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Band Score a The Hollies, The Searchers, The Dave Clark Five | [2 A f | i | Peter & Gordon, The Animals, Small Faces, The Who - Beat ombies, Cliff Richard, The Kinks, The Swinging Blue Jeans Bus Stop / Love Potion No.9 /Because /Glad All Over /A World Without Love ‘The House Of The Rising Sun /Itchycoo Park /Sha La La La Lee / Substitute /My Generation | Love You /Summer Holiday /You Really Got Me /Hippy Hippy Shake Deon eto COSR FUT 77 2-E—b-AAb Seni GAS PE I 60’s Band Score British Beat Best contents 3 Bus Stop/The Hollies RRR T/ RIA R Love Potion No.9/The Searchers BONS (97-8 32NO9) / 4-3 9—X Because / The Dave Clark Five ERAT DIK 026 Glad All Over / The Dave Clark Five 36 My G FINA WA F9=/FAD-D5—9- DAF A World Without Love / Peter & Gordon Oe ee The House Of The Rising Sun/The Animals enoaER/ rae 5 Itchycoo Park / Small Faces A929 / RED TEAER 64 Sha La La La Lee/Small Faces YH IBF UR/ REAM IaH OR ‘4 Substitute / The Who BOL Heya /t9~ ion / The Who 7 | Love You/The Zombies sae ee ees E—x 6 Summer Holiday / Cliff Richard PRU FL/ 27IE EE You Really ¢ Got | Me/The Kinks AUP Hy 20 Hippy Hippy Shake / he Swinging Blue Jeans 197 ROH I Th BUS STOP WAAR cc Words & Music by Graham Gouldman AUREUS LAKE y he HLS, 1 HAD SVE ROMNEK EDRAOICB LIL FLI, STHOY E YRLITAOF4 + 34 VES TUS LOBE 1 OMB L PRAISES ABE IETLT LD + DINE 1 BKODRBA RURDF, O74 + 51> 1 ROBB > THSO CHEB, A] DIBBOMRSROD! Sy HL TBA + IY a Ik MARAE BE b+ RYF 1 LIC HDLBP YT Cy RLICH I PIED HOM BOE IRL ICH OU ARED 3. DHYANET EAR PD Gone KUT E94 > TOMA THON S 2KOFS—OMATDL-X XBW RIV RD, 2H RIV aL TILA FS, FB ORS REOMRE LUMMIST SADIE, ALIRTIAD 1.2. SRER IVES ALE RIL THOT MOBS td RAR SHY EIR TILT PREP P FLED 9. LOM, AM LIRR IR EES SHIS D5 fh TARE LARA SUT Lt bee SOBRE, $A RES EU CLOT ROM CHI SK SiN ED Weeal Other ions f] Am eal 13) Bus stop i 2) Thor's “the san ‘ther Guitar = Bass Yocal Guitar 1 Guitar Drums utar 1 ter utar itr er vitae =a ont end with helt Vocal Other Guitar 1 rons T™ r= le think that with Repeat) Je what she she would show Other Guitar 1 Drums ater 234 AS tuitar LAAT # Tae ae SSS = =) ze 4 ———a OF 1 Fh t Gamat t ¥ t a 2 a a rom a0 ug eg soe Sag e304 a0 Teng Teg ‘sg Bowing [An ait T ita suite bass Fade Out Vocal LOVE POTION NO.9 = ROB (SI-K—Y3YNOS) Words & Music by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller BS So om & den 1S Sa - Sein ttle beh Tove potln Number Nine i | | | i 1 (MRO goa runs Other Vocal Suitar 1 Guitar I Other Vocal rams Suitar T Guitar x Blam » 23) 1 1 told her ‘ad hat kao 1 « She But om flop with aay “or tacked when 1 kissed hie ight — Am made Thir ve been this way since Nine- ty T stare ed) Kia cin eves ey 'y Fourth and Vine sid “What you need Broke