motion. .he loo"e at his member, so thic" an har . .he wasnt s
ure how he woul get it insi e her, but she i nt care any longer, her bo y was the
7or s now. .he was alrea y wet in s!ite of her orgasm, the thought of Bisho! .a
muel ta"ing her virginity for the 7or arousing her. (/lease, ta"e my virginity f
or the 7or , Bisho! .amuel.) e climbe between her legs, &harlotte s!rea ing her
thighs farther o!en until they ache , her eyes glue to the thic" member that #e
r"e so close to her vagina. .he i nt hesitate, gri!!ing his member in both of her
han s, gui ing it to her se*, rubbing the hot hea u! an own her slit. .he almos
t came when she felt her se* fol bac", her li!s closing over the hot hea as it !
ulsate on her !ussy. .he coul nt wait any longer, ta"ing the huge hea an !lacing
it against her small o!ening. (Its so big,) she e*claime when she felt it !ulsati
ng against her tight hole. .he arche her hi!s u!, wanting to feel it ee! in her
virgin bo y, but at the same time afrai of the !ain that she woul feel when it r
i!!e through her hymen. (9es it is &hil . But you can ta"e it. $or the 7or .) e
began to !ush with his hi!s, the thic" hea of his coc" breaching the tight o!en
ing, watching her hole slowly s!rea wi e to ta"e it in. e hel her tight as his
hi!s !ushe har er, her muscles fighting the intrusion. (EEEEE6666,) she screame
out in !ain, the thic" member breaching her o!ening, her hole feeling as it he w
ere tearing it. .he trie to sin" her butt ee!er into the mattress but his hi!s c
ontinue to follow her, forcing her to ta"e more of the hot member. .he coul feel
it #er"ing in !leasure as it sought to breach her. Then she felt it, the thic"
hea !ushe against her hymen, feeling the thin membrane stretch as he continue to
!ress forwar . er !ussy was stretche taut across the thic" hea of Bisho! .amue
ls coc". Bisho! .amuel coul nt wait any longer. is muscles tightene an he !ushe i
nto her with a !owerful thrust of his hi!s, his coc" tearing through her hymen a
s if it were butter. (Ta"e the 7or s .wor &harlotte,) he yelle out as he too" her
innocence in a brutal thrust of his coc", burying half of his har coc" insi e h
er violate hole. e !ushe his bo y own on hers as he too" her virginity from her
. (=h 6o , 4o>) It hurt terribly, her insi es feeling torn as his brutal wea!on
thrust into her virgin !assage, her muscles !ushe asi e in submission by the hot
, throbbing member. .he coul feel the wetness, "nowing that it was her virgin bl
oo that ai e his wea!ons entry insi e her, his han s sli ing un erneath her, gri
!!ing her na"e butt an forcing her u!, his member waiting, sli ing ee!er insi e
her. is bo y was !resse against hers, her !ointe ni!!les rubbe by his hairy che
st. Bisho! .amuel love the loo" of !ain an sur!rise on her face as she was su en
ly an brutally im!ale on his coc". .he woul never forget this ay, the ay when sh
e gave her innocence to the 7or . e !ulle his coc" out until only the hea was g
ri!!e by her tight hole, seeing his shaft coate !in" with her virgin bloo . e s
hove bac" in again, her muscles gri!!ing his coc" as he !ushe into her virgin !a
ssage, his !owerful wea!on !ushing asi e all resistance as he too" her. Each tim
e he stro"e in he woul go ee!er, !ulling out slowly, rawing her insi es with eac
h stro"e. Then he woul shove bac" in, ma"ing her ta"e his coc" in a !owerful str
o"e that ma e her luscious tits ance u! an own on her chest. C0

e i nt sto!H his member sli ing in an out, her bo y roc"ete by his !owerful thru
sts. It too" her breath away when he burie his coc" ee! insi e her, feeling the
hea of his member slamming har against her cervi*, ma"ing her ta"e the full meas
ure of his swor . e i nt !ause for more than a secon before he rew it out, her i
nsi es caving in behin the e!arting member. ,hen only the hea was still insi e h
er, #er"ing in !leasure, he woul clench his muscles an thrust bac" into her with
a !owerful force that !inne her to the be li"e a butterfly. It hurt, but felt g
oo all at the same time, her young bo y confuse . It was the 7or s wor" she was o
ing, her bo y sacrifice for the 7or . It felt huge insi e her, !ushing asi e her
insi es as his swor ruthlessly too" her with his !owerful stro"es. .o that is w
hat it felt li"e, feeling the throbbing flesh #er"ing in !leasure insi e her. Bi
sho! .amuel was !anting above her, his hi!s a blur as he too" her, his testicles
banging against her bac"si e with each !owerful stro"e. (/lease the 7or &hil .
