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complete programs of learning .They consist of a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous events. They are special application of computer and network technologies to the task of education. Virtual is something whose existence is simulated with software. Actually, they are considered as teaching and learning environment located within a computer-mediated

Virtual UAL CLASSROOM classrooms are


bjectives for using the classroom

Technology serves to facilitate teacher/student and student/student interaction at virtual a distance . Virtual classroom enrich interactive communication through integrated voice, video, and data . In Addition , he Web plays a supporting role in this environment. For that, Virtual classroom can be used in DE due to it's technological capabilities and features as just as DE is . Also , usually refer to the fact that the students are at a distance, but the greatest benefits is to be able to use teachers at a distance. Contact and interaction with the instructor was


It refers to instruction in learning environment where teacher and student are separated by time or space and the teacher provides aracteristics : knowledge through multimedia sources, •Instruction modes SEE HERE internet video •Communication and interact conferencing. •platforms

An institution that teaches courses UAL SCHOOLS entirely through on-line method known as virtual schools or cyber schools. It is differ from traditional school because of Using new internet aracteristics : connected •Pricing and location •Materials equipments. SEE HERE •Advantages & disadvantag


The organization that provides higher education through electronic Teaching mo devices such as aracteristics : computer or Concern of on-line learn Quality of on-line learn TV screen. SEE HERE Studying in a virtual universit
• • • •


A virtual classroom is a tool CLASSROOMS for delivering classroom like session, live over the internet. it can be used for delivering : – an audio/video window for the moderator. –A presentation slide window. –A real time chat window. –A survey tool provide immediate statistics to the moderator.

Students seek for good education trying to find a virtual classrooms better Alternative for teaching. good solution ? quest has narrowed Their up into virtual classrooms, a practical solution for all such related problems . Benefits : • Virtual classrooms are beneficial for those who miss classrooms. • Virtual classrooms are beneficial for those who skip their lectures.

ed for virtual classrooms
The basic need for virtual classrooms is a net enabled computers with specific softwareMYNGLE. It is your private area where the teacher is in the control of

pplications of virtual classrooms: classrooms Virtual
provide real time class session via the internet provide perfect environment and gives a feel of being in the classroom. Applications are : 1.Virtual classes



Integrated Environment

Communication Protoc
• •

Cross firewall


Intranet and Internet supp




Persistence Security Caching

Swing Client

Client- Swing


Server Container-Tomcat

Request Processor

DB Server-Postgres8.0

DB Manager


bal Learning in a Real Virtual Classroom East Carolina University

The Global Understandin g Course

Based on daily live video and chat technologies •ECU uses a 1000 level 3 SH Gen Ed Course •2 or 3 class sessions each week of 75/50 minutes •Jointly taught with three international partners •Includes lectures, readings, & student discussions •Half in small group discussion and half in chat •Local newspaper discussions & reflective journals

es It Work? You Bet!

Assessment an integral part of course •Facts tested using written quizzes and exams •Attitude changes measured •Pre/post test designed by social psychologist •Results consistent semester to semester: • More open minded towards foreigners • More willing to take non-standard format course • Consider virtual

deo & Audio
• • •

• •

tics, Mac , Reliability

H.323 standard – universal in ad and biz Point to point Easy to test using Net meeting PC based for sustainability Polycot Software on Win 2000 Audio backup Skype – breaks public server rule but it is good

Chat IRC CHAT & E- low- speed capable Very for MAIL Clients any any platform and OS

No public server – ECU server No ‘buddies’ to interrupt No pop up so attention is on conversation


Local partner’s choice – mostly Yahoo

Why there is a need for Creating a virtual learning space the • To address ? changing and
demanding learning preferences such as demand-driven-education & education-at-ease (anything as per their requirements, at their own convenience, anytime and anywhere, with customized, interactive and self paced learning). • To fulfill the increasing and diverse learning needs. • To cater to the huge educational supply pressure.

Why there is a need for Due to recent paradigm • creating a virtual learning space shift in pedagogical ?.........
principles & practices such as Behaviorism to Cognitive, Constructivism & Metacognitivism; Teacher centric to learner centric; Individual learning to co-operative, collaborative & participatory learning; Expository learning to discovery learning; Linear to non linear approach in learning. • To manage the excessive knowledge explosion. • Due to the influence of

cept o f

The term ‘virtual university' characterizes Virtua an organization that l Unive provides education and its rsity learning opportunity through a well architected web-portal on the Internet, using computer programming and multimedia technologies to deliver its virtual classes, course modules, interactive tutorials, online simulation and virtual reality application to

neric Elements of Successful Virtual Universities

Flexibility in deliver
Learners must be provided both asynchronous and synchronous delivery systems and environments. VUs must allow students to work at their own

eneric Elements of Successful Virtual Universities
Learner’s friendly technology: As the system of delivery

is flexible, so the technology used to deliver the learning must be as learner’s friendly as possible. This means that the student does not need to be a technician in order to use materials and environments

neric Elements of Successful Virtual Universities Redefining Pedagog
There is no point in transposing traditional models of teaching to virtual environments without considering the pedagogical implications. Staff will need advance pedagogic training to deal with new systems of delivery;

