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Hexagram 26
Raising big cattle


Big accumulation
Harvest: determination
Not eating at home, auspicious
Harvest: to wade across the great river
The great image says:
Heaven in the center of the mountains: great accumulation.
The noble one knows many former words and deeds and
proceedings, in order to accumulate his virtue

day 24 of a yang
Tame and feed the big animals, take good care of the big harvest and store it in a
safe place. Your life needs the big values, the harvests of man that survive the eras.
Love has to be universal love. If it does not rely on eternal values, one cannot even
call it love. But even the small things one does every day need the eternal deeds of
the gods as example.
Always, everywhere, one encounters signs of the big animals, even if one sees only
a footprint, or hears a rumor. Gather the signs, store them, and save them in your
soul. And tame the big bulls for plowing your fields and for riding on them in
everyday life.

D: big, see hex.14. CH: according to WHy bolas, an ancient throwing weapon (2), with
the symbol for hunting (3), Li Leyi p.389 says: silk (2) and field (3): the harvest of silk and
crops. GSR366: (2) means darkcolored, black. Later use: mystic, mysterious.
CHU: animal, livestock. Pronounced as x: rear or raise (livestock or children), nourish,
support, cherish. Da chu: big cattle.
X is exchangeable with the same character with 'plants' added: collect, store, save up,
hoard, reserve, accumulate, restrain, rear, breed.

9 at 3: Fine horses for pursuit. Harvest: a

hardship determination. Daily making
fences, making carts, patrolling.
Harvest: proceeding probing.
If you acquire something beautiful or
precious, you also acquire the worries,
duties and care that go with it. Accept
them as being part of it, do not see them as
negative but as essential parts of your life.
A careless life without possessions can be

Above 9: He carries Heavens highway.

Usually insight and wisdom do not come to
the neat and decent people, but to those
who are very much alive and often not at
all neat and decent. They are the ones who
defy things, first of all the forms that sneak
into their own life. Forms are like walls and
doors and fences, shutting out the



alluring, but a life with care and

possessions, and the ability to cope with
them, is complete.
(Changes to hex.41)

9 at 2: The carriage loses the axlestrap.

Even mishap can be a valuable part of your
life. Except of course if you only see it as a
cause for irritation or anger. Accept it as
part of reality, or as a challenge which can
make life more interesting, or as an
unexpected moment of rest. As a cause for
fun, for play or a break out of a rut.
(Changes to hex.22)
Initial 9 : There is a snake. Harvest: to
If there is a sign, an omen, then stop what
you are doing, stop your human activities.
Listen well if you hear any divine voice, ask
for signs, meditate, whatever can make
things go well again. Normal intellect will
not tell you what is going on, you need to
probe deeper.
(Changes to hex.18)

Sages do not walk down the garden path,

they will not settle for less than the Milky
Way, the road of the gods. Gods never were
(Changes to hex.11)

6 at 5: A gelded pigs tusks. Auspicious.

Use your tusks without any agressivity.
They will be just as hard and sharp, it is
the power behind them which makes them
to tools or to weapons. Force will make you
alone, authority inspires others to join you.
(Changes to hex.9)

6 at 4: Young bull's hornboard. Eminent

When a young bull learns the effect of his
horns, he will also learn to use his
aggressiveness. It will become part of his
mental makeup. If he never learns to, he
will have the same strength, but not the
aggressive mind.
Every time one uses the negative aspect of
an asset, it will become part of ones mind.
Do not think you can get back to 'normal'
after that, you will be slightly changed, and
the road back is near to impossible.
(Changes to hex.14)

The Sabian Symbols for the hexagramlines

9 at 3 corresponds to 24:An untidy
unkempt man
Maybe other things on his mind
9 at 2 corresponds to 24:Children
skating on ice
Initial 9 corresponds to 24:An open
window and a net curtain blowing into a

Above 9 corresponds to 24:A man

turning his back on his passions and
teaching from his experience
6 at 5 corresponds to 24:A bluebird
standing at the door of the house
6 at 4 corresponds to 24:A third wing
on the left side of a butterfly
The soul can fly if he believes in it

For the meaning of Eminent expansion. Harvest determination click HERE

The noble one accumulates or: increases, nurtures. The ideogram of virtue or morality, DE,
= go + straight.
Line 1. The snake means 'danger', but this character is a picture of a snake. 'Harvest: to
stop' or 'The harvest is finished'.
Line 3. Hardship: a picture of a man with backbound hands. 'Daily' can also be sun or to
say.'Young cattle's stable' or: headboards of a young bulls or cattle.
Line 5. In ancient times pigs were brought up with beautiful tusks. The upper ones were
removed, so the lower ones grew in a circle, sometimes even several circles. Poor pig, it was
agony, the tusks grew often back into its face, and eating was very difficult, so it was
meagre and skinny. The tusks were symbols of the moon crescent. The number of these
pigs a man could offer in the course of his life decided about his welcome and status in the




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