.8uee-e his swor with your bo y.) e en#oye her hot, tight !ussy, his balls ting
ling as he ro e her for all that he was worth. But he wante more from her, wanti
ng to test her submission to the 7or s wor". is han s crawle un er her ass, gri!
!ing her chee"s, feeling the muscles tighten, his coc" feeling as if it were cau
ght in a vise. (=h yes, &hil . .o goo . 3gain.) is fingers ug into her chee"s,
tearing them a!art, his finger searching out her hot asshole. e foun the sweat
renche hole, his finger !ushe against it as her ass arche u! to esca!e the ru e
!lun ering of her bac"si e. It hurt when she s8uee-e him, but it ma e Bisho! .am
uel so ha!!y, his swor #er"ing an #um!ing insi e her. is han s scratche her but
t chee"s as his fingers ug into her ten er flesh, forcing her to arch u!, riving
his swor ee!er into her !ussy. It felt li"e her anus burning, his fingers rawin
g a!art her chee"s until her hole began to stretch o!en. .he swung her hi!s si e
to si e to esca!e the fingers that clawe between her chee"s, only succee ing in
!leasuring the swor that continue to ravish her bo y. (444===>) is finger ha t
ouche her bac"si e, touching her in that forbi en !lace. .he ha watche $ather %o
hn ta"e .ally in her bac"si e, seeing the loo" of !ain etche in her face as his
swor tore into her efenseless hole. 4ow Bisho! .amuel ha his finger !ressing aga
inst her tiny hole, feeling her muscles alrea y fighting to "ee! it out. The fin
ger move over her hole almost as if it was caressing it, running aroun the hole
until it settle on the center of it, her muscles fighting as it began to !ress h
ar er. (GGG666 >) .he crie out in !ain, her butt rising u! so high that his swor
bashe !ainfully against her cervi*, feeling as if it was going to come out her
mouth. The finger ha entere her unceremoniously, thrusting ryly into her bac"si
e, burning as her hole stretche to ta"e the thic" finger. It began to move ee!er
until she felt it !ushing against her rectal muscles, ma"ing her stomach cram!
une*!ecte ly. er asshole was as hot as her !ussy, her muscles clam!ing own tigh
tly as he thrust into her rectum. e rove his coc" into her, her bo y buffete by
his twin !robes. e began to fuc" her har er, his balls rea y to um! his cum in
si e her. (/leasure me &hil ,) he or ere her as he fuc"e her har . (Aeceive the
7or s see insi e you.) .he was being s"ewere on both en s, his finger ee! insi e
her bac"si e, the uncomfortable feeling at having something moving aroun insi e
a !assage not meant to be entere . 3t the same time his swor continue to !lun er
her once virgin !assage, eliciting such e*8uisite !leasures from her untraine b
o y. .he s8uee-e tightly on his swor even though it carrie over into her bac"si
e, her muscles involuntarily tightening on the finger insi e her. .he wante to !
lease Bisho! .amuel but she also felt the first tingling of an orgasm a!!roachin
g. .he began to move her hi!s in s!ite of forcing his finger ee!er into her rect
um. =r maybe it was because of it, a ee! masochistic thrill racing through her b
o y as she serve the 7or . is swor continue to ravish her bo y, moving faster a
n faster insi e her, ta"ing her so com!letely, Bisho! .amuel ma"ing her ta"e the
full measure of his swor . .he tightene her muscles on his swor , feeling it #e
r" insi e her. e !lunge it ee! insi e her, so ee! she thought it woul meet his
finger in her bac"si e. e sto!!e an then she felt it. It seeme to get bigger in
si e her, stretching her.

