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Wealth is the creation of the mind. That is the power point in the totality of
your being. You have no other place on earth or elsewhere to prove your
worth (exercise your power freely), than in your mind. The option is up to
you, whether to become rich, or remain poor.

Poverty is a brother to penury, and they are looking for a place to grow. It is
right there in your mind that their forte of entity can best be built, or the only
place where their presence can be nursed. Their manifestation is only the
aftermath, as the supply of its fertility is from the mind. It is either you say
yes to its growth by accepting the thought of poverty unto penury, or say no,
refusing every other suggestion in your mind to be poor.

Wealth does not start nor end up in the Bank rather, it starts in the mind. And
that is the most powerful point of control that you have long undermined.
Your mind is the treasure hold of your soul, and you have to use it properly
to achieve the goals imbued in your star at creation. The making of wealth is
not exempted in this goal of your creation, and you have to reach up to it.

Your mind controls the whole of your being. Not only your being as that is
the limited power that is stored in the very center of your being rather, it is
the power to control and have dominion over the entire universe. God was
not making any erring word at creation, when He endowed upon man the
power of dominion. It was then reduced to that little beans shape heart of
yours, and that is the store of His power.

Wealth creation in the mind could only be first seen by your spiritual eye,
the eye of your mind. Nobody else would have believed Isaac Newton that
there is anything known and called electricity, neither would they have ever
believed his capability of doing any discovery of such momentum. Isaac had
the dream that met a ninety-nine experimental disappointment yet; Isaac was
not discouraged at any point unto giving up. He then succeeded at the
hundred experiment, there electricity was born.

It is that same power and patience that the medal could be won. The essence
of who you are as declared by God Himself is more powerful than the very
experiments conducted by Isaac Newton. God had spoken you into His very
being, therefore declaring the essence of your potentials. You are not just an
experimental being, brought down to this earth to wallow your way through
the storms of life unto the grave. You were made to dominate every other
thing found in this very earth.

Every life starts from the mind, the mind of God. How then should God’s
mind declare your rights to wealth, but your mind became the blockade?
You need to say yes to the mind of God, by believing in earnest all what He
had said about your well being.

The sufficiency of God is not for God than your very self. God has
everything made ready before your conception in the womb. He is not going
to give it to any other person than the rightful owner which is you. Money or
whatsoever constitute wealth is not for the angels. It is our sonship right to
step out into the arena of believing to taking possession.

Let us emphasize even on Canaan. God had promised the children of Israel
the totality of the land of Canaan. He did not just give it all out to them as a
taking and handing it all over to my children rather, the Israelites (Israelis)
needed fight for even the hinderland. Possessing Canaan was not sufficient
the fact of honey and milk land, the children of Israel needed put the dream
in God’s heart into a reality, by working up the land to standard. It is not
exemption with you and I. We have the world to dominate, the wealth and its

I write to acknowledge the following mentors of God’s grace to my soul,

which had brought forth, the divine birth of this discovery unto wealth
making, and to my foremost is Evangelist T. L. Osborn, whose tapes and
books on making wealth had spurred my heart unto this success, and
bloomed my blossom.

Further to acknowledged are: Pastor Yonggi Cho, Evangelist (Dr)) Emma

Isong, Bishop (Dr) Udeme Simon; Apostle John Ekong; Bishop Effiom
Ekpenyong; Bishop (Dr) Elijah Mboho; Evangelist Shirley Caesar; Bishop T.
D. Jakes; Pastor Benny Hinn; Very Rev. (Dr) Ekereobong Moses; Pastor
(Dr) Michael Eduok; and host of other Christian faithful, may God bless you
really good in Jesus name, amen.

May I give the honour unto whom honour is due, by dedicating this book
unto the Most High God in His Trinity.

To the human representative, I dedicate it to Evangelist (Dr) Emma Isong,

and Rev (Dr) Abel Damina.

“And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the Garden of Eden to
dress it and keep it.” Genesis 2:15.

The creation of wealth at the heart of God was made manifest in the beauty
of the Garden of Eden. God created every other creatures of His creation, and
did not at any time give them the charge as He did unto Adam. This was the
dealing of appointing overseer, whereby; you and I are absorbed into the
very bosom of authority.

The authority was a generous wealth accumulation or preservation. Adam

was of the instruction to kempting the Garden, which is equal to tendering
the wealth. Let us at this point a time consider what is wealth. Wealth is
more than money; your total well being is the emphasis on this discovery,
than just money. Your health, or security which shelter, food and every other
things that life could be buttered with, are inclosed.

The modern society had shifted the measure of wealth unto the range of
money. That is the truth that having money enough to spend and to spare is
wealth in power. Let us not deviate in our minds at all, as we have to face the
whole truth in totality. Making or creating money is the imagery of this

It is more than the saying, where your creational power, your mind is in the
wandering on where and what to hook on, in order to proving your ability to
exist in term of wealth, let it settle at a point that, it is not a wandering
matter, than a crucial formula toring. You do not have to look unto anybody
else to make wealth, than into your very being, your mind.

God had accomplished the ideal of creation, and the whole providence was
settled at the point of His command unto taking dominion. Adam was then
made a farmer of Eden’s rich (wealthy) Garden. We are made the farmers of
the earth garden, and we should be up and doing in this garden of wealth.

The whole earth is full of money. Though there is no particular place that
money is displayed or declared for claimants yet; God has made it possible
for you and I to dream. What is your dream about this wealth of God?
It grieves the heart of God where we are left in the dust of poverty. There is
nowhere that gold dust is found, than your very soul, your mind. You cannot
get anything possibly than dreaming about it fervently. It is not only at night
that dream is made possible. Our vision is the dream that we are pursuing
after. And what is your dream?

Praying to the least atom of our energy can only open the eye of our mind
unto the dream of wealth making. The area that money could be found in the
sense of our vocation. It is not everybody’s right to making wealth from the
civil service. You have many other avenues, or your create one. Running
from goal to post, wandering from trade to trade is an unstable attitude. So
many had wandered this way out of wealth even.

* * *

Wealth is created in the heart (mind), just like every other thing of creation.
God did not see the heavens, nor did the firmament hang somewhere, veiled
from the eye of God, than did He see it with His mind eye. It is this same
God that had given us the key unto making everything, and anything

Making wealth possible in creational term depicts the fact of deploying the
mind. Setting up spiritual placards, and demonstrating the reality with it is
the most powerful way unto answering the prayer of wealth making. It is
true that God answers our prayers yet; we need to bring them to
manifestation, by believing that the prayers are answer.

Faith should be seen as a hand that brings into reality or visibility, what was
created in the spiritual. Creation is done in the closet, which is your heart.
You don’t have to seek a priest in this respect else, a lot of them would have
been excessively rich, had they realized this well of wealth.

