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Transitions and New Beginnings

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Advent / Christmas Series

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Photo collage

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End of the Year Giving

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Facilities Use

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A Special Invitation to a Special Nativity

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Christmas Caroling / Childrens Church

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Christmas Season Worship Opportunities

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Treasurers Report

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Member Care / Hospitality

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Outreach and Missions

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Fellowship of Friends

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Bibles for Africa

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Aldersgates Youth Praise Band

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Here WEE Grow Again

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Bits n Pieces

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Staff Listing


The Christmas Edition of the Friendship Luncheon

is always
an exciting and festive affair at the DoubleTree Hotel! We eat a lunch catered by the
DoubleTree chef, enjoy fellowship with each other, and listen to the Burley Middle
School Bearettes led by Craig Jennings. If you would like to join us Friday, December 18
at 12:30 pm, please see Jean Ward (964-1178). You do not have to be a member of the
Friendship Class. As long as you enjoy Christian fellowship, we invite you to come!

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0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the
charitable organization of your choice. We hope you will pick
Aldersgate United Methodist Church! Our thanks to Sybil
Robertson for setting this up for us.
Its as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Create an Amazon account if you dont already have one.
2. Go to
3. Search and select as your charity Aldersgate United Methodist Church Charlottesville
Amazon sends the checks regularly to AUMC. So, get started today! Remember to pick your charity
before you shop.

AUMC Christmas Ornaments

A special brass Christmas tree ornament depicting our church was created for
the 50th anniversary of the church in 2013. The cost of each ornament is
$15.00. Please contact Nancy Berman at or
phone 973-6555.

Saturday Morning Mens Group

The Saturday Morning Mens Group meets each Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. in Room 208 for fellowship,
coffee and donuts and a short devotional. Each meeting is different, so feel free to come one Saturday or
every Saturday or whenever you could use a little emotional boost because the regular attendees are a great
bunch of guys. All Aldersgate men and friends of Aldersgate are invited to attend. For more information
contact Jonathan Peterson at 434.249.4050 or

Here WEE Grow Again is certainly living up to its name! Our fall sale broke records in sales and
attendance. Our total sales were up by $18,000 and we had over 3,700 people through to shop.
Our volunteer force was 175 strong and we had over 400 consignors participate! We sold over
37,000 items and donated over 800 items to the clothing center in Belmont. It was quite an event
and a real win-win!
Our volunteers are what make the sale such a huge success; without them the sale would not be
possible. Of the 175 volunteers, 45 of them were Aldersgate members. You can ask any of the folks
listed below how much fun it is and what a great opportunity it is to get to know church members
as well as the hundreds of people who come through our doors as volunteers, consignors and
shoppers. I do hope you will join us in March for our spring sale!
Many thanks for the countless hours our AUMC family gave to HWGA to make it such a success
Margaret Childress, Marguerite Ballenger, Betty Muri, Nancy Berman, Joe Berman, Joan Forrest,
Jeanne Hamlin, Deb Reynolds, Susan Painter, Charlotte Mabry, Ann Galione, Mae McGrory,
Meredith McKeown, Becky Parkins, Kim Roll, Leatha Harlow, Melissa Dodd, Stephenie Mack,
Victoria Megginson, Faith Painter, Jean Ward, Joan Monte, Lou Monte, Heidi Crockett, Mary
Seymour, Martha Wheeler, Jenny Matthews, Jenny Lambrecht, Julia Harris, Laura Nelson, Linda
Vasquez, Mary Kay Hubbard, Chuck Hubbard, Patti Shifflett, Tori Fahrenkrog, Tom Howard, Mary
Howard, Betty Thacker, Pat MacNicoll, Julie Meadows, Vicky Miller, Carrie Chang, Madeline Chang,
Stewart Chang and Merrill Bishop.