It began to shoot insi e her, &harlotte feeling for the first time the blast of
see bathing her once virgin !assage. It was hot, feeling as if it were scal ing
her insi es. .he rubbe her bo y bac" an forth against him, feeling his flesh aga
inst her clit, the !leasure button har an waiting. .he felt her bo y cumming #us
t in time to feel the secon blast of see !oun ing against her womb. er butt !us
he bac", riving the finger ee! into her bowels as her hea grew i--y in !leasure,
her ni!!les har an sensitive rubbe harshly by his hairy chest. .he coul nt contr
ol her own muscles, her bo y sha"ing an #um!ing un er his, the !leasure racing t
o her brain as she tremble un er her first orgasm in uce by the swor ee! insi e
her. (/raise the 7or ,) she screame out so lou that even Bisho! .amuel was ta"en
bac". is coc" !ulle out an then !lunge bac" in, s!ewing his hot see insi e her
bo y, mi*ing with her #uices as she came with him. er !ussy felt li"e a blast
furnace, her muscles clenching so tight on his coc" that he grunte each time he
fuc"e bac" in. e s"ewere her asshole on his thic" finger, rubbing her muscles s
alaciously as it rove her hi!s high into the air, !lunging his coc" so ee! he th
ought it woul come out the other en . e coul nt contain himself any longer, rivi
ng his coc" ee! insi e her, feeling her clench onto his coc" as the cum rushe fr
om his balls to bath her womb with his see . (Ta"e the 7or s see &hil ,) he screa
me out in !leasure, um!ing his cum ee! insi e her. e hel her tightly against hi
m as she began to cum with him, their #uices mi*ing ee! insi e her young bo y, h
ol ing her trembling bo y. (9es &harlotte. &um with the 7or . Aeceive his see in
si e you.) They both finally colla!se , Bisho! .amuel ragging his coc" from her
wet !ussy, sitting u! as &harlotte trie to catch her breath. e loo"e own at her
, her lovely bo y covere in sweat, her bush renche in his #uices, her eyes close
, her breathing ragge . e !ushe her wet hair from her face. (9ou serve the 7or
well &harlotte. 9ou will ma"e an e*cellent 4ovice.) e move over her hea , lear
ning over until his lim! coc" rubbe across her li!s. (&lean the 7or s swor ,) he
or ere her, his fingers o!ening u! her li!s until his soile coc" entere the hot
confines of her mouth. e felt it begin to grow, her tongue moving over the hea
, lic"ing it to har ness again. .he hate the taste of his swor , "nowing that it
was covere in his #uices an the bloo from her innocence, but she suffere , her
tongue lic"ing the lim! flesh, tasting the salty, metallic tasting flui from his
organ. .he felt it growing in her mouth, feeling so !rou that she coul o such a
thing to a !owerful Bisho!. .he loo"e over at .ally. er han s were stro"ing $a
ther %ohns swor , the hea of it glistening in #uices as he watche &harlotte !erfo
rm with Bisho! .amuel. .allys other han cu!!e his testicles while $ather %ohns han
was busy between her legs. &harlotte coul nt see where $ather %ohns fingers were,
but she assume it was u! .allys bac"si e, the loo" of istaste on .allys face. It
i nt ta"e Bisho! .amuel very long to get har again, &harlotte 8uic"ly fin ing her
mouth stretche to the limit as it grew insi e her chee"s. .he tightene her li!s
aroun the thic" shaftH her tongue la!!ing at it as a cat woul , ho!ing to !leas
e him. e !ulle his swor out of her mouth, &harlotte isa!!ointe as she felt the
em!tiness. Bisho! .amuel saw the loo" on &harlottes face. (;o not es!air &hil . 9
ou will have another chance to serve the 7or .) e stro"e his coc", seeing her f
ace brighten u! again. .he ha cum un er his coc", wanting more of the same now t
hat she learne the !leasures his coc" coul bring. (9ou still have one more virgi
n hole to give to the 7or .) is coc" #er"e in !leasure at the thought of snuggl
ing u! in her hot, tight asshole. &harlotte "new it woul hurt when he too" her i
n her bac"si e, noticing the !aine loo" on .allys face when they both too" her. B
ut that i nt !ersua e her away, the thought that Bisho! .amuel woul ma"e her cum
again an the gift of her virginity that she woul be giving the 7or ma"ing it wor
thwhile. .he ha so much to give to the 7or . (0y bo y is to serve the 7or an his
servants. I will o whatever is re8uire of me.)

