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A Thanksgiving Celebration

To God be the glory, great things He has done, goes the glorious melody.
May today’s worship be a sweet and acceptable offering to the Lord Jesus.

Homemade meal with a distinctive Thanksgiving taste plus an inspiring
program will take place this evening in Linda Hall at 4 p.m. You are invited.

Sabbath, November 21, 2015

A generous spirit of giving prevails among God’s people. A beautiful

ceremony will allow every member to present his or her offering to the Lord

Numbers are important in the Scriptures and in real life. The Finance
Committee will meet next Sabbath evening, and the Board on Dec. 5.

Kind words are soothing to the spirit. The three statements honoring the
Caretakers, Keepers of Order and Cleanliness, and Media were written by
Pastor Shiphrah Fepulea’i.

Shut-ins are very dear to God and His people at Campus Hill. We thank
God for Duane & Janet Camp, Jim & Gloria Carroll, Sam & Pauline Dey, Mary
Darnell, Chuck and Lucille Gaede, Pat Johnson, Widad Mohr, Alfred & Grace
Moore, Stan & Toni Nelson, Clarence Newby, Helen Philpott, and Horace

Gratitude is extended to every volunteer who faithfully serves our
community of faith. You are a Gift, equipped and empowered by the Spirit.

Invitation to a singular and precious event, “Thankful 4 U”: Lisa Fayard
with a few young adults are celebrating our special needs children next
Sabbath at 6 p.m.

Victory in Christ: Wednesday at 6:30 pm with the apostle Paul in Romans.

Immanuel, God with us, is the intent for this evening’s AGAPE gathering.
An anointing service will be available for those facing challenging issues.

Next Sabbath’s speaker is GC Muslim Relations Director, Dr. Bahadur

God’s praise is encouraged by the Inspired Pen: “Accustom to speak with
praise. Angels unite their voices with ours in praise.” WM 79 and CT 246.

Campus Hill Church
11057 Hill Drive, Loma Linda CA 92354