Spring Sale Dates:

March 2nd
March 3rd-7th
March 8th
March 9th
March 10th-11th
March 12th
March 14th-19th
March 20th

Volunteer Shop
Charity Shopping Event
Restock Inventory
Opening Day
Public Sale Days
Consignor Pick up day

Advent is a time to slow down and pause, in the midst of often frantic preparations for Christmas, to
focus on the unfolding story of God choosing to enter into the world as the vulnerable baby Jesus.
How did his birth affect those around him and what was their part in both preparing for and
responding to this outpouring of Gods grace in the world? Well ponder this and other questions as
we move through the Advent season together, focusing each Sunday on one person in the biblical
narrative whose life was changed forever by encountering the miracle we celebrate at Christmas.

Sunday, November 29
The First Sunday of Advent

Mary: The Prayer-Filled Life

Sunday, December 6
The Second Sunday of Advent

Joseph: The Virtuous Life

Sunday, December 13
The Third Sunday of Advent

John the Baptist: The Justice-Seeking Life

Sunday, December 20
The Fourth Sunday of Advent

The Shepherds: The Spirit-Empowered Life

Thursday, December 24
Christmas Eve

Jesus: the Incarnational Life

Sunday, December 27
The First Sunday After Christmas

The Wise Men: The Word-Centered Life

Over the last 3 years there has been a group of young

people who have grown in their faith through their
participation in Aldersgates Youth Praise Band. We
have watched them grow both physically and spiritually
(not to mention musically)! We have watched founding
members move on to college and new members come
in. Without question, we have watched them sing their
praises to God.
The Youth Praise Band (YPB) started under the direction
of Rafael Scarfullery in 2012 and shortly thereafter was
taken under the wing of Mike Colley who continues to
inspire and lead this amazing group of young people.
Having played in and been a part of several different
bands from a variety of genres (including Aldersgates
own Praise Band), Mike came to discover that he really
enjoys the interaction with the youth and watching them
grow. Oh, thats why it is I learned how to play music.
Thats why Ive been doing this all this time, so that I
could teach it to them and so I could pass something
on, he said. Now I like to just sit out there and watch
them play. I dont even think about playing myself. I
just want to watch them play. His dedication and
commitment have really made a difference in the lives of these youth and given them something to hold on
to and to strive for. Mike says it gives him something to look forward to on the weekends; getting to come
and work with the YPB.
The band currently consists of seven members: Carrie Chang, Natalie Gatesman and Jo Anne Reid on vocals,
Claire Marie Colley on drums, Len Colley on Bass, Emily Dahnert on keyboard and Sara Meakem on guitar.
When asked about what they like most about being a part of YPB, the overall consensus was that they loved
being a part of such a great group of people who are fun to be around and who love to sing praises to God.
They look up to Mike Colley in his leadership of the band and admire him for the connections hes made to
them. They speak of YPB as a family, one they are so happy to be a part of.
Of course NONE of it would be possible without the dedication of the sound crew: AKA, Mary Kay and Chuck
Hubbard. They are two of the bands biggest supporters, dancing in the booth during performances and
singing along with every song. They, too adopt the band members, and although their son, Zach retired
from the band last year, they continue to support the band by faithfully running the sound and running cables
and helping with set up and break down. YPB is truly blessed to have them!
Carrie Chang and Emily Dahnert, both founding members of the YPB, will be moving on to college at the end
of the year. No doubt this will be a difficult transition for the band, but one that we are certain they will
overcome. The band has welcomed in new members with open arms and Mike has seamlessly worked them
in to be part of the family. The band performs approximately once every two months as well as at district
youth retreats at Westview on the James, Praise Expos and during special services throughout the year.
Aldersgate is very blessed to have this group who is willing to dedicate their time and talents to our church
and to our Lord.


Would you be willing to share the scriptures of our faith with the people coming to Liberdale United
Methodist Church in Mozambique? The people of this 2000 member (and growing) church in
southeastern Africa need BiblesBibles in their native dialect called Xitswa.

Liberdale Church at worship

Their pastor, Rev Joao Sambo, has been a good

Christian friend of mine since we first met in 2004
when Joao attended our Virginia Annual Conference.
Pastor Joao was appointed to this growing church
outside the capitol city of Maputo.