Bisho! .amuel was eager to e*!lore her. (=n the be .) e or ere her, watching as
she climbe onto the large be . (=n your stomach.) e a mire her firm, taut ass
chee"s an the way they seeme to arch u!. (9es, such a lovely bo y &harlotte.) e
gri!!e one of her an"les, s!rea ing her an"le to the far si e of the be . e mo
ve to the other si e, stan ing between her legs as he yan"e the other harshly, s
!rea ing it wi e until she s!rea li"e a wish bone. e coul see her tiny asshole
!ee"ing out from between her chee"s, !ulling her leg wi er until the crease all
but isa!!eare , the tiny !uc"ere hole barely visible. (9our bac"si e will !lease
my swor &harlotte.) e sli!!e between her wi e+s!rea legs, crawling on his "nee
s, his thic" coc" #utting out in front, har as a roc" from the sight of her virg
in hole. e bent over her ass, his han s gri!!ing her hi!s an !ulling her ass u!
submissively. e li"e the way she loo"e , her ass arche u!, his han smothering
own her bac", !ositione as if she were offering u! her asshole for sacrifice. Th
is is e*actly what she was oing. .he felt so vulnerable, her legs aching as Bish
o! .amuels s!rea her so wi e. Even her anus burne , the tiny hole !ulle wi e, Bis
ho! .amuels han s urging her ass u! high into the air until she was !ose for his
!leasure, &harlotte almost embarrasse that she loo"e so obscenely e*!ose . .he t
urne to loo" at Bisho! .amuel, her face re in shame when she saw how har his mem
ber was, "nowing it was her bo y that was testing him. (Ta"e my sinful bo y Bish
o!. /urge it with your swor .) Bisho! .amuel too" some of the oil, stro"ing his
coc" as he rubbe in it. e ribble some of the oil on her asshole, seeing the way
her tiny hole began to s!asm from the unfamiliar touch of the col oil on her ho
t hole. e rubbe the e ges of her !uc"ere hole, seeing her fighting the strange
urges that ran through her bo y. e !ushe into her hole with his finger, riving
it into her rectum with a su enness that rew a gas! from her li!s. e hel her hi
! with his other han as he s"ewere her hot, tight asshole with his finger. (Ta"e
it &hil >) is voice was a amant, !ulling her bac" onto his !robing finger. .he
buc"e beneath his finger as she struggle un er the ru e !robing. e twiste his
finger insi e her, his coc" ancing in elight as he felt her muscles clenching un
controllably on his finger, eager to re!lace his finger with his coc". (= 6=;>)
.he crie out as she felt the burning as his finger unceremoniously !lunge into
her bac"si e. Even the oil i nt hel! much, !ressing forwar to try to esca!e the c
ruel ravishment of her bac"si e. is han !ulle her bac" onto the finger as it sl
i ee!er into her bac"si e. .he coul feel her muscles trying to !ush it out, unab
le to control them as she felt her bac"si e im!ale on his thic" finger. 6o , if
his finger hurt this much, how woul she ever ta"e his thic" swor ? is finger wa
s relentless as it !resse ee!er insi e her, her stomach cram!ing as his fingerti
! !ushe !ainfully on her muscles ee! in her rectum. .he coul nt o anything to sto
! him as he continue to !lunge ee!er insi e her, her anal ring burning as his th
ic" "nuc"le !ushe insi e her. (==== , it hurts,) she moane in !ain, her hi!s m
oving to the si e to try to esca!e the thic" finger. Bisho! .amuel shove his fin
ger ee!er insi e her until his "nuc"les bange against her anal ring, twisting an
turning it ee! insi e her hot, clenching !assage, en#oying the !leasure from he
r resisting muscles. (Ta"e it for the 7or , &harlotte. 9ou must learn to bear th
e !ain to serve the 7or .) e !ulle his finger until it was almost out, then !lu
nge in bac" in ee! insi e her with a !owerful thrust that too" her breath away.