The whole truth lies on the fact that, we must, repeat must first create what
we are looking for, and be specific in our creation. God did not create man
with the other view of creating cow. He created man and was specific in
creating him, and in an image. Wealth should be also created into an image,
what specifically, we are creating.

It becomes so unfortunate that someone was praying for a car, but did not
specify the type he was actually looking for. God regards our heart desires
most, while creating anything we want in our prayer. Permissive will comes
in, and one is given a thing that looks like what he was creating in his prayer.
Specification in creation is perfection therein.

The following up of God’s creation of man did not end with the molding of
the earth to form the man, than the breathing of life into man’s nostrils. That
was the point of power, as the transferring of virtue was effected by the
exchangement of life. God did not take anything from the created man, than
poured Himself over him.

This level of creation envisaged the level of love that should be while
creating. You must express love to whatsoever you are creating else, they
can never come alive. Money on creation by your very heart (mind) is or
should be a dear to your heart else, it is not forth coming. You also need to
follow up what you have created, by finding an avenue of fulfillment.

There is no magical creation in this ramification, nor do I suggest your trying

to invoke spirits to serve (deliver) your providence. No, a thousand time no.
It is simply the communion that should exist between you and your need,
with hope of fulfillment (providence) from God. God needs inspect your
creation, and that is where prayer comes to proof.

It is God that gives the mind we are working with. What are the pictures of
the vision of your mind? What and what do you want to put in place or
replace. This is the rightful way of praying, than to pray the old time prayer
of anticipating the angelic deliverance of what you are praying for. We are
talking about focus.

Vision is the focus of the mind on a thing needed to come alive in our lives,
or another person’s life. We don’t need to go this way alone, than
considering the word of providence, the word of God. There are numerous
answers to our prayers in the word of God, and we need to bring these words
(keys) to action, for it is the word of God that can act a magnetic force unto
pulling (manifesting) the focused image/s unto the visible.

There is no fact that God shall descend His angels unto bringing the word
that was not stored in our mind to the creational balance. We need to seek the
right word that rightly fit with the provision of our demands. God is not
mocked, whatsoever a man sow, that shall he also reap (Galatians 6:7). What
is that you are sowing and shall not reap?

The clear vision of that chapter points at all the deliberations that had gone
through this while, as dreaming is sowing. You are sowing every effort you
are putting, and the harvest time shall soon be here, where you shall reap
bountifully, or sparingly, judging by how you sowed.

A lot of people have become self-deceivers trying to procure what are not
their rightful rights. These are dreams on error, or best termed the erring
dreams. Where you did not sow, but tried to reap can never justify your claim
of ownership. You are stealing those things whatsoever you were reaping.
God has nothing much to do with the lazy souls, as they are pruned to
famishing (hunger). It remains your right of choice to get rich or create
* * *

Isaac Newton is a man that always comes to my mind whenever I seek to

find or analyze the truth about creating. It is not an easy road for a man to
have face disappointment a ninety-nine times, and the remaining one, which
he would have quitted, brought the victory. It should not be termed failure
than a disappointment, where our efforts are not established (appointed) at
the first or subsequent trial, it should be best termed disappointment, as we
are not made to quit until we see what we created.

Persistence in dreaming makes creation of reality. Trying once and twice

and quitting the next time is not enough to term God unfaithful. We are
rather unfaithful unto God, by refusing to permit His word to be actuated in
our situations. We are fast quitters, as that can best explains our nature of
running away from what we were creating. The breath needs to come from
the four winds, as was the case of Ezekiel.

Ezekiel was carried out in the spirit of the Lord, and set down amidst the dry
bones. (Ezekiel 37:1-10). He was taught of the Lord on how to create. There
was nothing funny that would have warranted excitement in the valley of the
dry bones yet; Ezekiel was made to meet such a horrible situation.

He was not taken down there to cry for the dry bones to come alive. God
wanted Ezekiel to align his dream with His, which he did without hesitation.
Ezekiel did not wait to seeing the placement or the conditions that would
have suited his situation. There was no priest out there to encourage him
either, but the word from his mind, the word of God.

You are not creating because there is hope of such a thing to have been in
existence. You are creating because you have the need for such a thing to
come alive. God created because He needed them be, hence; the junior gods
must create for the sake that they needed them be. It is for the joy of
creation, and for the meeting of his need.

The biblical creation seemed a day or a flash occurrence yet, research had
placed spaces of time unto reality. We are not doubting God whatsoever in
this expression, but judging from the word at Genesis that the Spirit of God
was moving on top of the water superintending creation, should mean a
support of the spaces or time that were in between creation. Though not
specific on how many days of weeks or so, the bringing into reality needs
some duration for perfection.

The application of the above-mentioned ideology of creation into our effect

demands patience while waiting for the breath of God over what we had
created in our mind, our vision. It is a perishing point where men refuse to
create. The bible did not give any exception unto creating. We all are gods,
and gods create. We must imitate our Father that created, as we are His

It sounds ideal to have known that God was scoring Ezekiel, on his last
scoring mark unto creational potency, taking him amidst the dry bones. This
may further be judged that it was his mind that was doing the whole creating
business. A small letter ‘s’ is deployed to qualifying the spirit of the Lord,
and it should be made the reference to Ezekiel’s mind. The mind of man is
the spirit of man, but when it passes through the influence of God’s Spirit, it
becomes the spirit of the Lord, and with a small letter ‘s’.

God uses our minds to create, and He also creates along way with us. There
are creation (vision) that is of urgent attention, and God needs create or fulfill
the demand through man. The meaning at all is that, we should focus on the
word of creation to create, in order to meet the true line of His finger to
create. What are your dreams without the mind of God? They are absolutely
nothing than the mist. We need solidification of our vision, and this by the
word of God.

It is not proper to wait for trance in other to see or know the mind of God for
any situation, as that may aid the intervention of satanic forces. The satanic
angels sometime change their forms into the angels of light to seduce. This is
why we should always align or dreams with that of God, and this by His

There is no truth that poverty is a gateway to Christianity. Jesus would not

have gotten a treasurer, Judas Iscariot, had it been there was no such need.
He had a lot to maintain his disciples, and spare to be kept at his treasury.
Jesus Christ was not a poor Son of God at all, else, his garment would not
have met the demand for lot casting. He was rich, and only was he poor in
our place crucified naked or half naked on the cross of time. He was not a
sickler, as men would interpret the name “man of sorrow” or portray his
image on artistical breath, a fainting soul of man. Jesus was a strong six-
footer, whose shoulder was able to bear the burden of the tree for his
carpentry’s making of the yoke, from where he jotted out the statement from
when he said, “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”
Matthew 11:30.

Jesus was known for the finest of his yoke making in Israel, a trade he took
after the earthly father or guardian Joseph, who died when there was no other
person to look after the family at his demise than our Lord Jesus Christ. He
exercised that responsibility, not until when John and Joses were grown to
have taken over the care of the family, where he then began a full time
ministry of three years divine explosion.

