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Class XII

Revision Questions
1. State Henrys law and give any two applications of it.

2. State and give expression for Raoults law for volatile and non volatile solutes.
3. Which type of deviation is exhibited by the solution of phenol and aniline, explain why?
4. What are azeotropes? Give an example of maximum boiling azeotrope.
5. Define the following terms:
Vant Hoff factor , Colligative properties , Isotonic solutions , Molality
6. What mass of NaCl must be dissolved in 65g of water to lower freezing point by 7.50C?
(Kf=1.86K kg /mol , Vant Hoff factor=1.87 , Mass of NaCl=58.5g).
7. Calculate the boiling point of a solution prepared by adding 15g NaCl to 250g of water.
(Kb=0.512K kg /mol , molar mass of NaCl=58.44g/mol)
8. Calculate the amount KCl which must be added to 1kg of water so that its freezing point is
depressed by 2K.( Kf= 1.86 K kg/mol, atomic mass K=39, Cl=35.5)
9. 0.1 mole acetic acid was dissolved in 1kg of benzene. Depresssion in freezing point was
0.256K. What conclusion can you draw about state of solute in solution?( Kf= 5.12 K/m)

1. Two liquids A and B boil at 1350C and 1850C respectively. Which of them has a higher
vapour pressure at 800C?
2. What is Vant Hoffs factor for a compound which undergoes tetramerization in an
organic solvent?
3. 2g of C6H5COOH dissolved in 25g of benzene shows a depression in freezing point equal
to 1.62k. Molal depression constant for benzene is 4.9k kg mol-1. What is the Percentage(%)
of association of acid, if it forms a dimer in solution?
4. a) Addition of HgI2 to aq. KI solution shows an increase in the
vapour pressure why?
b) A person suffering from high blood pressure is advised to take minimum quantity of
common salt. Give reason.
5. H2S, a toxic gas with rotten egg like smell is used for qualitative analysis. If the
solubility of H2S in water at STP is 0.195 m, calculate Henrys law constant
(kH=282 bar)
6. The vapour pressure of dilute aqueous solution of glucose (C6H12O6) is 750 mm of
mercury at 373K. Calculate
i) Molality
ii) Mole fraction of the solute

7. Vapour pressure of pure benzene at a certain temperature is 640 mm Hg. A

non-volatile non-electrolyte solid weighing 2.175g is added to 39.0 of benzene.
The vapour pressure of solution is 600 mm Hg. What is the molecular mass of
solid substance?
(65.9g mol-1 )
8. The degree of dissociation of Ca(NO3 )2 in dilute solution aqueous solution
containing 7.0g of the solute per 100g of water at 100o C is 70 percent. If the
vapour pressure of water at 1000 C is 760mm, calculate the vapour pressure of
the solution.
9. What mass of a non-volatile solute urea (NH2CONH2) need to be dissolved in
100g of water in order to decrease the vapour pressure of water by 25%? also
calculate the molality of the solution.
10. To 500 cm3 of water 3.0 X 10-3 kg of acetic acid is added. If 23% of acetic acid
is dissociated, what will be the depression in freezing point? Kf and density of
water are 1.86 K kg mol-1 & 0.997 g cm-3 respectively.