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The Power of Autogenics Therapy

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Transcript of The Power of Autogenics Therapy
Autogenic therapy is referred to as a relaxation method using simple mental exercises which
focus on different parts of the body.
The exercises are geared to balance the autonomic nervous system, which controls
circulation, breathing, and heart rate.
Autogenic Formulas
The formulas can be referred to as phrases or thoughts that are mentally repeated in a
relaxed state. This ensures certain physiological responses.
The responses can be repeated in any way comfortable and the exact words are not
To Begin
The person begins by mentally repeating "I am at peace" or "I am relaxed and calm" with
eyes closed
Formula 1
The first formula focuses on the physiological response of deep muscular relaxation in the
arms and legs.
The participant may mentally repeat "my arms and legs are heavy" for 2-3 minutes
The third formula directs attention to the heart beat. The saying "My heart beat is strong and
calm" may be used.
The participant may find the heartbeat slows down, becomes regular, or stronger
The therapy uses a series of six formulas in which the participant would repeat over and
over in a self-hypnosis state. By doing so the attention is turned to different parts of the
body, and the body learns to physiologically respond to the formulas.
It is also key that the participant uses images appropriate to the focused physiological
Formula 2
Formula 2 focuses on the vascular dilation of the body. The phrase "my arms and legs are
pleasantly warm" may be used for 2-3 minutes.
The warmth of the limbs results from the expansion of the blood vessels in the circulatory
The Power of Autogenics Therapy

What is Autogenics Therapy?

Formula 3
Formula 4
"It breathes me" or "my breathing is slow and easy" are the fourth formulas that may be
used. This formula focuses in on breathing.
Breathing may become slower and deeper.
Formula 5
The fifth formula brings warmth to the core, abdominal area, and visceral organs. "pleasant
warmth is radiating across the abdomen" may be used.
Formula 5 brings attention to the many nerve system pathways that come together below
the rib cage
Formula 6
The final formula is geared towards intensifying the depth of the autogenic state. "My face is
cool" or "my forehead is cool" is used to contrast with the warmth in the limbs and core of
the body
The session is ended by flexing the arms and legs, breathing deeply, and opening the eyes
Autogenics is used widely throughout Germany, Japan, Russia, and Scandinavia.
Medical Benefits
Many medical studies suggest Autogenics treats insomnia, stress and stress related
illnesses, anxiety, digestive disorders, chronic headaches, allergies, high blood pressure,
speech disorders, eating disorders, back pain and many other disorders
Formulas are to be taught one at a time over a 6-8 week period and practiced daily to allow
body to learn the physiological responses
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Autogenic Training was developed by German psychiatrist Johannes Schultz in the 1920s.
Non-Clinical Applications Of AT
In addition to its capacity to enhance the healing and recuperative powers of the body, AT
appears to rebalance our mental faculties and bring closer harmony between the analytical
left hemisphere of the brain and the more emotional, inspirational and creative right
The result seems to be an inner calmness, a sense of well-being, and a certain kind of
detachment. Clients of AT report a greater access / connection to feelings and intuition, but
also an increased capacity for objectivity and rational thought, including an objectivity about
their own emotional responses.

