SSW JSC(10)1st Draft Minutes 10/01 – 10/08

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Draft Minutes of a meeting of Joint Safety Committee held on Wednesday 10 March 2010 at Friars Bridge Court present: Andy Pitt Jan Chaudhry Ian Johnston Andrew Welsby Andrew Edwards Keith Usher Barbara Davenport Martin Dye Gary Channing Alan Martin Pete Skelly Rickey Goodman Bill Read Charlie Barber Iain Anderson John Walsh Steve Morgan Andy Haddon Managing Director (chairman) Operations Director Customer Service Director Human Resources Director Legislation and Standards Manager Head of Operational Standards Head of Employee Wellbeing Company Council Representative (ASLE&F) Drivers Health and Safety Representative (ASLE&F) Health and Safety Representative, Island Line Regional Organiser (RMT) Company Council Representative (RMT) Drivers Health and Safety Representative (RMT) RPI Health and Safety Representative (RMT) Divisional Secretary (TSSA) Health and Safety Representative (TSSA) Area Commander British Transport Police (item 10/01) HQ Safety (secretary)

Apologies for absence were received from: Christian Roth Engineering Director Brian Cook Head of Safety and Environment Mick Pollek Regional Industrial Organiser, Unite the Union Graham Morris District Organiser (ASLE&F) Item JSC 10/01 The Chairman welcomed Committee members and introduced Steve Morgan, Area Commander for the British Transport Police who gave a presentation on progress against the London South policing plan. The Committee thanked Steve Morgan for the presentation and noted the positive trend in crime comparison figures. The Operations Director suggested that the topic on misuse of level crossings should be considered for a future presentation at the meeting. The Committee noted the minutes of the last meeting held on 16 December 2009 and approved them with no amendments. The Committee reviewed the items on the actions tracking log. Any actions carried forward have been recorded on the log, which is appended to these minutes.
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SSW JSC(10)1st Draft Minutes 10/01 – 10/08

(continued…) The Legislation and Standards Manager briefed the Committee on the output from the workshop with health & safety representatives held on 2 March. A finding of the workshop is that there is confusion over constituencies in the Customer Service function. The Human Resources Director agreed to look into this matter.

ACTION (2010-01): Human Resources Director JSC 10/04 The Legislation and Standards Manager gave a presentation to Committee members on South West Trains’ and Island Line’s safety performance for Periods 9, 10 and 11 2009/10. 04.01 Performance Indicators The Legislation and Standards Manager reported on the current position against the KPI targets. 04.02 Exceptional Events The Committee noted the two exceptional events involving the Gillingham Tunnel landslip and passenger train derailment and passenger train collision at Exeter St David’s. Both incidents had been managed very well and investigation reports are currently being finalised. 04.03 SPADs The Legislation and Standards Manager advised the Committee on the continuing good performance albeit with a small upturn during the recent severe winter weather. 04.04 Station overruns The Committee noted that that the number of these incidents has increased compared with last year. It was also noted that our autumn leaf fall performance had been poor compared to Southern and South Eastern. The Operations Director stated that work needed to be done with Network Rail (Wessex) to ensure their strategy for vegetation management and track treatment would be sufficiently robust for 2010. Liaison would also be undertaken with Southern and South Eastern to see how they manage low adhesion issues. 04.05 Physical Assaults The Committee noted that there had been a rise in physical assaults. The Committee were advised that one incident had involved three employees being assaulted by the same assailant. 04.06 Drugs and alcohol screening The Committee noted that there were two positive screenings for drugs or alcohol.

JSC2010(1st Meeting – 10 March 2010)

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SSW JSC(10)1st Draft Minutes 10/01 – 10/08

JSC 10/05

The Legislation and Standards Manager presented Paper A to the Committee on the revised Joint Safety Committee Terms of Reference. The Committee were asked to note the proposal for allowing only one local health and safety representative to attend each meeting. The trade union representatives felt this was restrictive. The Chairman proposed that a compromise of no more than two local health & safety representatives be invited to attend at any one time, which would be reviewed for 2011 meetings. The Committee agreed to this proposal and local representatives would attend by rotation. The Committee noted that there were no CIRAS issues to report. The Drivers Health & Safety Representative (RMT) stated that they still had not seen the CIRAS Journal at Waterloo (see JSC meeting minute 09/49). The Operations Director stated he would take this issue up informally with the Driver Depot Manager at Waterloo. The Legislation and Standards Manager presented an update on the Safety Culture Survey to the Committee. 2500 surveys had been originally distributed throughout the company and to date, 1771 had been completed which represented a 70% return. The Committee noted the current findings of the Survey. The Legislation and Standards Manager informed the Committee that the final results of the Survey would be used to benchmark our performance against other Train Operators.

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The date of the next meeting of Joint Safety Committee is Wednesday 9 June 2010 and will be held in the Beaulieu Room, Friars Bridge Court starting at 10:00 (please note the start time of this meeting). Please advise the Legislation and Standards Manager of any items for inclusion on the agenda for this meeting by 5pm on Tuesday 25 May, including any supporting papers.

JSC2010(1st Meeting – 10 March 2010)

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