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Lesson Plan:

Clothes-CLIL (class 12: 23/10/15)

Name: Simon Repetto, Sofa - Rizzo, Ana Antonella
Class: 5th Year
Level: Elementary
Length: 40 minutes.
Class Description: The class is formed by 21 students: 10 boys and 11 girls, all about 10
years old. They have classes twice a week, 40 minutes.
Main Aims: By the end of this class students will be able to understand a short story and
complete activities according to the story. And they will continue creating a sense of
global citizenship, having in mind that we are all different and equal and a way of
feeling ourselves identified is through our typical customs.
Subsidiary aims: 1. Make our students conscious about the different customs in
different parts of the world.
2. Help our students to understand a simple short story about a
different culture and way of living.
Personal Aims: That our methodology to teach the topic, help the students to learn and
to understand it, as well as enjoy.
Timetable fit: In the last class students have learned the different pieces of clothing, as
well as the difference between sex and gender and how colours in clothes is just a
cultural aspect. They also have worked with the story and learned about different
Materials: Whiteboard and markers
Projector and computer
Anticipated problems: Some students could have problems in the understanding of
some words or sentences in the story.
Possible solutions: We will provide them the necessary help in order to overcome that

Stage/stage aim





We are going to start the class

revising the plot of the story
they already read.

T Ss

5 minutes

We are going to show our

students an audio file with the
short story twice, so as to make
them remember the story. At the T-Ss
same time we are going to
provide them a copy with the

5 min.


We are going to give our

students an activity in which
they will have to choose the
best option to complete the
sentence. We will ask them to
work in pairs, as they are sitting
together. Then, we will check
the activity in the board.

15 min.

Order the sequence

We will give our students an

activity in which they have to
order the events according to
the story. Again, they will have
to work in pairs, and we will
check all together in the

T-Ss/ Ss-Ss

15 min.


We are going to give our

students an activity in which
they have to classify their
pieces of clothes having in
mind if it still fits them or not.



Meekitjuk, an Inuit boy, lives with his mother, Palluq.

Winter is coming, says Meekitjuk.
Yes. The weather is changing, says Palluq, and here we
are at our winter house.
Mother! says Meekitjuk. Look!
What is it? asks Palluq.
My winter coat is too small, says
Meekitjuk. How can I go out in the
ice and snow?
It is cold and snowy for many
months. You need a new coat. You
can have a coat from this bag, says
Palluq. Empty the bag.
Meekitjuk isnt happy. I dont want
a coat made from an ugly old bag!
he thinks.
Oh! A coat!
That was your grandfathers coat when he was a boy,
says Palluq. Now you are big. Now you can wear it.
Meekitjuk is very happy. With this warm coat, he says, I
can go out in the ice and snow!
Choose the best option to complete the sentence.
1) Meekitjuk is an _________ boy.
a) Argentinian b) Inuit
c) Indian
2) _________ is coming.
a) Spring
b) Summer c) Winter
3) Meekitjuks winter coat is too _________.
a) Small
b) Big
c) Horrible
4) Meekitjuk wants to go out to play with___________.
a) The animals
b)The grass c) The ice and snow
5) It is__________ for many months.
a) Cold and snowy
b) Hot and sunny c) Rainy
6) Meekitjuk isnt____________.
a) Sad
b) Happy
c) Angry
7) Meekitjuk doesnt want a coat made from __________ bag.
a) A beautiful new
b) A beautiful old c) An ugly old
8) The coat was from Meekitjuks_____________.
a) Grandfather
b) Mother
c) Sister
9) Now, Meekitjuk is__________.
a) Angry
b) Happy
c) Sad

Order the following sentences.

a) Meekitjuk find the coat of his grandfather inside the old bag ____


Meekitjuk cannot go outside to play in the ice and snow._______

Meekitjuk can wear the new coat and go outside to play in the ice and snow. ___
Meekitjuk is not happy. ____
Meekitjuk is happy. _____
Meekitjuks mother can make him a new coat with an ugly old bag. ______
The coat of Meekitjuk is too small ____


Where does it go?

Think about YOUR favourite clothes! Do they still fit you or have you grown too
much? Write them in the correct box.
my favourite

my favourite tshirt

my favourite

my favourite

my favourite

my favourite

my favourite

my favourite hat

Still fits me!

Ive grown too much!