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Lesson 3: The Argumentative Text

Author: Mayra Alejandra Briceo Garca

Id: 367846
Topic: Animal abuse.
Title: Dogs abuse.

The Argumentative text.

I am a student of business administration from the University of Zipaquira Minute
God, in the municipality of Cundinamarca; I want to write about animal abuse
It is a tragic reality that many dogs suffer from cruelty and abuse. Pets depend on
humans to ensure their welfare but by malice or ignorance dogs can suffer
frequently from the results of human actions .Without education or knowledge of
the needs of animals; owners may directly or indirectly be the cause of a number of
problems, including:
Cruelty and animal abuse
The spread of deadly diseases of animal origin Homeless puppies
The danger of biting or attacking other people in your community.
people who care about animals always wonder how there may be abuse or cruelty
towards them .always some cases resulting scandal appears in public opinion , or
just stating the fact that we've all had a neighbor , relative, friend unconscionable
that , in varying degrees , mistreats its animals.
I want to provide solutions so that there is mistreatment of dogs and generate
awareness in humans and there is no cruelty
The abuse of animals is not only a cruel and deplorable behavior but also leaves
important a sequel in the dog suffers. In cases of abuse, the pet needs a specific
re-education to help you trust your new owner and to provide serenity and quality
of life that every dog deserves. Patience and repeated demonstrations of affection
will be key to helping abused pet to trust their new family.

Animal abuse occurs because humans are conscious and want to get even with
the animals they find satisfaction beating a helpless animal that can not defend
before his blows, insults, physical abuse, and verbal abuse. Almost the majority of
abuse cases are that there are human beings who feel happy.
The solution:
1. To raise awareness about the problem of canine and feline overpopulation.
2. Protect and give a decent life to animal shelters as they are adopted.
3. Raise awareness in society about animal sensitivity and respect for nature.
4. Designing and developing programs for educational institutions Execute where
from an early age fosters a love of nature and animals, in order to help build good
men who take care of their pets and protectors of nature.
5. Purchase synthetics or natural fibers such as cotton; buy products that are free
of cruelty and suffering, not put off by fashion.

In conclusion these are some of the possible solutions that I think we can instill in
society to prevent animal suffering and give them a free and dignified life. They are
not difficult to meet only up to us to have a society full of values