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Cinthia Packard

PR Writing
10:15-11:15 a.m.

BYU-Idaho Wellness Activities

Hyrum M anwaring Center Rexburg, ID 83460 Phone: 208.496.7300

Executive Summary
Wellness Activities is a health and fitness program at Brigham Young University Idaho. Its goal is to invite, educate and motivate all individuals to maintain a
healthy lifestyle. The program is currently using posters and fliers to build
awareness, but there are still many students not taking advantage of the services.
There are two purposes of this campaign. The first is to increase awareness of the
services offered and the second is to increase attendance of those services. These
objectives will be achieved by implementing four different strategies throughout the
semester. These strategies include social media, word of mouth promoting,
promoting on different mediums and special events. This campaign is directed
towards students at BYU-I. The only funds needed for this campaign are for
printing materials. All other strategies can be implemented with the help of
students already in the organization or offering a student internship.
If implemented, this campaign will raise awareness of Wellness Activities and
increase the attendance of their services by the end of the semester. In order to
evaluate the success of the campaign, statistics will be taken weekly by students in
the organization and a survey will be sent out to the student body at the end of the

Wellness Activities is one of the seven programs found under the Student Activities
program at Brigham Young University - Idaho. The seven programs are Wellness
Activities, Sports Activities, Service Activities, Social Activities, Life Skills
Activities, Outdoor Activities and Talent Activities. These programs give students
opportunities to participate in different events on campus or participate through
leadership or volunteer positions.

Wellness Activities is over any event or class that is fitness or health related. It
offers a variety of free services for students including fitness classes, fitness events,
personal trainers and fitness tests. These services are offered every semester.
The organization is ran by students at BYU-I. The students plan and execute
events, teach classes, train other students and run the organization with the help of
a faculty advisor.

Situation Analysis
Wellness Activities currently offers a variety of free services to students at Brigham
Young University - Idaho. Students can choose to attend fitness classes and events
as well as sign up for a free personal trainer or a free fitness test at the Wellness
Center. The challenge for Wellness Activities is raising awareness of its services
and having students attend those services.
Wellness Activities uses posters, emails, social media and the universitys
newspaper, The Scroll, to get word out to the student body.

Informative Web page

Variety of fitness classes offered weekly (caters to different students)
Different events offered every semester
Student run/ taught
Free trainers
Free entrance into the fitness center for students and spouses
Free health and fitness tests
Featured in the Scroll
Advertised around campus


People are not aware of free services

Attendance is low at some events and fitness classes


Using social media to promote and reach a larger audience

Bringing awareness to free services and events
More student involvement (volunteers, trainers, instructors, etc.)
More fitness classes can be added to appeal to specific audiences


Other activities happening on campus at the same time as events and classes
Students dont have the motivation or feel a need for health and wellness

The ultimate goal of this campaign is to bring awareness of free services provided
by Wellness Activities and increase attendance of those services:

Increase awareness of fitness classes and events by 15%

Increase awareness of free services at the fitness and wellness center by 10%
Increase the attendance of fitness classes and events by 20%
Increase the use of free services by 15%

*Free services at fitness and wellness center include free personal trainers and free
fitness tests.

The target audience consists of all BYU-I students. In order to narrow the audience
and create key messages for specific groups of students, Wellness Activities will
seek out the following audiences within the student body:

Students who are looking to get fit: Students who are looking to get fit but
dont know how will make the biggest impact in the attendance of fitness
classes as well as benefit the most from the free services. These are students
who already go to the gym and fitness classes, but they dont know what
exercises and fitness classes would benefit most and get them to their desired
goal. These students want to start a healthy lifestyle or make a change in
their lives but are not quite sure how or where to start.
Key Message: Wellness Activities can help you and show you how to start and
maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Incoming freshmen: These are students who dont have college experience yet
and are away from home for the first time. Wellness Activities can teach
them how to establish good habits early and help them make friends who will
help them live a healthy lifestyle. If these students begin participating in
Wellness Activities in their first semester, it is more likely they will keep
participating throughout their whole time at BYU-I.

Key Message: Wellness Activities can help you make and keep good habits
throughout your time at BYU-I and make friends who are dedicated to the
same things you are.

Students who enjoy health and wellness: These are students who already live
a healthy lifestyle and want to keep living and improving that lifestyle.
Wellness Activities can offer them the services they need to continue living
healthy and to set and reach new goals.
Key Message: Wellness Activities can help improve and maximize your
health and fitness goals.

Strategies and Tactics

There are four main strategies to this campaign. Each of the strategies includes its
own set of tactics and is designed to reach the four main objectives.
Strategy 1: Use social media to promote Wellness Activities and spread the word of
events and services.
Post weekly on events that are being held that week
Post daily on fitness classes available that night
Post about different services offered
Post pictures of students at events
Post about events being held that week
Use hashtags such as #byui #rexburg to reach target audience
Search for and follow BYUI students on all platforms
Create videos for the different services of Wellness Activities
and share on social media
Strategy 2: At events and fitness classes, students involved will promote and inform
about Wellness Activities.

Instructors and trainers will spread the word of other classes

and services in their own classes
Fliers will be given at events
Fliers will be handed out during regular college classes to
students by students in the organization

Strategy 3: Hold special events in special places.


Hold a Zumbathon on the football stadium on campus where

students can hear the loud music and join in
Big fitness class at the I-Center
Cycling class outside

Strategy 4: Raise awareness through the use of other mediums.


News releases in the Scroll about events

Fitness class schedule and a schedule of events in the Scroll at
the beginning of each semester
Hold a booth in the Hyrum Manwaring Center and when
weather permits, outside David O. McKay Library, with fliers to
hand out, music and contests (such as a push up contest) for
contestants to win a free T-shirt or some kind of prize
Hang posters and fliers in buildings around campus

Calendar :
This campaign should be implemented immediately in order to reach the objectives.
Strategy 1, 2, 4 These strategies should be implemented as soon as possible. The
beginning of the semester is a great time to start raising
awareness so students know the events that are taking place and
can decide what event they want to attend. These strategies
should be used throughout the semester and whenever an event is
taking place.
Strategy 3 This strategy should be used around the middle of the semester. In this
case, the end of May of early June.

Some of the strategies of the campaign do not require money; only time of the
organization to put them together. An intern or student employee who can run all
social media sites and a team to make videos is suggested.
There will be a cost for the printing of fliers and posters.
$500 Printing

In order to evaluate the success of the campaign, a simple, random survey will be
sent to the student body to see if students are more aware of the free services
offered by Wellness Activities.
Instructors and trainers will also keep weekly statistics of people attending their
classes and the number of clients theyve had in order to see if attendance has
grown since the implementation and during the implementation of the strategies.