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Trade Facilitation office

opens in Mombasa
About KenTrade
enya Trade Network Agency ( KenTrade) is a State Corporation under
the National Treasury established in
January 2011 to implement, operationalize and manage the Kenya National Electronic Single Window ( Kenya TradeNet)
and to facilitate trade. The Single Window
System is a trade facilitation tool that enables parties involved in international
trade to lodge their documents through a
singleplatform. Kenya TradeNet System is
a trade mark name for the Single Window
in Kenya.

The objective of Kenya TradeNet System is

to facilitate international trade in Kenya by
reducing delays and lowering costs associated with clearance of goods at the Kenyan
borders, while maintaining the requisite
controls and collection of levies, fees, duties and taxes, where applicable, on imports or exports. When fully operational the
Kenya TradeNet System will provide a single
entry point for importers and exporters to
electronically submit and receive approvals
from 27 regulatory agencies, enabling an
easier, faster, cheaper and more transparent cargo clearance process. The System
was rolled out in October 2013 and subsequently launched in May 2, 2014 in Nairobi
by H.E President Paul Kagame of Rwanda
in the presence of other East Africa Community leaders at an event hosted by H.E
President Uhuru Kenyatta.

January 2011: KenTrade is established
October 1,2012: Project inception
October 31,2013: Kenya TradeNet System Go Live
May 2, 2014: Official launch of the Kenya TradeNet


July 1, 2015: Cut off from Partner Government
Agency Legacy System
November 20, 2015: Official launch of Mombasa
trade facilitation office.

Freight Forwarders
Shipping Line

TradeNet System

Unique Consignment Reference (UCR) - new concept in



Airlines/ GHA


Electronic application for permits by traders on a 24/7

Information exchange
and hub

Web based application which can be accessed from

Security Agencies/ NonPermit issuing PGAs

anywhere in the country.

Electronic processing and approval of permits by the
Partner Government Agencies (PGAs).
Electronic confirmation of Payments and provision of
multiple payments instruments via the KRA payment
Integration with major PGAs, including Kenya Revenue
Authority, Kenya Ports Authority, Kenya Plant Health
Inspectorate Services, Poison and Pharmacy Board , Tea
Board of Kenya among others

Ongoing integration work with other Agencies.

Over 5000 traders using the Kenya TradeNet System


The set up of the KenTrade

Mombasa office has been
done with support from Investment Climate Facility for
Africa ( ICF)
The Kenya TradeNet System is one of the
Kenyas Vision 2030 Projects under the Economic Pillar and is funded by the Government of Kenya (GoK) with support from the
development partners such as Investment
Climate Facility for Africa, the World Bank
Group and Trade Mark East Africa.
KenTrade has a head office in Nairobi, trade
facilitation office in Mombasa and have
deployed representatives in Malaba, Busia
and Namanga border posts. The Mombasa
office has been set up with the support
from our development partner, Investment
Climate Facility for Africa (ICF). KenTrades
Board of Directors is responsible for the
oversight, policies and strategic direction
of the Agency. The Board is assisted by a
management team led by the Chief Executive Officer.

To be among the global leaders in trade

facilitation though e-commerce.


H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta signing the Port Charter in June 2014. KenTrade is
Signatory to the Port Charter.

To facilitate trade by simplifying and

harmonizing business processes through

Mombasa office to enhance customer

service delivery
The significance of opening an office in
Mombasa is because most of KenTrades
activities are tied to the Port of Mombasa
and Kenya TradeNet System traces its origin to the Port Community. Importantly,
KenTrade is among the State Agencies
that committed to providing efficient service delivery by signing the Mombasa Port
Charter in the presence of His Excellency
President Uhuru Kenyatta in June 2014.
Today, over 20 State Agencies and other
stakeholders are able to submit process,
make payments and approve import and
export documents through the Kenya TradeNet System.

Users of Kenya TradeNet System

effective management of the TradeNet System

All parties involved in international trade

are eligible to use the Kenya TradeNet System portal. These include Partner Government Agencies, Customs Agents, Banks,
Insurance, Consolidators, Container Freight
Station, Ground Handling Agents, Shipping Agent, Exporter/Importer and Courier
Service. All the above can apply for registration to use the Kenya TradeNet System
and they will get their individual accounts
credentials depending on the activities
they authorized to perform.

and provision of related services for Kenyas

global competitiveness.

Customer focus



Creativity and innovation


Team work


Our Contacts
Nairobi Office: Embankment Plaza Ground Floor Longonot Road, Upper Hill
Mombasa Office: Jubilee Arcade Building 3rd Floor Moi Avenue, Mombasa
Email: /
Phone: 0204965000 or 070995000

Simplifying Trade Processes for Kenyas Competitiveness

Development Partners