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I'd like to explain why I use Oxygen with my treatment program.

I use oxygen to
help you heal faster since my goal is to get you better as quickly as possible.
Your brain and nervous system need two things to survive: fuel and activation. F
uel comes in the form of glucose and oxygen. You get the glucose from the food y
BUT as you age, your ability to utilize oxygen decreases.
Oxygen is essential for brain activity.
The brain demands at LEAST 20% of the body's oxygen supply, when it doesn't get
this supply it can lead to issues such as sleep apnoea, poor concentration,
forgetfulness, mood swings, restlessness, depressive thoughts and low drive. And
that's according to Dr. Andrew Scholey, Division of Psychology, University of
PLUS...the cerebellum, which located at the back part of your brain, controls AL
L of your spinal musculature as well as your balance and coordinated movement.
When the cerebellum is not firing correctly, the muscles will spasm, the vertebr
a lock up and the disc will lose fluid and degenerate. When we get the cerebellu
firing better, the spinal muscles will no longer be in spasm, the vertebra will
move better and your disc will re-generate.
Additionally, almost all input that comes into your brain passes through your ce
rebellum, is fed forward into the cognitive centers of your brain which create y
personality, interprets information, makes decisions and initiates responses. No
w all that is then fed back out through your cerebellum so your body can put it
into action. The cerebellum is the super highway interchange of your nervous sys
tem. If it's not working right, then neither does the rest of your brain and bod
The cerebellum and brain is the most oxygen dependant area of the body. So that
is why we are giving you oxygen, to get you better faster by allowing your cereb
to work better!
Unlike muscles, your brain cannot store energy. It needs a steady flow of nutrie
nts and oxygen to function normally. Oxygen deficiency can decrease your alertne
memory and judgment.
As Dr. W. Spencer Way wrote in the Journal of the American Association of Physic
"Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in any
thing from mild fatigue to life threatening disease. The link between insufficie
oxygen and disease has now been firmly established."
Studies have shown that the main benefits of using oxygen are that oxygen helps:
Stimulate brain activity
Increase memory capacity
Boost concentration
Develop stronger alertness
Raise energy levels
Improve strength
Build endurance
Detox your blood
Reduce stress