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Mosub I. Tabash
Personal Information Nationality: Palestinian Birth Date: 04 January,1983 Place of Birth: Gaza To find a job that satisfies my skills in managing projects effectively within its time, quality and budget constraints . 2006-Now Islamic University of Gaza A student in Business Administration Program (MBA) • In order to improve my management , analytical skills and optimize the relationship between science and management . Islamic University of Gaza , Gaza, Palestine B.sc in Industrial Engineering (GPA : 84.84%) Graduation Project: "Optimizing Routing of Solid Waste Collection Vehicles in Deir–El Balah". The objective of the project is to find the optimized routing system for the Deir - El Balah using integer programming model. The model minimizes the total distance traveled by the vehicles. It reduces the total distance traveled by 23.4% and saves 176.86 NIS per day, approximately $1045 per month. And this project is published in the Islamic University Journal (Series of Natural Studies and Engineering)
Vol.14, No.2, P.75-89, 2006, ISSN 1726-6807, http//www.iugaza.edu.ps/ara/research/

Objective Education

Academic experience Working Experience

Sept.06 till Jun.07 Arab Community college , Business Administration instructor for project management, general management and Human recourses materials . Jul.06 till Jan 07 development alternatives .Inc, (Dai) ,Gaza. A Southern governorate coordinator .The job responsibilities includes the following: • Collect data from surveys (Retailers, household, healthcare). • Enter and analyze data and quality check • Do weekly report • Participate in training seminars and programs.

Oct.06 till Nov. 06 Small Enterprise Center .(SEC) , Gaza. A Southern governorate surveyor , The job responsibilities included the following: • The data collection process for more than thirty small enterprises from a variety fields in khan Younis city • Filling up more than 32 surveys regarding the improvement and development of small and medium enterprises,( SMEs). Jan 07 to May 07 Central Company for Industry, Gaza, A production and quality supervisor. The job responsibilities includes the following : • Random sampling to check concrete quality . • Monitoring and controlling the manufacturing process. Aug. 06 – Jan. 07, Al Awda factories cooperation for nutritive products, Dair El Balah , A production manager job responsibilities included the following:  Make daily production orders for all production lines .  Make daily and weekly reports regarding to the production quantity and quality and compare it with the standard plan.  Improve the coordination and communication process between departments for example,marketing,accounting , purchasing and storage.  Participating in new ideas and plans in weekly top management review . July 05 till July 06 , Modern Industrial Group (MIG) for wood and metal furniture, Rafah . A production and quality Supervisor job responsibilities included the following: • Improve the work methods by find the optimized way to perform the task during the manufacturing process . • Participating in pricing tenders for many bids and make continuous improvement to the factory storage system. Feb 07 till April 07 customer satisfaction training course held between Pal trade and Tammy center for management & training. Jun.06 till Sep.06 attendance the following training courses at the association of engineers in cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy • Prepare feasibility studies • Material handling at industrial plants • Quality in industrial production • How to prepare managers of industrial project Aug.06 till Sep.06 40 hours training course in Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) held at the Islamic University of Gaza. Mar .06 till now Test of English as A Foreign Language Certificate (TOEFL), Total Score: 530 points. Test of written English(TWE): 4.

Training Courses

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Jan .06 till Mar,06 50 hours training course in Test of English As a foreign language (Toefl) at the Islamic University of Gaza 20th till 23rd ,Nov.05 Business Performance Improvement Workshop conducted by the Palestinian enterprise Revitalization Project (PER). related to USAID With Attendance To The Following Workshops • Marketing Basics. • Financial Accounting Basics. • Quality Control. Business Management Basics July .05 till Sep.05 40 hours training course in MS project held at ministry of labor in cooperation with Hanss Seidel foundation. Aug.05 till Sep.06 40 hours training course in 3 d max held at Association of Engineers .Khan-Younis 1st till 31th July .03 40 hours training course in Aut Cad (2002) held at the Islamic University of Gaza. Jun. 04 till Aug. 04 Al-Huda screw co- operation , khan –` Younis. The main duties included the following: • Improve the layout system for the machines . • Improve the layout of the storage pallets of screws.

Computer Skills

Programming languages:  C++ language and Mat lab.  Computer Numerical Control Programming (CNC) and CAD\CAM software.  Microsoft office( World, Excel, Power Point)  Lindo, LP solve, Arena, Minitab , Spss software's Arabic: (Mother tongue) English:(Fluently)
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Languages Hobbies & Activities

Reading and drawing Participating in a studying day for insurance in Palestine in the planning stage at Islamic University of Gaza .


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