He was actually a creator on all surface, the spiritual, then the physical,
making the finest yoke in Israel. Healing is wealth in procurement. There is
no healing, which did not first occurred in the spiritual that was not first
made eminent in the spiritual. There is need for creation of healing, where
soundness in our health wanting. We cannot enjoy money without having
this part of wealth in order, and there is less possibility of getting health afoot
without money.

There is need to create wealth by the faith in our minds on the word of
providence. We can never act in absential, while the word of God is not
made of effect. Who do we seek to glorify after the creation of these wealth,
than the God that had poured His breath, over the wealth that we created in
our minds, and they became manifested. It is our duty to create, and to create
wealth, as it is inevitably essential, unto our living happiness.

Jesus, apart from the fact that he is associated on the creation record of
Genesis, being among the let us make man in our own image, after our
likeness: (Genesis 1:26), he was the creational manifestation of God on earth.
Though there is no reference made in the Holy Bible regarding his creation
on the physical scope, there are lots of miraculous creational act that he with
the finger of God had performed.

Miracles are creation made in the spiritual (the mind), and manifested in the
physical. You need to see that car that you are praying for. Create a
miniature of a car if need be, or if you are slow in vision seeing or keeping.
Create it in the physical sense, and declare it openly to the whole world for
them to bear you witness that you are a god, and have created something, a

God needed this act of declaration, else, He would not have instructed or
commanded Abraham did. Abraham’s first name was changed from Abram
to Abraham, father of many nations of God, when he did not have anything
or a child in life, to have warranted the hope of having or producing many
nations. It was a ridiculous matter, when the neighbours would hear Sarah
calling to him, father of many nations, where there was not a mirth of a child
to have necessitated such joke. It was a serious joke, madness from the sight
of men, declaring such an unreal matter.

Abraham did not stagger at the promise of God through unbelief; but was
strong in faith, giving glory to God; He was fully persuaded to keeping the
vision for the fact that the God that promised was able to also perform.
(Romans 4:17-25). This man hoped against hope, and finally met with his
* * *

The spiritual declaration of assets surpasses the physical. It is faith indeed

faith for a man to believe he has, when he has nothing. The shame and the
mockery even, can pull an unbeliever to stagger away to seek fulfillment.
This would be very wrong brothers and sisters, for in doing this, we would
make our God ashamed of us. Standing up to the word of His declaration
concerning who we are in Him, and the word of our declaration, concerning
who we are in Him balances the equation of a Father-son relationship.

There is a song that says you should say it loud, and say it clear, that you can
say what you need while you live. It further states that, it is too late, when
we die, that we can only say it all in the actual. Though I might not be so
perfect in the lyrics of that song yet; the facts are all aligned to what we are
discovering in the quest unto making wealth.

Confession is right and inevitably necessary at every point of our dreaming

(vision). Standing your ground on whom you believe is so elastically sown
to the truth about self actualization. It is not yourself that shall actualize
yourself, than the actualization by the owner of the word that declares your
sonship, hence; your confession.

A god does not cry when in need instead, a god would call a thing that is not
as if they are. (Romans 4:17b). We all need to declare the assets of our mind
prayerfully, cross-checked by the word of our establishment. God is not
unfaithful, whatsoever we sow, so shall we reap. Why not sow something
now, to reap later? Sow something, and you are saying what am I to sow,
when I have nothing?

You have nothing so you think, then confess something. You don’t need PhD
to declare or confess this love of God, nor do you need a Diploma either.
What you have eye could not see. That is the evidence of wealth apported to
you by the heavenlies. It is a declaration of God for your sake:

“For since the beginning of the world men have not heard,
nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God,
beside thee, what he hath prepared for him that waiteth for
Isaiah 64:4.

What you are declaring, you have not seen it before, or they are not there to
be seen by the eye of men, than your spiritual eye, the eye of your mind.
Declares it and hold not your peace. Your declaring it means a committing
of God into the matter, and He shall prove you by bringing it to pass. What
you are confessing today before the whole wide world, was made ready for
your claiming, right from the beginning of the world, and no man had ever
heard it.
Your vision is a stroke of confusion unto the next person. Your husband,
your wife, our who else is, or could be so close to you is a stranger to what
you are trying out to his ears. He had not seen it as it is deeply embedded
down there in your soul, how could he believe it, or believe it so simply?
Don’t curse neither tear yourself on their refusal to believe your vision, it is
for an appointed time, it shall speak though it tarry, wait.

Waiting does not spell the act of keeping quiet. The walls of Jericho did not
just collapse, neither did men, the children of Israel tear it down. They were
only obeying the prophet, the oracle of God as they were indirectly obeying
God to walking round the walls for seven days, and with a shout. That was
the declaration of the victory’s vision given of God through Joshua unto

The children of Israel did not wait until there was a crack visible in the walls
for them to have noted a possible collapsibility before they had shouted.
Shout out without doubting the cause of your jubilant shouting, and the result
shall come. You are commanded to shout out for joy in the Lord, and the
meaning is as applied to declaration.

A lot of people are going about saying that when once the shouting
(declaration) is made, that the witchcraft world would deter or hinder the
progress. That is carnal confession of faithlessness. Believe that no weapon
formed against you shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17), and what about that, is it the
devil that we should fear than the God that saves? Fear the Lord your God
and do the right. And what is the right? It is the declaration. Declare it to the
entire world that your car is coming.

You are sounding funny, and very funny indeed, are you not? Sure too funny
admitting to the people that your car is on the way. Which way if they may
ask? I had been in this shoe many times, and am talking from experience. I
had no car but started using my house key as the car key. It worked the
miracle of confession or open declaration. You are not exception, nor does
God hates you and love me most.

God’s love is as found in the scripture. It is His love that had made us. None
of us are mistake of creation, nor are we pieces of ice-block that melted away
at the sight of the sun. We are God’s sons, and worth His benevolence. But
we have to stand up to the task of keeping our faith, and to stagger not on His
promise for the sake of men’s condemnation.
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus had taught it unto us again and again that we are
the sons of our Father, which art in heaven. (Matthew 6:9-15). God is our
Father, and had rightly commanded us to see vision. A visionless one is a
perished soul. The devil knows this fact, and would always seek to blur off
your vision.

Dreams are most of the time influences of the devil to hypnotize away the
truth of our vision from our minds. The agents are all round waiting for the
quest for the dream’s meaning, for them to render the account of their side of
meaning. Dreams are not all bad, yet one of the weapon that the devil resort
unto, as he might not have been able to convince and confuse you in the

I always speak against people living in the submerged minds, or believing

totally in the sub-conscious, as dreams are taught to be. We are not children
of the night, but children of the day, and ought to always believe in the light
of His truth. Night is meant for the sons of darkness, and they could possibly
mandate their stars through the night into our dreams. Thank God we are
higher and greater than them, for greater is he that is in us, than he that is in
the world.
1 John 4:4.

