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Lt. Taviel de Andrade

Who's Who in Philippine History

Fr. Jose Burgos

1. Who led the longest revolt in the Philippines during the Spanish times?

Sergeant Lamadrid
Gen. Mariano Noriel

Francisco Dagohoy
Rajah Sulayman

4. Who wrote the "Kartilla", considered the 'bible' of the Katipunan movement?
Valentin Diaz
Apolinario Mabini

2. Who was the Spanish governor-general who ordered the deportation of Jose Rizal to
Gov. Gen .Camilo de Polavieja

Emilio Jacinto
Andres Bonifacio

Gov. Gen. Eulogio Despujol
Gov. Gen . Carlos Maria dela Torre
Gov. Gen. Fermin Jaudenes

5. Who created the designs for the Philippine national flag?
Emilio Aguinaldo
Apolinario Mabini
Marcela Agoncillo

3. What was the name of the Filipino soldier who led the Cavite Mutiny of 1872?

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Julian Felipe

What was the name of Diego Silang's wife. who continued the revolt against the Spaniards in the Ilocos region after Diego's death? Gabriela Manuela Geronima 7. Who named the country 'Islas de San Lazaro'? Miguel Lopez de Legazpi 2 | Page Antonio Luna . Who was the last general of the Filipino-American revolution to surrender to the Americans? Simeon Ola Diego Barbosa Ferdinand Magellan Artemio Ricarte Miguel Malvar Cornelio Felizardo 9.Alvaro Saavedra 6. Which of the following former presidents died in a plane crash? Luciana Ferdinand Marcos Emilio Aguinaldo Carlos Garcia Ramon Magsaysay 10. Who was the hero of the Battle at Tirad Pass? Diego Silang Macario Sakay Gregorio del Pilar 8.

When Rizal decided to travel to Europe. One of his siblings died early and is said to have been Rizal's 'first sorrow'. She was a pretty fourteen-year old Batangueña. Seiko married Alfred Charlton. a school administered by the Jesuit priests. Who was she? Leonor Valenzuela 3 | Page 5. he loved reading books and novels. What was Charlton's job? .The Philipppines' Greatest Hero: Uncovered 1. he could have married her. What was it? The Three Musketeers To study socialism To observe European culture The Fencing Master Le Captaine Paul The Count of Monte Cristo 3. When he traveled to Japan. Who was this sibling? Narcisa Gertude Beckette Leonor Rivera Segunda Katigbak Saturnia Lucia Concepcion 4. he read a novel by Alexander Dumas. Rizal met his first love. When Rizal excelled as a top student at Ateneo de Manila. What is it? To form small revolutionary groups To gather material for novels 2. While at the Ateneo. specifically Spain. also known as O-Sei-San. of whom Rizal was the seventh. A year after Rizal's execution (1897). Rizal met a girl named Seiko Usui. The Rizal family had 11 siblings. in order to study medicine he also had another aim. Among other books. If he had not had any patriotic mission. This was the first novel that he really loved.

This girl wanted Rizal to become a Protestant. Joy turned to despair and Rizal was about to burn the novel . was first published. Then a hero came to his aid and the printing resumed. As a Catholic. like herself. Belgium. When "Noli Me Tangere". Gregorio Echivarria 9. Who was this "bitter enemy? Valentin Ventura Dr. Antonio Regidor Ferdinand Blumentritt Wenceslao Retana 10. This priest is the subject of Rizal's "Por Telefono in Paris". and this resulted in Rizal's early departure. During his exile at Dapitan in Zamboanga (following the publication of "Noli Me 4 | Page . Salvador Font Fr. In an article he wrote. This girl was Gertude Beckette. Rizal's most famous novel. He was so glad about the printing but his funds were extremely low and he had to leave the printing half-done.Chemist Edward Boustead Engineer Valentin Ventura Soldier Teacher 8. a priest masterminded its banning. Pedro Payo Fr. Who was this priest? False Fr. he repeatedly maligned Rizal's family. Who was this hero? Marcelo H. Dr. Rizal declined her request. where he had an affair with a Protestant girl. True 6. Jose Rizal traveled to Madrid in 1890 and discovered his "bitter enemy of the pen". Rizal traveled to Biarritz in France. Maximo Viola 7. Antonio Piernavieja Fr. This enemy was an editor of a newspaper named "La Epoca". At the time of his trip in Europe. Rizal published "El Filibusterismo" in Ghent.. Del Pilar Dr..

