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BASIC Stamp Modules
BASIC Stamp 2; #EDU-BS2-IC; $41.65; The most popular BASIC Stamp module. The BS2 may be implemented in education, hobby, and industry applications. This module has enough program space, execution speed, and I/O pins for most applications. Program Execution Speed: RAM Size: EEPROM (Program) Size: Number of I/O Pins: Voltage Requirements: Current Draw @ 5V: Source/Sink Current per I/O: Source/Sink Current:


arallax’s Stamps in Class educational program continues to thrive with new curriculum, additional hardware, and BASIC Stamp Educator’s Courses. The BASIC Stamp 2 is the cornerstone of the SIC curriculum because of the tremendous amount of support material, published books, and application notes. A specific selection of our products include an educational discount of 15%, so if you’re a current educator or student, you may be eligible to receive the EDU price.

The BS2-IC is a single board computer packaged in a 24-pin DIP module, the size of a postage stamp.

~4,000 instructions/sec 32 Bytes (6 I/O, 26 variable) 2K Bytes, ~500 instructions 16 + 2 Dedicated Serial 5 - 12 vdc 8 mA Run / 100 µA Sleep 20 mA / 25 mA 40 mA / 50 mA per 8 I/O pins

Visit our website for a look at the entire line of BASIC Stamps.

The BASIC Stamp can withstand an environment of 0°-70° C (32°-158° F).

BASIC Stamp 2p; #EDU-BS2P24; $67.15; #BS2P40; $99.00; The highest performing of all the BASIC Stamps. With a program execution speed of ~12,000 instructions/second, it is 3 times faster than a BS2-IC. The 40 pin version of the BS2p provides 16 extra I/O pins for your project. Program Execution Speed: RAM Size: Scratch Pad RAM: EEPROM (Program) Size: Number of I/O Pins: Voltage Requirements: Current Draw @ 5V: Source/Sink Current per I/O: Source/Sink Current: ~12,000 instructions/sec 38 Bytes (12 I/O, 26 variable) 128 Bytes 8 x 2K Bytes, ~4,000 instructions 16 or 32 + 2 Dedicated Serial 5 - 12 vdc 40 mA Run / 400 µA Sleep 30 mA / 30 mA 60 mA / 60 mA per 8 I/O pins

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BASIC Stamp Manual and Windows Editor are free downloads from our website.

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Parallax has a BASIC Stamp for every project you can imagine.

OEM BASIC Stamp 2; #EDU-27290; $50.15; A through-hole version of the popular BASIC Stamp 2 module. The OEM modules are nice to use because the Interpreter can be replaced if damaged and the entire device fits snugly in a breadboard. This is a fully functional BASIC Stamp. It is programmed using our PBASIC DOS or Windows Editor just like the BS2-IC module. The documentation includes a complete bill of materials with three sources and part numbers for each component. The BASIC Stamp Windows editor and BASIC Stamp manual may be downloaded from our website for free.



ustomers who build their BASIC Stamp designs in high volumes now have an OEM solution. The designer can use through-hole or SMT to embed a BASIC Stamp into the design.

The Interpreter chips come preprogrammed with our PBASIC interpreter code.

Our website features all of our interpreter chips, resonators and EEPROMs for your high-volume projects.

BS2 OEM Kit Form; #27291; $45.00; Do you want your students to gain soldering experience? Let them build a Stamp from the ground up so they can understand the architecture of a BASIC Stamp. The kit includes everything needed to build a BASIC Stamp 2. Presented in a 20-pin SIP module format with standard 0.1” spacing. The PC board includes labeled component locations with visible traces between parts. PBASIC interpreter and EEPROM are socketed to allow for replacement.


ur selection of Programming Kits provides you with a number of options to explore the realm of BASIC Stamps. We feature kits that meet the needs of students, from middle school to university programs. All of the Programming Kits are set up to be a complete platform for your experimenting, prototyping, and curriculum needs. Each kit includes the BASIC Stamp Manual, a BASIC Stamp module, Programming Board, electronic component pack, and CD-ROM with the latest documentation, schematics, and source code files.

