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House Rules

(as amended by LAPZs House Rules 6969)

Be it enacted by the LAPZ Committee assembled in Barangay Ilawod, Patal
Street, Legazpi City, Republic of the Philippines

Section 1. Short Title. This Act shall be known as an An Act of Deregulating

the Boarders Behavior of 2015.
Section 2. Declaration of Policy. - It is hereby declared the policy of the
Boarders to be free from anxiety, ensure its enjoyment without any limits or
boundaries. Consistent with its internal policy, the Boarders shall extend
cooperation and be professionally responsible for others act.
Section 3. The following MAJOR policies are being amended.
a. Drinking of liquors is strictly UNLIMITED!
b. CURFEW TIME is 4:00 a.m., however, it is negotiable.
c. Visitors are ALLOWED especially boyfriends, only the families of Boarders
are restricted to visit only until 7:00 p.m. except for some other
Section 4. The following MINOR policies are still being adapted with certain
a. Going out in the premises after curfew time is not allowed EXCEPT for
some other circumstances, provide justifiable reasons which shall be
known to all Boarders and there SHALL be a vote cast of majority.
b. All garbages must be put in placed in trash can or plastic bags. If in case
it is already full, bring them outside the house or give it to garbage
collector. Do not wait the cats to do this job in Boarders behalf.
c. All used dishes should be kept clean and in order. Avoid cockroaches to
touch them or else throw them away.
d. Electric fans and lights must be off when leaving the premises IF those
appliances are still functioning, if do not, just leave them.
e. Please keep the BOARDING HOUSE always CLEAN and ORDER, this is
applicable ALSO with the BOARDERS themselves.
Section 5. Additional/ Inserted Provision. Always have one room available for
reservation especially for boys. Provided, do not leave any marks or something
which leads the Boarders under suspicion. First come, first reserved.
Section 6. Lapz Committee. There is hereby created a Lapz Committee
composed of seven (7) members. The Chair member shall be appointed based
on the proportional presentation of his/ her age, from least to greater order.
The members from the Lapz Committee shall be appointed by the Chair
member also based on proportional representation of ages representing the
The Lapz Committee shall have the power to promulgate its own rules, to
oversee the implementation of this Act, and to review or revise the
implementing rules as hereby created.
Section 7. Separability Provision. If, for any reason, any portion or provision
of these Rules is declared unconstitutional or invalid, no other provision of

these Rules shall be affected thereby. Also, if there is violent reaction, just keep
it by yourselves. DURA LEX SED LEX
Section 8. Effectivity. - This Act shall take effect immediately after the approval
of majority.