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Enjoy LifeShare a Smile!

Issue 001 *

Date: 12/2015

Hey There! To ALL of Our Happy Friends and Happy Customers!

Welcome to the first ever issue of our Enjoy LifeShare a Smile! Newsletter. Yes my friends,
we have created a Newsletter to communicate with all of our Friends & Customers. In this day
and age, we just get too damn busy to communicate with each other on a daily basis. So, we at
Screen Craze & Exxtreme Sportswear decided what better way to do this than to reach out
and touch our friends and spread joy and happiness, which we are blessed to wake up to every
What are you saying? Joy and Happiness in this day and age, with the economy, the gas prices,
angry people around every corner? Yes, my friends, Joy and Happiness, hence our company
motto: Enjoy LifeShare a Smile! So, when you read our newsletter, we hope that there will be
at least one thing inside that will bring a beautiful smile to your face and then we will know
that we have done a good thing for you! We have succeeded in delivering
If there is anything you want to see within this newsletter, do feel
free to give us a call or email us and let us know how to make you
smile even bigger! So, before you continue, join our three friends:
Enjoy, Cher and Smile, doing the Enjoy LifeShare a Smile! Dance.
Enjoy LifeShare a Smile! Dance Instructions (Mirror/Music/Smile Required)

1. Turn on Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer (Must be Loud)

2. Must be in front of mirror! 1 hand on thigh, 1 hand on head now
bounce to the music!
3. Hands in front chest out, knees bend now sway side to side!
4. Hands in the Air Now Bounce! Smile bigger! Sing along!
5. But ya got to keep your head up! You can let your hair down!




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Q & A

Fa c

Q: What percentage of the

American workforce is
A: 60% making Ladies style
shirts increasingly popular for
all types of corporate casual
decision makers.

Q: What does pre-shrunk

really mean?
A: It is NOT pre-washing the
fabric. It is a process where
the bolted, uncut fabric is run
through rollers containing tiny
nubs that press the fabric over
the nubs, creating grooves,
which condense it. This
puckered shrinking effect then
allows for real shrinking when
washed. Therefore, the fabric
not the shirt is pre-shrunk
before it is even cut and sewn.

Q: Why do womens shirt button on the opposite side than mens?

A: Way back in the medieval times, women did not usually dress
themselves. They had handmaids to help them. Therefore, the
dressmakers designed the garments so the buttons were in the
proper position for the dressers, the person USING the buttons.
The tradition continued throughout the ages and even into todays

Q: Where did the word
jersey in jersey knit come
A: It is called that because it
was first knitted in the Jersey
and Guernsey Islands in the
English Channel.
Q: What type of garments are
embroidered more than any
A: Golf shirts. They comprise
53% of all garments
embroidered, followed by
caps at 21%.
Q: What is the origin of the
pouch pocket thats so
popular in todays fleece
A: It actually dates back to the
1800s when muffs became a
fashionable accessory for
Queen Victoria and Prince
Albert to keep their hands
warm and conceal money and
small treasures when

Q: Where did the American T-shirt

A: The great American T-Shirt
actually originated overseas when
American soldiers in WWI took a
lesson from their European
counterparts and started wearing
cooler, lightweight, and cotton
undershirts instead of their wool
uniforms in the hot summer
Q: Where does the word denim
come from?
A: From the French serge de
Nimes a twill fabric made in
Nimes, France from blue
vegetable dyes
from the
indigo plant,
which is why
deeper hues
of blue
denim are

Enjoy LifeShare A Smile! Newsletter

Issue 001/December 2015

We hope you have enjoyed our new EnjoyShare a Smile!

Newsletter. The Ogdens have had the pleasure of clothing
you for the past 20+ years! We look forward to bringing you
the latest clothing styles and the quality you have come to
expect from our Family owned business.
Even more important, we want everyone, whether
you are one of our loyal customers or a good friend
to always remember to Enjoy LifeShare a Smile!
each and every day. The minute you roll out of that
bed and those feet hit the floor, face the new day with
a smile. Start each day with the dance and see what
happens the rest of your day. Gonna be a good day
Enjoy LifeShare a Smile!

Gotta Keep Your Head Up, Ooohh

and You Can Let Your Hair Down!

Screen Craze/Exxtreme Sportswear

Tucson, Arizona 85715
Jim Ogden, Chief Happiness Officer
Carrie Ogden, Chief Culture Officer
J.Colter Ogden, Cool Web Designer/Graphics Master


y L