Programming Kits

BS2-IC Starter Kit with BOE; #27203; $159.00; Includes a BS2-IC, BASIC Stamp Manual v2.0, CD-ROM (software & documentation), jumper wires, serial cable, and board of education programming board. Also included is an extra collection of parts to complete a set of 4 experiments.

Our BASIC Stamp Starter Kits do not include power supplies. You can find an assortment of power supplies on our website.

BS2p24 Professional Starter Kit; #27235; $209.00; Customers choosing this kit will find many new applications with the BS2p and Demo Board. With the included BS2p Component Pack you’ll be able to interface a few I/O devices to gain a quick understanding order online at of the BS2p’s new commands. Documentation and source or call sales code is included to build a time-stamped temperature toll-free at datalogger.

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( M - F, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST)


BS2p Plus Pak; #45184; $69.00; A fantastic collection of demonstration projects for the BS2p module focused on interfacing to I2C, 1-Wire and parallel LCDs. Use our default source code and documentation to get started and customize it for your own application. Includes a 2x16 parallel LCD, DS1822, DS2890, DS2405, and more! The BS2p24 Demo Board (#45183 - $79) is required to make the best use of the Plus Pack.

StampWorks; #EDU-27297; $296.65; An experiment kit with all of the tools you need, including an expanded programming board for project development. Although it isn’t an official Stamps in Class kit, educators still select it for lab work classes and more advanced technology courses. The manual includes 31 experiments that showcase the abilities of the BS2-IC to “micro-control” your world. Recommended for those with prior electronics and programming experience (The What’s a Microcontroller? curriculum is a good precursor).

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For a complete list of our BASIC Stamp Starter Kits, visit our website at

The BASIC Stamp Manual is an essential tool as a PBASIC syntax guide and programming editor reference.

BS2p40 Professional Starter Kit; #27238; $219.00; The BS2p40 Professional Starter Kit includes the BS2p40, BS2p40 Demo Board, BASIC Stamp Manual v2.0, CD-ROM, serial cable, and components pack. This kit is perfect for those who want to get started programming with the BS2p module and want the added advantage of an extra 16 I/O pins to program with. The BASIC Stamp 2p40 (BS2P40) has several advantages over all previous BASIC Stamps. Commands for interfacing with parallel LCDs, I2C devices and Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire parts have been added along with a polled interrupt capability.

To explore even further with your Programming Kit, you can check out our educational texts and other online resources for project ideas.



he Stamps in Class program was created in 1997 to provide educators, students and engineers the material they need to learn microcontroller programming and interfacing. Parallax is very proud of our relationships with high school, vo-tech schools, colleges and universities around the world. By providing free curriculum documentation and software on our website and CD-ROMs, Parallax offers a low cost solution to bring the BASIC Stamp into your classroom.

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arallax hires fieldexperienced educators to prepare our curriculum available in Adobe’s PDF style from our web site. By offering all of our Stamps In Class curriculum as free downloads, educators are able to explore all of the available options. The curriculum (and all Parallax publications) extend the copyright for educational uses and duplication. If you don’t want the printed books you can download them for free!

The parts in our kits may change. Check our website for the most up-to-date information.

Required hardware for Curriculu m

Board of Education Full Kit; #EDU-28102; $101.15; Board of Education (only the board); #EDU-28150; $55.25; The Board of Education Full Kit (aka “BOE Full Kit”) is the core hardware required for the majority of our curriculum. The kit includes a BASIC Stamp 2 module, Board of Education, serial cable, and 9V 300 mA power supply. Once you’ve got the BOE Full Kit you can get started with your choice of our seven curricula.

