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Do you have a Thawed Out Plan for Spring ?

V O LUME 2010 , I SSUE 04 A PR I L 2 010

TOPOGEAR to start carrying a new line of Fine Jewelry

The 2nd annual Springtime Bazaar
Up Coming Boy Scout Event BOY SCOUT MEGA EXPO 2010 Sunset Park Las Vegas, Nevada April 23-25 The Scout Expo is an outdoor festival of more than 150 Scouting exhibits, demonstrations, activities and games, along with a variety of community agency booths. An estimated 4,000 Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Ventures will staff the program booths at the Scout Expo. Youth will be selling Discount Cards for the event from March 12 until April 23 for $5.00. Tickets will also be available at the door. Over 3,000 youth are expected to camp out overnight on Friday night and enjoy a campfire that evening. Approximately 12,000 youth, leaders, family and general public attend the yearly event. A Saturday Night entertainment show for those camping overnight on Saturday night will feature guest musicians and entertainers. The theme this year is "100 Years of Scouting" and most the booths will center around Scouting themes. Selected scouting related exhibit themes include recycling , Dutch oven cooking, obstacle courses, casting, gold panning, and Mountain Man Camp. A Merit Badge Midway for over 800 Scouts will also be available in a variety of Merit Badge subjects. Source:BSA News Release/Gary Lewis Editor’s note: Excellent visual opportunities exist for live on site coverage of the Scout Expo set up on Friday late, and the event on Saturday. A 1:00 p.m. Saturday Media Tour is scheduled. will be held at the Casablanca in Mesquite, Nevada. If you can’t decide what to do Saturday April 17th, come out and join the fun. If you were planning on something else, cancel and come to Mesquite instead! Admission is inexpensive, and 50% of the proceeds benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Last year there were over 1200 people browsing through the 85 + booths. Lets help make this turnout even greater! It’s for a good cause. There will be crafts, jewelry, sporting goods, clothing, & food. TOPOGEAR is planning on having a booth. See us there. See the full page insert within this Newsletter for more detail. Contact Carrie for more info at 702 –346-7091 or email: TOPOGEAR is taking requests through the end of March of items you may wish to purchase during this event. If we have them at the show they will be discounted off normal MSRP. Plus you will save any shipping fees. Visit TOPOGEAR Record the Item Number and short description. Then Email that info to TOPOGEAR. In the subject please type BRING TO SPRINGTIME BAZAAR. List your item numbers and brief description. If we bring it, you are under no obligation to purchase.

We will be specializing in new 925 Sterling Silver and Semi precious gemstone Jewelry. The photo above is some current examples. We wish to offer something affordable to all. We hope to find and offer items under the $200 retail range, with many under the $100 mark.

We will offer a selection that will be ever changing. We are able to buy direct from our distributor and many of our items are individually hand selected when being purchased. These items will soon start showing up on the TOPO site so check back often. We also have large selections of used and vintage Jewelry. This stock is also changing constantly. Currently we have a large stock of vintage Rhinestone jewelry. If you are looking for a specific item that we do not show please email us with the info and a photo.

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With our packs we knew it wouldn't be a walk in the park. We stopped several times. Our TSaturday 3/6/2010 the couple of us from Las shirts started taking on some sweat so the stops Vegas going on the Havasupai backpack trip this had to be short to avoid taking on a chill from the coming April, did another "conditioning hike" cool 50 degree air. with full backpacks at 30 lbs of weight. Near the summit we looked off to the east and For this weeks prep trip we decided on the Kraft could just barley catch a glimpse of the tops of a Mountain loop. This is an area west of Las Vegas. few of the larger buildings back in Las Vegas. We Just east of the Red Rock Park 13 mile loop area. took a short break and some water, then dropped Instead of entering the paid area of Red Rock we down over the north slope to the wash below. took another road into the Calico Springs area. An area with a small community of private homes, as well as another section of Red Rock Park known as the Board Walk Trail, at Red Springs.

Havasupai Falls Conditioning Hike.

We tightened up our straps, threw the packs on and headed out due west. It was a cool day, in the low 50's, mostly overcast. This hike to be about 4.5 miles.