Pastor Joao and his wife Delia

He wrote to me asking for assistance in raising funds

to purchase 400 Bibles for the church. One Bible,
translated into the Xitswa language, costs $13.
Here are Pastor Joaos words from the email he sent
me: From what I've seen in these past 4 years that I
am ministering this congregation, about 400 or 500
members have no Bibles. Majority church members can read but Portuguese is not our language,
therefore it becomes difficult for them to understand the biblical stories written in Portuguese. Those
who have Bibles in Xitswa (our language) get to understand better and appreciate the biblical stories
much better because it is written in language they fully understand, whereas Portuguese is just a
language for education and business. My narrative above is just an attempt to explain the real problem
and also to show the huge need. As their Pastor, I do preach mainly in Xitswa because I know they will
understand and easily retain the message. But it would be great if they had the Bible in a language they
fully understand, let alone the fact that they would feel
compelled to read it again and again for themselves
and tell the biblical stories to their offspring, their
grandchildren and extend it to their neighbors. Having
Bibles in Xitswa Language would contribute greatly to
our Christian Education and Sunday School for both the
children, the youth and adults.
So as we enter the Advent/Christmas 2015 season, we
are asking you to consider providing the gift of at least
one $13 Bible from you or your family unit. We know
400 Bibles is a tall order! You may do this with a check payable to Aldersgate United Methodist Church,
and notated Bible for Africa.
Pastor Joao sends this Advent message to all of us at Aldersgate:
Aku rula ka Nungungulu kuna nwina" (Gods peace is with you).
If you have questions, call or email me (589-5956, Even better, talk with me
about these courageous Christians. Rev Don MacNicoll.

Motto for the Habitat Crew

Psalm 90:17
May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us;
establish the work of our hands for us,
yes, establish the work of our hands

Chancel Choir
led by Rafael Scarfullery
New voices are always welcome to join in the fun!
Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings,
7:30 - 9pm in the Sanctuary.

Aldersgate ... a fun and active community!

Handbell Choir
led by Melody Day
Ringing in memory of the lives lost on September 11, 2001

Childrens Moment
Every worship service includes a special
moment for our youngest friends!

What Legacy


Fellowship of Friends

will you leave?

Fellowship of Friends is a program here at Aldersgate that connects

our homebound church members with our church family
Remembering these church members makes a
wonderful difference in their lives and at the same time proves to be
an abundant blessing to those who are in touch with them. We
currently have 38 people we are serving. Fellowship of Friends is all
about relationships. The relationship that starts between God and
each of us, and then as the example of Jesus life on this earth has
shown us, it reaches out to each other.

We all desire significance to lead happy and fulfilled lives

surrounded by family and friends. For many of us, there is
a compelling need to make a difference to leave a lasting
impact on the people most dear to us and the world in
which we live. The search for significance and desire to
plan for the future leads many to ponder their legacy.
What kind of legacy will you leave? Planned giving is a powerful means of expressing Christian stewardship that one can
carry out through a bequest in a will either by a direct gift or in a trust provision or through such avenues as a life
insurance designation, a gift of retirement plan assets, a gift annuity, a charitable trust, or one of several other types of
trusts. One benefit of a charitable bequest is that it enables you to further the good work of an organization you support
long after you are gone. Better yet, a charitable bequest can help you save estate taxes by providing your estate with a
charitable deduction for the value of the gift. With careful planning, your family can also avoid paying income taxes on
the assets they receive from your estate.
The most common forms of direct gift by will are the following:
A specific bequest makes a gift of a specific dollar amount or specific assets, such as securities, real estate, or
personal property.
A residuary bequest makes a gift of all (or a fraction) of the remainder of ones estate, following the payment of all
expenses and specific gifts made to other beneficiaries.
A contingent bequest will result in a gift being given only in the event of the death of other beneficiaries or the
fulfillment of certain conditions described in the will.
In making your will or estate plan, we hope you will consider a bequest to Aldersgate United Methodist Church. If you
would like to discuss a planned gift, please contact Fay Painter, Treasurer, at

End of the year giving

As the end of the year approaches, some have shared that you are planning to be
out of town the last days of the year. Others may not know about your total giving
ability until you know the size of your bonus or other financial results. Church
members face these year-end issues every year, and our church is happy to work
with you to achieve your giving goals. Here are options and timelines available to

You may always contact Betty Muri, Head Counter, at 434-296-6869 or to arrange your giving
at this busy time of the year.
Give at one of the remaining worship services.
Mail your check to Aldersgate United Methodist Church, 1500 Rio Road East, Charlottesville, VA, 22901, postmarked
by December 31, 2015.
Use your banks bill pay system by December 31, 2015.
If giving stock or funds managed by a broker, ask for a transfer to Stifel Investment Services, account #49553417,
DTCC #0793 by December 31, 2015.
Bring your gift to the church office by Thursday, December 31, 4:30 p.m.

Step by step God has led us into more ways that we can minister. One ministry that has become a rich
blessing to the homebound is Serving Home Communion by those who have completed the training class.
Deep connections are made between server and receiver during this ministry. One gentleman said I no
longer feel alone, I am fed at Christs table again and I have Friends!
The Adopt-A-Heart Program was initiated this year with wonderful results. Several members of our
congregation have each Adopted an elderly person who is homebound and formed a special relationship
with them. This has consisted of visits, cards, remembering them in some way on birthdays and holidays.
The children of the church have entered enthusiastically into this program with us! Throughout the year they
make delightful little gifts such as wooden stars, paper flowers, bookmarks and cards, that are then delivered
to the homebound.
Other opportunities to serve in this ministry include:

A Card Ministry for the homebound

Mailing The Upper Room and Aldersgate Alive to the homebound
DVD copies of the weekly church service for those who enjoy this
Delivery of the sanctuary flowers to those who cannot attend church
Making home visits to those who can no longer get out
Sending cards at Christmas
Please contact one of us on this team if you are interested in talking more about how you can
become involved in this unique ministry.
Pat Daniel
Jeanne Hamlin
Meredith McKeown
Anita Ratliff
Deb Reynolds
Jean Ward



PACEM Shelter
To the congregation of Aldersgate:
Beginning November 7th thru November 14th members of this congregation participated in the PACEM ministry.
This ministry would not have been successful without many hours of dedicated volunteers. The caring, giving,
and loving spirit of Aldersgate touched the homeless women of Charlottesville. Each night we fed and
sheltered between 8-10 women. The ladies were extremely grateful for the food, hot showers, laundry service,
and the CVS, Subway and McDonalds gift cards. They were especially thankful that they had a safe warm place
to sleep out of the wind, rain and cold. Thank you to everyone who donated food, toiletry items, prepared
meals, evening helpers, overnight volunteers, participated in visitation, monetary donations and those doing
laundry for the women. Our set up and tear down teams as always were great! Most of all, thank you for your
prayers and lifting up this ministry. God has truly blessed each of us. May God bless this congregation as we
continue to do Christs work.
In His Service,
Deb Reynolds, Nancy Berman and Leatha Harlow
PACEM Co-Chairpersons

Project Linus Make a Blanket Day

Saturday, December 5 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Reed Room
Everyone is invited to this great hands-on event where we make quilts for
children of various needs within our community. All materials and instructions
are provided. You do not need to know how to sew! You are encouraged to
bring a sewing machine if you have one. Lunch will be provided by the UMW.
Please try to let us know if you are coming so we know how much food to
prepare. Contact Lynn Bremer at 202-7868 or ltbn2books

Use of Facilities at Aldersgate United Methodist Church

The AMUC Board of Trustees is responsible for scheduling events at the church. To request the use of an AUMC facility,
we ask that you follow the procedure below.

For AUMC sponsored events:

1. Check the churchs online calendar to make sure that your event will not conflict with previously scheduled event(s).
2. Please send an email to stating the event, date, time and room(s) you would like to use. Any A/
V requests should also be included in this email.
For funerals and memorial services, the family should contact the pastor who will work with the trustees to schedule the
For weddings, please email for wedding information and forms.
For all other events:
1. Check the churchs online calendar to make sure that your event will not conflict with previously scheduled events.
2. Complete the Registration Form (found below) if this is the first time you or your group have requested an event.
3. Complete the Request for Use of Facility form (found below). Use this form each time you request an event.
4. If your use of AUMCs facilities involves children and youth under the age of eighteen (18), you must read and sign the
second section of the Hold Harmless Agreement (found below) which verifies that you have read, understand, and
will comply with the child safety approaches described in AUMCs Facility Use Policies and carry out all activities at the
facility in compliance with Virginias child abuse laws and regulations.
5. By completing these forms you are indicating that you have read and will comply with AUMC Facility Use Policies.
You should allow two to three weeks for approval of any request. Submitting the request does not assure that your event
can be scheduled. If you have questions about the process or the facility, please contact the trustees at

A Thank you from PACEM

Angel Tree
Make Christmas a memorable day for underprivileged children and lonely senior citizens! There is an Angel
Tree display in the Reed Room. This year, we will have 40 youth angels as well as a number of seniors who
could use a little love and encouragement. You may pick up your angel at any time, but please return all to
AUMC no later than Sunday, December 6. Gifts for the Salvation Army youths should be unwrapped, and gifts
for the seniors do need to be gift wrapped or gift bagged. If you have any questions, please contact Ann Brown
at 434.882.2533. Thank you for your generosity to those less fortunate.

Christmas Cards to Benefit Heart Havens Project

The Charlottesville District has created a Christmas card featuring the artwork of residents of Heart Havens, the
Virginia Conference network of homes for individuals who are intellectually disabled. Proceeds from the card
sales will support the districts Charlottesville Apartment Project, an effort to establish a Heart Havens
residential community within the district. Two sets of the cards are available: $10 for a
set of 12 cards and envelopes, and $18 for a set of 25. To order, contact the
Charlottesville District Office at or 434.977.4254.

To our friends at Aldersgate United Methodist Church:

Thank you for once again hosting PACEMs womens shelter in our 12th winter of helping people who are homeless in our
area. We want you to know how truly blessed this community is to have congregations like yours to help in our mission to
provide shelter for our neighbors in need. We greatly appreciate your willingness to prepare and serve dinner, to work
with partner congregations, and for all the movies, showers, bingo, desserts, and hospitality you provided for the guests
in a warm, welcoming, and compassionate environment each night.

In addition to shelter, AUMC also provides generous financial support for PACEM. Your financial help supports the cost of
PACEMs shelter staff in your church. The graciousness of the entire PACEM Family makes it possible for us to remain
open throughout the winter.
Thank you for hosting PACEMs womens shelter again this year, for the hands of all your volunteers, the graciousness of
opening your doors, and your willingness to work with other congregations in our community to address the immediate
needs of our neighbors.

A Special Invitation to a Special Nativity

Youre invited to Come to Bethlehem this year on Sunday, December 20 th. The annual Aldersgate Childrens
Nativity will be presented at 4pm and will be followed by a pot-luck. Our children will once again act out the
Birth Narrative of our Savior from Scripture. This year we look forward to joining together in song and praise
thanks to the Aldersgate Chancel Choir, the Aldersgate Hand Bell Choir, the Aldersgate Instrument Ensemble, the
Aldersgate Youth Praise Band, the Aldersgate Praise Team, Higher Voices, and the Joyful Noise Singers along with
the children from our community! This year there will be no rehearsals for the children. All children (and their
guardians) should arrive at Aldersgate at 2:30pm to put on costumes, learn simple lines from Scripture, and
practice traditional Christmas music. Teens and adults from Aldersgate will help guide them during the Nativity.

Advent Brunch
On November 29th at 10:00AM we will have our Annual Advent Brunch downstairs in the fellowship
halls. If you can please sign up to bring a dish to share and/or help with set up/clean up that would
be greatly appreciated. The sign up sheets are located in the Reed Room, or sign up online at

Our Nativity this year is especially geared towards making sure we are inclusive to those with different abilities
and special needs. We welcome all children, roughly ages 4-11, to participate and children, teens, adults of any
age watch. To make the presentation more enjoyable for our friends with special needs, the lights will stay at
one level and the music will not be extremely loud. Children who may express themselves with loud sounds,
spinning, flapping, or other forms of stemming are all welcome! Children who would like to participate but need
an aid or parent to guide them, push them in a wheelchair, or carry them are ALL welcome to participate
EVERY child should have the opportunity to celebrate the birth of Jesus by participating in, or watching, a
Nativity at Christmastime!
If you are currently an AUMC member and
would like your child(ren) to participate, please
be sure to see Mrs. Lynn Bremer during the
Advent season so your child can be fit for a
costume before the big day. Youll also want to
make sure your child(ren) participates in
Childrens Church and Joyful Noise Singers
rehearsals (Sundays at 10am in room 106) to
learn the music.
If you are currently not an AUMC member, we
will have plenty of costumes available on the day of the Nativity. If your child has sensory difficulties please know
that he/she will not be forced to wear a costume to be in the Nativity. Before the Nativity we will sing through
the songs a few times with the children. If they are not comfortable singing or are non-verbal they are welcome
to stand with the other children but do not have to sing. If you and/or your child(ren) would like to see the space
before the Nativity to make sure its accessible to your needs and so that its not overwhelming to be in a new
space on December 20th please contact me and Id be happy to schedule a time for you to check us out in person.
Following the Nativity, EVERYONE is welcome to join us for a Christmas Potluck Meal together! You can drop
your items for the potluck off in the fellowship hall before the Nativity. And, of course, well have our traditional
Birthday Cake for Jesus!!
I look forward to celebrating the Birth of Jesus and all the abilities of the children in our church and community
with you!
Thank you! Rachel Miller, Director of Ministries with Young People, AUMC ( or

Please sign up only once on either the sign up sheets in the Reed
Room or online at SignUpGenius. The information will be combined
to help eliminate any duplication.
There will also be an Advent craft/project for children and adults of
all ages to participate in! (There will be no children or youth Sunday
school on the 29th so that all families can participate in the brunch!)
Come help us celebrate the beginning of this joyous time of year!! If
you have any questions please email Robin Oliver at or Tina Shifflett at

Member Care is also responsible for arranging the schedule for those hosting sip-n-chat, which is
held each Sunday before and after the Worship services in the Reed Room. Sip-n-chat is also a time
of great fellowship for both members and visitors in an informal atmosphere. There are a few
Sundays still available for those that would be interested in hosting sip-n-chat for the 11:00 Worship
service. Hosting simply means that you commit to a
Sunday every other month (that's only 6 times a year) to
make sure there is food and beverages available after the
11:00 Worship service. Aldersgate provides all of the
supplies, you only have to put the food/beverages out
and clean up at 12:30. If this is something that you might
be interested in helping with please contact Robin Oliver
at 434-978-3553 or e-mail

Treasurers Report
Where does our Income come from?
The pie chart (right) illustrates Aldersgates income budget for 2016.
Seventy-nine % ($730,192) of our income is budgeted from general
and special offerings and tithes. We are grateful to Karen Chang for
initiating the Consignment Sale and growing it over the years, to its
current income this year of more than $130,000 (16% of our

Income Budget 2016

The best way to spread Christmas cheer

is singing loud for all to hear! Elf

For 2016, we have established a budgeted income of $842,283 but

have a higher goal ($922,122). Goal funding will enable us to increase
mission and outreach, build a Welcome Center, add to our rainy day
fund, and increase grounds maintenance.

How do we spend our money?

This pie chart illustrates Aldersgates expense budget for 2016. The
grid below summarizes our % expenses by category, and compares
our percentages to the averages identified in a survey conducted by
the Evangelical Credit Union.

Expense Budget 2016

How are we doing at managing our finances?