Stamps In Class Curriculum Overview What’s a Microcontroller? Elements of Digital Logic Robotics with the Boe-Bot Basic Analog and Digital Earth Measurements Industrial Control Advanced Robotics with the Toddler

Author Andy Lindsay John Barrowman Andy Lindsay and Kris Magri Andy Lindsay Tracy Allen Martin Hebel Ken Gracey and Bill Wong

Pages 330 178 220 176 170 220 245

Difficulty Level Easy/40 hours Easy/60 hours Moderate/40 hours Moderate/36 hours Difficult/50 hours Difficult/50 hours Difficult/60 hours

What’s a Microcontroller? Parts Kit & Text; #28152; $54.00 What’s a Microcontroller? Parts Kit; #28122; $34.00 What’s a Microcontroller? Text; #28123; $24.00 This newest version has doubled in content, providing you with more experiments, improved schematics, examples, and more! Parallax implemented the new features based on feedback from current educators and students to make our introductory curriculum versatile for beginners at any educational level. What’s a Microcontroller? does an excellent job of getting you Elements of Digital Logic Parts Kit & Text; #28201; $99.00 on the right path to control Elements of Digital Logic Parts Kit; #28159; $79.00 LEDs, servo motors, light Elements of Digital Logic Text; #70008; $24.00 sensors, potentiometers, Digital Logic provides an introduction to and switches. simple circuit construction with logic chips, starting with gate experiments and ending with BASIC Stamp equivalents. Download the software online for free.

Stamps in Class Curriculum

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Boe-Bot Full Kit; #EDU-28132; $194.65; The Boe-Bot is capable of avoiding objects with infrared detection, following or avoiding light with photoresistors, and navigating through a maze with bumper whiskers. Additional Boe-Bot accessories will add more intelligence to our most popular Stamps in Class Kit. Check out the Boe-Bot Video Gallery online in the Robotics section of our website.

Robotics Parts Kit & Text; #28154; $129.00 Robotics Parts Kit; #28124; $119.00 Robotics Text; #28125; $29.00 This package allows you to turn your Board of Education Full Kit into a Boe-Bot. The Boe-Bot is the world’s most popular programmable robot!

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More Stamps in Class Curriculum
Go to www. stampsinclass .com for a detailed description on each of our seven curricula.

Basic Analog and Digital Parts Kit & Text; #28155; $45.00 Basic Analog and Digital Parts Kit; #28128; $29.00 Basic Analog and Digital Text; #28129; $24.00 This tutorial covers the essentials of 8-bit A/D and D/A conversion using a BASIC Stamp. The text introduces PBASIC commands for A/D conversion with resistor/capacitor circuits, interfacing an ADC0831 8-bit A/D converter, scaling analog outputs into meaningful digital values, analyzing time-varying signals, and using PWM as analog output.

The Board of Education Full Kit (#28102 - sold separately ) is required hardware for most of the Stamps in Class Curriculum.

Earth Measurements Parts Kit & Text; #28153; $79.00 Earth Measurements Parts Kit; #28126; $59.00 Earth Measurements Text; #28127; $29.00 This is the most complete primer on BASIC Stamp program structuring, sensor calibration, and serial communication in the Stamps in Class series. These concepts are taught using an earth science theme and a do-it-yourself experiment approach.

Project contained in the Earth Measurements curriculum.

Industrial Control Parts Kit & Text; #28156; $59.00 Industrial Control Parts Kit; #27340; $39.00 Industrial Control Text; #27341; $29.00 Methods of process control are demonstrated in detail using a simple desktop heater system consisting of a film canister with a temperature sensor and heat. The Toddler Robot Kit (gold); #27310; $249.00 The Toddler Robot Kit (blue); #27311; $249.00 Advanced Robotics Text; #122-00001; $29.00 The Toddler is a two-servo bipedal robot controlled by an embedded BASIC Stamp 2 microcontroller that stands 10” tall. This walking robot shifts its center of gravity to move forward and backward and can turn by sliding its feet in opposite directions. Due to the complexity and coding concepts we suggest the audience to be age 14 and older. Walking robots have mechanical and software interdependencies that require in-depth examples and explanation. Students using the Toddler will learn advanced embedded programming with BASIC, efficient code development, sensor feedback, and general control. The Toddler is a high quality robot CNC-machined from aluminum and brass. The aluminum parts have holes, slots and configurable mounting angles for your own customization. The Toddler is controlled by a surface mounted BASIC Stamp 2 module. Four infrared sensors and receivers, LEDs, servos for tilt and stride, resistors/capacitors, speaker, photoresistors complete the control system.

