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Introduction of ERP System:
For some years, the impact of IT systems on business competitiveness has become more apparent. Initially, re-occurring business tasks were automated. Soon software tools optimized day-to-day activities within the company. Today, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems are at the center of gaining a competitive advantage for many organizations. Department based organizations, with vertical structures are integrating their business processes in response to the need to be effective, reliable and quick to anticipate the market needs. The employees need to understand each other’s task and continuously communicate with each other to work efficiently together. A general understanding between departments is needed with a clear set of practices, and methodology. An ERP system is an ideal tool for providing this common understanding between departments. However, there are also inherent risks and costs associated with the integration of an ERP system. Open Source reduces the TCO (total cost of ownership) by removing the intermediary (distributor). Development costs are also reduced due to the re-use of other Open Source components. Publishing the software under the GPL license significantly reduces the commercial & marketing costs. The Open Source model also helps create an intuitive product that is even more powerful in integrating the departments of a company. As it allows free interaction between thousands of contributors and partners, an open source product is guided by many minds with a lot of experience. By allowing the interaction and guidance, the product benefits from the insight of numerous domain specialists, including accountants, IT professionals, salesmen, marketing specialists, ISO9001 consultants etc. The real challenge is to develop a solution that is simple, flexible and as complete as possible. To reach this quality level, we need a leader, who will be able to organize all these activities. Therefore, the development team at LOC is responsible for the organization, synchronization and consistency of the ERP system. And Open ERP excels in this area! Thanks to its extreme modularity, the collaborative development works are integrated perfectly, allowing each enterprise to choose amongst a large list of functions available. Like much open source software, accessibility, flexibility and simplicity are the key words of development of Open ERP. Indeed, we have created an intuitive system, simplifying the training of users.

Open ERP Feature List:
Open ERP has been specifically designed to help businesses improve their performances. Its functional coverage expands to all kinds of different areas.
Enterprise Modules Logistics Accounting & Finance
Warehouse Management Shipping Management Manufacturing Quality & Repairs Products and pricelists

• • • • •

Sales Purchase Services Management Invoicing Point of Sales

• • • • •

• • • • • •

Accounting Analytic Accounting Budgets Payments Management Asset Management Bank interfaces

Human Resources


Project Management

• • • •

Expenses Skills Management Holidays Attendances

• • • •

Customer Relationship Mgt. Mail Gateway Portals Direct Marketing

• • •

Operational Management Financial Management Timesheets

Daily Productivity

Efficient Communication

Business Process Management

• • • •

Integrated DMS Outlook/Thunderbird Getting Things Done Calendars

• • • •

Wiki Web mail Dashboards Alerts

• •

End-User Processes Workflow Engine

Association Management

IT Companies

Fully Customizable

• • •

Membership Events Organization Fund Raising

• •

Bug Tracker Scrum Methodology

• • • •

Report Designer View Editor Workflow Editor Configurable Actions


Web & Application Interfaces Gantt & Calendars Dynamic Graphs Integrated Documentation

Business Intelligence
Modules System Web-Services

• • • •

• •

• • •

Olap Database Cube Designer Data Browser

Auction houses Medical

• •

• •

Food Industries Book Stores

Screen Shots:
Open ERP's user interface is designed to be easy to use, intuitive, and esthetically pleasing. Click on each screenshot to see how easy and pleasant it is to manage your Open ERP application.

Business Intelligence

CRM Dashboard Example

Gantt Chart

Gantt Project Task


GTK Calendar

GTK Dashboard

GTK Form View

GTK List View

Monthly Calendar

Web Client Dashboard

Web Client List

Web Client Menu

Weekly Calendar

Web mail Client