e was !re!aring her for his coc". .he went from full to em!ty then to full agai
n, gas!ing at the !ain as his finger !lunge ee! insi e her. is finger hurt ba l
y enough, twisting an turning insi e her, her stomach cram!ing from the unnatura
l !robing of her insi es. er ass was still arche u! submissively as Bisho! .amu
el too" her bac"si e with his finger. .he clenche her muscles when she felt the
relief as his finger left her, her anus clenching uncontrollably even when she w
as em!ty. .he loo"e bac" at him, stro"ing his swor with oil, his hi!s shifting f
orwar until she felt the unmista"able feeling of his hot swor on her anus. (/lea
se 7or . el! me ta"e his servants swor in my bac"si e,) she !raye alou as she f
elt the !ressure on her anus, Bisho! .amuels han s tightening on her hi!s, "ee!in
g her !ulle bac", unable to esca!e his swor .

is coc" #er"e in !leasure when he !ushe against her hot asshole, covering her t
iny hole with the huge hea of his coc". e hear her !rayer, not wanting to isa!!
oint her, !ulling her hi!s bac" onto his coc" as he !ushe forwar with his hi!s.
e en#oye the way her tight hole fought bac", seeing its losing battle as her an
al ring slowly began to stretch as he began to breach her virgin hole. ,i er an
wi er it e*!an e until the ti! of his coc" began to !ush into her ar" forbi en a
sshole, his thic" hea stretching her o!en wi er. e grunte as he gave her a !owe
rful shove with his hi!s, hol ing her onto his ram!aging coc", finally breaching
her virgin asshole. (EEEE ,) she screame in !ain as her tiny hole burne , afra
i he ha torn her when she felt the unmista"able feeling of his hot flesh insi e
her bac"si e. er breathing was ragge as she trie to com!rehen the !ain that cam
e from her bac"si e. (/lease ont move,) she crie out. It hurt more than she coul
have imagine . .he was grateful that Bisho! .amuel !ause , his flesh feeling str
ange as it throbbe insi e her rectum. It felt as if his coc" was in a vise, a ho
t tight vise that "e!t it !inne insi e her asshole. e hel it still, letting her
grow accustome to having him insi e her. er bac" was covere in sweat, her face
contoure in !ain as she loo"e at him with !lea ing eyes. (Ta"e the 7or s swor &
harlotte. /lease him.) e began to !ush again, grunting as he fought her resisti
ng muscles, her anal ring sli!!ing over his coc" li"e a tight ban . e ha the he
a of his coc" insi e her rectum, feeling the heat of her bo y, her muscles fight
ing to shove out the inva ing member. .he buc"e beneath him as he slowly !ulle h
er asshole onto his har coc" li"e a soc", his han s on her hi!s !ulling her bac"
on his rigi member. ($eel my swor &harlotte.) e !ushe har er, his slic" coc" !
ushing asi e all resistance as it slowly sli!!e into her clenching bowels. e !u
lle out until the hea of his coc" was gri!!e !ossessively by her asshole, then !
lunge in again, riving his thic" shaft into the e!ths of her bowels. It felt li"
e a log in her bac"si e, his swor relentless as it !ushe ee!er insi e her. 3s he
!lunge in, her stomach woul cram! as his flesh !ushe asi e her muscles, touchin
g her in !laces that were not meant to be touche . .he coul nt even control her m
uscles any longer, her bac"si e a burning mass of !ain as his swor ram!age her v
irgin !assage. Bisho! .amuel was relentless, his swor never still, continuing to
!lunge in an out of her bac"si e, her bo y buffete by his !owerful stro"es. .he
thought it woul never en , his swor continue to !lunge ee!er into her colon, st
raightening u! !arts of it not meant to be straightene , !ainful cram!s in her s
tomach giving his thic" member !leasure as her muscles fought to !ush it out. e
woul !ull his swor out, feeling her insi es ragge out by the !owerful !ressure
until his swor was ca!ture by her anal ring. e woul !ause for a secon , &harlot
te gas!ing as he !lunge bac" in, his long swor sin"ing ee! into her bowels. er
only relief was to finally feel his stomach !ushe against her butt, "nowing that
she ha his swor as ee! as he coul get it, her !assage cram!ing on the thic" mem
ber. Bisho! .amuel was stro"ing her asshole with his coc", en#oying the way her
muscles ri!!le along the shaft as he too" her. e ma e her ta"e the full measure
of his coc" !lunging so ee! insi e her that his stomach sla!!e harshly against
her u!+thrust ass chee"s, #arring her bo y. .he grunte !ainfully when he fuc"e i
n, groaning as he !ulle out, ta"ing his !owerful stro"es. e woul nt be able to l
ast much longer, her hot, tight insi es bringing such !leasure to his throbbing
member. The other /riests woul en#oy her tight bac"si e, &harlotte sure to fin h
erself with many swor s so omi-ing her asshole. 0any of the /riests en#oye boys,
but &harlottes asshole woul !rovi e suitable en#oyment shoul they not fin any wi
lling or unwilling boys to accommo ate their !erversions. .he went from full to
em!ty with his !owerful stro"es. .he coul nt believe that she ha ta"en his huge s
wor u! her bac"si e, but she coul feel the hea of his swor #er"ing in !leasure w
hen it rove ee! into her colon. is han s sli un erneath her, lifting her ass u!