Need sensors for your Toddler ? See page 15 of this product guide.

BASIC Stamp HomeWork Boards Not sold individua Through-Hole Version; #28157 lly Breadboard Version; #28158 10-Pack; $400.00 20-Pack; $750.00 The intended use of these boards is for BASIC Stamp student homework, science fair projects, and the naturally curious student who wishes to carry their projects beyond the classroom.

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Class Packs

Introduction to BASIC Stamps Class Pack; #28167; $2800.00; The BASIC Stamp Class Pack is a complete classroom solution. Each Class Pack includes a Board of Education Full Kit and What’s a Microcontroller? Parts and Text.

Looking for a different type of kit? Parallax offers custom built kits. Email us at

to put together a custom kit for your upcoming class.


fter receiving feedback from educators that wanted a “super-kit” for their class, Parallax has created 2 Class Pack options to serve as a complete solution for your instructional needs. If you have a request for a class pack, email

20 units!

Robotics Class Pack; #28132-CP; $3700.00; The Robotics Class Pack consists of 20 Boe-Bot Full Kits. Within a few hours, 20 students will be programming autonomous robots using infrared detection, bumper wires, and more.

Would you like to attend an Educators Course in your area? Go to for a list of our upcoming courses.

20 units!

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Looking for a forum to ask questions about your latest projects? Parallax has many Discussion Groups that focus on just that! Visit the Support section of our website and click on “Discussion Groups” for more information. The Parallax Educators Group is strictly for educators who use the Stamps in Class program. It provides a collaboration between Parallax and the educators who use our educational kits. Stamps In Class is a discussion group for educators and students who use Parallax BASIC Stamp microcontrollers in their class. Serving as a discussion hub for educational ideas and projects.



n important part of the Parallax Stamps in Class program is to train educators on the use of the BASIC Stamp microcontroller. Parallax has instructed over 1,500 educators around the world. The Educator’s Courses are suitable for high school, community college, university, and vocational-technical school instructors. Each course is a non-commercial partnership between a sponsoring educational institution and Parallax. During the 2 day courses, our instructors will teach participants how to build and program circuits for robotics and process control. Visit the Course Registration page on our website for current offerings.

Educator 's


Courses sponsored by Parallax are open to all educators for enrollment. If the course is not full, we welcome participants from outside of the educational field to register for the course. Classes not sponsored by Parallax typically have enrollment reserved by the sponsor, usually a distributor. The course registration fee for a 2-day course can vary depending on the location. Please refer to our website for the current course pricing, or contact our Customer Service department for more information. Registration will close at least one week prior to the first day of the course due to hardware logistics, so sign up early!

How to Register:
1. Online 2. Fax a school purchase order

(916) 624-8003
3. Call Customer Service/Sales

(888) 512-1024

Download a 2-Day Course Syllabus and PBASIC Programming document to learn more about the course content.

If you are interested in hosting a course, request to speak with a Stamps in Class representative to make arrangements. The Customer Service/Sales department will help you with the registration for all courses. The entire educational team may be reached through

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Gripper Kit; #28200; $149.00; A great addition for your Boe-Bot (sold separately). Pick up objects with the new Gripper. It’s a smart gripper with infrared sensors so you can program it to find and pick up objects that fit in its grasp. The Gripper is controlled by only one servo and is included with complete documentation and sample source code to get you started. Includes 72 page manual.

Boe-Bot Add-ons Accessories
To fully capture the way in which the Boe-Bot transforms into a Crawler, check out the videos on our website.


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The Crawler Kit; #30055; $39.00; Make your Boe-Bot (sold separately) a Crawler by adding this accessory kit. Includes printed documentation with detailed assembly instructions. The Crawler runs on standard Boe-Bot source code and includes one sample PBASIC code in the documentation.