In short, AT seems to enhance whole brain thinking and feeling, which may explain the
benefits it can bring in many walks of life. Artists, writers and musicians, for example, often
report enhanced creativity and imagination.
AT In Sport
AT has been used to enhance the performance of athletes in various fields. In his published
study on AT,Autogenic Therapy, Luthe described a variety of benefits including improved
reaction times and co-ordination, greater endurance and more rapid recuperation.
Experience with European athletes and with British rifle and pistol shooting teams suggest
that performance improvements are partly the result of reduced tension and anxiety in the
face of competition.
Anecdotal evidence from autogenic therapists backs up the notion of improved performance
in sport (golf, horse riding and training, tennis).
AT In Business And Industry
Research commissioned by the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has found that up to 5
million people in the UK feel very or extremely stressed by their work and that a total of
12.8 million working days were lost to stress, depression and anxiety in 2004/5.
AT has been used extensively in industry to reduce the effects of occupational stress. Luthe
reported a number of benefits among employees including more restful sleep patterns,
improved attitudes to colleagues, greater job satisfaction, increased initiative and
productivity, less fatigue, and easier decision-making. Executives reported keener powers of
reasoning during protracted negotiations. Colleagues of UK therapists taught AT in Holland
to airline crews to combat jet lag and insomnia.
AT In Education
Luthe discovered that teaching AT to school children to relieve specific disorders (such as
bronchial asthma, enuresis and stuttering) led to a number of other benefits,
including improved attention and concentration, better classroom behaviour, and improved
test performance. Luthes post-graduate students reported that they could maintain a higher
workload in the face of exams and assignment deadlines if they practised AT regularly.
AT In Everyday Life
To many, the principal benefit of AT is that it creates a calm centre from which to cope with
the stresses of every-day life.
I call it the crying over spilt milk syndrome, says Autogenic Therapist Jane Bird. When I
began learning AT I really did spill some milk and I thought OK, I can mop that up. As I was
doing it, I realised I wouldnt have reacted so calmly before AT. It doesnt change situations,
but it does alter your reaction to them. AT is ideal for people with assertiveness problems.
After AT, people are surprised that Im speaking my mind as I never have before. AT is a
discipline that, once learned, is yours for life. I wish Id learned it before pregnancy, because
the feelings of calmness would have been transmitted to the baby, helped labour and
delivery, and those early trials and tribulations of motherhood. However, I learned AT when
my children were small still a useful application!

(Article Top Sant 1995 adapted here by Jane Bird)

* Schultz, Dr Johannes H & Luthe, Dr Wolfgang. Autogenic Therapy Vols 1 6, Grune &
Stratton, New York, 1969
* Vanek, M & Cratty, B J Psychology and the Superior Athlete, McMillan, London, 1970
ultimate ki technigue
Casting Instructions for 'ultimate ki technigue Spell'
Stand in a fighting position. Feel the ki in your body. Now visualize roots shooting out of your
feet and into the ground. Picture the roots planting into the ground and obsorbing ki. Then
begin to visualize your energy merging
with the Earth's energy. This is a technique that gives a little boost to the ki attack, and
helps prevent burnout.
Ki Ball:
Cup your hands like you were holding a large baseball. Focus on your hara and the energy
inside of it. Bring that ki up into your chest, then down your arms into your hands. When a
descent amount of ki is in your hands, have it emerge out and meet in between to form a
ball. You should be able to feel it's energy. Don't worry if you can't see it, you'll be able to
when you become more advanced.

Drawing ki:
Sit in a cross-legged position. Back straight, chin up. Put your hands so that your left hand is
holding your right calf muscle, and vice-versa. Close your eyes and begin to breath slowly. 4
seconds breathing in, hold for 2, breath out for 4, hold for 2. This is called the four-fold
breath. It relaxes your mind and body. After about 10 times of doing that, start doing the
following: Breath in like you normaly would, but this time picture breathing in the ki around
you. Have it go up you nostrols and stop there when you hold your breath. As you breath
out, Focus on the ki traveling down your body and splitting in to two parts so that it can go
down both your arms. Let the ki flow down both arms and into the calfs. Keep the ki flowing
up your legs untill it winds up at yo ur hera. Repeat this untill you feel you have drawn
enough energy. After a while you'll be able to draw in ki while you're doing something.

Ki sensing:
Close your eyes and think of someone standing around you. Visualize the ki inside of their
body. Now reach out with your ki and touch their's. The stronger their ki power is, the larger
the knot in your stomache.

Ki Sheild:
Feel out th ki in your body. Feel it flow through your merideans(energy channels). Now start
having ki come out of your hera, and more ki out of your body. The ki that comes out of your
body have form around you in a crystall shape. After a minute or so you should have an
entire outer shell around you. Now start filling the space between your body and the outer
shell with ki. Once this is accomplished, visualize the outer shell of the full sheild turning in

to hard, invincible metal or steel. The harder the concentration, the stronger the sheild.
Attacking with ki:
To attack with ki, do this. When you shoot your ki at something/one, you need to shoot it
THROUGH the opponent. The reason for this is that the ki will act as a sonic boom and create
a shockwave. This rupters their ki and will sometimes send them crumbling to the ground
gassping for air. But there is something to remember. Closing the distance increases the
results of the attack. When ki travels too far, it begins to fall apart. Also, a physical attack
that's charged with ki is much more devistating. Because there is no space between the ki
and the opponent.

