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BULLETIN on “Who crucified my Lord?” Scripture: John 19: 1-30; Text: John 19: 18a.

It will be held at St. John’s Lutheran, 9628 48 Ave.
March 28, 2010
 We commend to your prayerful consideration of the collection for this
MORNING: Why Smitest Thou Me? year’s family camp, today (second collection). This collection will help us
Scripture: John 18:15-27 bring Rev. Roberts and Rev. Schoeman to address us from God’s Word.
Text: John 18:23 We thank you for your generous support of the camp in the past & are
praying that God would bless us again this year.
1. The Scene -
 Pastor John Koopman has received a call from the Chilliwack FRC
congregation to be their pastor.
2. The Saviour’s Question -

3. The Significance - CALENDAR “The Lord willing...” James 4:15

March 30 (Tuesday) 1 PM Ladies fold laundry at Christian Rest Home. If
at all possible please consider helping. We really could use the help!!!
EVENING: The Singing Desert
Scripture: Isaiah 35 March 31 (Wednesday) 7:30 PM Consistory Meeting
Text: Isaiah 35:1, 2
April 2 (Friday) 7 PM Good Friday service led by Pastor Bilkes.
April 3 (Saturday) 7 AM Men’s Breakfast Bible Study at church.
April 3 (Saturday) 7 PM Young Adult Book Study at the seminary. We will
be studying lesson 3: Cash Flow Planning
SONG SERVICE (5:50 PM) – Psalter 82: 1,3 & Psalter 345: all
April 6 (Tuesday) 7 PM Dorcas Guild meeting. Save the Date!!!! June 15,
2010 is the date for our Annual Ladies Conference. Please contact Laurina
“Took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried,
VanderSloot for more information. 677-3907. This will be our last regular
Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.”
meeting of the season.
John 12: 13
April 7 (Wednesday) 7 PM Consistory meeting.
April 10 (Saturday) 7 PM Informal service at Mel Trotter Mission.
April 10 (Saturday) 7 PM Young Adult Book Study. It will be game night.
Visitors, welcome. We hope you are blessed through worshiping with us
this Palm Sunday. Our host family has prepared a meal to share and to April 11 (Sunday) Young Peoples meeting after the evening service.
visit with you in their home. In the narthex, after the service, the hosts will Snack: Jared Timmer
introduce themselves and invite you.
April 13 (Tuesday) 9:30 AM Ladies Bible Study. We plan to start study at
 Today, Pastor Bilkes will preach for us in the morning service and Dr. 10 AM with coffee at 9:30. Nursery will be provided.
Jerry Bilkes for our evening service, D.V.
April 14 (Wednesday) 7 PM Next Fellowship meeting. It will be led by Mr.
 Next Sunday, Pastor Bilkes will conduct the AM service and Dr. Murray Rob VanDoodeward. He will speak on Disciplines of Grace: Resolving
will conduct the evening service, D. V. Conflict.”
 There will be a Good Friday service led by Pastor Bilkes this Friday, A reminder from the Family Camp Committee that registration forms and
April 2 at 7 PM. deposits are due ASAP to Andy or Cindy VandenToorn. Thanks!

 The Sunday school/Catechism classes (Beginners – 7 Grade) Psalter

of the month is #103: 1,2,3,4. Please review with you child(ren). There will
be no Sunday School/Catechism classes next week, due to spring break. I would like to thank the congregation and Dr. J. Bilkes for the prayers,
cards and words of encouragement during my recent surgery and recovery
 Allendale Outreach Services - The Allendale Outreach Meeting will be “When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee;” Isaiah 43:2a
at 3:00 pm today. It will be led by Mr. Tim Bergsma. He will be speaking Randy VanderVeen
Please Remember in Our Prayers:
The congregation extends its sympathy to Kent & Mary Cogbill and the
entire Silvis family on the loss of their father and grandfather, Mr. Len Silvis,
who passed away last Sunday. May the Lord grant comfort at this time.
The sick:
Shut-ins: Mr. & Mrs. Rokus & Louise DeBlaay, Mr. Vincent Faasse, Mrs.
Dorothy Hitchcock, Mrs. Kay Kwekel, Mrs. Winifred Nordyke, Miss Henrietta
Sikkema and Mrs. Mina Wierenga.
Servicemen: Dan Arnoudse, Jacob Hubach and Tyler Prince.
Tyler Prince’s birthday is coming up on the 13th of April. If anyone would
like to send him a card, his updated address is listed below. The mail
takes approximately 10 days. If you prefer the family send your card,
please give it to a family member by Sunday the 4th. Your prayers on
his behalf are much appreciated. Address: SPC Prince, Tyler
5-2 SBCT
293rd MP CO
APO AE 09355
Today: Jerry & Michelle Bilkes Next Week: Henk & Margaret Kleyn
Mother In Charge – March: Jen Bergsma
Today: AM A: Jen Bergsma, Alexia Pronk
B: Ruthanne Karel, Michelle VandenToorn
PM A: Arleen Boven, Makenna Pronk
B: Renee Langerak, Melanie VanderBoon
Good Friday: Kimberly Kleyn, Jennifer Spaans, Alyssa Pols
Mother In Charge – April: Martha Markwat
Next Week: AM A: Jamie Beeke, Katelynne Spaans
B: Jennifer Pennings, Julie Timmer
PM A: Sherri Beute, Hannah Kleyn
B: Martha Markwat, Liz Prince
Today AM Tom Karel Jr. PM Steve Kleyn
Next Week AM Dave Pronk PM Dave Huisjen

Today 1 collection: General
2 collection: Family Camp
Box at Exits: Come Over & Help
Good Friday: Word & Deed
Next Week 1 collection: General
2 collection: Denominational
Box at Exits: CMI (Christian Ministry to Israel)
March 28, 2010 LITURGY
Morning Service March 28, 2010
Evening Service
Votum & Salutation
Votum & Salutation
Psalter: 386: 2-6
Psalter: 292
Apostles’ Creed
Scripture Reading: John 18: 15-27
Scripture Reading: Isaiah 35
Text: John 18: 23
Text: Isaiah 35:1, 2
Psalter: 103
Psalter: 246: 2, 3
Pastoral Prayer
Pastoral Prayer
Psalter: 184: 1, 2. 3. 4
Psalter: 380
Sermon: Why Smitest Thou Me?
Sermon: The Singing Desert
Prayer Prayer
Offertory Offertory
Psalter: 280: 3, 4 Psalter: 198: 4 -7
Benediction Benediction
Doxology: 164: 3 Doxology: 195: 1, 4
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