Quadravox Speech Board; #27975; $119.00; The QV356 Boe-Bot Speech Board ships with 220 professionally pre-recorded robotic words including distances, units of measurement, nouns, objects, etc.

Gazbot Infrared Distance Sensor; #28013; $59.95; Solve mazes using infrared and a bumper with the Gazbot Infrared Distance Sensor (GIDS)! This device uses an analog distance finder (ADC0831) to notify your BASIC Stamp that an object lies ahead. Should the object be outside of the view of the distance sensor, the bumper system takes over with dual switches to detect left, right, and head-on contact with obstacles. (Boe-Bot sold separately.)

Line Follower Module; #29115; $69.00; Uses a multi-sensor array over which you have complete programmatic control. This level of control allows you to develop line following algorithms that range from simple to advanced.

Visit the Robotics section of our website for additional robots and their accessories.

Parallax Continuous Rotation Servo; #900-00008; $13.00

Accessories for your Robots

Devantech SRF04 Ultrasonic Range Finder; #28015; $36.00; Provides reliable ultrasonic distance detection up to three meters.

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IR Buddy; #28016; $59.00; The IR Buddy allows the BASIC Stamp to transmit and receive infrared control codes, and to send/receive data packets with other BASIC Stamps. This communication is controlled without any wires and with one Stamp I/O pin.

Radio Frequency (RF) Modules; 433 mHz Receiver; #27995; $39.00; 433 mHz Transmitter; #27996; $59.00; RF Modules provide an easy-to-use method of wireless communication for the BASIC Stamp. These devices are considered low-power and have transmission distance of 150 feet. Use Serin/ Serout 2400 baud max. data rate. Boe-Bot CMUcam; #30051; $139.00; Created to give Boe-Bot users a toolbox of color vision functions. This system will enable your Boe-Bot to identify colors so that it may navigate mazes or follow a specific color.

Bumper Sensors; #27312; $29.00; The perfect accessory for your Toddler! Provides physical object detection at ground-level. Bi-color LEDs serve as status indicators.

Compass Application Module; #29113; $79.00; An easyto-use, low cost, direct interface direction sensor that is perfect for many applications, particularly Boe-Bots. Eight directions are depicted with 4 LEDs and a simple serial interface with the BASIC Stamp provides directional feedback.

Application Modules

Parallax AppMods will connect to any of our programming boards that have a 2x10 header.


arallax Application Modules (AppMods) are handy little boards that provide additional project space or ready-to-program sound and communication terminals. AppMods plug into a 2x10 header on the Board of Education, BASIC Stamp Super Carrier Board, BASIC Stamp Activity Board, and Toddler Board. Each AppMod is shipped with documentation example source code (if applicable), and a schematic. The packages also include hardware that make it easy to stack and connect these AppMods to our boards and to each other.

Stamp Modem Application Module; #29116; $99.00; Allows you to send and receive data to your BASIC Stamp from another modem. Stamp Modem uses a 2400 bps Cermetek CH1786 embedded modem.

Prototype Board Application Module; #29110; $25.00

Audio Amplifier Application Module; #29143; $29.00; The BASIC Stamp has two commands to generate sounds: DTMFOUT and FREQOUT. To make the most of these commands, an audio amplifier circuit should be used. This AppMod makes it easy, and is a great way to add sound output to your Boe-Bot or Toddler.

ISD Sound Module Application Module; #29111; $89.00; This Sound Module is a small recording and playback studio. Up to 60 seconds of sound - either as one message or eight individual messages may be individually recorded and played back using a BASIC Stamp. Excellent for science fair projects!

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AppMods are a great way to add increased functionality to your projects. !

TCS230 Color Sensor; #30054; $79.00; The TCS230 sensor module set is comprised of a complete color detector, including a TAOS TCS230 RGB sensor chip, white LEDs, collimator lens, AppMod adapter board, and connecting cable. It interfaces easily to any BASIC Stamp, either through an AppMod socket or connected directly, and can detect and measure a nearly limitless range of visible colors.


