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Bataan Peninsula State University

Orani Campus
Bayan, Orani, Bataan
Name: ____________________________________ Date: _______ Score: _______
Program/yr. sec: _________
I. True or false
____ 1. Expository approach is only applied in the secondary and tertiary levels.
____ 2. Teacher establishes the incorrect mindset of students.
____ 3. Presentation, Teacher applies effective devices to make the explanation clear.
____ 4. Application, Teacher tries to find out how well the lesson absorbed by the students.
____ 5. Deductive method, method makes use of a specific example to generalization.
____ 6. Demonstrative Method, provides learners to understand, learn and appreciate.
____ 7. Planning is a example step of deductive method.
____ 8. Illustration, read the sample paragraph and find out the specific method of development.
____ 9. Evaluation, analyze the paragraph
____ 10. Process oriented method, this a step by step acquisition of knowledge and skills.
____ 11. Print media is a play back device intended to reproduce images and sound.
____ 12. Teacher must be a good model.
____ 13. A leader directs, coaches, supports and delegates depending on the needs.
____ 14. Emotional Climate refers to the mental health only
____ 15. Teacher must motivate his/her learner to study.
IV. Multiple Choice
____ 1. The student listens to classmates who express opinions/view.
a. Receiving
b. Organizing
c. Characterizing
____ 2. The student will answer a call for a sand bagging at Bucayao River.
a. Responding
b. Valuing
c. Set
____ 3. The student will identify by its feel a type of visual aid.
a. Mechanism
b. Perception
c. Origination
____ 4. The student will demonstrate how to step on gear.
a. Complex overt
b. Guided response
c. Set
____ 5. The student will create steps for new folk dance.
a. Adaptation
b. Origination
c. Set
____ 6. The student will encode in the
a. Complex overt response b. Origination
c. Set
____ 7. The student will set the microscope for testing accumulation of bacteria.
a. Mechanism
b. Adaptation
c. Set

____ 8. The student will arrange the exhibits according to subject area.
a. Origination
b. Set
c. Adaptation
____ 9. The student will read Marcos Martial law proclamation
a. Comprehensive
b. Analysis level
c. synthesis
____ 10. The student will express appreciation for ancient Ambahan Mangyan poems
a. Valuing
b. Organizing
c. Receiving
____ 11. The student will imitate how a particular vowel sound in produced.
a. Guided response
b. Mechanism
c. Set
____ 12. Deals with the development of attributes.
a. Psychomotor
b. affective
c. cognitive
____ 13. It is from the ____ that a child gets instruction on the specific ways of doing things.
a. Home
b. Classroom
c. Community
____ 14. It brings about a learning environment that allows opportunity for interaction among
members in the process.
a. Home
b. Classroom
c. Community
____ 15. Refers a learning atmosphere characterized by activities designed to challenge the
a. Social climate
b. Intellectual climate
c. Physical environment

Neil jasper B. Bombita