We headed from the road west to the base of the red sandstone cliffs (Keystone Thrust Fault) jutting up from the desert floor. We immediately dropped in a rocky wash (Desert stream bed normally dry) and was delighted to find running water. We continued due west a short distance and picked up the trail we wanted. At this trail intersection we veered north. After about a mile of skirting the residential area we once again dropped into the same wash, but further up stream from our previous point. We crossed over at an area of steep washed out banks. Though at this time the water was only 2 feet wide. We enjoyed a gurgling small waterfall that cascaded over a huge chunk of red sandstone. The water clear enough to invite drinking if you didn't have to worry about parasites and those other nasty little things. Following the trail up out of the wash we started a rather steep climb of about 1 mile that would take us over a "pass" or "saddle" between two peaks. This trail would pass the west side of Kraft Mountain in into yet another wash. This new wash would then swing us around the backside, and the east side of Kraft Mountain. Saddle N

We snaked down a trail that took us through a sandstone slot of white, pink and red stripped colors. The slot cut through the stone by water over perhaps millions of years? It had created beautiful ribbons of color that curved around corner after corner until we reached the wash below. A slight trickle of water flowed even now. That water fell into the gravel wash, instantly disappearing from sight. From several feet away, no trace of water was even remotely visible.

None of us had hiked this loop in years. The last time I remember, this wash was an easy hike, mostly on gravel. We soon encountered changed terrain from past flooding. We came to a narrow passage between some house size rocks. Hmm.....the drop off looked about 12 ft to me. We removed our packs and one of us scrambled, more like slid and bumped and jumped on the way down. Not something we were coming back up. At least not easily. The packs were transferred down. We were to encounter 3 more places that the past flooding had drastically changed the trail. All had to be maneuvered in some method. Either rock scrambling or in one case we had to climb up and around since the drop was too high. Along the way we commented, the trail down at the Grand Canyon can't be this bad. It was a great hike, and even better conditioning. We eventually came to the east side of Kraft Mountain. We followed the trail up out of the wash and veered south. We followed a ridge above the wash that was now winding it's way south and off to our left. We wound through a level area strewn with huge rocks that presumably rolled down off Kraft Mountain. Many of these rocks the size of houses. A popular area for Rock Climbers to break into the sport or just practice. Evidence everywhere of white climber chalk seen in contrast to the red sandstone and black mineral varnished rocks. We passed through the field of giant stones. Those in the know stepping off the trail to the backside of some of the rocks with large flat area's of black mineral varnished sides. Here on close examination you discover Indian Petroglyphs that were pounded into the black varnish surfaced rocks. Images made hundreds if not thousands of years ago. I am reluctant to publicly share specific locations due to those so ignorant to deface or destroy them. Little by little they are disappearing. Most destroyed in the past few years.

We were now in the 2nd wash. We took a right turn and headed east. This wash was wide in places. Narrow at some. Huge rocks and steep walls. As we hiked we saw evidence of past flooding. Debris and dead vegetation hung up on rocks high above our heads. Indications everywhere the water had come gushing through here 25 to 30 feet deep. These washes are no place to be when there is a chance of rain. Water comes so fast it may be impossible to get out quickly enough. Death is the outcome for some. We eventually made it back to the vehicle and shed our packs. We sat back and enjoyed a bottle of water and the beautiful area surrounding us. We can hardly wait to see the Grand Canyon! Article and photos courtesy of Rick Beach

Kraft Mtn

Trail Elevation gain to summit the saddle is around 1000ft. It was definitely a workout. We saw others with no packs, stopping along the way to take breathers. 2

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FOUNTAIN HILLS GREAT FAIR Scottsdale, Arizona February 26th, 2010 Now in its 23rd year, this three day fair attracts nearly 500 artists and over 200,000 visitors. Be sure to mark your calendars for the November Fair November 12,13,14, 2010 Official sponsor of the fair is the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce. The main streets were closed off to traffic and 10x10 white tent canopied booths lined both sides. You could find anything from Kettle Corn, to Fine Art, and great music.

The homes across the water blending perfectly into the hillside terrain. Nearly invisible, back dropped in the far distance with beautiful snow capped mountain tops.

FISHING TRIP : SUNNYSIDE , Nevada Date: March 20 and 21st Six Adults and 3 young boys made this trip. Saturday proved to be the best day. Many hits during the 10AM timeframe. Then again in the afternoon. Everyone limiting out. Many 2lbs.

It is hard to imagine Fountain Hill exists within the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Shade tree around the lake offer a perfect picnic place. Ducks paddle about with a happy quack, perfectly content. We were reluctant to pack our things and head for home. Planning on returning for the November Fair.