We stock an entire line of sensors that are compatible with the BASIC Stamp. To use them, all you need is a BASIC Stamp and a programming board.

Flexiforce Sensor; #30056; $13.00; A Expand the capabilities thin-film sensor of your next with linear output to BASIC Stamp project pressure. The active sensing area is a .375” with a sensor diameter circle at the from Parallax. end of the sensor. The conductive leads make connection to a breadboard or through-hole area simple. The Flexiforce has an ideal output for A/D conversion - 0V is no force and 4.2V is Memsic 2125 100 lbs. The RCTIME command Accelerometer; may be used with a LOOKUP table or #28017; $25.00; calibration formula to execute some math to This low cost, make the output useful. dual-axis thermal accelerometer is capable of Sensirion Temperature/Humidity Sensor; #28018; $29.00; Humidity is measuring dynamic notoriously difficult to measure. Some of the scientific and electronic acceleration and considerations to measuring humidity include: analog to digital interface static acceleration and external circuitry which might require op-amps with a range or oscillator circuitry; temperature compensation of ±2 g. Free adjustments to calculate dew point; calibration against documentation a known humidity source; mounting, protection and download. response time in the real-world.

SSIR Detector; #28019; $14.95; This infrared emitter/detector consists of an infrared LED and 38 kHz modulated receiver. Using example code from the Robotics text, this part is easily used for object detection up to a foot away. Free documentation download.

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Nuts & Volts of BASIC Stamps; Volume 3; #28168; $29.95 Volumes 1, 2, and 3; #28169; $59.00; The Nuts & Volts of BASIC Stamps is as much of a BASIC Stamp reference book as it is an application idea guide. An assortment of math and general command syntax examples helps you squeeze the most from your BASIC Stamp. It is helpful for all types of applications, whether factory, hobby or educational.

BASIC Stamp Books


e have many books available to help you with your school projects. Choose from BASIC Stamp Books, Robotics Books, Stamps in Class Educational Curriculum, Javelin Stamp Books, or Books on Programming with the SX Microcontrollers.

BASIC Stamp Library Pack; #70006; $145.00; Save over $50 when you order the BASIC Stamp Library Pack. The Library Pack consists of all 3 Nuts and Volts volumes, Microcontroller Application Cookbook 1&2, Stamp 2p Commands, Features, Projects Book, and the BASIC Stamp Manual v2.0. This package is a must for school libraries.


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( M - F, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST) Microcontroller Application Cookbooks; Volumes 1 & 2; #28113; On Sale! $54.00; Volume 1; #28111; $29.95 Volume 2; #28112; $29.95 Volume 1 has a wide-ranging collection of 113 interface circuits designed around the BASIC Stamp 2. Students and educators will find the book to be an instant reference of circuits. Volume 2 builds on the success from the first culinary book with a new collection of 154 interface circuits also designed around the BASIC Stamp 2.

BASIC Stamp Manual v2.0; #EDU-27218; $41.65; Complete PBASIC reference guide for BASIC Stamps.


StampWorks Manual; #27220; $59.00; A well-written collection of 31 experiments that will teach you first class Stamp Programming.

All of our Stamps in Class texts are also available for sale. Look for them in the Products section of the website.

Embedded Internet Design; #70007; On Sale! $34.95; Great for conquering convergence (the buzzword for the meeting of consumer electronics and the Internet). Al Williams’s guide takes you beyond Internet-integrated phones and TV set-top boxes to the Internet-connected future of all kinds of appliances, entire homes, factories, and even automobiles. Includes complete coverage of the Javelin Stamp.

Expand your library today with a new book from Parallax. Our collection includes titles on the BASIC Stamp, Robotics, and more!

Microcontroller Projects Using the BASIC Stamp; #27952; $44.95; Al Williams’ definitive guide will assist you with building your own electronic game, a robot, or an automated manufacturing process.