my = fle battle start turned a round Dm ssid "Tm gonna make it up ight here inthe sink” Tt smelled like tur = pen - tine, it looked like ‘runs i N, Ny ! sata t ater ett ita sutart held my nose, 1 clove my ever, Vocal Po - tion Num-ber Nine Ss ed — =] SS = BECAUSE ea-k Words & Music by Dave Clark BADD 7 >P SME EM TSF T+ 79-7 Det TOE y Mh, 4 > KATHONTHSALA Os EOREDE BE, COPA DOSMRALALE RUILA + ALA ENTE SBE CHB, OEBAMEDF TBI oe BLOT Vey be FOL EC HES BEE CML TALIS F PAOLO MAES XO 1 EAU TOSM, ZOO PHEI— EAE CMS LTV ALI ES TS, LOW TEES “HAHN TOS, EBSOXS—BIITIS—BE EDEL WPCFF a EFI RCDILA Eto TS, MER TH SALAD SLI, LOOKS 1 ETAT AMCAE TRO LFRO¥S— 21898 Ho TAK + HY FALTERS TOS.E teed PLOVAMEYY Te BE by DLAYSUELR 8547 Lee FLAK CHW TM LOIRE 100 1EB D5 A IID ART HEA Be 2OARSATUSOTREL TMT HSU, TOKAI SHE BOD EARS FIRE CHM, LET SOUR Y hE A ABY LIRR, LEAL AMO XL 83> THN), MONTE BRIEI— KD HE SROMMELAEK. COLIC. LOM EOI ROMY TENS CHEN TSN, MTOM MICE TSE LOMRS £9 THIET > TS, LO, Fa—H WOXOAF 4 CERES T. ERG IR-F AES DIRT BEDELED. ther Yocal Suitar 1 Vocal Drums Bass ther 1 uitar runs fale 1) sight 23)Give Ge c cm 6 bh +—— 4. - 3=¢ +S == = = tne he vay 1 ff Be es te cane 2 be car 90 Be pend = = = e ~ = ie a8 Hee : es e Es =F _—- = z 1 z =¥ ——= a v ¥ v a — z E <> E z Er = ¥ 3 ¥ ? ¥ * re = * es ¥ Ze = Weal say 1 dbo’ think of — — things — ‘iter 1 D Oc Gaus Am ers @ = Ge — =: SS D 0) ; cs o' ma Yocat z Bass GLAD ALL OVER FSI BW 4—F7— Words & Music by Dave Clark and Mike Smith FAG 9-7 IPA FORBNOA EY he PLN Ky KG le DBE-hOUXLMSZOMBIEAS—bL TVS. LOMMETIA » RILALELTFP— + Hy PAWAMSNTHS, CHEEAE DBC REBEL TL OMO ATS VIEFET LTOBE RB-WIUP CHF a EPO REMARK Dy 4 LY EHTS. LOYTE KE BBSALITIS—G EME RTE, HON TOSI Kit 1 ~ SOBRE, HED DEAL ICMP TOBA DH. KILOS Vit ATER RP EIT > TUSHRICD DTG BE b BDH, VRAIN Yon, EAOUEN LEE TCBRIELLE hE TF SED, HITE BURL, BOBROXS id 8 a— NERO DAT Bo CALEY TE OBEOMOMD EI) y ARC OMIT EN BEYELIL TSE E, CE TMM NOR NMENT US DU EYRE IHL EN y TERBIMIET, ANE bo Ey ALI ERI ERED 9, CI OHEUNEANMETIE YZ PNET LT EUR, CDRMRDEI TE 2 1813 HOD) KDA Bo TIBI hOA ELIE LM) LGDUBLIELE 2, MOBO 1 5 RIM L TUSD THERE, COF—H5 AP DX-NEMBP y TUTHBOK, 48 —PN— RUMBLE TL yb DEMS ENTRUOEM, RIV aL ERATHK LD CHAT WHERE IELED. —3— You say that you (Straight) . s > 6 > s S=— —— You sey that you You'll al - ways be You'll ave to TH al = ways be Be > cnose thie Ty yours and eyboart Hepneat_— atm teeal wns sitar i = 4 £ —— — ¢ ws by your side Twill ‘Aaug @ Coda ,, Vora! —— Our ore will last, now runs e end of time Dbecsurethielore— Weal ter eyboart 8 é a & a & ” Vocal So glad you're —_ Vm to glad you're mine Guitar tas & a 8 a & a & a —— Tasid Pm fo glad you're mine, Tm s0 glad you're mine, now. real —— Whos, whos, whoa, whos whos, sitar Keyboard ater