Basic Ki blast:
Put your hands to your side and make a ki ball. You should be standing in a wide stance.
Focus on the opponent, but keep concentration on the ki ball. Keep adding energy to it untill
you think it has enough. Focus on the ki inside of you radiating out about to explode with it's
true force. Lean foward and thrust your hands out in a double-palm strike. Tighten you hands
and explode the ki inside of you to let it out in a short, devistating, blast. Push the ki ball
away from your body and through the opponent. This will likely only cause the opponent to
loose stanima and concentration. NOTE!: Do not perform this technique and make physical
contact. Only do that as a last resort. If the blast is powerful enough and physical contact is
made, organs can dissentigrate, and the person could die or blow up.

Ki Punch:
Begin to feel out the ki in your body. Now let it flow in to the hand that is going to attack.
Keep the ki inside of the hand. Once you have collected a sufficient amount of ki, start
focusing behing your opponent. Focus on the space behing him. Then tell yourself you're
going to punch that space. Attack and let out a shockwave of ki going through the opponent
the instance you make contact.

Ki kick:
Fill your leg with ki and repeat the instructions for ki punch, replacing hand with foot.

Ki flame:
A version of the power up. Start drawing in energy ands letting it flow through out you entire
body. Keep drawing in more and more. Fill your inner and outer body with ki. Next, make all
of it explode and come outwards so that it is outside of your body surrounding you like a
flame. For visualization: If you watch dragon ball z, this is the power up they use.
Ki to Increase Speed:
This is farely simple. Wave your hand in the air in front of you. As your doing this, visualize
an image of the hand moving at a faster rate. Bring your hand back and perform a front
punch. As your arm extends, picture the mental fist drawing back. As your real fist draws
back, picture the mental one striking. Practice this with both hands. After continuos practice,
you will begin to see results. It's a mental trick, I honestly don't know why it works.

Basic Ki Healing:
Place your hands on the wounded or painful area. Let your ki flow into the injured area.
Picture your ki as the color yellow, and the pain as the color red. As your ki enters the other
person's body, have the yellow energy overpower the red energy. In your mind it should look
like the yellow is eating away at the pain. After about a minute, their should be no more red,
meaning no more pain.
Ki Healing version 2:
Place your hands about an inch above the person who is injured. Wave your hands accross
their body and pay attention to any of their energy that feels different than the rest. That it
the source or their pain. Touch the injured area and picture grabbing the pain and releasing
it into the air to be cleansed. Replace the energyless area with some of your own ki. Healing
takes about 5 minutes to go into effect.Ki
The techniques I have so far on this page listed in order are the advanced ki blast, jing blast,
multiple ki balls, ki matoshi, genki dahma, spirit up, burning knuckle, big bang blast, sudden
impact, and spirit mine.
Advanced Ki Blast:
Stand in a wide-stance position with your hands cupped by your hip about 5 feet from your
opponent. Power up using the ki flame method. Push the energy in the flame around to your
hands. All of the energy from your ki flame should try to be pushed into your hands. The
purposes of having it IN your hands instead of between your hands like a ki ball, is so that
you can control the blast. Create a mana ball in between your hands. Then create a ki ball so
that you have a mana ball inside of a ki ball. Use the energy from the ki flame in your hands
to merge the energy of the ball with your hands. Once again, focus on your ki radiating
inside of you, ready to explode with it's true force. Thrust your hands foward in a double
open-handed strike and shoot the blast. Note: This is how I perform an advanced ki blast.
Play around a little and try to create your own.
Jing Blast:
Go set up for a regular ki blast. Place your hands to your side and create a ki ball between
them as you normaly would. After the ki ball is created, begin to visualize the ki hardening
into a solid object. I visualize it hardening into a rock. When in your mind it looks like a rock
in between your hands, Thrust out like you normaly would. When the "rock" is released,
visualize the stream of ki pushing it as a Pole or peice of two by four. I visualize a huge
telephone pole emerging and shooting at the opponent. Ram the pole straight through the
opponent. This will give a visible effect of the damage. It may cause a red mark or
something the first few times you try it. Practice it on a friend first. But make sure he has
propper gear on. I did this to a friend of mine before when he wasn't wearing any gear. He
bent down and acted like he had just been punched real hard in the gut. When he recovered
he commented that it felt like a telephone pole was rammed through him.
Multiple Ki Balls:
Draw both hands back so that your right hand is next to your right ribcage(loading), and
vice-versa. Create a ki ball in each hand. Thrust one hand foward and launch the ki ball at
the opponent. As you draw it back, do the same thing with the other hand. While one hand is
loading, quickly charge it back up with ki and create another ki ball. The object is to be able
to quickly create ki balls in case of emergency. But you have to remember that the more ki
balls you blast, the more energy you use, so the weaker the balls become.
Ki Matoshi(disk):

