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ArvinMeritor Light Vehicle Products

ArvinMeritor Inc.
Light Vehicle Systems
2135 West Maple Road
Troy, MI 48084 USA

ArvinMeritor GmbH
Albert-Einstein-Strasse 14-20 Litho in UK
Dietzenbach, Germany Issued 09-2001
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Commercial Vehicle Systems Light Vehicle Systems Exhaust Systems

Aperture Systems Undercarriage Systems Exhaust Products

Roof Systems Modular Suspension Systems Filtration Products

Door Systems Ride Control Systems

Access Control Systems Wheel Products

Motion Control Systems

The ArvinMeritor merger brought together complementary technologies to
form a world-class light vehicle products business. Strategic alliances and
advanced engineering solutions solidify our position as a global provider of
original equipment integrated systems.

We have leading market positions in both aperture systems and undercarriage

components and systems product segments. Aperture systems include roof,
door, access control and motion control systems. Undercarriage components
and systems include modular suspension systems, ride control and wheel
products, exhaust systems and filtration products.
ArvinMeritor brings together the strength, expertise and resources
of our industry-leading predecessors: Arvin Industries and Meritor With more than 100 years of combined experience, we understand
Automotive. Firmly grounded on the principle that businesses as
well as products should be built to last, ArvinMeritor remains that approaching a challenge systematically rather than piece-by-piece
customer focused, quality driven and environmentally responsible.
yields the best results. That’s why we’ve become the leader in integrating
With a rich heritage of providing simple solutions to complex
automotive issues, we’re proud of our best-in-class technologies, top-quality components into aperture, undercarriage and exhaust systems
systems, practices and people. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan,
U.S., ArvinMeritor employs 36,000 people at more than 150 that provide complete solutions.
manufacturing facilities in 26 countries. We are a $7 billion
automotive supplier, offering a full portfolio of integrated modules
and components that capitalize on innovative technology
and engineering insight.
An intense focus on customer advocacy is embedded into ArvinMeritor’s
We’re well-positioned for strategic growth, with the industry scale
business culture. We listen to customers in order to address their concerns
and scope to provide the right products and services at the right
place and time. ArvinMeritor is ready to meet the growing
and needs each day. As a result success is based on an unparalleled record
automotive demand to source globally and produce locally, while
exceeding customer expectations.
of dependability, delivery, value and quality.
engineering complete systems
for global markets

Aperture Systems
Roof systems and modules
Door systems and modules
Access control systems
Motion control systems

Undercarriage Components
and Systems
Modular suspension systems
Suspension products
Ride control systems
Wheel products

Exhaust Systems
Exhaust products
ArvinMeritor engineers are trained in the Our technologies enable us to offer Filtration products

latest technology and have the expertise customers advanced solutions never
to serve customers around the world. Our before used in the automotive industry,
engineers provide cutting-edge solutions making us a leader in world-class
to design, prototyping, validation and innovation. In addition, we have the ability
manufacturing. In addition we use to tailor systems to manufacturers’
intensive computer simulation and individual needs.
computational analysis to increase the
speed and quality of product development. Along with our technology, we also have
the expertise to cost-effectively produce
Some examples of our technology include complete integrated systems for customers
linear motor applications, tribology and throughout the world. Our modularity
multiplexing. We also support Web and advances include roof, door and suspension
electronic data interchange, allowing our modules that incorporate several
customers and suppliers to efficiently ArvinMeritor systems. This approach to
transfer data both internally and externally. complete systems allows us to offer
customers a single source for all their
automotive aperture, undercarriage and
exhaust systems needs.
aperture systems
roof and door modules, access and
motion control systems

ArvinMeritor LVS offers major breakthroughs in the development of Aperture

Systems, including roof and door modules, and access and motion control systems
offering technical innovations to the automotive industry and delivering substantial
customer benefits. By utilizing our mechanical, electrical and electronic control
technologies, we can complete the integration of these aperture systems with skill
and ease, reduce source costs and timing, and because we test for systems integration,
quality is improved. Customers count on us to find ways to take time and cost out of
the automotive assembly process, without sacrificing quality and design integrity.

To this end, we are unique in our technical expertise to design, validate and
manufacture aperture systems. ArvinMeritor’s own electric motor and electronic
control capabilities complete the integration of these aperture systems.
roof systems
roof modules, multi-panel systems and sunroofs
ArvinMeritor roof modules
consisting of molded
headliner and outer “skin”
made from composite,
plastic, steel or aluminium,
available with or without

Roof modules will revolutionize the This new approach to car roof design
modern automotive assembly line process. is particularly appealing to vehicle
ArvinMeritor’s newly developed product manufacturers because the car interior is
range of roof modules includes the fully accessible from the roof opening. In
headliner and the roof “skin” made from the past, interior assembly and installation
composite, plastic, steel or aluminum with were restricted solely to the window and
or without a sunroof. door openings.