bass ater Vocal Guitar uitar Ors A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE Rae Words & Music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney EO ROY aL ER ORR CERES 3 —8S-K ORBIT. BF 4 Pl FROBE— be FLIHHE, DWBBOINY 8 EAT 4 WEA 9 PARP 7 EB S. 5 74-7 FFE ESA Ke ANAM T LER OTN. SHIN EMBL Ho THS, TL hOBAEE TET LZR 7 DONE — MRO ADT 4 EMTS, LOE B-OFDL KETV PCFF 2INEEI HE, N-ROI WET, LORY YD N-RCHN, YETI BE NONE > EEL, CUB, KILL ABO BE bE DE, Ny KEE BK DUI E BRETF CHA THN, MOTLOENE LE FRITS, PUN, HEVNEANMS TM LASRES 3 MOMROPA—AF 197 ¥ SHO DIET KEMPS A PBSC ORBMCR MATL CS EL CBN, DY F4LIOK (CHEDS GUE ICMBLED, AAA FUEHILE PY TEM WML. VMN A EROMOME ETS E REST. OBAMS | AWBLWA- KETLA UTS, LOBRYY PUSBETI— KENRS LTO SKU THY BERUOMBTOKE, #1. IT U¥ BH bt LACH ON TORE! EMIS — sen THU BCP 1+ IL-REANTHS, CLMROBRE GT Bo CLA MRT AO 1 EMOTE, TERMINI DELI NV 19+ ¥S—WIO+ IL-EFLALTHS, LET BIYLI A IOF7R9 TEBE NTHH, ESCEO ENGR T8748» Fa—HLIOATONTS, CUGEADD TO BF S—SL ISU CHRED LRU BLS YTS EE. & (awe) Ae iitte : f S—= = < Organ) ps lock ome : = = F im KAGE «12 Strings Ge.> co Le = = = SS =- — SEs Z ater 1 ter treat ums uta Sater ‘tne bass a chm 2.5 with Chorus—> rn ye (25x with Chorus er =F what in a world with -out Bass satart & = = When she does sitar iter @Coda cal 3 a Suita. NL ti biter butar real ums tats tne uta roms ey £ es 3 cate what they with «out love tart futer 1 bass THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN WAOSLER ‘Arrangement by Alan Price PE TNAOBADE y HATH). AFL A— MELEP LH, COMOBAOKA > KBE B > TE¥S—OP LAS ANE oe FORTY a viseaMeO~ +A kK, HED YF TUSTIO LCT. LEO SMEDLEY FL TERO LEME TE IIT SM PC RUMPYS (SM CARAEOR TY 3 VSR Heyward ther Yoeal tuitar (inte. ] TURD EUALIRNTLESOT. TOALE 22M LTH SBIEA— KORY BOBS Kb cd ROM TL#STHSAOT, ESBoTLEALEA+ h-LOL DEES. OUMMEDTHHIL, IK HVE LEMS LT SRC AFORIY a BME LTEBURUEL SE, 45. BE (24 / 4OFT IMBORE THEM, VRB RETE RAE T12/ 81OF TRET SEBEL, ESSOMSERLT BYRLO=aPLARAURE. {2 cunygh 1984 2y KEITH PROWSE MUSIC PUBLISHING “ dren = tell your cl = a toy mo-ther a 1 Wa | | Be ie | Wl l i t | ul LE = sun v4 aa peony cI Sal . —r on Am Keyeonre vitae Gia)misee-y Im the House ofthe Ris ing Sun — ite Liesl pueeahay 2009 seg sum 7m 5 sag 4800 paneatoy ue ecal ther Keyboard Bruns 15 D— ITCHYCOO PARK 2 Words & Music by Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane REM DaARADARERES Ey he FLIN—. JUD RUPA-AF497 + ¥2—-DA-K YIMSZOMIERS— KL TS. LOTA-AF 4 97 + ¥-AF 4 NER EI 4 — FEB = BA FOR BDNTUBED fo 1 > KADMBN 2 NOE EME CHL TEN, Ey DIRT 4 HU L TIbL AMEO THEM TE BURY, CEINORTEC LDS VERURVECAR. TOMO 8 PGE MEIIRE NTO ES (BBO VIL TOSOCREMNE IS, BN KMLOI UES DEBEICL TTL FERRY KERN ESE. NAPS LOD 4 4 AKT. 1 ROD 3B PS ¥ 9 — LINER BRA-KUTUS, LOMON- RES EMIS