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Vote of thanks

There is a saying, God has two dwelling one in heaven and the other
in a thankful heart. Just a thank you is a mighty powerful prayer says
it all, God gave us gift of 86400 seconds in a day. Have we used at
least one of it to say thank you. Says William Arther
First of all we thank the Almighty for His plan in brining whole
Congregation the leading authority of every unit together to share, to
evaluate and look into progress of our Congregation as a family. So
let us thank God.
There is an eminent personality amidst us who deserve our gratitude
in abundance. She is a person throbbing with joy in service, vibrating
love for the needy, and with a challenging vision for the future. She
none other than our dear Sr. Shanthi, the Superior General who gives
warmth to many hearts with her gentle and thoughtful deeds. She
consoles and guides every one who approaches her. Thank you
sister for your care and love for each one of us and in a special way
for arranging this GWC meet to bring us together. Thank you dear
Rocks are Gods thoughts in stone, dew drops are Gods thoughts in
pearls, and every beginning is Gods wonderful thoughts of creation.
It is true with our mother provinces Provincial, Sr. Alphonse and her
team who organized this 2010 GWC meet in OLMP. It is admirable
that from the time we arrived at T>C> Palayam till today every minute
need is taken care with thoughtfulness
Grand welcome at the Provincialate of OLM, grand five star resorts at
Kolar, Mulbagal and Gokunte on our way and VIP arrangements of
rooms with even cold cream and blankets for the season. It is
wonderful to think of you Sr. Alphonse you remind us that our mother
provinces Provincial superior is our elder sister who takes care of the
younger ones well being, makes them feel happy and comfortable,
even if great deal of sacrifice demands of you. Yes, I am sure all
have felt it. So dear Sr. Alphonse thank you for your selfless
love,thoughtful arrangements. We learnt a lot from your examples.

We treasure these memories with profound gratitude. Thank you

sister also for you took us for the burial of Sr. Treasa Varghese and
brought us back safe. Thank you for everything. Thank you for what
you are and what you will be in the future. Thank you sister.
The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest
intention. Says Oscar wild. On behalf of Rev. Sr. Shanthi our
superior General and her team, all the Provincials and Vice provincial
and their team and the elected wider council members present here I
add my heartfelt thanks to the communities of Sr. Vanitha,Sr.
Rasarita, Sr. Manjula and Sr. Lourd Mary and all the Pre- Novices
and Sr. Amala and her community. I gratefully thank you for your
hospitality, friendliness, affection and concern. You were really kind
and good to take care of every member providing with delicious,
tasty, variety and rich nutritious food and arranging comfortable stay.
I thank and appreciate our little ones, the pre-Novice who were so
attentive like butterflies everywhere present, to take care of the needs
of the sisters, making hot water for bath, providing hot water for
drinking receiving sisters in the depanse and at corridors being very
sensitive to the needs of the sisters. I admire you dear sisters for
your generous and sacrificing endowers and your availability with a
charming smile.
We enjoyed your cultural program, with good theme and action, your
welcome dance at the beginning of our arrival made us feel we are
welcomed with love and warmth. Thank you Sr. Vanitha and
community. May God bless you and reward you in return for
your goodness and hard work.
Live your as an Exclamation not as an explanation. Yes, the
inaugural prayer session was marvelous with merciful act of mother
Mary enacted and the welcome address with Christmas message.
Thanks to Anecia and co.
A beautiful and heavenly experience of prayer service lead by Sr.
Baseline and co gave us good start and Gods blessings for the
meeting to go successful. Thank you
Where there is no vision there is no mission. Yes, it is true. I
express my thankful heart to Sr. Gracy Antony, our Asst. Superior

General who earnestly endured moderating the sessions all through

six days of meeting with lively jokes and inspiring quotations and
thoughts to reflect. Thank you dear, sister for stressing on sharing of
obstacles in life, which helped many to reflect on Gods wonders in
their life.
I also thank all the General coordinators who moderated their
respective apostolate reporting session with lot of encouragement
and boosting the sisters. Thank you dear sisters, for your good will
and this emerging spirit are the well being of our provinces.
The greatest challenge in life is to make others to do the impossible.
I gratefully thank all the Provincial Superiors and vice Provincial and
their team for preparing and presenting the report so clear,
informative and effective, which gave deeper knowledge and clear
picture about all your undertakings and challenges of life you face in
your respective and responsible job through power point and so on.
Thank you.
I also thank Sr.Salomie, the wider council meeting secretary who
gave elaborated and every minute thing of the last meeting at Kerala.
Thank you.
Clarity of desired goals is a magnet that draws good luck I also
thank Sr. Shanthi and Sr. Alphonse for arranging class on leadership
by Rev. Fr. Thrayil SDB to reflect and evaluate the qualities of a
leader in a given responsibility
I take this opportunity to thank Sr. Lumina and co who lead us to pray
on new year vigil with her prayerful reflections and faith filled
I also thank all the prayer groups who lead and helped us to pray
during these days of meeting from 29th Dec. 2010 to 3rd Jan. 2011.
life is a gift to be used every day,
Not to be smothered and hidden away,
It is not a thing to be stored in the chest,
Get out, live it, each hour of the day,
Wear it, and use it as much as you may

Five year old Deepak used to sleep alone in his room. One day his
father was with him at bed time. Deepak wanted him to tell him some
stories, which he did.
After quite some Deepak felt sleepy and told his father, now daddy, I
have to say my prayers. He knelt down beside his bed, joined his
hands, raised his eyes to heaven and prayed. Now I lay down to
sleep, I pray the Lord, my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I
pray the Lord, my soul to take. This was his usual prayer. But that
night he looked up at his dad, then raised his eyes to heaven and
prayed aloud. Dear God make me a great good man, like my daddy.
Thank you God. In a moment he was in bed and in five minutes he
slept. And then the father knelt by his sons bed side and prayed.
Dear Lord, make me a great good man like my boy thinks I am.
So is our relationship with our authorities. We poster positive great
opinion on our authorities like the son, and so they strive to be good
role models to us like the father in the story. Thus we all try to build
up our Congregation encouraging and accepting each other in
discharging our responsibilities as a family of St. Anne. With this
thought i..