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Sun City Festival Community Association

26501 West Desert Vista Boulevard, Buckeye, Arizona 85396


Registration for the Spring

ASU Lifelong Learning Classes
Will Begin Again In Mid December
The Spring Class Schedule and Registration Form
will be available at the Member Services
Desk and on the community website at
before the end of December.
Register for six or more fee-paid sessions
and receive a Ten Percent Discount
on the course fee total.
Many new classes will be offered as well as
some of the past most popular sessions.

1:00 PM - Celebration Hall

$3/Person Per Movie Showing

All-you-can-eat Popcorn, 1 Soda, 1 Candy Bar

Register at Member Services

December 13

Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy)
is an unassuming, deskbound
CIA analyst, and the unsung hero
behind the Agencys most dangerous missions. But when her
partner (Jude Law) falls off the
grid and another top agent is compromised, she volunteers to go
deep undercover to infiltrate the
world of a deadly arms dealer, and
prevent a global disaster.

January 17

Rogue Nation
Ethan Hunt and team take on
their most impossible mission
yet, eradicating the Syndicate - an
International rogue organization
as highly skilled as they are,
committed to destroying the IMF.

Visit Member Services

for Details and to Register
Wednesday, December 9: Ft. McDowell Casino
- Complimentary Trip Includes $10 Slot Play,
bus transportation

Monday, January 11: Wild Horse Pass Casino or

Lone Butte Casino - Complimentary Trip Includes, $

Play and Senior Day Food Ticket

$2/person fee collected for driver gratuity per casino trip


DECEMBER Activities & Seminars

December 3

December 10
RIS Medicare Lecture

Sun Valley Solar Seminar

December 13
Sunday Movie, Trainwreck

9 am -12 pm
Sage Center Parking Lot
10 am Sable Room

December 25
Christmas Day

10 am Sable Room

December 4
Holiday Dessert Party

1 pm Celebration Hall

December 14

6:00 pm Celebration Hall

Neurologist Lecture
9:45 am Celebration Hall

December 5
A Tribute To Christmas

December 17

3 pm Matinee Show
7 pm Evening Show
Celebration Hall

9 am -12 pm
Sage Center Parking Lot

December 10
Investment Seminar by
Dynamic Wealth

10 am Celebration Hall

Sage Recreation Center,

Wood Shop/Craft Studios
Closed All Day

December 31
New Years Eve Party
9 - 12:30 pm
Celebration Hall

Podiatrist Lecture

9 am Sable Room

To Register For Trips, Contact Free Spirit

Vacations Directly at 480-926-5547


January 9:

January 27:

February 2:

February 9:

February 13:

February 19:

March 9:

March 13:

April 9:

Boyce Thompson Arboretum &

Casa Grande Natl Monument
Barret Jackson
Dolly Steamboat
Wild West Saloon Crawl & Lunch
Tubac Arts & Crafts Festival
Tucson Quilt Show
Desert Belle & Fountain Hills
Southern Arizona Wine Tasting

The Sage Recreation Center
Wood Shop & Craft Studios
facilities will be Closed on
the following Holidays

Christmas Day
Friday, December 25
New Years Day
Friday, January 1

To Register, Contact




Bob and Colleen Towe

Imagine asking your children to join you for Christmas,
and then, after they agree, telling them that its also a
moving party. Thats what happened in December 2013
when Bob and Colleen took possession of their beautiful
Festival home. A long search for just the right retirement
home had finally come to an end.
Bob and Colleen had moved around a little during their
years in the 8 to 5 world, and while neither of them can
remember actually working only 8 hours a day, they do
remember the moments they grabbed to visit Colleens
parents in Scottsdale. Every visit was an all too brief
vacation, and while their moves had introduced them to
a variety of lifesytles and locations throughout the U.S., it
was really no surprise they decided to settle in Arizona.
Colleen and Bob spent their formative years in Montana.
Colleen was born and raised in Helena, and Bob attended
high school and Montana State College in Bozeman. They
met at a TV/Radio station in the capital city of Helena
where Bob did the nightly newscast, and Colleen did the
weather forecast. 43 years later they are the parents of
four successful children and six wonderful grandchildren.
Those 43 years also involved 15 moves, as many cities and
almost that many states. Lots of opportunity to check out
the country, and a solid foundation for their final choice.
Colleen was an executive with the Estee Lauder Companies, and Bob earned his stripes in communications senior
management, working for some of the largest cable tv and

television companies in the country. Both jobs required

an extraordinary amount of commercial flying resulting in
the pair being one of only seven coupless achieving Gold
Status with Alaska Airlines at the same time. Earlier, Bob
flew over a million miles on United Airlines. Although Bob
was a licensed small plane pilot, neither cares whether they
ever see the inside of a commercial airplane again.
Escaping the Arizona summer heat is the only reason for
extended travel these days. Bob and Colleen head to the
Oregon Coast for the summer months every year, but look
forward to coming back and spending time with wonderful
Festival friends each fall.
It may not be a surprise that they ended up in Festival, but
Bob and Colleen are very happy that they did.