Stamp 2 Communications and Control Projects Book; #70004; On Sale! $24.95; This new book on the BASIC Stamp 2 shows you how to incorporate the Stamp into your ham radio, communications, and control projects.

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We offer many of our books as free downloads. Visit the product section of our website.
Programming and Customizing the BASIC Stamp Computer2nd edition; #27956; $34.95; Programming and Customizing the BASIC Stamp Computer is a friendly introduction to working with the BASIC Stamp. Covers a few fundamentals of circuitry and electronics including Ohm’s law. The book presents ten complete projects ranging from a simple dial-up timer to a sophisticated network terminal with display and keypad. Each project is a learning experience, with common-sense explanations of the whys and hows of the circuits and techniques used. The book is a great start if you have no programming or electronic skills.

Robot Sumo: The Official Guide Book; #70005; On Sale! $16.97; Everything you need to know about Robot Sumo competitions is covered by Pete Miles, well-known robotics author and mechanical engineer. Features the BASIC Stamp and BASIC Stamp source code. The book includes helpful information on building your own Sumo robot. It also provides all of the rules, schematics, and construction plans.

Javelin Stamp


o what’s the big deal with Java? The Java platform is based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should be portable and run on many different kinds of computers, consumer gadgets, and other devices. The Java platform allows you to run the same Java application on lots of different kinds of computers, even a microcontroller. The overall organization of system resources is far more efficient.

Javelin Stamp Module; #EDU-JS1-IC; $75.65; The Javelin Stamp looks similar to BASIC Stamps, but has a uniquely different architecture. The program is still stored in EEPROM, but it is executed from bytecodes fetched from a high speed SRAM on the underside of the module. There is a switching voltage regulator making higher input voltages and output currents possible. RAM Size: EEPROM Size: Number of I/O pins : Voltage Requirements : Sink/Source Current per I/O : Sink/Source Current per module: Current Consumption : 32 k bytes 32 k bytes 16 plus two dedicated RS-232 5-15 VDC 30 mA / 30 mA 60 mA / 60 mA per 8 I/O pins 50 mA / nap current draw TBD

The Javelin Stamp is programmed in a subset of the Sun Microsystems Java Language.
Java and Sun are Registered Trademar ks of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Parallax offers Javelin Stamp Technical Support through our website, via email, phone, and our online discussion forum.

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Explore and download our Javelin Stamp Applications at

Javelin Stamp Starter Kit; #EDU-27237; $203.15; Everything that you need to begin your quest for Java programming success is included in this Starter Kit. The Javelin Stamp Demo Board is only available with the kit and it has duplex RS232 UART and servo port connections. The Javelin Stamp Starter Kit includes the Javelin Stamp, a demo board (not available separately), software, manual, serial cable and some electronic components.

Find a local Parallax Distributor by going to

Free downloads of SX Tutorials available online.



SX Tech ToolKit; #EDU-45180; $194.65; The popular SX Tech Tool Kit is the most complete starting point to get you programming SX chips with Parallax’s SX Key. The new Gunther Daubach tutorial makes use of the latest SX software improvements to get your project off the ground faster.

nstructors with students who need challenges beyond the BASIC Stamp will find the hardware price-comparable and familiar to a BASIC Stamp on a Board of Education. The Parallax assembly language is 8051-based, used throughout industry and suitable for an assembly language course. Additionally, we offer two tutorials for programming with the SX, and the web has plenty of projects, ideas and tips.

SX Tech Board; #45205; $49.00; The Board when sold alone, does not come with SX Chips or components.

SX-Key; #552-00007; $179.00; The SX-Key is Parallax’s primary development tool for the SX line of microcontrollers from Ubicom ( The SX is a very fast reprogrammable 8-bit chip that we are using in several of our own core products. Our tool and software support the SX 18/20/28/48/52-pin 50 MHz chips.

For more products relating to the SX Chips, and their programming tools, visit our website.

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599 Menlo Drive, Ste. 100 Rocklin, CA 95765 USA

BASIC Stamp and Board of Education are registered trademarks of Parallax, Inc.

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