We are not to believe everything or every spirits than to crosscheck it with

the scripture. There are evidences that some people are killed or made
faithless through the power screw of the dream, what are our dreams than
immediate cancellation of them. You have the power to live above fear or the
common heart by tenaciously holding to the word of God. Shout out your
vision, and God shall back it up.

* * *
The devil does not hamper our spiritual fulfillment than seducing our minds
unto believing his lies. The discouragement that comes to you at the hem of
your dreams should be careful rebuked. It is not the will of God that we fail,
but our minds once poisoned to read the failure signal of the devil, is choked
from believing and confessing unto salvation. It is with the mouth that
confession is made unto salvation (Romans 10:10), and what is our

Do not forget the fact that confession is the declaration of our stance. This is
the power of our heart unto making the success of breakthrough, and
victories. I repeat, Jericho walls would not have collapsed, but not for the
shouting of the children of Israel. And that they did not wait until there wall
had collapsed before their shouting. There is that clear essence of faith, as
they ultimately believed the God that commanded the shouting, and the
success by the prophet that conferred the message.

There is power in spoken word. You that is making destructive wealth, desist
from that very act, as your negative confession is creating satanic wealth
against your soul. The devil knows to well that with the help of your
negative confession, that he can possibly destroyed you, and vice versa; with
your positive confession, he shall be destroyed. That is the ball rolling into
the goal of your success in wealth making.

You cannot refuse the rescue material, if you had fallen inside the well or
ditch and be saved or rescued. All you need do is hold unto the rope or
whatever is lowered down into the ditch, and from there you shall be pulled
out from the danger. This is equal to our discovery on wealth making. God
is lowering this rope into the ditch of penury, and we have to act
immediately, and be rescued. You don’t need to question what is the rope
for, the command is, hold onto the rope…!

It would not cost you anything than obedience to make it in life. Stop
counting the spoilt eggs, and the other possibility of hatching into life. Your
dreams were not spoilt as you may think yet; you need to work up to the
vision. Faith without work is dead, and vice versa, work without faith is also
the equivalent, dead. Arise and shine for your light has come, and the glory
of the Lord is risen upon you.
Isaiah 60:1.

There is a commandment given in that passage. You need to arise before you
can shine. It is your duty to arise, but not God’s duty. Shining shall mean
the effect of your coming out of that doubt, that ditch of penury. Mark the
application of that word, as penury is worst than poverty. A situation that
have nothing to even start with, it is a living grave, and a total oblivion of
men with the doubting spirit, the unbelievers.

It is very easy to become an unbeliever. It is not only outside God that

unbelievers are made, right inside God where you have the brethren, there
are lots of unbelievers at their various level. There are people in the midst of
Christians that says wealth seeking is a display of carnality. It is quite wrong
my dear, as the church building did not come out of the earth than the effect
of money or wealth on display.
The declaration of negativity should come to an end with this discovery, and
be totally abandoned for the sake of Christ and his church. Jesus was
wealthy in the spiritual matters and in the physical. He would not have
required the services of a treasurer; had there had been no treasure. As stated
earlier in this discovery that, Judas Iscariot was Jesus’ treasurer, and was too
money conscious, to the extend of selling (betraying) his master. That is the
evil side of it. We should not be all out for money the wrong way, but should
create money. Declaration to creating money or wealth should not be when
we had pre-empted the target, and quite waiting for the time to struck. That
is another Judas Iscariot that is seeking to come alive.

The power to make wealth starts with our mind. It is the rightful
determination to explore God’s earth of abundance. The earth and the
fullness thereof is of the Lord. This is where prayer is called to book, as
briefly touched on dreaming the right dream (seeing the right vision). Prayer
opens avenues, as we should not just sit down with that dream of wealth in
our heart, and watch the dream come through to us without any effort. God
is not mocked, and we should sow something for the reaping.

Many people have wallowed through life in search of wealth without

realizing their dreams. It is not that they are sinners but the way seems
veiled. That is no excuse, as every veiled ways were made unveiled at the
breaking of the Vail that was at the temple at Jerusalem, at the victory of our
Master and Lord over the devil on the cross at Calvary. The only problem is
that, you wanted to go alone, and could not know the way.

There is no other way unto aiding and quickening the realization of our
dreams than the way, the truth and the life, our Lord Jesus Christ. He did not
say this in the closet, than in the open when he rightly admitted that He is the
way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father except by him
being the only way (John 14:6). That is the whole truth, as the real wealth is
with God, and the making of the real wealth, is going to Him through the Son
Jesus Christ.

Are you ashamed of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, how do shall you
confess him before men, so that he may confess you before the Father? It
does not just stop at the pulpit preaching, the testimony of your impending
wealth through him, is another form of confessing Jesus before men. All my
life I have made this a subject of my discussions. There is no need to hiding
shame behind laughter, where hurt is where hurt. Why not make the
declaration of your wealth an open one?
* * *
The secular declaration of assets should also be made an ideal application in
this very matter. I have ten cars, four lorries and so on and so on is the
formula. The only difference in the spiritual declaration of wealth is the
confession of a thing that is not seen. I am not saying the confession as a
thing not real, as the assets of the sons of God are as real as our Father. We
have not at any time sees God, but believed that He is. This is faith, the
evidence of things not seen. We have the substance displayed in our mind,
hoping that one day it shall come to fruition. That is faith, and it is
impossible to please the Lord God without living this way, the way of the
Hebrews 1:6.

A spiritual man is an abnormal being, as compared to the men at the other

side of living. A Christian is of a supernatural effect. He is not acting the
way of the world, than the way of the Father. God did it first, and I saw Him
did it in His word. He says I am a god, and I must act like a god to glorify
the God.

That is our rightful ground. The death that is running through the land has
nothing to do with the Christian. Do you hear the Holy Spirit in this matter
well? Hear Him well as you are not an ordinary person. You were not even
created at the ordinary level, than the level of a god. You only fell but was
restored by the deed of our Lord and Saviour on the cross of Calvary. That is
where you and I were transformed unto the level of creating things.

Declaration is or should be made to be equal to trade fair exhibition. The

creatures are waiting earnestly for the manifestation of the sons of God
(Romans 8:19), and how would he be satisfied that God has sons on the
earth, than through your declaration. Declare your expectation, as the
expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off.

There is no need to cry and roll on the floor, than to recount the power pack,
commanding God by the works of His hands, His words. That is the only
testimony that every Christian has. We don’t have any other vision to keep
than the ones we have created by His word, and handed over to Him to
breathe His breath through, giving them life. It is not a failing grace, nor
refused proof, as God is always on time. He is not delaying either, and all we
have to do is to open our mouth and declare whatsoever is in our dreams, and
God shall bring them to fruition.

