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Describe your previous experiences with workshopping.

If you have never had a peer

workshop session, discuss teacher feedback (both good and bad--essentially what has worked
and what hasn't worked).

Articulate the difference between editing and revision. At what stage of the writing process
do you edit vs. revise? Is it necessary to do both, and defend your position.

What are some concerns you have about peer workshopping?

Describe at least two suggestions and cite* from Straub's article, explaining the strategy he
suggests and how you see yourself implementing it during our workshops in class.

In the past when giving feedback in an English class it has been more in a
form of class discussion. So it has been many minds working together as one
almost. My favorite English teacher was the one I had my senior year in high
school. Her name was Diana Poteat. She was wacky, thats no doubt. But
unlike most teachers she gave us good feedback! Great actually In her
class we did so many activities where she would try to get us to do more and
more. One of our assignments were to write our very own ted talk and then
present it to the class. We did research and came together in small groups to
talk about what we could do to make our Talks better. I loved how she sort of
guided us, not really telling us what to do and not do like most teachers but
telling us I am not sure that, that topic would be the best for you. Or I love
where you went with this, what do you think about maybe doing this too.
What worked with her workshops that didnt work in my other classes was
that she wasnt commanding us to do what she wanted us to do, she was
guiding us in a way that a friend (who was willing to speak up) would. I also
wanted to include not just my relation to English, but also my senior art class.
I love art, and I love giving and hearing ideas of what I could do or suggesting
what others could do to improve their projects. I considered this a type of
workshop because in my sculpture class I would have people ask me all the
time What do you think about this? What else do you think I could do?
and I think my favorite suggestion of all time was to a friend of mine Cassidy
who was doing a tree as one of her clay projects and she had at first just a
simple tree like the trunks and the leaves and I suggested adding roots to the
bottom. She took my suggestion and ran with it. Personally I thought her
project turned out awesome! All because I wasnt afraid to suggest something
to her.

This homework assignment helped me understand that my past experiences in
English with writing were not all about what writing is. In the past I was used to cut

and dry grammar and what I thought was research. I think that with this response, I
realized that the reason why I didnt think I was a very good writer is because I had
never been taught how to be a good writer. And now I feel as though I am learning
how to be one. Although I still am not the best at giving feedback, I am trying my
best to learn. In the past feedback has been more discussion than statements and