higher, allowing him to ta"e ee!er stro"es. .he felt some relief when one han s
li own between her legs an cu!!e her se*, fin ing a fat finger sli!!e salaciousl
y between the li!s of her se*, her bo y #er"ing from the une*!ecte !leasure. 0ay
be he woul ma"e her cum, though &harlotte not sure she woul be able C1

to o it with his har swor ta"ing her so fully in her bottom. .he began to move h
er hi!s from si e to si e as she felt the finger begin to masturbate her, the !l
easure running through her bo y as it sli u! an ta!!e so !leasurably on her clit
. (EEEEE ,) she crie out, this time in !leasure in s!ite of the ee! thrust ins
i e her bowels. .he wasnt sure how, but she began to feel a tingling of !leasure
when his swor was ee! insi e her, !ushing asi e all resistance as it too" her ru
thlessly insi e a ar" !lace that was not estine to be touche as he i . .he i nt u
n erstan it, only acce!ting the tingling that race through her bo y, her ni!!les
swelling u! in !leasure, his finger rubbing u! an own her now wet slit. Bisho!
.amuel coul feel her arousal, his finger slic" with her #uices as he ran u! an o
wn between her li!s. Two fingers sli!!e into her hot !ussy, sli ing ee! insi e u
ntil he coul feel his coc" #er"ing beneath the thin layer of s"in that se!arate
the twin !robes. e !ulle her u! higher on her !ussy, his fingers igging ee! ins
i e her. (=h 6o >) .he was ueling im!ale now, his fingers an his swor felt as if
there was one big member between her legs that threatene to s!lit her u! the mi
le. is other finger sna!!e bac" an forth over her clit, sna!!ing it harshly bu
t not failing to arouse her with the !ain. .he was buc"ing u! an own, the finger
s an his flesh in her bac"si e ma e her ance, i--y as her bo y was use by Bisho!
.amuel in this obscene manner. e fuc"e her har now, seeing her arousal, "nowin
g that he nee e to cum 8uic"ly. er asshole ri!!le u! an own his thic" shaft, he
r hi!s buc"ing bac" an forth, e*citing him with her tight, hot hole. e coul fee
l the !ressure in his balls, the ache he felt #ust before he was rea y to cum.
e slowly sai a !rayer in his hea , ho!ing to elay his long awaite orgasm until &
harlotte was rea y to cum, wanting to heighten his !leasure with her bo y as she
e*!erience another orgasm. is hi!s were a blur as he fuc"e her har , slamming
!ainfully into her ass chee"s, rawing her bac" onto his thic" coc" each time. 3m
en, the en of the !rayer an his orgasm ra!i ly a!!roaching. .he was ta"ing his s
wor insi e her bac"si e an she was rea y to cum, unable to com!rehen her own bo
y, #ust wanting to feel the !leasure race through her bo y again. is han s an f
ingers were relentless, rubbing her clit, !lunging ee! insi e her !ussy while hi
s swor continue to ream out her bowels with his !owerful wea!on. .he felt his bo
y shu ering behin her, feeling the organ insi e her grow, stretching her wi er.