The declaration of wealth became so timely for the planting season.

You have rightly announced to the world the stuff you are made of,
and now it is your time to proof you claims. The seedlings had all
been prepared for the planting. The season is every time and any
time, judging by individual timings to plant.

The meaning unto planting wealth is the simple act of going about
doing something. Wealth does not come from the north, south,
west or east, but from God. Investing on any field of endeavour is
the act of planting wealth. You don’t need to just sit down and cross
your legs that afterall, it is God that had pronounced us sons, and
shall bring to pass everything and anything concerning our

This may be true and the possibility made simple in the case of
having exhausted our very last, in the search. On a honest note,
Jesus Christ would have sat still, and the fish that had the coins in
its belly commanded, to come straight from the sea, and vomited
the coins as were needed. But no, he instructed Peter to go and
make it possible with the hook and the net.

Jesus did not instruct any other disciple to go the fishing, but Peter,
and a lot of people may turn to wonder why, why always Peter But
not Andrew of James or John. Jesus recognized trade. Peter was a
professional fisherman before his call. Other fishermen as
applicable to Andrew and the rest were not of the brain of Peter on
the trade.

That was God recognizing trade, how then do somebody stays to

tell me that he is too holy to work? Laziness is or should be make
equal to atomic suicide, when it comes to God. God would have
allowed Adam to relax, eat, drink and sleep, while the angels kept
charge of the Garden of Eden. But no, He ordained the man unto
tendering the Garden, as was seen aforementioned in the previous

God does not permit any man to exhibit unproductive attitude. He

is not interested in keeping the lazy ones long, as there is more
room for life longetivity unto the hard working or the faithful men
on their various vocations. A carpenter that works at his carpentry
shade, a Manager that works in the Company, a Pastor that works in
the church, are all involved in the progress of life, and needs be
given the opportunity to reap.

Creating wealth does not just stop at the mind’s level, but should
further be extended to the planting measure. You have finished
with creating, now the time for it to grow needs planting. The bible
has it that God planted a garden, and put Adam in it as the garden
dresser. That was another way of telling man, you need to assist me
ensures the effective running of this earth.

* * *

It is wrong as some people use to say that God did not finish
creation, and needed man to continue where He stopped. There is
no record bearing that erring thought, or contaminated concept of
the devilish heart. God made everything perfect, and saw them
very good, is the report from the creation’s record (Genesis 1:31).
That is the standard God had made everything, and no one should
make the cynical comments, as our God is a perfect God.

The reason God involved man in His creation, having Adam to

name all the creatures He created, was a respect of image. The
direct expression of love. It is not fair driving away your child
from what you have erected for him even. There is that need for
you to get him acquainted with the component, and the operation of
what you have created, the edifice of your love for him.

God did not make the Garden of Eden for the angels, neither did He
make it for Himself. The heavens and the heavens of heavens were
there for Him to occupy, how then would He come down from His
golden city, to a Garden to dwell. That would have meant a step or
steps down from the throne. Even when God had been going down
to meet with Adam, and the angels became jealous of Adam, and
question what is man that you are so careful about…?
God planting the wealth of Eden, and was a sure directives for man
to be involved in the planting of their wealth. The farmers could
possibly narrate the joy of harvest unto some of us that are of the
white collar. It is so joyous bringing in the sheaves, experiences
tapped from my growing up years. It is absolutely of truth that,
where nothing is planted (sown) nothing is reaped else, pilfering is
recorded. Man can also pilfer from God, no matter that He is our
Father. Reaping where you sowed not is pilfering from God.
Duping other people is reaping where we did not sow, and is an act
of pilfering from God.

* * *
Many lots of us are pilfering from God, as we are earning our living
from the wrong vocation. A lot of people do find problems, got
into troubles and even fired at where they were working. This was
not done out of hatred, unless in the case of the careless ones, or
those that did not know what were demanded of their offices.
Many are actually doing what was expected from their offices yet;
troubles, problems pushed them off.

This is where prayer should be made paramount, in career

choosing. There is need to pray for God to lead us to where we
ought to plant our wealth, than burp into the pride of a particular
vocation, only to spend few days, as years too limited is spelt to

Planting wealth or making wealth a proof of dream is the

fulfillment of the dreams requirement. What are we actually
dreaming of, or what are we dreaming to be. An academical
undertaking is another way of planting wealth. What and why you
are taking a particular study should tally with your vision. There is
no need of having the vision is being viable in the mechanical
fields, but took to medical courses.

There are lots of time that we rise up to blame God for anything
seem wrong about us. It is wrong, as we might have taken to the
level of our regret without Him. We need first to see ourselves
operating in the field we are envisaging, and actually conduct
research before taking decision to embark upon.
It is always mistaken when power is mentioned, and it is made to
mean a mandate unto doing anything possibly done by man.
Anybody could do anything worth doing, but what is the income’s
or the output’s effect? Is this person actually moving this place
farther, or is he only wasting the resources of this establishment?

That is where manpower wastage comes to play. Where the effect

of labour is not felt to the productive level of application, then there
is something lacking, specialty. It is wrong to start thinking that the
curses are the cause, and you may end up passing through several
deliverance without any change for the better.

A lot of our planting wealth are done wrongfully. We don’t seek to

balance the specie, nor regard the soil matter at all. Let us then take
this to the spiritual, as we are not solely talking on agricultural
application, than the spiritual ramification. What are we planting,
or did we take our time on our knee seeking the right specie of
seedling to plant from God.

It was said somewhere in this discovery that, the season of planting

is judged by the individual timing. This is of whole truth to the fact
of our single ability to step across to the fertile grounds. The
government of our countries needs not take the blame where we
have entered and cultivated unknown land for planting wealth.

There are areas that plantings are prohibited. These are the areas
where the former investment had contaminated or polluted the land.
This in effect of investing on commodities could go along way to
explain our planting or involving our money trading on prohibited
materials. There is a question mark as to the sanity of the investor.
We need to watch the atmosphere, and the planting environment
before launching out.

* * *
These facts are as applicable to the spiritual and the physical level
of wealth planting. Our hearts or mind may direct us to invest on
an area of its considered interest, as the eye had quietly seen its
fertility yet; that may not mean the timing of God. We need to
wait, and actually wait on the Lord.

Coming down to our physical level of attainment, I have personally

been through these hurdles of choice. It was a time of waiting and
praying. Fasting is the finest and quickest weapon unto
determining our fate, as regards any investment. Waiting depicts a
time where we have to cease from self and judgment. It is the
temptational time, where God’s face seems hidden. In this period,
we need to carefully mark our words less we curse God and die.

This is the down side of life, where nothing seems working at all.
You need to go to the Lord in prayer. Referencing God by His
word is inevitably necessary, as we are still strangers in this part of
existence. Jesus had helped the disciples who went planting wealth
on the wrong side of life, and had to fish the whole night through
without a draught, nor did they catch any fish at all.
John 21:4-6.