We fished Haymeadow Reservoir from the dam. Haymeadows is managed by the Nevada Dept of Wildlife. The ice was still on in many places. The Trout were in pre-spawn and at times hitting the bait hard. Other times you could barely feel the nibble. The water was clear to slightly cloudy. The best results came on red-orange floating power bait. Also on worms. Both rigged so the bait would float 2 to 3 feet above the weight. Thus rigged the bait was just above the weeds on the bottom. The trout caught had all been eating small snails. The early morning temperature was 19 degrees. Cold for some in tents. Brrr.

We hit the fair as soon as some Artists started opening. We were glad we did. Later in the day the crowd became rather dense making it difficult to even view the booths on the opposite side of the walkways. We enjoyed art and jewelry made from old silverware, artists working in glass, metals, stone and numerous other materials. One of the jewelry booths interested us. Custom designed silver jewelry from designers working with silversmiths of Taxco, Mexico. Their trade handed down through generations. We drifted by Photographers. Many moving their art from paper onto metal and other mediums. Artists working in the strangest of materials. Another selling magnetic bookmarkers. The bookmarker booth was swamped with buyers. When you tired there were plenty of food booths to stop, taste and rest up for more walking. The lake off to the east and just down a small hill from the fair added to the whole effect. On the hour the Fountain would shoot its column of water high into the air. The fountain capable of shooting water 560 feet into the air. This would last for 15 minutes. The lake is surrounded with a golf course looking manicure of green grass.

TOPOGEAR stumbled into Dave Bruce and his creations “Weathered Wonders” at the Fountain Hills Art Fair. (Fountain Hills, AZ). We were immediately drawn to the odd shaped, colorful birdhouses displayed within his booth. His unique use of raw materials showed quite the imagination. Dave uses recycled material, perhaps going “green” before the word became the catch phrase that it is today. Attached to his whimsical creations you will find a perch made from a faucet, a silver pie server, a fork, the list is endless. Dave was a warm person, easy to talk with. We paused to enjoy his booth. Before we moved on to the other booths Dave shared some of his life story. As odd as his creations, Dave found it odd his source of material was drying up. It seems the downturn in the economy and the lull in the home building market, is creating less buildings being demolished. In the past older properties with old fences being upgraded for resale created an abundant source for his raw material...old weathered wood. Dave Bruce can be contacted at: Email Cell: 602 576-7376 3

There is probably another week or two before spawn starts and catching trout slows. APRIL DUTCH OVEN RECIPE CONTEST We have a winner for our April Edition Dutch oven RECIPE Contest. All of you out there, be sure to enter for a chance to win in May! The recipe appears on page 4. This recipe was an easy to prepare dessert, that would be great for beginners to try. The entry and photos were submitted by Alan F. of Las Vegas, Nevada. A FREE “MAIR” Dutch Oven Lifter is on its way.! See the TOPOGEAR rules and submission form at the TOPOGEAR Home Page Find it in the left menu Contest Win Free Stuff. Also join our FACEBOOK Dutch Oven group if you aren’t already a member.

April 2010 Dutch Oven Recipe Contest Winner Submitted by: Alan F of Las Vegas, NV
Winner of a “MAIR Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

Located in NE Ohio. An Easy Flat Water paddling club. Get involved whether you are new to the sport or experienced. A great way to meet people.

Join FACEBOOK WILD BERRY DUTCH OVEN COBBLER Ingredients 1 Cup Sugar 2 Tbls + 2 tsp Corn Starch 4 pints of mixed berries (frozen or fresh) 1 box of Yellow Cake Mix 1 can of Sprite or 7 UP Enough Coals Top and Bottom for 350 degrees 8 Qt/12 inch Dutch Over (Or anything you have that is close in size) Directions: 1. Mix Sugar, Corn Starch, and berries in a bowl then dump into Dutch Oven 2. Whisk Cake Mix and Sprite or 7UP together in a bowl then dump on the Berry mixture already in the Dutch oven. (Don’t mix batter too long ) 3. Bake for 45 minutes (Check with toothpick) Enter your Recipe by April 15, 2010 to be eligible to win a FREE MAIR Dutch Oven Lid Lifter. See TOPOGEAR HOME Page left Menu and find Contest-Win FREE Stuff for Entry Form and rules. Your Outdoor Resource for ATVing, Backpacking, Camping, Kayaking, Rappelling and Skiing. In the Ohio and Pennsylvania Area

Dutch Oven Cooking

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Wanted to Buy: Enclosed tandem axle trailer with side RV style door.
Must be in excellent condition and clean/clear title. Las Vegas Area. May consider 250 mile radius depending on price and condition. Cash buyer. Contact attention Rick. Or call 702-203-0534 and ask for Rick