Put one hand up and create a mana ball. Have it hover about 4 inches above your hand.
Now, there is a red orb of energy located in the center of your palm called the palm chakra.
Open it by visualizing it filling with light and beggining to spin fast. Once opened, it will spin
at about 600 times per second. Create a link from your hand to you mana ball. The spinning
of the chakra will naturaly make the mana ball spin. Use your will power to flatten out the
ball into a disk. You should now have an energy disk spinning at about 500 times per second.
through it at something about feet away and watch what happens. If it was strong enough, a
slash should have been created. Practice this technique untill you can cut through trees and
fence with it.
Genki Dahma:
More advanced version of a mana ball. Raise both hands into the air. Now go into a standing
mediation. Bring mana in from all around you. Have it collect over your hands. Keep drawing
untill you have a mass of mana over your hands. Now use your will power to compact it and
form it into a ball. Let the energy ball rest about 1 foot above your hands. Keep drawing
mana to it untill it has sufficient energy needed to perform it's task. Power up(any type) so
that you can keep control of it. Focus on your opponent and throw your hands foward.
Launch the Genki Dahma through the opponent and have it explode about a foot behind the
Spirit up:
Get in a ready stance. Start drawing in energy. Let the ki fill you up. In your mind visualize
your body as empty and the ki coming and filling it up. After about a minute you should feel
warm inside. This means that you were succesfull. This allows the ki to flow easier and make
energy easier to control.
Burning Knuckle:
Stand in your fighting position. Draw the hand that you are going to attack with back. Now
perform a ki flame power up. Force ALL the energy in the flame into your hands. Let the
flame expand a little and engulf your entire hand. In your mind it should look like your hand
is on fire. Focus behind your opponent and attack. Once contact is made, let the flame go as
a blast. Turn your knuckle a little. Even after you've made contact, still try to reach the air
Big Bang(for lack of any real name):
Note that this is a finishing attack and is meant for when your opponent is wounded. It won't
destroy them in most cases, but it will end the battle. Stand in a straight-back stance with
the opponent about 2 feet away from you. Have the opponent to the side of you. Look in the
direction of the opponent and extend the arm on that side. Have the palm facing towards
him/her. Create a block in your wrist that will not allow ki into your hand. create another at
the shoulder that lets ki in, but not out. Start letting ki flow into your arm and try to reach
your hand. Make it keep pushing the block. The more ki, the stronger the push. Fill your arm
with ki as much as you can. This builds up the pressure pushing against the block. When you
just can't hold in any more, quickly remove the block. This will have the effect of a pressure
hose. The ki will come racing out at an enormous rate. It will be too much for you to control,
so don't even try, just let it come out. This will bewind the opponent and he will no longer
have the strength or stanima to continue fighting you.
Sudden Impact:

