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Growing demand of International schools in Saudi Arabia

International schools in Saudi Arabia

The education system includes variety of prospectus for budding young professionals.
International schools are hugely popular worldwide and they come in many different shapes
and sizes and their formats and curriculum are of international standards. In order to be
considered an actual international school, it is known fact that a school generally follows a
national or international curriculum that is going to be different from that of the host country.
Moreover, an emphasis is placed on international education by including programs such as the
International Business (IB) and global citizenship. One of the major reasons for their increasing
popularity is that international schools provide an English-medium education, often with
globally recognized curricula, and high standards of learning and teaching. For many parents,
local as well as expatriate, this is considered an important educational route; one through
which their child can gain a place at a western university, well prepared in language and high
standard of qualification.
Good education has become the order of the day and a high value is placed on education as it
ensures a stable future. International schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are efficiently
achieving popularity among local Saudi students because the parents have made the positive
perceptions that their children will get better education in these schools. The education system
has undergone a series of changes in the last decade. Despite the price being high in
International schools there are many takers for it.
The local education system has been very exam-oriented in the past. But now all has changed
and there have been some moves towards fewer exams and more continuous and formative
assessment. International schools have strict discipline code and virtually all students wear
school uniform.
As per the latest survey, statistics report shows that 321 international schools in Saudi Arabia
are providing international standards educational services. Over 180,000 are enrolled and
about 8,000 classes are conducted every day. These institutions are imparting better education
along with ultra-modern sports infrastructure.

An estimated 80 International schools in Riyadh have nearly 65,000 students enrolled in them.
Jeddah is considered the largest city in terms of the number of schools, with around 95
establishments, followed by the Eastern Province, which has 56 schools with a total of 80,000
students, according to government statistics.

Al Khobar is considered the best city for foreign schools in the Eastern Province and third in the
Kingdom, with a total number of around 40,000 students.
There are two kinds of foreign schools in the Kingdom: the community schools run by the
embassies of countries for their nationals living in Saudi Arabia and the international schools
teaching British and American curricula. There are approximately 75 community schools in the
International schools are normally supervised by foreign international organizations such as
SABIS, the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) or the Middle States Association of
Colleges and Schools (MSASC) while foreign community schools are guided by the syllabuses of
their countries.

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