Klee > (2-33) Fly TS. DN TSOEMBOIL hy 7K AOE DEE PREV EARE I Sto TBO, IPADLIBEILIS—Hh tebn TW STRESSES, FA KET OA NIE MOnTS. MEO LREET EAN DARI VILBIUt Ko DOBAD¥S— EME TILT ENTS, CEBPLATAR ROL ICR ERLE SOIL K, [OM MBE? 7B WHS ELE LC 2IMOIL—XGWTETOBDT, L>P) EBDESEICLTHSUAL, OREOMAD KIWCET IL PFE SAMRIEN TOS, CULTS ey ADR) ECE ENTIRE EM, SUES IFLY y—EMOREIE, BBSK RSL OMIA DRY > KM) © ver bridge of sights 1 tell Jou what 11 do. he Ha aot ree tn der drm mos ore I vi ! dl Weal Keyboard Guitar tuitar Keyboard ther Vocal Drums ass bass there? —) there?) 1 got Well get igh igh why stchy-coo park ot learn That's where ve the (etocet: What aie (whic will you words of been (What id you foots (What do feel there?) Well touch there?) We'll toveh the (Bet why the tears there?) (But why the tears there?) im A Weal Other Neyhoart Cone if SSS blow my mind Geto. with ducke onthe bum 1S er } 2 : et zh Ht ‘orums Ns al |b 4 U ate Weal Aephoart ass Drums Keyboard twitar Ws at A Fim A Fly orm Other Keyboard SHA LA LALA LEE eS SU Words & Music by Kenny Lynch and Mort Shuman. DA FUSS LINE LTERELEBBORUEY he Fa THN. OBAICLTRDLN- REO 7 FLA, TLD KY. YF ¥B OMG LOD LBARE Eo THSH CNET x QE BERMDTICP DICE SAREE 1 R- Yai k BEL Fe LOXS—P EVM ALI THN, OUP BUD SERBEBOL TOS, KSLOURA to —ismeaaIcIE BE HOES BORN, RAP EE CORES TD SANTO SRBA SUOTREMUTE SUR, 4 AEE? BRBBE > hacktO BHO ALTER MIKKEL, LOM ENG DRCINT PINCH EDIL ED. 085, MOTE EMS RTOS 1 NOR Ya LELTL2~A-EHIAILE, COMTIGBDNTE Bo YE~ A WNOR MTF TMD CHIEN TSO ES. BBG b Dione? Cle COO CRM TOW ELAM EU TES HON OBI 4 PMTAN SATIS. CRIET4 HY A REL TORE I. TOOMBE LTRAK-KELTEP YEAH BOBDNTUS, EPA L KOTI FI 4+ FUR. WTHSHh, ECLA KEBORY TEMUTHS, CO KD BK. RRORWABE LMU TE SUL, DIDIER ADS —F. KER ea nao. TUTE. LOM ¥S—ItvO. PL-AAMUTS, LECH S UF a—FLIOF IRN ME WORE K. LL IMENIN—-F—-ERBRORMEL, Fa—¥y FRB RLF SOT, DUMOC HIRE LAO TRY SEBO. E Dione) (© by CARLIMUSIC CORP ‘ther Vocal ‘eyboart Guitar Vocal Guitar Meybeard Bass Drums do yo the tow my moved 1 And all We ‘ter Yoca! Reyboard_ Sitar ther ocal ‘Keyboard Bass ‘tums Guitar epheart ass ums hee her again — she u the wa when abe Oh yeaht — ‘ther eyboart Gaitar ine Guitar One mace le time Sha la (Organ> Shela a le la te ale e ffeeeege Vocal Sho la la la tale hte dade ee Shale la da ts le ee S ) nH SiR) Ue) ig N UL Repeat & FO. SUBSTITUTE BOEYF E99 — Words & Music by Peter Townshend BY IRs ERNUREEBLOP-F 4 RAAT LR He P-ORBK, REBBONELORUY AL = NB—LER FH BADE D4 LEM ARI LNA K, TABU Ke a DWED=IR +N KEDN~ EI ER LA HEPES EOBAD RID REBRSEDD, CREP BON DAIERL TRUS BUTRL, TY REOPI-AF 497 HSK k SERED TZ LAs ROK S— EMBASDERIL TH, ¥9— 21 a RCDAYF 4 LIT, FB=1 ON NMUTHEO AOE SY DSTAEBABL ED LF 2 Tht TOS. BE ENED —D SOBs aPLAEMORILT RK, IMOAO IMHO SUI b 9D ¥B-ER-AWADT