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Paddling Festival Hosted by SOUTHWIND KAYAK CENTER Newport Dunes, California Visit site for latest info 1-800-SOUTHWIND or 1-800-768-8494

Location: Boulder Beach Campground Date: 4/9-4/10 Time: Dinner served at 2:00 pm on Saturday Theme: Mardi Gras LVDOS Gathering at the Boy Scout Mega Expo Las Vegas, Nevada Location: Sunset Park Date: 4/24 Time: All day Saturday Theme: Boy Scouts
SPRINGTIME BAZAAR Benefits National Multiple Sclerosis Society Location: Mesquite, NV at the CasaBlanca Date: April 17th Time: 10am-4pm Over 85 booths of Crafts*Jewelry*Clothes*Food* Contact Carrie 702-346-7091 See Ad LAS VEGAS CANOE CLUB Event: Big Bend Revival 2nd annual Camp –Out & float trip Date: April 16th, 17th, 18th Location: Laughlin , Nevada Theme:Hippie Music and attire-tie dye YAHOO GROUP: LAS VEGAS CANOE CLUB BOY SCOUT MEGA EXPO 2010 Location: Sunset Park Las Vegas, Nevada Date: April 23-25 TOPOGEAR at Scout EXPO Boy Scout Mega EXPO 2010 Date:April 24th Location: Sunset Park Las Vegas, Nevada Time: All day Saturday 9am-4pm Visit the TOPOGEAR Booth

Las Vegas Dutch Oven Society
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Desert River Outfitters is located in Bullhead City Arizona in Northwestern Arizona on the lower Colorado River. We provide kayak and canoe sales, rentals and guided river trips around the tri-state area of Arizona, Nevada and California. Desert River Outfitters Boy Scouts and Leaders Receive Special Deep Discounts & Bulk Order Discounts "LODGE" Dutch Ovens With BSA LOGO Contact: For Special Price Quote Include Troop Info Don’t miss our Discount Sale. Look for items marked with the discount. Many items in our inventory of over 8000 items are marked down. These discounts are for limited times, and change without notice. Don’t miss out. Also take advantage of the limited time FREE SHIPPING on orders with amounts over the current minimum. Check the <HOME> page for details at:

Charter Fishing Trips in NV, UT, CA and Mexico

TOPOGEAR HAVASUPAI FALLS Backpack Trip Location:Grand Canyon Area, Arizona Date: April 28th Week Event is closed. Additional reservations are not available Havasupai Website and Info Eastwood Expo Center Hunting and Military Relic Show Location: 5555 Youngstown Warren Rd Niles, OH 44446 Date: 4/10/10 & 4/11/10 Info Tel# 330-539-4247




APRIL Continued
2010 Greater York Sport, Travel and Outdoor Show
Location: York Expo Center Date: April 8 thru 11, 2010 Sporting Expo
OUTDOOR ADVENTURE EXPO Location: 309 Cedar Ave South Minneapolis, MN 55454 Date: April 23 thru 25, 2010 Visit Expo Home Page

Memorial Hall

334 Carlisle Ave. York, PA 17404

Creations by Artist Dave Bruce. Utilizing materials recycled from abandoned buildings and alleyways. One-of-a-kind birdhouses and furniture. These creations can be found through various stores and specialty shops. Each piece is handcrafted with pride and signed with love, from Dave’s heart to your home. Email Cell: 602 576-7376

Las Vegas, NV

Gathering & Camp Out
Location: 13 mile campground - Red Rock Date: 5/7 thru 5/9 Time: Dinner served at 3:00 pm on Saturday Theme: Mexican
LAS VEGAS CANOE CLUB Event: Sand Hollow Weekend Jubilee Camp-out & Canoe Date: May 15th & 15th Location: Sand Hollow Reservoir east of St George, Utah Theme: Camp-Canoe-Fish (Be sure to have Utah License)

Shade USA is a national distributor of comfort and convenience related outdoor products that are perfect for the beach, camp grounds, soccer field, baseball diamond, parks, and lakes or any vacation destination (including your own back yard). We specialize in unique and innovative products which feature portability, comfort and value.

Camp ground has full hook ups. May need to secure reservation

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BULLEHEAD CITY ANNUAL REGATTA Event: Annual Bullhead City Regatta/Birthday Party City Wide Party-Float 11 mile stretch of the Colorado River Kayak-Canoe-Tubes-Just about anything that floats! Pre-party-Fun - On the water-Food and Music after Compete for prizes! Enter your group Location: Bullhead City, AZ across the river from Laughlin, NV Date: August 13th and 14th

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