Communications Corner
Music Lovers Now Have More Listening Options with Contour Enhancements
Contour Upgrade Includes Guide Enhancements and
Interactive Services Featuring New Music Choice Plus
and Pandora
Cox Communications announced an upgrade of Contour
with new personalized music options. With the new feature
Music Choice Plus, customers On DEMAND library will
increase to more than 3,000 free music videos.
Customers will have access to the traditional Music
Choice TV channel, Music Choice On DEMAND, as well
as a new Music Choice interactive application. Customers
are also able to enjoy a personalized music experience
with Pandora. Customers can connect to Pandora online
from the Contour interactive service menu for new or
existing Pandora accounts.
Music Choice Plus: With the upgrade, Contour customers
will be able to search for a specific song, keyword, genre
or artist and enjoy related videos on a non-stop playback
for up to 14 videos. Customers can access music videos
through the On DEMAND menu or the interactive application. The interactive application can be launched
from the Music Choice audio TV channels.

Pandora: Customers will launch Pandora from the

Contour guides Interactive Services menu to link to their
existing Pandora account or create a new one. Up to 8
users can link to an account to enjoy their favorite music
or comedy tracks. Users familiar with the customization
of stations and track management will see their changes
implemented in Contour reflected in Pandora on other
devices for a seamless experience.
Contour provides a video experience that is uniquely
relevant to individual consumers, personally shaped to their
interests and preferences. In addition to the new music
options, customers will notice an enhanced on-screen
guide. When customers move from different menu options,
the transitions have been optimized.
Contour service is available as an upgrade over and
above the bulk level of service. For details, contact David
Jaronik at 602-694-1813. We appreciate the partnership
between Sun City Festival residents and Cox Communications.

Ladies Doubles Tennis 8:00am
Fine Arts 8:30am
Pickleball 9:00am
Mah Jongg 9:00am
Knit One & Crochet Too 9:00am
Lady Putters 9:30am
Pickleball Womens Rotational Play 12:00pm
Dealers Choice Poker 12:30pm
Chess 12:30pm
Scrabble 12:30pm
Lady Putters 12:30pm
Woodcrafters 5:30pm
Euchre 6:30pm
Social Dance - Ballroom Lessons 6:30pm
Desert Harmony Rehearsals 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm
Swimmers Club Practice 9:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Mixed Doubles Drop-In Tennis 9:00am
Players Club -Play Anything 9:00am
Paper Crafts & More 9:00am
Contract Bridge 1:00pm
Water Volleyball 1:00pm
Knit One & Crochet Too 1:00pm
Tx Hold Em Poker Trn (1st & 3rd Tue) 5:00pm
Omaha Poker (2nd,4th,5th Tue) 5:00am
Ponytail Canasta 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm


Swimmers Club Practice 9:00am

Pickleball 9:00am
Mixed Doubles Drop-in Tennis 9:00am
Fine Arts 9:00am
Beginner Bridge/Mah Jongg 9:00am
Lady Putters 9:30am
Line Dancers - Steps & Basics 10:00am
Line Dancers - Beginner Lessons 10:30am
Line Dancers - Intermediate Lessons 11:15am
Duplicate Bridge 12:00pm
Water Volleyball 1:00pm
Knit One & Crochet Too 1:00pm
Dealers Choice Poker 5:00pm
Partners Pinochle 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm


Mens Doubles Tennis Ladder 9:00am

Pickleball 9:00am
Contract Bridge 9:00am
Quilting Bees 9:00am
Woodshop Monthly Mtg (3rd Fri) 10:00am
FABs Luncheon 11:30am
Mah Jongg 12:30pm
Chess 12:30pm
Bunco 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm


Wood Carving Class 8:00am

Fine Arts 8:30am
Pickleball 9:00am
Mens Doubles Tennis 9:00am
Crafty Scrappers 9:00am
Players Club -Open Play 9:00am
Mah Jongg Marathon (2nd) 9am-4:00pm
Texas Holdem Limit Poker 12:30pm
Mah Jongg 12:30pm
Lady Putters 12:30pm
Ladies Doubles Drop-In Tennis 1:30pm
Dont Worry Bead Happy 2:00pm
Single Deck Pinochle 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm

Mixed Doubles 3.0/3.5 Tennis 8:00am

Pickleball 9:00am
Dont Worry Bead Happy 12:00pm
Texas HoldEm Limit Poker 12:30pm
Partners Pinochle 12:30pm
Couples Contract Bridge 6:00pm
Pickleball 6:30pm





Chartered Club Activities

Mah Jongg 1:00pm

Bocce Ball 2:00pm
Double Deck Pinochle 6:30pm
Dominoes (Mexican Train) 6:30pm

Chartered Club News

Sun City Festival actively promotes over 30 Chartered Clubs managed by residents
who passionately share a variety of similar interests. A separate club listing with an
introduction of each and contact representatives is available at Member Services as
well as online at under the Clubs & Interest Groups section.
Below are a few upcoming club activities. All Sun City Festival residents are encouraged to participate in any or all clubs. Learn more about club opportunities by
attending the upcoming events or by contacting club representatives.
Wood Shop & Craft Studios Facility Hours:
Monday - Saturday 7 am - 9 pm; Sunday 12 pm - 9 pm

Festival Bytes Computer Club

Holiday Party and New Members Welcome
2016 is almost here... a brand new start, a brand new
year. Festival Bytes has something in-store, a holiday party
and so much more! Heres an invite to join or even renew,
new members we welcome you! We will hold our holiday party
on Thursday, December 17 at 3:00 pm in Celebration Hall
West. We hope youll join us! More information can be found
on our website,

Fine Arts Club

- December Classes

But I cant even draw a stick figure!

Come one and all, beginners through advanced artists. In a no-pressure

environment, try your hand at something new. Our gentle teachers will
help everyone create something to be proud of.
Contact Nikki Miles for more information at 303-670-0516. Details to
register for classes and a list of supplies can be found at our website,
December Classes Include:
MONDAYS: Pastels: Inst. Judy Azemove, Dec 7, 14, 21, 28 (9am - 12pm)
Painting with Color - Cacti I: Inst. Allen Reamer, Dec 7, 14, 21, 28 (12:30 -2pm)
SW Landscape and Cacti: Inst. Allen Reamer, Dec 7, 14, 21, 28 (2:30 -4pm)
WEDNESDAYS: Oils and Acrylics: Inst. Anne Porter, Dec 2, 9, 16, 23 (9am -12pm)


Sun City Festival Community Association


Turning Back the

Hands of Time

by Chuck Eier, M.S. C.S.C.S.,

Fitness/Wellness Director

We have many different signs of aging. Most of those are

visible-color and quantity of hair, skin wrinkles, etc. However, when it comes to health and functioning at a younger
chronological age, whats inside our body is the most critical. Heart, lungs, brain and others are the parts we truly
want to be young. Some psychologists suggest functional decline is not a necessary process of aging, but rather a function of attitude and action. At a certain
age, we expect to fall apart, so we allow ourselves to fall apart says Harvard
professor Ellen Langer. A few simple steps can be taken to minimize the aging
process from within.
The Brain: Around age 25, the human brain begins to slowly decrease in size.
With the size decrease comes less efficient nerve signaling bringing decline in
comprehension, retention and reasoning. The good news is we can do things to
help formation of myelin, the white matter helping to conduct nerve impulses.
Practicing anything which combines learning and physical activity can help brain
function. These include bowling, juggling and others. Practicing is more important than mastering the skill. Just doing the activity 20-30 minutes a few days a
week can help regain the brain function.
The Lungs: Without smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke, lung function
can decline by age 40. Alveoli, sacs in the lungs allowing exchange of oxygen and
carbon dioxide, begin to lose surface area and thus efficiency. Researchers and
physicians have determined vitamins D and A in fortified dairy products: yogurt,
cottage cheese and reduced-fat milk help the lungs function better and help production of lung tissue. Milk, it does a body good.
The Heart: Around age 40, the heart begins to shrink in size and tissues of the
aorta become stiffer and more fibrous. As a result, the heart must work harder
to pump blood. Every minute of cardiovascular exercise helps to prevent and
reverse the aging process of the heart. Recent research showed 30 minutes on
a treadmill three times each week at a steady, honest effort improved blood flow
and increased cells which repair artery walls. In addition, adding intervals of
higher intensity exercise boosts arterial flexibility.
Bones: Supportive material inside bones can shrink by 30% between ages 25 and
50. At 65 even more bone degeneration takes place as the minerals decrease.
According to Bahram Arjmandi, Ph.D., chairman of Florida State University Department of Nutrition, prunes are very effective in preserving bone mass and reversing bone loss. Polyphenols and antioxidant properties in prunes increase the
magnesium content in bones maintaining bone strength and density.
Fighting the aging process is not just a matter of hair dye and Botox. Taking the
right steps can help maintain long-term internal youth, as well.
Stewart, J. Many Ways to Maintain Youth,