LOY RLF BAL ERMOT ON Bo FRUT LT TRC AS y= KOT ERTOBLIEM, BUY LICHT "EL RGUOBEUS EICTRLTTL TUEd, ABE, DIEFS—EN-AWA=VEOIL—AHRE DC VAACREMU THT SLT RAHUS LID TRLY, EO¥S—1 84> KOOP A-2F 497+ ¥5—LOIL-X DEN ERE EFL TCES DNTIT I REMUS, DMEM, MICU KL T MOSER e EMIL TUN BUDS PETA CRESS. ¥9—2OKEAWY Ky PALA Kd YF 4 LIMO UT Ky TV RALECDUAL = BIS 3 Hh ALG BRATS PINS a RRL TF ERO EU LBL FICMBRUTIUT TSI, NO ABIID + Cy RL TOKE OM EHA TK EDDM D, YIN yay TEBEOES EY ERBORSE J LORRI EY FU EUTAUNY BOURNE, Of. ‘©Copmgte 986 by FABLL.OUS MUSIC LTD. Landen, Eland igh pan conrlia by TPO Ess Japan Tee Yocat ‘uiter 1 Other Yecat ‘beams vitae Guitar Gionos ° £EGuitar> M2. (Seraight ) fa] 0 6 ° ~#- —— = i t= SS $ — : — = 7S lek ty weed meh we mary ogee oat The == = SS SS SS = == — i & = s s == aie AE zt . r tt e ° z = SSS Yeeal 8 13) wb tt And now you 24) dary to M1. (Straight) (B]em took ae Em 6 other — uy — in eae — fae ES aE Ta na 3 St aS ze ‘i == (6% z n= FE : = 4 { == = Z Fs em ° em SD t0Ba., Em Swe bet Tim just ‘ter Guitar bass Giono! . D Aono} Geen) > fot fer him Sitar 1 2 Avono} Giono) ° ‘Avono My tine is really AL least ay, ‘other Seiten L Drums Veeat Guitar 1 Guitar Vocal other 4 A 4 THs = ms ae crt 4 FB C= ¥ itar 1 ‘ther Guitar ‘iter Guitar Drums Aton} Gono Aiono) Giono) ‘Atono) Giono) D ‘Atero) Giono) 2 ‘Atono} Dus Weal hi tute my cake —_ hrough your ples te Guitar bass Drums > Atoro! Gionos D Avoro) Giono1 At temt TM gt ay My “fine - looking suit is really Geitar 1 z a roms ‘ocat vita Guitar 1 Vocal Guitar Drums, MY GENERATION Way xRL—Day Words & Music by Peter Townshend BTCA y hLEY + J ERRT SFL, Fs 7k BEy RORY KERANSH AFG CXS—O KI AE MEARS ELS HARD RAMMING 7-7 EOE, SCOEMLT ENE WREIOD KOE IICEBA CUM BLATOM STI Py be FALE CRIES DIC SS Oe EARS PCED ULTAEEORMERUMES DEL ALL, MHI < ECB TA HWE I—FAWERT, [DIDN-2EFS—OHIEW DOV VBS 3. EON E Mb TS OCLOMIRLE Do TMB RG LAM IMOMITNS Zhe THE. ¥5—UEA ESEMEE/ LA TH WIUBA CAT DRUVES 90K IARI HOT) —- OVER TAS, TURES EMIT APART Bo CHM TOKK, 6 Giont c ‘Gronti 6 ce Talk = ia’ "bout any an ee- a-tion ust be cause (hope) Tie Giron s Gionti 6 | Gionf) out my gen = a= thon a Don't y's dig what talking “bout “my Me GronFi i Tak wot ny by oc Tm “tout Gionr c oral This is my gens ere Guitar Bass Drums eal Suter a Aocal Gitar runs Aecal Guitar bass Drums (ny Why dost Avon a Talk = in’ "bout my gener a tion A SSS SSS ] #S=sss # Sas | “== Hi EE = # = = SSS Ss ae = . ; =H: 4 ip J 8 FF ee ee, s et git == — = SS Guitar bas roms | = SS A) ee SS = fp og att hs Peo ple wy pet (The) things they ao look etal ald Bhonal bd: Moy Shona ar Tale iw "bout any en we 8 ton Tak stout ay bd Vocal bona i: : : = a ye == ee] ¥ ¥ SSS SSS Sion Thin ie. woes ie 3 : _| ES = "E = o +t +——F => = SS , _ et f Sar 5 ay : = =F = He Sj z ee oe Fh So FE i | | Mu | A ga I [So SSS e Bhonan Mc CtonBh, Sy : — Sj i f Orams =. Spee as c Cass Cost c Cosso Covet c Coats _ Cost ¢ couse couse Dead vocat Adib > i = = SSS I LOVE YOU Wee Fe: eee Words & Music by Chris White BA CISARORIE Tb SHURADIO-E— AOE» Mi DH YarBATEbSSALY KLE, COMMON TOS ENGAF 4 NRE A> RATEO¥S HIKE BoRY TEWUTOSM, CAUMAC I KEMAR LER LIUTOBDTEEK. EFDI 4 HVT DE YBEDSSE JE THEO CRBELT BBE, Cy FDI GRACE IIS BNE DIS BEERS DIL E DRA REE tL Be ARICIVED 3 HRD TOS, 4 V KODE SEE RoPMEME LE, CIMC AK, OODLE 24D KHUT EBLE. ARPES LIF —Y Ky 926 BE OU. Kb NGA STS, 1 REE ENA EBL PL VeRO THBDT, N-RONMC FLT LABNRUES 3. [BD Wy RL TBRORS 1H YF 4 FOBABT, 1) XL ARIEL HH) RORUTLT HE. KISSED LURADBUMBMEL THY, 2S BAK 2 ho 2ORATHTHS, KIC ALA OMT WS. CEMAFEU TASH, MPUTL—ZEMUT HH), ED 7~BIMBBOIL— 2% EERE AAMC ESISL AU, EM TLEOYNE GSTS, CEG, MENMMUY ALOT E BOTS, OMAP, ICLIEIO IMGT LSMAN TS, PNY ALIN IY LEE TIF RIERLTILA LED, == —<$—===- = ES ir ihn Keyboard thar Guitar bass eal ther Keyboard tar Bass Drums B) am r but the words Fhould eat you Te ean find o love you, words tn 1 do ay aed My The words should ex words could) ox pls Eset Em Am ic eat words won't 1 should -a'e hide my love deep in side Veords sont 1 "you can ee whit you meant me—— Guitar > Esuse Em ecat words should ex veords won should tell — you words should ex my words won't oh how hard — ‘eyboard_ Guitar cmajr Am cmajr 0 some thing — holds Keyboard buitar weal Keyboard uitar Bass Tove you, But the words Yocal ‘Keyboard Suitar ass ums Weal a t I > g other es ft = == ere ee 3 £ SS — TF Guitar Am 6 Vocal Guitar Guitar ther SUMMER HOLIDAY SR RUT Words & Music by Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett FAR THRE ARES 77 UF 4 EOSBNOIYE I, ZO BRS AORBOIC CS KRESS FL TE Bo TH BOIE AKU. LORRI TY AE“ WEEMARS ATEN, PEN ARR DERE STUB, 8T. ZONE KRROMR EN ¥9 ETL MU PEPA-AF 4 7 ID DAM RDNTHN, NR KE SABRIC KDE SMR. PIA RF 4 7 FBT TNO NI 4—7 -¥9—THH), THBE-bTA-K- RMD 7EBSTOS, KIM Y TIE BEM bE BLTUOSH, AAPL AE > THEN DETZLT EGS, AP ROTHPN TONSIL UY 7 ¥2—OIL—ZK, BNR So CME 2 HEB OLIL- RECS THB, Wy GL KOFI LOPS TEY), RE CRMMFOD Ly ho SIAN LEED LTHEATOBE SE, 22D ERIM TED, BH SOUEH Litt E+ 2 a, LOX DDL KEFF 2 UTI PEE Ke, OMA TEES— yO bin TS, TET D HALAL ZL ROMS 342-99 FIR DOESTP KY IMOIO + TL~ROMUTS, OF BAL IRM, BBEYOF 3D 7 CH ROOREBS TOT ORME < TUT WRSES 2, COMTI A—- FOODS SE BL TA PH LI > THSOTRRLT HSU, CH AN) LIARIDY TY a E-MEEDE HHRDN THB DYED, & BEALL REE TRL CRIT SE RUE Chm Fim 8 — chm Fim 8 C= = = SSS Sj fs, £ ¢ é —————— 2 fp &y Ss (stp We & - Oy 6 - LH = r <= i = = 3 —an == i = noo SS Sa = ——— — Ss WE: = eR, z = z 7¥ chm um-mer ho - lt - day M more working for ng things Tal» ways fim smer ho 1h day ae Firm 8 E chm Fh 8 i week