Fairy Tale

(Chapter Poem from the Gypsy Tales) The village people gathered at the edge of the trail patiently awaiting the arrival of the Gypsy lady; her wagon slowly approaching across the dale listening closely for her horse’s whinny. Through the wisp of the morning fog as it dissipated came through her wagon with a smell of herb and spice deeply seeded within a woodland tale awaited by all that rushed out and welcomed her loudly thrice: Oh welcome, Oh welcome, Oh welcome “Mother Gypsy” our Lady is welcome. With a sly little smile and a nod in their direction she stopped her wagon and prepared her camp with pot and fire her motions suggested a potion as she motioned for all to come out of the meadows damp. She spoke softly and asked them all to clear a path from the fire back toward the mountains beyond the meadow and beckoned the weak and sick to the front of the footpath so she could gauge the depth of their sorrow. As if by magic when they approached; a distant thunder came from the mountains and grew louder, rumbling closer the ground trembled asunder but she smiled and put her finger out as if to scolder. The folk grew quiet and huddled closer to each other and turned to look at what appeared in the sky larger and larger it grew as if to smother all that lay in its path came the dragons eye. A wing span a hundred feet wide with blue and tipped in red with a blinding pure white body and head of black twenty feet high and talons: one closed and one opened as if to shred the dragons wings clouded all in dust as the folk drew back. The Dragon landed on one talon staring with blood red eyes and nodded to the Gypsy Lady as steam flowed out of nostrils that warmed the air and given rise to the possible doom the towns folk had no doubt. The Gypsy Lady turned to the crowd and spoke, “As I promised that last I was here I would bring you two guests, my kind folk: one to ease your sorrow, one to ease your fears”.

And with that she turned back to the Dragon and whispered, “Come forth oh little one and share your life force with the sick, sorrowed, and despaired as your promise as payment from its source. With that spoken the Dragon steam ceased as it lowered its clenched talon toward the camp and bowed on its other knee totally appeased; the talon opened slowly to a soft glowing lamp. A soft “oohhh” came from the crowd as the lamp changed to a wonder seen rarely; A small lady with wings abound in a glow as she stepped out from the talon dearly. She turned to the Dragon as it bowed its head and gave it a soft kiss and a pat; trembles shook throughout its head as it held its breath at that The little lady fluttered towards the sick and lightly kissed each one causing them to be healed as picked for examples of the power done. And with that she flew to the Gypsy Lady and whispered something in her ear which caused a smile from the old Lady that tossed away all their fears. At that she flew back to the Dragons talon and with a clench it was gone in a clap of thunder and wind loudly summoned as if lighting came with a sharp slap. The town folk all spoke at once, “What was that, what just happened? how did you…… Shhh, spoke the Gypsy Lady to all, “That my friend was a Fairy from a golden ball and how or why she arrived in a Dragons fall is two more stories I will tell next I call. And with that the Gyspy Lady packed her wagon turned and went back down the trail, leaving all to tell of a Dragon and a Fairy that cured all that ailed.
Randy Rowe Copyright: 2009;2012