.he coul hear his gas!s of !leasure an then felt a #et of hot cum shoot ee! int
o her bowels, filling her as nothing ha ever one before, &harlotte imaging his s
wor shooting its see ee! insi e her ass. It was all she nee e to sen her over th
e e ge, her muscles clenching tight on the s!ewing swor insi e her as she came,
the orgasmic bliss rushing over her bo y, her ni!!les tingling, her hea i--y as
the orgasm race to her brain. .he coul feel the wetness between her legs as she
came on his fingers, covering them with her co!ious flui s, another #et of hot c
um shooting into her bowels, her belly fille with the 7or s see . e shove so ee
! insi e her that he thought it woul come out her mouth, hol ing still while his
coc" twitche in !leasure. e coul almost feel his #uices racing u! the shaft of
his coc", the hole in the hea of his coc" stretching wi e to shoot out his hot
see ee! insi e her asshole. e felt her shu er, his fingers continuing to mastur
bate her as she came with him, feeling her asshole gri! his coc" tightly as he f
ille her with another loa of his cum. is fingers sloshe aroun in her renche !us
sy, her abun ant crFme ma"ing his fingers slic" with her cum. =nce more he shot
insi e her, giving her a s!erm enema, filling her bowels with his thic" crFme.
e !lunge his fingers insi e her !ussy one last time, eliciting a scream of !leas
ure as she came again, finally slum!ing own on the be , Bisho! .amuel following
her own, his semi+rigi coc" still insi e her asshole. e was crushing her, her b
o y ravishe from the orgasm that ri!!e through her untraine bo y. .he felt the u
nfamiliar !ain in her bac"si e as her muscles !ushe out the lim! swor insi e her
until she felt it !o! out an sli! between her legs. 3nother s!asm in her ass an
she felt a river of cum running own the insi es of her thighs, her legs still s
!rea wi e as Bisho! .amuel finally got u! from the be . .he felt a shar! sla! on
her ass, the Bisho!s voice brea"ing the silence. C5

(9ou will o well in serving the 7or as a 4ovice, &harlotte. I will tell your 0ot
her when we ta"e you home that you will return with me to the &hurch to serve in
6o s @ing om.) e saw the smile on her face at the news. e loo"e over at .ally,
her hea in $ather %ohns la!, his strong han s hol ing her own as his coc" !ierce
her mouth, only cho"ing soun s coming from her li!s as he too" her mouth for hi
s !leasure. &harlotte foun herself being ta"en by Bisho! .amuel one last time be
fore they left, &harlotte eagerly getting own on her "nees as Bisho! .amuel gave
her the honor of a ministering to his swor until it har ene . Then she foun her
na"e bo y beneath his, his swor ta"ing her first in her se*, then moving bac" a
n forth from her se* to her bac"si e, &harlotte ma"ing her bo y as tight as she
coul to !lease the Bisho!. .he was rewar e with his see , filling her as she ha
an orgasm, the thought of serving the 7or with her bo y e*citing her. .ally was
not as enthusiastic, serving $ather %ohn begru gingly with her bo y. (,ait here
while I tell your 0other of the news.) The ri e bac" was 8uiet, !ulling in front
of the house, Bisho! .amuel noticing that the .ally an &harlottes $athers car was
gone, !robably at wor" alrea y. (,ait ten minutes an then come in.) e left the
m in the car, the air still col . 0ary hear the "noc" on the oor, loo"ing out th
e win ow, seeing $ather %ohns car outsi e. .he o!ene the oor, sur!rise when she s
aw him. ($ather .amuel?) (9ou recogni-e me 0ary. Though it is Bisho! .amuel now.