or eo ee a buitar ‘more —— wor ries. for to make our dreams come where the sun shines Gln 3 wove (all) seen Suita Suitar em 200 189 Da sung 2 au lo ing things they al to make our dreams come Ty TS Tans 35eq sang Fade Out YOU REALLY GOT ME I—-UPU— Fok Words & Music by Raymond Douglas Davis SPIRE, POY TRERRT SFL, BET — MOLIKMONTUSEIE, CoMTEYS—- YORMEAT MLLOAT 9 ~ +N Fa -OBAWRADDEABBUM, HIS By LL THF a ALI ESL TSM, MOK H HTH LORLIATHS, BUT CARED SY IHEROD, ¥F— — HLEOF AFL TUBE TH (BES MURS DVD EF AR Ya ZAI SRTOGUM, PSY IDR — LED F aH TLE IBBLGUN, BEALS REY DRE ON KCIDD Kiko To RODS MON TOSY Tit OREM — IPM IL—AGL, SCRHERASIL—AORONT HS, SHIN K(WDBEND— KVR EOB EMA — MIL A VEUBIES 7. BIL IMB STUD CRIBELE BUM BE RAKES BES Be COASTMES TOY 7 ¥R— THEN CBT I 4 ULI E Lom UA TH CMS GUTH, Weal Suitar Mertoare ther Yocal roms Bass, vitae Sereaoed Bass 13) Gis, 2) She J yeas, pry Partacee—> You T est a don't now what be ‘by your Ym do = iat Other Vocal ‘Neyboard Suitar Guitar eet Other Vocal Orems, ight 1 don’t now what I'm do Neyboat at sieht Py oot me You tod ass ‘Yecal epee Guitar Drums: (xtacer} ‘sug oo a ro sn pray mi sa Jeng, seg FO pueogiay, HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE Ey E249 Words & Music by Robert Lee Romero BRETT RAT T—L, MS BOARUEOS SUD Betok, 207 2¥L 7+ INH ROHN. JOR So ILI Ky TA, FORRES AMY Ry 22 RAE BOTS, ROKER ES | EMIS 7 IB BL, Foes —21¢3— FTG, FF 1PM THSU EN-AEAL YORI CHW). Dh 7 POWAY Ky PREV IEBABKD I, ¥B—UD UB FERCMTS LIL TS a— KIC 7 SER BUGK. BH. 2RO¥S—URCTITIS—EE—MED TIE, PL TUIETS IF URKYOI ~PUECIY PED REO LT ERS TUS, KIAPEN AY Ry DAB BE KOU KOMEE AEN TUDE, YRLES—TYSRRTANT BD TORU, PBI LOLA LOT. #H/SR ESO BEROECUAORLES D, COMPLY ALME CET, CLUS ST IRAHETILA LED. DO 4IMATEES—2 BR IR LI RBI Ie 1 TL REMUTS, 207 LO RUAFONMET BIST Ly hEMSA. ELH. OLE EC LOIS by hEF3—FLI UCHR EUS ESICT SER BBD. EOM. VOB MILF TURD EE IERLTE MR, DISFS— + YEE, LOVOTH 2HEBIRIL-—AH Born CS. FET STOP LY bMS ATT Ke Py TAURN, RY 3 OBR BLUD LEK >THBDT, 74 HY KUmenUTILT UT ESL AMOTOSOKD, MERTE SALA MS ES CZOMTIENA a pi ip pe — ttt pee for good = mets the 1 gt the Hip py Hip - py 3 Gee == = 3 be — =| ——— = =| =: == : a 7 ai TE =—S— = =SSS SS = = z =| 3} _ = - = EES | i f 3 & PSE —— — = her Vocal Guitar 1 bass Saitar Gaitar 1 Other Vocal Bass the Hip» by Hip Shakes Guitar 1 Other Vocal Guitar T the Hip + py Hip - py Guitar ‘Drums 8 A — z Spee = lt pipe Ye, it’s in the bag Oe Sep pte pt Well now you shake it tothe et You HE = H ums Bass Guitar t Guitar 1 ‘ther eal Yecal Sitar 1 You ao the Hip by Shake Shake wien of ‘your might OF Vocal 00 the Hip py Hip < py shake Yea s os gs 8 ae ee as pS gS Fes Se =_ = Other Vocal the Hip - py Hip Other Suter Bass runs Vocal the Hip + py Hip Guitar Guitar ater Drums