Is Jesus not helping at al anymore?

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever (Hebrews

13:8). If Jesus had been the Christ yesterday, he is the same today,
and shall be the same evermore. There is no shadow of turning with
our God. He is ever willing to help us out. Where did you
wrongfully plant your wealth, Jesus shall help you recover your

What is the capital of the wealth planting of these days…? Peter

had the boat, the paddle and the water bailer. If at all there were
any other things, they included the net, and the hooks. That was
enough for them. And what have we to account for the capital

A lot of us invest with our lives as Clergies working for the Lord.
Should we be termed the original Levites of the biblical measures,
but a lot of us Clergies could not even sing a note, what then is our

The whole of the congregation is the capital we have, and we need

to tender the flocks of God aright. A lot of us don’t pray for the
sheep that stray, than gossip them to stray the more. This is our
vocation, and we need to be up and doing in the Lord’s vineyard.

What about the traders in goods or commodities, are you deploying

false balance or measures to get rich quickly? You are planting in
the wrong side of land. There is no fertility enough for such
planting to grow. We all are working for the Lord our God, and we
should all bear in mind that, God shall recompense all of our

What are we planting for the reaping, and we are not conscious of
the fact that they are to be our harvest of wealth? We should be
serious, and up and doing in the services of our God. It is not every
one of us that were called into the medical field, neither all called
into the art field, we all have our disposition, and should be up and
doing, for there is the treasure of our wealth.

Carefulness of specification in prayer is here called for in this level.

We should not ask for a trailer, while in need of a lorry. Praying is
also planting or sowing. They are all for the reaping, and should be
done to standard. Calling yourselves names that does not express
positivity denies wealth procurement. Or how does one goes to a
warehouse with the wrong waybill, and hoped to bring his goods
home? Nothing could he take home, as he shall be turned back to
the starting point. And unless he abides by the rules, producing the
right waybill, he is bound to go back home not procuring anything
at all, having nothing to proof his right of ownership.

It is the same thing with someone that believes in negative

confession. He is answering Mr. Failure, as the devil is up to
referring God to this name, when or wherever he is trying to
succeed. That was what he planted, a name that did not suit his
standing with His Father either. We should be careful, and accurate
of word, as even the devil is much pressed to the fact of a word or
name’s applied. Even when he is the one that is ensuing this wrong
planting, yet have the course to accuse you to failure. You are
redeemed in Jesus name, amen.

This is a period of jubilation to the careful ones that took their time in
planting wealth. We are really seeing wealth in the eye of the spirit to mean
a divine seedling. Wealth at its bunch cannot be harvested all at the same
time, as the planting was done at various times accordingly.

The time that we spent applying at various section of economy, the time
spent on our knees praying fervently unto the Lord for our breakthroughs and
open doors, the time spent sweating for the return of our husband who had
left home to unknown destinations, time spent waiting for the time to struck.
These are the seedlings that were planted pending harvest, and we are not
going to reap them home the same they were planted.

There is always the joy, and it also extended unto other men, whose time to
reap is not yet come. This is a kind of harvest that is not done all, or
everybody at the same time, and we have to be our brothers’ keepers. We
need to assist the ones whose time of harvest had not yet come for them to
reap. Let there be no anger in our bosom concerning our brethren who for
one reason or the other, could not reap the same as we are reaping.

Be remembered that wealth does not terminate at monetary level, health is

also inclusive. Or to elaborate the meaning in general terms, wealth includes
every of our good expectations. A man that married a wife has reaped the
comfort of his lonely years. That automatically had become his wealth. A job
seeker who had gained employment, had met his heart desire, and has reaped
what he planted. Your power to making wealth depends on your input. Were
you addressing the application letter rightly, and was it well en-routed, and to
the actual person?

Christians are always reaping the best as our Father knows what is right with
us, and is willingly giving abundantly. He is always patience with us, while
we grope the earth to and fro; He always gives us the light to see. He is not
wicked, as the trainings of our lives may so seem to term Him mean. God
knows the originality with us, and He is giving us according to our worth.
The harvesting of our wealth is a satisfaction in our minds. Wealth is created
In the mind, and the effect of the harvest is felt in the same mind, with the
manifest bounties of the harvest. God is not mocked, whatsoever a man
sows, so shall he reap. What are you sowing brethren?

Let nobody poisons your mind that wealth or money is not for the believers,
the Christians, as that part of wealth is also made inclusive in the wealth of
our Father. The earth and the fullness thereof, is of the Lord; or as rightly

“The earth is the LORD’S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they
that dwell therein…”
Psalm 24:1.
How would our Father have the earth and the fullness thereof, and we the
sons are struck by penury? It is a misery and a miserable situation that the
sons of the king are found in the street begging food. The shame goes to the
father, as it shall be rightly judged or adduced that the sons are begging meet
in other to give unto the father.

This is one of the crucial prayer I have personally been praying telling God
the implication of begging, while He is my Father. God is our loving Father,
and He is not a careless One, as He had provided all of our needs according
unto His riches in glory, and shall supply them unto us by the mere asking by
Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19). Asking or drawing our check from His
glorious bank, the heavenly bank is simply by filling in what we really want.

This is where the specification of request is re-surfacing once again. We

have to be specific in asking, as the knowledge of what to harvest is always
at the heart of the one to harvest. The harvesting of yam tubers differs from
the harvesting of cotton. There is more carefulness as should be deployed in
the harvesting of the tuber, than the cotton else, the tuber is destroyed.

Our right of harvesting should not out-rule the fact of harvesting, or the fact
that exist in the harvesting vocation, should not be ignored. We have the
right to access the throne of God, with all boldness unto receiving favour yet;
we just cannot go up without first studying the territorial laws that governs
God’s kingdom. There is much need for us to be conscious about carefully
studying the scripture. We can never reap it the right heart, than follow the
tenets of the harvest.
This should not be made to mean the harvest at rapture; it is the receiving of
the longing of our hearts prayed for. Wealth and the power to make wealth
are concealed in the scripture. It is not veiled away from man yet; the
patience and the willingness to convert the word of God into the power of
exploits, bringing our faith to igniting it, is the missing key that men are still
searching, and many searching without finding.

This thing is not up in heaven, nor is it down concealed under the earth, but
man choosing to going by his own way, chose the way of carnality, the way
of the world, than the way of God. There is no blame to be apported to the
other man who is still groping in the dark, searching for the grace, than our
prayers that he shall one day come into the light of God.

