Character Design Project

OGR: Online Green Light Review

Sachin Rai

Character Cards

Game Idea

Game Idea :MultiPlayer Strategy App Game

Game Objective : Online game where players have to built their own empire from
start . The game is set on a floating island. The game will allow players to choose
one of five different characters each characters representing different culture of
people for e.g. If the players picks an Egyptian character all the buildings that are
built by that character will have Egyptian influence. At the start of the game the
players spawns in on of the floating island Each Island has different environment
and character for eg : Snow, Desert , Rainy ect. After choosing the character the
players will be able to start building their cities they each start by building simple
building and after the building is complete they will be able to collect coins from
the buildings every couple of hours. As the character levels up they will be able to
build more complex buildings that will allow them to earn more money. The
players will have to collect a range of different resources to build buildings and
weapons to defend them from other players. once the resources runs out from
their island they will have to try and get to other floating island to take over the
island and gather resources. Players can be allies with other players and trade
different resources or they can attack them to take all their resources.
The game is going to be a free roam game which will allow the players to explore
the floating world. players will be able to choose from three different camera angle
first person, third person and exterior birds eye view so that the players can
travel to any part of the floating world.

Outcome of the project

I will be designing and submitting

3 different Robotic characters influenced by different culture.

Environment concept art With

First person view

Third person View and

An Exterior shot of the game

Different Building designs and environment

Character Thumbnails

Character Thumbnails



Environment Thumbnails

Environment Thumbnails