) e thought he recogni-e her before, but wante to be sure. (Im sorry Bisho!. I i
nt "now. Its been a long time since you were my /riest. I was only about .allys ag
e.) The images that she ha bloc"e out of her min after all the years su enly cam
e flashing bac" into her hea . (3rent you going to let me in?) e finally !ushe t
he oor o!en, closing it behin him. (.orry Bisho! .amuel. ,here are $ather %ohn a
n the girls?) .he was concerne . ;i something ha!!en to them? (They are in the c
ar. I wante to see you first. They are fine. In fact, &harlotte has eci e to bec
ome a 4un. .he has !roven to be very a e!t at serving the 7or .) e smile at 0ar
y. 0ary was very religious an to have &harlotte become a 4un was a ream come tru
e. .he ha always wishe that she ha ta"en the calling, but it was not estine . (T
hats won erful. .uch a noble calling, serving the 7or . I wish that .ally was mor
e li"e her.) .he was always isa!!ointe in .allys evotion to 6o . (I remember you
were very goo at serving the 7or an his servants 0ary.) e smile at her. .he was
much ol er now, but he coul still see that she ha a nice bo y in s!ite of havin
g two chil ren. is coc" began to stir in his trousers. The image flashe into he
r min , a young girl, "neeling on the floor in front of the alter, $ather .amuel
, his swor e*!ose , her trembling han s touching his holy flesh, moving it towar
s her mouth. .he coul still feel his encouraging han s on her hea as she felt f
or the first time the hot flesh of his swor in her mouth, her eagerness to !leas
e the 7or as her tongue ran over the strange flesh. .he blushe as she remembere
the first time she was with $ather .amuel. 3n the many times later that he too"
her bo y in the service of the 7or . (9es .ir,) her hea hanging own. Bisho! .amu
el lifte u! her chin with his han s until she was staring at him. (3re you willi
ng to serve the 7or , 0ary?) .he loo"e into his eyes an saw only the lust she ha
seen as a young girl. (4ow>) .he coul nt o it, the "i s were outsi e in the car,
sure they woul be in soon. (9es 0ary. Aight now.) is coc" !ushe out the front
of his trousers, 0arys eyes glancing own. CB

(But my chil ren will be in soon. I ont want them to see me.) er eyes begge him.
(.ally an &harlotte have alrea y learne to serve the 7or . 3n his servants. The
y are a e!t stu ents as much as you were when you were their age. It will be a g
oo e ucation to see their 0other serving the 7or as an ins!iration for them to !
erform.) e !ushe own on her shoul ers until she san" to her "nees. (Ta"e out my
swor , 0ary. %ust as you have always one.) .he was resigne to her tas", the &hu
rch as"ing her to sacrifice her chil ren an herself to serving the 7or s servants
. .he un-i!!e his trousers, her han s reaching in to ta"e out the hot flesh, her
han s wra!!e aroun it until it stoo in front of her mouth. .he lic"e her li!s,
blowing gently on the ti! of it, tightening her han as it #er"e in her han . (=h
yes 0ary. 9ou tease the 7or s servants wea!on. /ut your li!s aroun it an ta"e it
ee! in your mouth. I want to hear you cho"e on my swor , your gift to the 7or .)
e moane in !leasure as her hot, tight li!s encircle his coc", fighting the urg
e to cum. e wante to wait. (EEE ,) as she suc"e his coc" ee! into her mouth,
his han s moving to the to! of her hea . (9es, ee!er 0ary. Ta"e my swor ee!er.)
e hear her cho"e as she swallowe the hea of his coc" in her throat, #ust as she
was taught to o when she was young. The oor o!ene su enly, &harlotte rushing in
, e*cite to share her news with her 0other. .ally an $ather %ohn followe them. (
0other>) &harlotte loo"e at Bisho! .amuel, her 0other "neeling on the floor in f
ront of him. er mouth was engulfing his swor , Bisho! .amuels han s !ulling her
ee!ly onto his har swor , the loo" of shame in her 0others eyes as &harlotte saw
her. (0000666,) was all that came out of 0arys mouth, her li!s s!lit by the thic"
shaft of Bisho! .amuels swor , the hea of his swor ee! in her throat, her cho"in
g ma"ing her throat muscles ri!!le u! an own the hot flesh. Bisho! .amuel hel he
r hea tightly onto his thic" coc". Bisho! .amuel saw the sur!rise loo" on the gi
rls face. (9our 0other learne to serve the 7or when she was young #ust as you ar
e. I was her /riest an as you can see, she is 8uite an e*!ert at !leasing the 7o
r .) e yan"e her hea bac" an forth on his coc", ma"ing her cho"e an gag as he !
lugge her throat. (&ome here &harlotte. 9our 0other will teach you how to serve
the 7or .)
*he End of Story