The coming into the light of God is the harvest time that the heavens rejoice.
Jesus out rightly stated that, the heavens rejoice at the return of one soul,
more than the ninety-nine that sees nothing to repent for. We are referring to
the various levels of harvests from the physical to the spiritual, and the
harvest of wealth in double measure, the physical, and the spiritual. It could
be made to mean the spiritual harvest as well, as everything that occurs in the
physical, occurred first of all in the spiritual, the spiritual dominates the

* * *

Harvesting in prayer or from what we were planted praying glorifies God, in

whose glory we are blessed. There is need to groan for every bit of weight
that easily beset us, but running the race with patience. Or we should lay
aside every weight, and the sin, which doth so easily, beset us, and run the
race with patience (Hebrews 12:1). It is not an aimless race either, as the
author and the finisher of our faith, or Lord Jesus Christ is in the upper side
of the race waiting to receive us.

Groaning in prayers brings bounty harvest, more often than just saying the
words as they were written. Groaning in this measure does not affect the
change of our voices while praying. The actual thing is the pointing out of
the words of God that touches a particulars need, and the petition for the
addressing of the matter by God whose word had committed Him in treating
the case.

Christians should be best at prayer prosecution, for effective harvest, than the
universal knowledge of crying, and throwing of selves against the wall. We
are not to wail our problems than to addressing them accordingly, with the
part of the word of God showing the green light unto solution. God is not
unfaithful, neither is He unrighteous to under look the word of our
justification. But we also need to exercise patience, for the harvest time to

The knowledge of what the word of God says concerning a particular

problem, and the application of the particular reference levels the prayer at
the heart of God. He can never ignore such a prayer. I am a living witness
when at various time where there seemed there was no hope at all, and I
tenaciously hung unto the word of my providence, and God granted the
harvest. You are also entitled unto reaping or harvesting the truth about your
freedom going by the word of God. The word of God is all about you and I.
They were not given for the salvaging of the angels problems, but were given
for our light.

God is very honest a Father that does not toil with His children. Let us
grows a farther pace from children unto sons, and see the difference. God
reacts to the voice of the sons more than the children, in the sense that, the
children are childish, and cannot best touch the heart of God with His word
like the sons.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman

that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word
of truth.”
2 Timothy 2:15.
That is what it takes to become a son than a child. It is a curse to a nation
where their king is only but a child. The right of rulership can never be
given unto such a king until he is grown. And he might be unfortunate that
before his full-grown years, the throne is totally snatched away from him, if
at all nobody is there alive to secure his cause.

Wealth if the product of the mind, and it rest in the bosom of the kings. The
kings here does not simplify the residence in the palace, living in abundance
is a kingdom forte by wealth. There is no reason why God should give
wealth unto such a one that is a child, as he would not be able to manage or
control it, hence; abuse the right.

It is our birth right to be rich, for God created you and I through Adam, and
conferred the wealth of the whole earth upon our shoulder. The emphasis of
the government being upon the shoulder of Jesus Christ was for our
conferment of wealth. Jesus had but a little time to spend here on earth,
hence; would not have that much time to enjoying the government that was
upon his shoulder, then he passed it unto you and I. His word of conferment
is as laid out in Luke 10: 19:

“Behold, I give unto you power…

That is the power to dominate every other power that would act an obstacle
to our wealth harvesting. It is perfectly true, that the opposition of the Jews
from re-building the broken walls of Jerusalem, was to hinder the
appropriation of their wealth, and the devil was so much concerned,
deploying the three main agents in order to forestall the harvest.

That was the clearest essence of harvest, for the Israelites had long planted
the seed, their longing mind for the harvest to be soon, but when the harvest
was ripe, various agents of Satan sought and deployed means unto
forestalling the harvest. What are we saying in this matter of harvesting is
that, whatsoever is planted, being it planted in the heart earth, the mind, or
the natural earth, the harvest is always a sure fact yet, there are always

Behold, deployed there by our Lord Jesus is a spell unto consciousness. Be

alerted to the fact that, I have given unto you the power, to doing what? The
power to tread on serpent and scorpion. These are wicked oppositions unto
our making it upon the shinning of our stars. We have been given the power,
and power to making wealth beyond all oppositions. It is our harvest time,
and we must harvest what we had sown.

* * *

Harvest time is always a busy time, and every hand is always on deck for the
reaping. What shall become the shame of a man that sat still, and would not
even go to supervise the harvesting? He shall lose a lot of his goods unto the
pilferers, who shall then take the advantage of the fact that; they were
deployed to gather home the reaping for a lazy and a careless fool.

The truth about that passage has it that, we must always be out on
supervision of our vision’s fulfillment, than relaxed without watching and
praying. Then the wicked one shall mix up our blessings to the fullest
contamination, or pollute the whole stuffs of the harvest, while we stand to
lose everything. We cannot make use of contaminated, or polluted stuffs of
the harvest, and the whole planting efforts shall become wasted.
Jesus had given us the power to unlimited level of operation. Laying down
our power is self-wickedness. The devil is always sensitive going about
searching for powers let wasted. The leaking of electricity through the
broken wire is harmful. That is what killed Isaac Newton without fear or
favour, as to who did its discovery. Such is the power unto making wealth.

It is very dangerous that we lay down this power given unto us so freely.
God would view it to the sense of our not appreciating of His virtue, and
would allow it there, while the devil shall then snatched it away from us, and
handed it over to his sons. This is the reason why, many a times it seem as if
the children of the world are making it more than the children of the

Our lack of consciousness unto the fullness of power to making wealth is the
malady in our wealth harvesting. It is truly the sickness, as we are bound to
reap wretchedly or sparingly, and would have the cause to accuse the Holy
One. It is wrong that we cooperate with the devil heeding his call to ignoring
the potentials of God in us, and relying on excuses of lacking the speed, the
financial means or the know-how unto getting through to meet with the

Wealth can be harvested spiritually even, before the physical harvesting,

which is the taking home of bounties. What you see is what you get. Am
talking about the spiritual seeing. Are you sure you are ready to reap wealth?
Then see yourself reaping wealth, and you shall al-together reap the
manifestation of your wealth reaping.

The meaning to this is the fact that, you must believe that you are entitled to
wealth, and you must plant it by the various means that was expatiated upon,
in the previous chapter. You have to work for everything you are dreaming
for, than tempting the Lord your God, remaining a whole week inside
praying and fasting. This is right praying and fasting, as that shall open the
way. You need then to exercise the power, than be crushed, or the power
snatched away from you, and given to the wicked sons of the earth.

Jesus Christ was not mincing words, when he was talking concerning
watching and praying. Praying alone confines us to our spirit (mind). Yes
we are creating under the furnace of reality, and the heat of the prayer and
the fasting is molding our wealth. Watching then brings about the realizing
the birth of our dreams, or the actual manifestation of what we had been
creating in the closet of our lives, our mind (heart).


The bounties of the harvest is the blessings from God, yet has something to
do with the man that was at the alert of planting. Wealth is a blessing, and the
counting is necessary to keep stock to the extend we are blessed. Counting
does not terminate with numbering, it also extends unto the giving out to the
less fortunate brethren.