Free Blood Pressure Screenings

Dec 4 at 2 pm & Dec 21 at 9 am (in Fitness Center)

ZUMBA 7:15 am
Pilates 8:30 am (ballroom)
Flow Yoga 8:45 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
Axis 10:00 am
Body Sculpting 11:30 am


S.E.T. 8:00 am
Cardio Burn 9:15 am
Strength, Stretch, Balance 10:30 am
Jazzercise 3:30 pm
Yoga 5:30 pm


ZUMBA 7:15 am
Pilates 8:20 am (ballroom)
Flow Yoga 8:45 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
Interval Blast 10:00 am
Tai Chi (sign up only) 10:15 am
Jazzercise 1:00 pm


S.E.T. 8:00 am
Cardio Burn 9:15 am
Strength, Stretch, Balance 10:30 am
Equipment Orientation 3:00 pm
Jazzercise 3:30 pm
Yoga 5:30 pm


Flow Yoga 8:00 am

Pilates 8:00 am (ballroom)
Body Sculpting 10:30 am
ZUMBA 9:15 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am


HIIT 8:15 am
Interval Blast 9:30 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
* Most classes have a $2 or $4 fee

Massage Therapy: 1-hr $60,
90-Minutes $90
Fitness Assessment: Complete Fitness
Assessment with a personal exercise
program including one lesson = $40
Equipment Orientation: Free
60-minute group session on effective
and safe exercise with demonstrations.
Personal Training: One-on-one
personal training session $35/hr

Dining Hours:

Sat & Sun 8 am - 8 pm

Mon- Fri 11 am - 8 pm
Breakfast: Sat 8 am - 11 pm; Sun 8 am - 12 pm
Happy Hour: Daily 3 pm - 6 pm

Indigo Grille will be Closed on Christmas Day

Like Minds
live entertainment

December 11
4:00 - 6:30 pm

Desert Heat
December 16
4:00 - 6:00 pm

Wine and Dine

Sunday, December 13

Wine Tasting Begins at 4 pm

Enjoy an Array of Fine Wines to Taste,
Imported & Domestic Cheese Plate,
Bread, Crackers & Seasonal Fruit

Three-Course Dinner at 5 pm

$35.00 Inclusive

Appetizer: Chorizo & Manchego Cheese Croquettes

Main Course: Sage-Citrus Broiled Barramundi - Salisify-Yukon
Puree, Baby Sauteed Squash, and Citrus Butter
Dessert: Peanut Butter Tiramisu - Expresso Soaked Pound
Cake and Peanut Butter Mousse
Reservations Required, Call 928-252-6445 ext 209

December 19
4:00 - 6:00 pm

Nine and Dine

Sunday, December 13
Tee Time is 3:00 pm


Nine holes of golf followed by a wonderful dinner

buffet. Dinner will be at approximately 5/5:30 pm.
Make your own foursome. Sign up in the Pro Shop.

Monday and Friday Golf Clinics

Golf Clinics are offered every Monday and Friday

at 10:00 am. Space is limited so please sign
up early. For more information or to sign up,
please call or visit the Pro Shop.

Copper Canyon Golf Club will be Closed

on Christmas Day, December 25th

Get Golf Ready Clinics

December 14 - December 18

9 - 10:30 am
Cost: $99
These clinics are perfect for people who have
never played the game or have not played in
awhile. Register in the Golf Shop or online at

Like us on Facebook at

Marketplace Partners
Contact Lisa at or 928-252-2133 for more information, or to advertise
on our Business Listings posted on the community website at

Contact Information
Brad Lundmark
Community Manager
Karey Belanger
Community Standards
Pat Cassidy
Facilities Director
Janet Turner
Lifestyle Director
Chuck Eier
Fitness & Wellness
Lisa Annett
George Jeffers, Ed. D.
Lifelong Learning Coord.
Caring Neighbors
Copper Canyon Golf Club/
Indigo Grille
Festival Sales Center
Del Webb Customer Service

Sage Recreation Center

Fax: 928-252-2102

Monday - Friday
5:30 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday
7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Wood Shop & Craft Studios

Monday - Saturday
7:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm