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South Kaipara Residents and Ratepayers

19 November 2015

Greetings everyone,
Welcome to all the new residents in our area. South Head is growing! The South Kaipara
Residents and Ratepayers Association is your voice to Council for driving such matters as roading,
electricity supply, broadband supply, street lighting and future planning. Our Eastern Boundary is
the Kaipara Harbour, Western boundary is Muriwai Beach, Northern boundary is South Kaipara
Headsand the Southern boundary is Hutchinsons Road.
The committee usually meets every month. The agenda and other details published on our
Facebook page.
The South Head Golf club is a social focal point for our area. Most of you know that, under
Licensing Laws, to enjoy the Golf Club facilities one must be a either a Social Member or Full
Member of the Club. The Club is a great asset for us, so we are having our Christmas Party there
on the 17th December. In order to extend the invitation to everyone, the Committee has
negotiated a special rate for a Social Membership of the Golf Club for the duration of 2015- 2016
season of $12.50 pp (usually $25.00) payable at the door on the evening of December 17. This is a
one night only oer. So come along, get your social membership, and have
a catch up with old and new friends. The Driver is doing a special buet
Your Ratepayer Committee:
menu for us, and the bar will be open. Please RSVP so I can alert Lynn
for catering. We look forward to seeing everyone and having a chance to
Alison Fellman
catch up.
John glasson 420-8508

In recent days while on my rounds in the forest, I have noticed it is quite
dry already, especially in the northern area. With summer fast
approaching and the increasing risk of fire, you need to be vigilant around
your properties, clearing easily flammable fuel such as dry leaves and
debris. Woodhill Forest is not far from any of us. If youre planning to
light an open fire in a rural area, the Restricted Fire Season will be
eective from 8am on the 1st of December and you need to apply to the
Auckland Council for a fire permit. This is free of charge. We
recommend people plan ahead, as permits can take three to five days to

Alan Hargreaves 420-2063

Trish Lynds 420-2262
Dianna Meyler 420-2227
Rosemary parcell 420-2925
Ross Webber 420 -2705
Meetings are held the third
Wednesday of each month at the South
Head Golf Club

If a bonfire is emitting black smoke it is likely to be caused by industrial

and or commercial waste such as tyres, or anything containing plastic,
foam or paint, etc. We ask the residents of South Kaipara to be respectful
of neighbours and especially our environment and dispose of such
products accordingly.


19 November 2015

For information on fire safety and tips for the safe lighting of open air fires call Auckland Council
on 09 301 0101 or visit aucklandcouncil/

Anyone who sees a suspicious fire should call the fire service immediately on 111.
Woodhill is a working forest beware of hazardous forestry and logging operations. An air
weapons range operates at times at the northern tip of the forest (ALL access is prohibited onto
the NZDF Bombing Range).

Last summer 130 possums up in the Lagoon Forest . So far this season (about 2
months) : 100!
The critters that made it past the chemical fence at Otakanini are multiplying here at the northern
end and everyone needs to get involved. Please invest in some traps around your property, contact one of our Committee members and we can make arrangements to get them to you. We
have humane traps that cost $10.00. We are going to make a concerted eort this year to get the
numbers down. Another pest we are seeing now in our ponds and waterways. In recent years we
have been invaded by Azolla Filiculoides which blankets the pond and starves oxygen. It turns red
in the summer. The good folks up at the prawn farm delivered grass carp to us recently and I am
keen to get my swimming hole back! Stay tuned.
We have sent a letter to Auckland Transport asking them to investigate passing lane opportunities,
north of Crosland Road. Any other suggestions welcome. Residents have also brought to our
attention the dust nuisance on our unsealed roads during the summer. We have asked Auckland
Transport for signage on these roads to make drivers aware.
Its that time of year where our maize and other crops are growing. Please be aware of the Council
Bylaws in regard to chemical spraying, and dont forget to notify neighbours who could be aected.
Look for building roofs that collect water that could get spray drift on them.
Some of you may be aware of the Manu Whenua sites in our area, and what is dubbed the
Taniwha Tax . To find out if this aects you, search this url:
property_check. There is discussion that these new rules will be relaxed somewhat.

Congratulations to Waioneke School on another great year. The pool is now repaired and soon our
youngsters will be swimming like little tadpoles.
If we dont see you at the Golf Club on the 17th, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a
Happy and prosperous New Year.
If you want receive our notices via email please send one to
Checkout our Facebook page. Thank you Helensville Copy and Print.


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