The real harvest or the harvest in the real life has it from the biblical fact that,
we should not gather everything or clean the farm, as we have our less
fortunate ones, who would eat from the remains. The strangers are also
attached to this string, and it behooves us the duty of caring for one another,
letting brotherly love continue.
Hebrews 13:1.

God is blessing us for the other people whose time are yet. There should be
no pride riding upon the backs of our less fortunate ones, how do you know
when the Lord shall also visit the other person that your soul hated. He is not
the one that made himself what he is, neither you the one that made yourself
what you are. Who made you what you are if not for the mercy and grace of
the holy One, God?

Pride is a dethronement from the divine wealth. We are enthroned for the
services of the Lord, which includes, the practice of a pure and holy religion.

“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this,
To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to
Keep himself unspotted from the world.”
James 1:27.
The practice of this kind of religion is what is divinely expected of us, but
we wont. We thought we have the world in our index finger, lifting it so
lighter to anywhere we wished to. That is not how our blessings should be
counted. Going by the practice of the pure religion as herewith specified,
makes the counting of our blessing multiplied. A giver does not lack, and we
have to give ungrudgingly, and to give to the satisfaction of the need of the
ones we are giving unto.

There is no need for us to pretend. The law had said it, so must it be done
accordingly. The only reason for our pretence is the fact of our ignorance, to
the implication of trying to deaf away, and dumb and blind away from the
crying of our less fortunate brethren. God is not happy when we refuse to lift
up the feeble knees. And who can be stable all the time, except God gives
him the grace. We need to count our blessings, as we have reaped all what
we sowed a hundred fold. Remember that we only planted, and did nothing
underneath the growth of what we planted. The dunging or fertilizing might
make no meaning, if God should have refused it the growth.

The story of that foolish wealthy man is categorically a balance in this

respect. He was wealthy, and we are talking about wealth now, but refused
the care of the poor Lazarus. God is not always happy, nor happy at all,
when we dumb away from helping our brothers. He was not pleased with the
biblical wealthy man, and would not be happy with you and I, as we are
going into the dome of wealth.

Apart from the fact that Lazarus was not compensated here in the real life,
neither the wealthy man, but their story is replaying in this reality of
existence. I am a witness of a man who dressed gorgeously, fed
sumptuously, drove the coziest car, but still in this real life, became the worst
wretched fellow. Causes quite known only to God and himself.

He did not sow anything from his band. Giving unto the poor is lending unto
the Lord. The Lord gave unto us, and we in turn should give it back to the
Lord by giving unto the poor. The poor shall not give us back, but the Lord
shall sustain our soul at famine. We shall not suffer famish, if we only but
count our wealth this way.

It does not matter how much we are giving unto the rich in other to gain
favour. Favour is not found with man than God. It is in vain that we seek the
remembrance that can never be. What if the man you are seeking favour from
died untimely? Our life does not consist in our abundance of wealth. We
have to make the Lord our God our refuge. He should become our strong
tower, as He is the strong tower for the righteous.
Proverbs 18:10.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runs into Him, and they
are saved. The righteous, says the word, but not just anybody. Man is so
selfish that everything about him is bound in selfish heart. There is no need
cutting the word of God to suit our selfish earns. It would not and can never
work that way, the way of the world. God says that the righteous man’s
hiding place is the name of the Lord; for He is our strong tower hence; if you
are not righteous, forget it for now, until doing what is right becomes one of
your attributes.
The issue of being righteous hangs on the fact that, whosoever does what is
right is righteous, as he dwells in God his righteousness (1 John 2:29), so
don’t ask the question anymore, who is a righteous man? God had answered
that very question again and again, and have answered it again in this
discovery. Do what is right by helping the less fortunate brethren, and you
shall dwell in God to be enshroud by His righteousness.

Counting your wealth is the moderation or the maintenance of supply. It is

tagged your wealth because it is deposited in your hand, but the rightful
ownership is of God. You don’t need to spend it extravagantly, as that in
effect declares the spirit of ungratefulness. God is not far on reaction from
man that He made in His own image, and would not give anymore, or for the
time being unto the ungrateful soul.

Giving to the poor is giving unto the Lord, as was previous stated in this
discovery, and that is the maintenance of wealth. It is your right to own
wealth or be wealthy yet, without the mercy of God, wealth is not
forthcoming. It is not he that runneth, but the God that showed mercy, says
the scripture.

There is no argument to the fact of our businesses giving us the income yet;
the prosperity comes from the Lord. You don’t own yourself, you are Gods,
and need gives Him the glory. Remember that God says His glory will He
not share with another, neither gave His praise unto graven images. (Isaiah
42:8). That is the whole truth, and we have to comply with His term on who
to take the glory. Let God take the glory, and man takes the blessing. Isn’t
that fair?

You are the wealth of God, and the wealth when manifest becomes the
wealth of God by you. Place yourself in the level of a wealth guardian, and it
shall augur well with both of you, God the owner, and you the keeper. You
don’t need to cheat God, refusing Him the ten percent tithe else, you become
a robber. Can a man rob God?

“Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye

say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and
offerings. Ye are caused with a curse: for ye have
robbed me, even this whole nation.”

Malachi 3:8-9.
There is no way God can compromise His stand. He is the word as appeared
above. The only solution to removing the curse upon robbing God is the
reversive act of paying back to Him what we had robbed him of. If God
should confess so openly to the level of anger or His annoyance, we should
at all time be careful else, we lose our wealth.

The devil can never wade into our territory, and starts snatching wealth from
us otherwise we gave him the key. The key unto keeping our wealth or
counting our wealth are as stated herewith. We can never meet up with the
wealth or riches of the biblical Job, unless we observe to doing the
commandment of wealth keeping.

* * *

Many of the brethren are always very ungrateful confessing negativity.

There are personal records with the Author, touching a lot of them that would
always deny been blessed at all. They don’t want people to disturb them
with their problems, afterall, they suffered to making their wealth. One of
them suddenly fell from the height, and was worst than the beggar he had
once abhorred.

Your confession matters in this regard. What are you telling people or what
is your reply unto those that asked you for financial assistance? I surely don’t
have enough to give out, come again tomorrow. Are you in the habit of
rolling people from door to post when they come needing help? Refrain from
it to evade the curse from the Lord. From the Lord and nowhere else, as the
Lord’s fury is highly awaited the ungrateful wreaths.

Your not having today does not mean you will never have it. Pray and watch
out for the incoming harvest. It is your time to make it in the Lord, outside
or without is the lions. Search through the scripture to see where your wealth
lies, as your wealth is your blessing, and you shall discover your well of
wealth. You do not need to go about town telling people how bad life is with
you. You do not need to lie in order to gain favour. Just be up to the Lord by
His word, and He shall make everything right in His own time.

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man

soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Galatians 6:7