This is a technique I devised from the one below. Create a genki dahma and throw it at the
opponent. Instead of having the dahma go through the opponent, have it stay inside of
him/her. Once the "mine" is placed in the opponent's body, charge your fist with a burning
knuckle. Perform a ki punch and make contact directly on the area where the mine is placed.
Send the ki in your fist out as a shockwave immediatly. About a decisecond after impact, the
shockwave will detonate the mine, causing the effect that your punch was like a nuce to the
Spirit mine:
Bring one hand up and create a strong mana ball filled with the energy of living organisms
all around you(Genki Dahma). Once you've created this ball, "lock on" to your opponent.
Throw the ball but do not let the ball go through him/her. Instead, keep the genki dahma
inside of the opponent. With the hand that created the dahma extended in front of you, tell
yourself(in your head) that when you close your hand into a fist, your hand will act as a
remote for the "mine" inside the opponent. Then that when you open it, the remote will be
triggered, and the mine will explode. Practice this technique on a tree, or someone equaly as
powerful as you. All questions about this tech should be sent to The Truth Keeper, one of my
students(he created the tech,
Upward Spiral:
Focus on the enemy and get in ready stance. Feel out ALL of the energy around you. Let you
own ki out into the air, wrapping around the mana around you. Make 4-6 balls of mana-filled
ki balls. Concentrate them down into the Earth, also taking earth element energy. Bring the
balls up circling around the opponent. Make the mana inside of the ki balls shoot out like
spikes at the opponent as they are going up. This will barrade the enemy with about 60
spikes of energy, which hurts like heck. As you get better, make more balls and make them
hold more mana. Also extend the distance between you and the opponent.
Mega Ball:
Raise your dominant hand up as if you were going to create a mana ball. Power up using the
ki flame technique. Push all the energy into that hand and form it into a ball. Power up again
and repeat. This takes about 4 power ups. Once that process is complete, draw in some
energy. Create a block as you would for the big bang. Once suffecient pressure has been
created, throw your hand foward and let it fly, use the access energy from the block to push
it off. It will move slowly because of the amount of ki in it.
Ki Drill:
Stand in a wide stance with your body facing the opponent. Bring up your dominant hand
and extend the index and middle fingers on that hand. Place the hand about 6 inches off
your chest. Close your eyes and begin focusing all your ki into those two fingers. Once
you've generated as much ki as you can, let some of it come out and rotate around your
fingers like blades. Load that hand and thrust it staight foward. Project the ki with a spear
point at the tip of the beam. Create rotating blades around the beam. Focus it drilling
Multi Convergence:
Also known as the tri form technique, it allows the user to create spiritual, sometimes
physical replicas of him/herself. Stand in a straight position and power up. This time keep

ALL the energy from the power up inside of your body. Feel the ki moving inside of you. Use
your will power to make it move faster. Make the ki inside of you move through your body at
an incredible rate. Draw in ki to fill gaps of energy. In your mind you want the ki to move so
fast it doesn't look like it's moving. When you feel that this has been accomplished. Extend
your dominant leg and side step. As you step visualize the ki being left where you were. Also
picture giving a little of your own spirit to it. When you have fully stepped out, visualize the
ki hardening into a human form and taking on the image of you. Once accomplished, you
have full control over the clone. If focus is lost, or the clone is hit with a ki technique that
overpowers it, it will melt away and return to you. If you give a peice of your mind to it, it
can think on it's own and you don't have to focus on it.
Choko blast(edited version):
This is a technique I devised with one purpose, to completly over power the opponent and
win the battle with ONE attack. Stand about 4 feet away from the opponent and go into
regular ki blast position. Place your hands down by your hips and power up with ki flame and
spirit up. Push the ki flame in between your hands to create a ki ball. Let it expand around
your wrists. Double fill the inside of the ball with the eternal energy from the spirit up. Now
create a block in both wrists and another at both shoulders with the same programming as
the big bang attack. When there is sufficient pressure created, let SOME of it expand about 1
inch off your arms. Create a wirlpool of mana around your hands to add to the energy in the
ball. Merge the ball with the hands so that in you mind it looks like your hands ARE the ki
ball. Thrust your hands foward. As your hands go foward, so does the wirlpool. Shoot the
blast and use the momentum of the wirlpool to create a sling-shot effect by swallowing the
blast and slinging it towards the opponent at a speed of about 150mph. This blast, if done
properly, will devistate the opponent and make him gasp for breath. It should take about 10
minutes before he can breath normally again.
Minor invisibilty shade:
Relax your mind and focus on your surroundings. Feel the heat of the light from the sun
hitting you. In your mind, visualize the rays of light going straight through your body. You
must remember that we only are seen because the light reflects off of us for other's pupil's
to gather which allows you to see. That's why we can't see in the dark, because there is no
light for the pupil to pick up. If the light goes through you, there is no reflection of light for
other pupils to pick up. This normaly only works in crouds or forests where the is plenty of
surroundings to throw someone's concentration off.
Fire ball:
The fire ball is a hard move to learn to controll, but it is also extremely effective. To start out
with, put your hands in the basic ki ball position. Start adding Ki energy into your hands,
except this time focus as hard as you can into making the energy warm. Try to make it as
hot as you can. Don't worry, the heat will not harm you because it is your energy. Now once
you have added a fairly large amount of energy to the ball, remove one of your hands away
from the ball. Now you should have only one hand holding the ball. Raise the hand that is
holding the ball in the air. Make sure that the ball is in your dominent hand. Grab your wrist
with your other hand that is free. Now push your ki out of both hands so that some of it is
comming out of your dominent hand that is holding the ball, and some is comming out of the
hand that is holding your wrist. Push the energy that is holding your wrist into your wrist and
into the ball. You know have the energy comming out of both hands. Now is the hard part.
Start powering up and tightening your arm muscles. Focus as hard as you can on the ball
turning into a huge flaming ball of energy. This is actually easier than it sounds because it is
your energy. If you focus hard enough, then a friend about 4 feet away will probally say
something like "Wow! I just saw a flame.", or, "Dang, that thing is hot", or something else
like that. If you are a beginner, then for your first year of making it, the best you will probally

