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Humans are Equal, But Some are More Equal

The saying is loaded with wisdom and realism. George Orwell

paraphrased this statement from the Declaration of Independence in his
novel Animal Farm. In the story, animals on a farm joined together,
overthrew their human owners, and "liberated" all the animals. The first
thing the animals did was proclaim that "all animals are equal." They
painted this credo on the barn in big letters for all to see.
Over time, some animals started taking charge, overseeing things at
the farm, devising the rules and enforcing them. Order was necessary
after all! This all seemed innocent and harmless enough until the animals
in charge got comfortable with their power. They had cushy jobs on the
farm, as did their family and friends.
Other animals worked and worked, being punished if they
questioned this arrangement. The governing animals produced nothing,
but took more than an equal share of feed and water, claiming it was
necessary for maintaining order and productivity on the farm. One night,
without discussion or consent, the governing animals changed the credo
on the barn to: "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than
From here, the quote turns from animal form to human psychology
and the way they live on this planet by holding a system of government in
which all humans are equal but some are more equal than others. Equality

is misconceived and misused because of the power relationships in

society, and cannot be existed as long as money carries an importance in
social hierarchy as it can be seen in many countries of the world. The
distribution of wealth on unjust grounds gave space to the conceptions of
haves and have-nots. We are living in an unjust global system where
affluent class has gone to senselessness regarding other human beings.
Here, I would like to unfold this saying with an event happened at
the very creation of the first human being i.e. Adam. When Adam was
created and the empyrean angels were asked to prostrate before him, all
were at once went into prostration except the Satan who started arguing
with Allah Almighty and spoke the most notorious and abhorrent sentence
that I am better than him (Adam). This sentence is the most dangerous
one present in its most heinous shape in different parts of the world and
these very words have divided people from high to low classes formation.
When this kind of attitude prevails in a society, it faces severe
annihilation in its very foundation. Calling oneself better than the other is
like drawing an endless gulf between oneself and the others. This attitude
prevailed in the novel the Animal Farm in which some animal considered
themselves as superior to other and form their government to rule on
others materializing that they are more equal than others.
Similar is the attitude of our todays world so-called leaders from
developed world to the under developed countries. If we glance at the
NATO, it considers itself the unbeatable power of the world and regards

the rest of the world as inferior. It violates international law blatantly with
the belief that no power can contain it from doing so. Its glaring example
can be found in the case of Iraq war in which it clearly violated the UNs
resolution of not attacking Iraq on the false presumption of weapons of
mass destructions.
In the same vein, coming to Muslim world, Saudi Arabia has been
playing a role of distinguishing itself superior to the other Muslim world. It
has enacted such callous laws that even the wind has to blow according to
their specified direction. Beheading is so common that speaking against
their monarchy there, one should be ready to be beheaded by them.
At the advent of the 21st century, the world in which we are living
has been completely transformed into a world science, reason and
technology. Now the old concepts regarding societies and governance are
getting obsolete and the media of this century has gone ahead of time
that an ordinary person can get any kind of information at any time. Now
we will have to change our thinking and the way of seeing things. All
humans are equal in the sense that no one has more superior rights over
the other.
As a matter of fact, in life, we have to qualify two things, one is that
one should be eligible to live and qualify the criteria to depart from this
world. He who is not eligible to die, the level of his life can never be that
of a human being. So, adapting the animal behavior by following their
examples of ruling and governing by considering themselves superior to

others is a horrible practice that leads to destruction and disruption within

the society. We will have to change our way of thinking and viewing in
order to make a peaceful and prosperous society in which all human
beings could spend their lives equally and on just grounds. As Marcel
Proust said, the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new
landscapes, but in having new eyes.