This development allows the integration We can supply a wide variety of roof
of parts such as grab handles, sunvisors, modules and if necessary, just-in-time and
ventilation systems, interior lighting and in-line sequence. For example, modules
antennae into the roof itself. can be supplied with spoiler, canvas-top,
T-top or sliding/tilting sunroofs.
ArvinMeritor’s spoiler roof
system consists of four glass
panels. The front and rear
panels are fixed and non-
transparent. The second and
third panels can be moved to
the back to provide a large
double spoiler roof opening

Canvas-top sunroof

We manufacture sunroof products, Powered sunroofs include electronic

including multi-panel, sliding and tilting, control capability and provide special
spoiler and canvas-top models. These functions such as anti-squeeze and
feature both power and manually operated remote control roof closure.
versions with integrated wind deflectors.
We also offer a range of steel, glass and ArvinMeritor sunroof systems are designed
solar panel versions with sliding sunscreens. and manufactured to meet increased
customer demands for low weight, low
New generation low-weight, noise levels and maximum headroom.
high performance
tilt-and-slide sunroof with
solar panel and electronic
control functions
door systems
door modules, window regulators, door latches
and actuators with integrated electronic features

In the concept and development of door We manufacture a wide range of manual

modules and systems, ArvinMeritor and power window regulators with anti-
has identified major advantages for vehicle trap capability.
manufacturers. Our unique design and
manufacturing capabilities combine A new generation of electric motors
window regulators, electric motors, powers ArvinMeritor’s window regulators.
electronic controls and access control The motor utilizes the regulator panel
systems for best-in-class performance, bracket, improving overall noise quality
functionality, comfort and security. and product durability.

ArvinMeritor sealed door

module consisting of:
window regulator, electric
motor, integral electronic
controls with anti-trap
function, door latch with
superlocking actuator,
wiring harness, multiplexing,
loudspeaker and watershield.

Single-arm window Single-lift regulator Single-lift drum & cable Compatto-type push-pull
regulator (manual version) (power version) regulator (manual version) regulator (power version)
Arm and sector window
regulator (power version)

Double-lift window Rear window control systems

regulator (power version for cabrio applications
with anti-trap feature) (power version)
access control systems
aperture latching solutions, electrical actuators
The Modular Corporate Latch

and powered closure and release systems in manual, power lock,

superlock and powered child
safety versions

ArvinMeritor is a world leader in the supply In a single year we design and manufacture
of aperture latching solutions for the over twenty million manual and powered
automotive industry. latches and a similar number of electrical
actuators for use in modular power
We've achieved this position by leveraging locking, electrical door release, powered
our 70 years of experience to place the closure and electrical fuel flap operation.
highest importance on leading edge
technology, product robustness, Examples of our world-class products
crashworthiness and customer service. include the integrated S1 latch fitted to the
first vehicle ever to achieve full marks in
Euro-NCAP crash tests and the modular
Corporate Latch that provides brands with
multiple feature levels through advanced
modular design.

The S1 Integrated Latch -

award winning safety and

The Global Latch -

Integrated solution with
Multiple Applications
motion control systems
gas spring and climate control products

ArvinMeritor is a global leader in the Our counterbalancing technology has been Lift gas springs in Stainless
manufacture and supply of climate control responsible for innovative gas spring steel (high corrosion resistant)
and standardized springs in
actuators and counter-balancing systems systems that meet customers’ demanding black nitrate rod
for the automotive market. As the world assembly and performance needs. Another
standard in actuator application new feature is our patented Temperature
specification, we have produced more than Compensating Module, which provides
one billion vacuum actuators. consistent gas spring performance in all
Gas spring systems supplied include
integrated gas springs and connectors for Our innovations continue to make the
deck lids, hoods, gates and many other vacuum actuator the preferred choice of
lift-and-support-type applications. automakers. Climate control products
include two-and three-position actuators,
in all plastic, plastic and metal, and all
metal. These offer engineers time-tested
failure-proof and cost-effective solutions
to any climate control system design.

Standard lift gas springs

with additional safety
undercarriage components and systems
modular suspension systems, ride control, wheel
and suspension products

ArvinMeritor LVS Undercarriage Components and Systems

businesses consist of modular suspension systems, ride and
control system, suspension and wheel products. Together, they
offer vehicle manufacturers quality products that use state-of-the-art
design and manufacturing processes.