He whispered to her in English. Gen. This spy has been identified as P. he handed one of his sisters a lamp which contained his last poem. "Mi Ultimo Adios". Rizal met someone claiming to a cousin or relative of his. He was actually a friar's spy seeking a way of ruining Rizal legally. In order to inform Rizal. During his exile in Dapitan. Eulogio Despujol Gov.Tangere") Rizal indulged what a biographer has called "his only vice". Gen. Bonifacio sent an emissary to Dapitan. Who was he? 5 | Page Trinidad . a Governor General brought more mayhem to the Philippines than its predecessor. This Governor General signed the order for Rizal's execution. Who was he? Gov. Gen. an organization founded by Andres Bonifacio. planned a bloody revolution against the Spaniards. Meanwhile. the Katipunan. "There is something inside. Given that M stands for Mercado. At the time Rizal's final hours at Fort Santiago. Camilio Polavieja Gov. While Rizal was still in exile. a fortress near Pasig City. what does the P stand for? Pablo Paciano Pedro 13. Gen. Pio Valenzuela Women 11. What was it? All of these Wine Lottery Juan Luna Andres Bonifacio went there himself Deodato Arellano Dr. Rizal's exile was over he was and turned over to the officials of Manila for his "last days". Primo de Rivera Pio 14. Ramon Blanco Gov.M." Who was this sister? Olimpia 12.

from which Asian language do these words came from. what was the second group of people who migrated by sea to the Philippines 3. Foreign influences were evident on most aspects of Filipino culture .000 to 8.000 years ago? Indians Malays Abakada 4. Jose Rizal. Who first introduced the Islamic religion in the Philippines? Makhdum Abu Bakr Idi Amin Rajah Baguinda Arabs Indonesians 2. when a medical student at Madrid. I hope you enjoy it. 'alam'. and 'salamat'? 6 | Page 5. Who commanded a large Chinese fleet.Paciano Sanskrit Josefa Malayo-Polynesian Mandarin Arabic 15.the Philippine languages. for example. What is considered the earliest form of writing in the Philippines? True Alibata False Balitaw Roman alphabet Pre-Colonial Philippine History "What was life in the Philippines before the coming of the Spaniards? Find out by taking this quiz. After the Negritos. Now. sent by Emperor Yung Lo of the Ming dynasty in 1402 to trade with the country at the same time establish colonies along the coast towns of the archipelago? Lucio Tan . Dr. 3. 'hukom'." 1. predicted that he would die on December 30.

Makatunaw of Borneo? Homonhon.Chau-ju-kua Sidapa Cheng Ho Lalahon Ko ch'a-lao Bathalya 6. Palawan 8. Where was the landing spot of the 10 Bornean datus who had escaped (along with their families) from the rule of their sultan. You had to render services to the prospective bride's family. by chopping wood or fetching water from a 'balon' for days or months or years! If you were lucky enough to be accepted. Samar San Joaquin. had created the universe? 7 | Page . What were these schools called? sonat Batangas bothoan 7. what did you call of the gift you were required to give to the girl's parents? barangay paaralan Bigay-suhol Bigay-suso Bigay-ginto Bigay-kaya 10. What province was in the earlier times became known far and wide as the 'provincia de Comintang'? Bathala Laguna Bataan Isabela 9. they believed. Panay Island Puerto Princesa. While most of the children of the ancient times were taught at home. Who was the Supreme Being of the ancient Filipinos who. for example. there existed formal schools in the Panay Island of Visayas. Marriage among the Filipinos in the past was long and complicated.

The Hispanic Period had started in the Philippines in 1500s. For how many years did Spanish rule last in the Philippines? Answer: (ranges from 300 to 350 years) 5. Diego and Gabriela Silang had defended Ilocos from the Spanish authorities. Leyte Pampanga Revolt Manila Revolt Tamblot Revolt The Philippines under Spanish Rule 1. What is the revolt called? Isneg Revolt 8 | Page husband and wife .Palo. Raja Lakandula and Raja Sulayman revolted against Governor Guido de Lavezaris. Who was the first Governor of the Philippines? 4. In 1762-1763 the most popular revolt took place in Ilocos. Which one of these Philippine revolts during the Hispanic period lasted longest? Palaris Revolt Ruy Lopez de Villalobos Camerino Revolt Ferdinand Magellan Parang and Upay Revolt Miguel Lopez de Legazpi Dagohoy Revolt Philip II of Spain 2. because of the abuses by the Spaniards. Identify the relationship of the Silangs. brother and sister they were not related parent and child 3.