Generic Elements Strong systems of support will Successful Virtual necessary for all aspects of be the vu Appropriate Universities
software infrastructure:
The software should include flexible material design tools, and elements of these should be easily understood by a fairly non-technical audience. Any design tools should support the facility to easily change or re-use course modules, and should be able to incorporate the Instructional Management Systems (IMS) or a widely accepted equivalent. The software should also have

Learners support of mechanisms:

ments of Virtual Univers
Delivery Mechanism

Video Conferencing, Web-conferencing, Educate, Streaming Media, Web based system

Certification Management ( Man, Machine and Resource management) Partnerships & collaboration Feed back Research

Web based Certification System Virtual University Management System

Forming a consortium Web based (input) feedback form VU research & advisory committee

Learners’ types and their Learners’ type Learning style learning styles
Active Learners Reflective Learners Sensing Learners Intuitive Learners Visual Learners Verbal learners Deductive Learners Learn by doing and believe in instant action Learn by giving a thought first Learn by facts and memorizing Learn by innovation and discovering possibilities Learn by visual representations Learn by written and spoken explanations Learn by procedural way, starting from principles and working down to the applications Learn in an unstructured and nonlinear manner

Global Learners

istance in classroom deliver



Delivery Mechanism
With the correct pacing – the visual attention of the learner was more highly focused upon the viewing area and the Braine elevated cell neuron state to make higher impact impressions to the learning subject matter. • Three screen “fully automated” utilizing high luminosity current generation projector technology, and video wall

Teaching - learning tools required in VU environment
1. e-books and digital library 2. Web based lecture Courseware(OCW) 3. Wikis 4. Virtual Classroom by video/tele/webconferencing, and educational Broadcasting/ telecasting 5. Audio-video modules,

eac 8. Learning Objects and hin Repositories gols lea 9. e-content req uire rnin Blogs env 10. g iron d in11. Discussion board, VU me nt chat room, e-groups

12. FAQ, glossary, case studies, learning games, PPT, animations, images, assignments, quiz, references & recommended web links. 13. Downloading of content 14. Simulators, 3D visualization labs and

• Internet network with WiFi enabled nation ructure required (preferably) for • ICT infrastructure implementation Servers, video • Media servers, data servers and application servers. • Proper network architecture & design along with certain protocols; data base management technology; open source software like eduCommons & Model; rich internet application technology like

ructure required for implementation

• Streaming media technology and multimedia development platforms • Educate facility, vast facility (for creating virtual classroom and videoconferencing) with ODU & IDU terminals, web-cam, m’phone etc. • Video studio with production equipments like camera, lighting, m’phones, vision mixers, sound mixers, editing systems etc. • Educational television transmission and broadcasting such as Visa,

ho can benefit from Virtual University?

Virtual University creates the opportunity to deliver courses to students that due to different reasons (time, physical distance, cultural or economic barriers, etc), may have been excluded from traditional university. This feature makes Virtual University suitable for a lot of sectors of the society, such as: • Small and Medium Sized Enterprises’ (SMEs) employers and employees • The unemployed • University students

ho can benefit from Virtual University?
This new educational system may bring new possibilities into the society. It also may provide a second chance to those people that

ge • VU is advantageous so for those who can not fV pursue the regular irtu course due to al some compulsion like Un in service, financial ive incompetency rsi ty • Educational opportunities are

close to home • Students receive exposure to telecommunication & Web technologies • Access to media-rich

ge so fV irtu • Contact with students in alother locations in the Un region ive • Access to global r experts resources andsi ty • Learning-on-demand:
anytime, anywhere, anything at learners choice & ease • Customization of content • Interactivity in content • self paced learning. • Cost effective

ation of Virtual

• Difficult to create a realistic, participatory learning University environment in virtual university based learning. Actually formal campus based educational setup is a culture which is very difficult to cultivate in a virtual mode. • Virtual classrooms do not have the feeling of physical nearness among those doing a course of study. • Virtual university based education lacks competitiveness amongst students, which inspires the good students to become better and the

aknesses of Virtual University
• Lack of infrastructure and professional competence. • Problem with on-line exams and the associated cheating. • Dependency on information technology and internet network which is not yet proven in India. Insufficient telecommunications infrastructure. • Slow implementation of national policy for the promotion of online education

aknesses of Virtual University • Presently, it does not
provide placements and recruitments • It is difficult to bring the learning performance gain without the presence of a live faculty during a 2D multimedia presentation. . • Psychological treatment and instant help rendered by a live faculty after diagnosing the problem and then customizing the instruction to suit the student is absent which reduces the interest of



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