Research and development aided by ArvinMeritor’s Technical

Centers continue to explore new technologies and areas for
weight savings through the use of stronger, lighter materials
and new procedures in basic production techniques.
modular suspension systems
strut modules, full-corner modules and
complete suspension systems
Full size light truck and
SUV independent rear
suspension system

ArvinMeritor is committed to the Our independent rear suspension system

development of suspension modules to is one example of how we integrate our
offer our customers solutions that are products into complete systems. Our team
efficient, flexible and innovative. This of advanced engineers developed the
commitment, combined with our lean concept utilizing simultaneous engineering
manufacturing processes, offers practical practices, computer-aided engineering
solutions to our customers’ global and supplier partnerships. The complete
undercarriage module needs. process is guided by the principles of
our Concept-to-Customer product
We are well-positioned to supply development.
suspension modules by integration of
our expertise, ride control and suspension
products. We are an industry-leading Tier
One supplier to original equipment
customers, with products ranging from
strut modules, to full-corner modules and
complete suspension systems.

Full corner module Strut

Barrel-shaped coil spring,
providing space saving

In addition to our supplier partners, the ArvinMeritor Ride Control is a worldwide Left-hand wound coil
spring to improve steering
Modular Suspension Systems business organization that provides OEM customers
also utilizes the resources of the Meritor with struts, shock absorbers and ride
Suspension Systems Company (MSSC) and control equipment. Its ride control products
the ArvinMeritor Ride Control business. have been consistently recognized as
industry leading. The business unit
MSSC, a joint venture with Mitsubishi Steel achieves success by applying hydraulics
Manufacturing Company of Japan, supplies in carefully selected markets, monitoring
virtually every North American OEM. The customer requirements and developing
company manufactures coil springs, innovative solutions.
stablizer bars and torsion bars. It has
produced more than 100 million coil No matter which modular suspension
springs in the past ten years. systems our customers choose, they can
expect top quality. All our products are
made using world-class production
methods that ensure consistent quality and
Torsion bar, for low on-time sequencing at competitive prices.
profile suspensions
Everything we make is designed for use in
the most demanding automotive
environments. Variable rate rear
coil spring

Stabilizer with tapered

arms, for space saving
drop-center-base steel wheels, spare wheels,
bead-seat and full-face design and fully
cladded wheels

Fabricated aluminium
wheels for optimum
weight savings

Bead-seat attached wheels

for greater brake clearance
and design flexibility

From drop-center-base and spare wheels, We continue to develop new capabilities for
to bead-seat and full-face design, to fully stronger, lighter materials, procedures in
cladded wheels, ArvinMeritor is positioned basic material production, and concepts
to answer all of our customers’ needs for protecting the environment through
with the highest quality and workmanship. advanced research programs.
Plant and equipment design permit the
production of a wide range of wheels in The results of our flexible approach
volumes consistent with today’s varied demonstrate our commitment to supplying
OEM product market segments. customers with high-quality, lightweight,
Full-face design wheels
low-cost, high-performance products.
provides greater styling

Cladded wheels with

chrome finish for styled
pick-up truck application
exhaust systems and filtration products
full exhaust systems and components and
oil, air, fuel, transmission and cabin air filter products

ArvinMeritor’s exhaust business is built on a history of firsts. From

creating the first catalytic converter in North America to developing
the first mass-produced, high-performance automotive titanium
exhaust system, we build on our past accomplishments to develop
new ideas.

ArvinMeritor is the industry leader in manufacturing and distribution

of original equipment automotive filtration products.
exhaust systems

Titanium silencer

Dual mode silencer

Many suppliers can meet emissions This know-how drives ArvinMeritor’s ArvinMeritor is taking a fresh approach to
standards, but sacrifice mileage. Other excitement about leveraging what we do managing engine air flow processes with
suppliers can meet sound requirements, best in the light vehicle market to develop Air2Air™, a full-system concept that
but at the expense of increased weight. We next generation air and emissions optimizes air flow from air induction to
are the world’s largest supplier of exhaust management solutions for the commercial exhaust tailpipe. This innovative
systems, with the experience and proven vehicle and recreational industries. At a atmosphere-to-atmosphere solution
full-system expertise to balance time when market forces are demanding optimizes engine air flow, noise, vibration
performance and acoustic control against new levels of emissions management, we and harshness (NVH), emissions
weight restrictions. know how to meet durability and weight management, and overall engine
objectives without losing peak performance performance, while reducing vehicle
and cost effectiveness. development time and expense. Simply
stated, Air2Air™ redefines value.

Complete exhaust system

filter products
oil, air, fuel, transmission and cabin air

Fabricated air gap


ArvinMeritor is the industry leader in ArvinMeritor Filtration Systems provide oil,

manufacturing and distribution of original air, fuel, transmission, cabin air and oil
equipment automotive filtration products. cooler products. Engineers utilize CAD
Numerous OEM customers have presented system technology featuring SDRC, I-DEAS,
us with awards for our leadership CATIA, Finite Element Analysis and solid
contributions in the area of environmentally modeling capabilities.
friendly automotive filtration products.
Arvinmeritor's dedicated prototype shop and
leading test laboratory help assure our OEM
customers the best in full range automotive
filtration products available worldwide.


Air filter products

global reach


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For full contact details for any of these locations please call our
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