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Full Name: Jerome Gary T. Regala

Age: 26 yrs old

1. What type of job are you holding at the moment? Name of present / last employer? As
of now, I’m not employed. My last job was a sales clerk for 2 years and half.

2. What are the advantages of your present job, things you like about it? I learn how to
discipline myself, How to manage time and I gain more experienced.

3. What are the disadvantages of your present job, things you do not like about it?
Honestly, I don’t have any regrets regarding to my past job.

4. What is your philosophy / attitude towards work? My philosophy towards to my future

work is to perform well my capabilities and to express my knowledge and skills in my
utmost willingness and with acceptable quality.

5. Do you feel that your present employer estimates your full work potential? Are they
pleased with your work performance? No, I’ll never been estimated with my past
employer, because they saw my potential and devotion towards my work.

6. What would your co-workers say about you? They didn’t say anything against me as a
co-workers, because I did my task well.

7. Do you apply the skills and knowledge learnt at school in your work? Yes, I applied, I
used it in many ways.

8. What do you find more useful in your present work – your education or your practical
experience from previous jobs or traineeships? Reference to my desired work, both of
them are useful.

9. What have you done to improve or develop your knowledge / professional

qualifications in the last year? A continuous experience basis.

10. Do you remain in good relationship with your previous employer / company where
you no longer work /? Yes, I was. I have no bad records to my previous employer.

11. What was the reason for you to quit your previous job? Finish contract.

12. Have you ever been asked to leave a position? No, They didn’t ask.

13. What are your expectations from this possible relocation to Europe? My expectation
is to have a better job that suitable to my qualification, based on my previous experience.
14. List 3 of your strongest points as a worker? A) I’m easily learning people, can follow
instruction well. B) I can do a dove tailing. C) I’m devoted to my job.

15. List 3 of your weakest points as a worker? I don’t have this.

16. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far and why? My greatest
achievement is to have a better job that will help me a lot.

17. What is the thing that can disappoint you while working for a certain employer? If
they didn’t gave the rights of their workers.

18. What is the thing that might make you happy at your work place? If they treat us well.

19. Are you a team player? Most of the group or organization that I’ve joined, I’ve been
choose to perform a lead role to organize such an activity.

20. Do you adapt easily to new environment, job? Yes I can easily adapt to new
environment or job because, I always put my objectives on top.

21. Are you able to work under pressure? Yes, I ‘m able to wok under pressure. I will not
affect my job under my pressure.

22. Are you willing to attend trainings, learn new skills and develop as a professional?
Yes, I will. If this is the way for me to learn more experience, I’ll grab this.

23. If you had enough money to retire right now, would you? No, as long as I’m able to
perform my job well, I’m not going to retired.

24. Why should we hire you? Because, I’m confident to my knowledge and skills, and I
believe to my objectives.

25. Are you willing to work overtime? Yes, I’m willing to work overtime.

26. When will you be ready to start working? As soon as possible.

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