July 1892: La Liga Filipina (Spanish for "The Philippine League") was established by Dr. True False Jose Apolonio Burgos 11. Andres Bonifacio talked personally to Rizal during the later's exile in Dapitan. The root of this revolt came from this kind of order The one. Jose Protacio Rizal is Philippines' national hero because of his large contribution to independence during the 19th century. Pen Swords and Knives Religious Order Government Order Business Order Personal Order 9. Answer: (2 words. Which of these priests was executed by Governor-General Rafael de Izuquierdo in 1872? Jacinto Zamora Mariano Gomez all of them were executed 10. Jose Rizal and other Illustrados (Spanish for Filipino intellectuals) had established this group of propaganda writers. Dr. The name of this progressive society newspaper against Spain was _______________. The Religious Revolt of Hermano Pule had took seventeen months to quell.6. 8. Jose Rizal in Tondo. Manila. What was his main weapon against the Spaniards? Religion Guns 9 | Page Yes No . English translation is also accepted) 7. this author described was a ___________________________.

Manila in December 30. the Americans. The Tejeros Convention happened in which Philippine province? Manila 10 | P a g e Gregorio del Pilar . Which of these capital punishments was used to execute him? Garrote Batangas Laguna Cavite Live burial Guillotine Shooting 15. The massive raid in the printing press of "Diario de Manila" (Spanish for "The Newspaper of Manila") had alarmed the Katipunan members due to the arrest of their several comrades. Which of these was it? Bacoor Bay Manila Bay address books all of these birth or baptismal certificate residence certificates "This quiz is concerned with Philippine history . In May 1898.12." 1. After the second general meeting. One of the last Filipino generals who fought the Americans and established the so-called 'Tagalog Republic' Miguel Malvar Macario Sakay Manuel Tinio 14. He was executed by the Spanish authorities in Luneta (Bagumbayan by then). The Spanish-American War brought an end to Spanish rule. Batangas Bay Laguna Bay 13. under Commodore George Dewey won "The Battle of ______ ______". these men decided to tear up this important document. 1896. Filipinos remembered Dr. Jose Rizal as the patriot of the masses.

Who excommunicated Fr. Marcelo Fernan Gregoria de Jesus Teodora Alonso Leonor Rivera Gabriela Silang 5. Gregorio Aglipay? Santos Norzaleda Sin Vidal 4. Who is the former Senate President who came from Abra? Ferdinand Marcos Quintin Paredes 7. Where was the Rizal's novel 'Noli Mi Tangere' published? 11 | P a g e . she continued the war against Spain.Ernesto Maceda 2. was caught and hanged. Who is generally acknowledged as the first President of the Philippines? Emilio Aguinaldo Manuel Quezon Andres Bonifacio Manuel Roxas 3. After her husband died. Who was the 'Great Dissenter'? Claro M. Recto Eulogio Rodriguez Manuel Roxas Jr Camilo Osias 6. She is a Filipino heroine.

The First Republic of the Philippines was established during a war. Good luck!" 1.Berlin Balangiga Rangers Barcelona Fire Brigade Brussels Paris 8. Who won the first Philippine National Presidential Election? Emilio Aguinaldo . Who is the Filipino historian who claimed that there was no Philippine history before the execution of the three nationalists priests? Fidel Villaruel. OP Gregorio Zaide Teodoro Agoncillo Onofre Corpuz "The Republic of the Philippines was established after independence from Spain in 1898. What is the name of Filipino armed contingent that helped the Americans capture Aguinaldo? Macabebe Scouts Abu Sayyaf 12 | P a g e 2. Some of the events are related here. Which one? Philippine Revolution Spanish-American War Philippine-American War World War I 9. and from the US in 1946.

The Filipinos protested in the streets using prayers and flowers.Manuel Luis Quezon 5. His name was _____________________. When did this assassination happened? 22nd of August 1982 20th of August 1985 23rd of August 1980 21st of August 1983 4. The name of the lawyer-politician appointed by the Japanese was Sergio Osmeña. This former Senator. This late lawyer-politician from Ilocos had served two Republics. