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Hold The Message

In sending out my many writings, it has stirred and caused much surmising
and provoked some in their pride to lash out against me. I have been told I
am the serpent, and that I would meet a bad end and I was lifted up and
delusional and like a child. Well I do not wish any of those things on them as
they apparently do me. We are all the serpent in our first birth and we all
come to a bad end, which is death and the grave, until the Lord changes
things. The Bible says unless you become as a child you shall in no wise
inherit the Kingdom. So when you rebuke a fool you will certainly get
yourself a blot. They will certainly turn and rend you. You can tell where a
person is in their maturity in the Lord by how they respond to you, is it in
humility and love or arrogance and pride? You will hear the side you hit
answer back. Like the rock thrown into the pack of dogs, the one that yelps
is the one you hit. So when someone answers you in haughtiness and much
over confidence, you know you have struck their Pride which is of the Devil.
They will belittle you, call you names, tell you death is coming and what you
supposed are in their mind as to some evil thing. See no love or mercy or
humility is in their eyes. They fail to see the wickedness of their own ways.
They think they know something when you do not know something as you
ought to know.
Paul said He counted all of his knowing as dung. To obtain unto the Mind of
Christ. Then when He received that Mind, He never took credit as to claim it
was His Mind that He was someone who was special. He knew that Mind was
the Mind of the Lord, given to Him. It was not some thing He discovered, it
was more like this Mind of Christ chose Him to reveal itself to Him, not that
Paul was some wise person who figured it all out.
When we write and say the things given to us, these are not things we sat
down and figured out. These things came by Spiritual Revelation. This
means they are from the Lord and they are HIS thoughts and HIS Mind and
HIS Revelations. They are not mine as to I own them as a human being. As a
Child of God I have access and can reap the benefits of this Mind as the Lord
allows. But I still cannot ever glory or boast in mine own self of these things
as I figured them out or discovered something within my own ability. No one
would ever know of God period, if He had not chosen to reveal Himself first.

SO regardless of what may come of me, has nothing at all to do with what
the Lord is sharing and sending out in these writings. If I should die a
horrible death or go peaceful in my sleep, has nothing to do with the Mind of
the Lord revealed and shared and given to as many as will receive them in
these writings. God have mercy if I was to turn and go after the world and
leave off with God, it does not matter, in the sense of if this is the Mind of
the Lord speaking. Solomon died in the end of his life as an idol worshipper
and from what we know He fell away from the Lord, but that has nothing to
do with the incredible words of wisdom He spoke during His life time, they
were the words of the Lord. The point being regardless of what comes of
the messenger, it has nothing to do with the messenger in that sense
because the messenger can do nothing for you. It is the content of what He
is carrying that comes from the Lord that will and can help you. It has
nothing to do with the person themselves.
Jesus died a sinners death on a cross, had nothing to do with his message in
that sense. Look at what David of old did and so many others who did
horrible things in their life, yet look at how God used them to bring His
Message. The importance is on the message. Have Faith in the Message!
God is the Invisible Spirit and the Anointed and Revelated and Spoken Word
that comes through the messenger. Have Faith in that! Never get your eyes
on the messenger. Even Jesus pointed us to the Father and to the Christ. He
removed Himself from the equation after He arose so we would see the
Message and the Christ of that message. Beware of people that claim to be
children of God with no humility and have abundance of arrogance and if
you cross them you will get a tongue lashing and some hideous judgement
because of WHO they THINK they are.
The Word spoke and said, Because they have not a love for the truth, I will
send them strong delusions, and I will cause them to believe a lie, so that
they will be damned. When you find preachers laying with women and
bringing bastard children into the world and using cunning and deceitful
shrewd practices under the guise of religion and yet they tell you they have
discovered and they are the one and they have the message and so on, you
know they are the one God was speaking of. God is so good, His Word
remains the same and is not a respector of persons, so you cannot and do
not have to be deceived by them. You know what saith the Word.

They will tell you how much YOU do not know and how much they do know,
they will make it all about them, it is never about YOU or another. Christ was
always about another. He came to give and sacrifice self. We know when a
minister has committed the act of adultery they have given up the right and
authority of that office and should never speak before a congregation again.
They can certainly attend church and try to find redemption and
forgiveness, but they are not ministers or any office any longer in the
Kingdom. If they continue on as a minister after having done such horrible
things then they will certainly go off into error and speak lying wonders.
So anyway, the point is to stay focused on the Word and on the Message of
the Word. Check your own heart daily and make sure it still desires truth
above all else, even its own self and its own thoughts and opinions and over
the thoughts and opinions of others. Hold fast to truth and hunger for truth.
Not your version of what you think truth is, but truth itself. So whatever
becomes of me, I have been ready and looking forward to going Home for a
long time now. My enemies will no doubt gloat and say I told you so. If they
are still around. Remember the enemies of Jesus made up stories to falsify
His glorious resurrection. That is what death is to a true Son of God, it is a
resurrection. Leaving off the bodily or fleshly tomb and ascending into glory.
The Lord has brought about His Greatest message yet and He has not
suffered for it to lift up another man, for the purpose now is to lift up the
message, not the messenger. So you will hear in time, if the Lord permits,
many things concerning these writings and many will try to further discredit
them. But the FEW whom they are meant for will receive them and they will
be changed. I have changed my Body already, I see it crystal clear like
glass. In the soon time to come, others will too. A man spoke of me recently
and said I was the snake or serpent on the mountain. Well so was Jesus, so
was Moses, so was Adam and so on. They still behold you after the flesh,
which is the serpent. They cannot look beyond the veil and see the Christ,
because of the strong delusions God has given them. They remain full of
arrogance, self righteousness, wild imaginations, still working shady deals,
still shining a bright reflection of light to blind their followers, whom are
simply slaves to them. Not one persons life has prospered or changed for
the better by them, unless it included more servitude. You know the ole
mafia system, I will protect you more of you pay me more. They never serve
but desire to be served, when Christ came to serve and be a sacrifice for
many. That real Love. His Words change you, not put you in more confusion.

I said all of this, so you will know if the Lord permits me to go home, you
hold tight to this message He has given. It is the message for this day, His
Message. It is given for the Change of the Body. I Love You and God Bless
PHN/ 111715/ HHI, SC. USA