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TCS Ignite Open Lab

TCS Ignite Open Lab

Innovation Challenge

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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Arthur C Clarke
Science Fiction Author, Inventor (1917 - 2008)
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TCS Ignite Open Lab

Cover Page:
The image on the front cover is a tablet showing an interactive smart phone application
called Spoor. Developed by our trainees at Ignite, it enables a user to virtually find out
information about all the places around him/her at a point in time. Using this application
a user can obtain information regarding altitude, temperature, comments about a place
from various social networking sites and also post comments about the same with ease.
Spoor can revolutionize the way we travel and seek information about our vicinity
Spoor Ignite, TCS
The Photograph
Muralitharan V is an accomplished photographer and cinematographer. He heads the
audio visual efforts at Ignite. He has also produced a dozen short films for TCS and
Ignite, many of them starring Ignite Trainees.

TCS Ignite Open Lab

The TCS Ignite Open Lab Innovation Challenge

The Challenge
Here is an opportunity to conceptualize a software product. You can share your product
idea with us in the prescribed template along with a detailed description of the product.
Scope and Effort
To successfully complete this challenge, your product should have 3 unique features
and at least 5 user interface screens. The total expected effort is about 3 person days.
Any science graduate registered for the Open Challenge can attempt this challenge.
This challenge requires candidates to have some exposure to software applications like
spreadsheets, word editors, online banking solution, product websites, mobile
applications and an aptitude for designing software applications. Students taking this
challenge have to submit a comprehensive description of the product and user interface
screen designs.
Submission Process
The following deliverables have to be submitted.

A brief description of the product (in about 50 words), purpose, unique features,
intended users of the application.

User interface screens of the product. The screen designs can be submitted
either as scanned images of user interface screens drawn on paper using pencil
or as html files of user interface screens designed using HTML.

A sample template and a sample answer template have also been given for your

TCS Ignite Open Lab

All the above deliverables need to be compressed into zip file(s) using winzip or 7zip.
This zip file(s) should be named as <your product name>.zip.
You will be evaluated on the following parameters.

Product idea
Clarity of product description
Visualization of the product idea as screens
Consistency of the User Interface : layout and navigation scheme
Quality of documentation
Attention to detail
Ability to work in a team