make is a very faint ball of fire most likely. I would recommend that you have some
experience in Pyrokinesis before you start really practicing the move because it is easier to
This technique uses a spiral force to hit the enemy from multiple directions, then downward
spiraling into their organs causing a drill effect(OUCH!). Stand in a regular wide legged
stance(horse stance) and plave your hands palm out with your palms facing the opponent.
What you want to do is create a ki 'magnet' that will collect the ki and mana within a certain
range. Let your ki outside of you to be drawn around your body into the magnet. Now make
the magnet spin, so that the ki it has collected, and will collect, begins to circle as well.
At this point, begin to draw mana into the magnet. The mana should be spiraling towards
the hands because of the magnet. Now merge the ki with the mana so that the ki uses the
mana to climb out in to the air and cirlce around your palms as one with the mana. Start to
charge your arms with any ki you have left. Use the ki in your arms to project the magnet
out of your hands and through the opponent. This will cause the spiral of ki/mana around
your hands to go inside-out and follow the magnet at a high speed. This will cause the mana
and ki to go drilling through your opponent.
Ki Essence:
This is the ability to force TONS of ki into a bottle, capsule, water drop, or small peice of
food, for recoverative purposes. This is a VERY strong healing technique that I devised
myself. In this I will use a small bottle as an example. Sit down and summon as much energy
as you can. Bring all of it inside of you. Then become 'one' with the ki, and place your hands
about 4 inches above the bottle. Visualize your palm chakra extending out and reaching the
bottle. Fill that chakra with ALL the ki in your body at that time(keep enough to stay ALIVE!).
Imagine a hole in the palm chakras forming and pouring all that ki into the bottle. Bring back
your hands and use mind power to create a mana sheild in the shape of the bottle so that no
ki leaks out of it. If the needed amount of ki was added, it should look a little foggy inside of
the bottle. I've seen someone light up a bottle like a light bulb before(gave me the idea).
Program the sheild to keep energy in, but not out. That makes it safe to put 1-3 drops of
water(particularly enchanted) into the bottle. Thus making it an elixer with the 'essence' of
ki inside of it. ANYBODY who has 1 drop of it, will be fully recovered. I HAVE TESTED THIS! IT
DOES WORK, AND IS SAFE! The only thing that matters is how well you do it. And after the
technique, or 'ritual', DRAW SOME ENERGY.
Sonic Boom:
This a technique named after guile's attack from street fighter, due to simularity. I was
submitted this technique by a friend of mine, who can be reached at It has been changed a little from it's original format.
Place your hands down by your waist. Left hand on left side, and vice-versa, with your palms
open. Begin to collect energy into the hands. Focus as much energy as you can into it(ki,
mana, and psi). Push all the energies within your power into your palm. Now shape the
energy so that your hands are surrounded by balls of energy. Now clinch a fist, and raise
your hands to chest level, while focusing on the damage you will cause. Quickly lock your
arms into a position like this: Right fist inside of left elbow, and left fist ON your right elbow.
This position will send the two "mega" balls created swirling in your arms. They should swirl
like a circle, with the ball created in your right hand shooting into your left arm, then into
your chest, immediatly followed by circling back into your right again, and vice-versa. This
will create a continuing circle for the energy, and as it travels over and over in that circle, it
will gain more momentum and power. The instant that you break the circle by extending


your arms back out, with your palms facing your opponent, the balls will collide and come
out through your hands as a devistating shock wave of dissrupted energy. Note that this
attack is mentally, spiritually, and physically devistating to your opponent if fully developed.
This should only be used on a living organism as a last resort.