The church has done an excellent job of managing
its finances over the years (see trend graph). In
2010 and 2011, Aldersgate had cash deficits, but
since 2012 there have been annual surpluses.
Aldersgates cash position at year end 2014 was
$102,000 (not including $90,000 that is held in
endowment). Our goal is to increase our reserves
to at least $200,000 (3 months of expenses); this
will put the church in a more stable position in
terms of cash flows.
The congregation has demonstrated tremendous
generosity consistently over many years, in
furthering Gods work at Aldersgate United
Methodist Church. With your continued offerings
and tithes, we will achieve our goal in 2016.
If you have any questions, or would just like to chat, please feel free to contact me at or call
Fay Painter, Treasurer

Everyone of all ages is invited to join us on Friday, December 11th at AUMC at 6pm. We will gather at
the church and then head out to the neighborhoods around the church to sing Christmas Carols. We
also plan to make a scheduled stop by Our Lady of Peace to spread
the love of the Christmas season! After caroling we'll head back to
AUMC for Christmas treats and hot cider. Please RSVP to Rachel at or (434) 973-5806. If you're able,
please bring some holiday treats to share. And, of course, please
invite friends!

Ever wonder how children eventually feel comfortable and become participants in Worship?
We teach them! We are so excited about our Participating in Worship series in the 1st-5th grade
Childrens Church class during 11am Worship. During the first Sunday of every month our children
will learn about why we do what we do in Worship. As they learn, they will prepare for their own
participation in Worship as members of the family of God. In many ways, Worship is like a family
meal. Individuals in a family can eat separately. However, there is deep enjoyment in sharing a meal
with others. If we never teach, never give the opportunity to practice, and/or never encourage children
to be part of Worship, we miss an important element - the love present among the members of Gods
family, and the power in Worshipping together. Please pray for the children who are participating in
this series. Smile at the children you see in church. Call the children by name; they will realize you
consider them an important part of the church family. Listen to what the children have to say and ask
them what they are learning. Thank you for your support and prayers!
As our amazing Children's Church program continues to grow and grow, we are in need of
adults to volunteer once a month at the 9AM or 11AM Worship services. (If you attend 9,
considering volunteering at 11 - or vice versa!) Please consider this wonderful call for helping hands
as you contemplate how you plan to make a difference in the world in 2016! For more information,
please contact Rachel at or (434) 973-5806. Thank you in advance!

Sing with the choir in December

Would you like to sing with the choir in December? The Chancel Choir would
love to have you as a guest choir member, especially December 6 and Christmas
Eve service at 7:30pm. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings, 7:30 - 9pm in the
Sanctuary. Just show up and well provide the music. Come and sing with us
the good news that the Christmas season brings us!

Christmas Choral Cantata at AUMC

Sunday, December 6 at 4pm

Christmas Eve Services

December 24
With Communion and candlelight at all services
5:00 PM

sing along with the choir some of the most beloved Christmas carols.

This early service will feature an interactive Childrens Moment,

traditional carols led by the Worship Band, and will conclude
with Candlelight and Communion. (Battery operated candles for
our youngest friends.) Childcare/nursery will be available.

Lessons and Carols

7:30 PM

Come and celebrate Jesus birth with the Chancel Choir! A Child Is
Born, by John Purifoy, is a beautiful cantata set up so that you can

Sunday, December 20 at 10am

Join us in a single combined worship service as we hear readings
from the Christmas narrative and sing favorite carols.

Come to Bethlehem
Annual Childrens Nativity and Potluck
Sunday, December 20, 4pm
Our inclusive Nativity welcomes children of all abilities (ages 4-11) to join in
After the program, we will enjoy a potluck dinner in the Fellowship Hall

This traditional service will feature carols and music performed by the
Chancel Choir and Instrumental Ensemble, closing with Candlelight
and Communion. Childcare/nursery is provided.

11:00 PM
Our third Christmas Eve service will feature musical accompaniment by
Rafael Scarfullery and Jo Pettitt, a message by Ashley Oliver, and will be
a joyous time of celebration, closing with Candlelight and Communion.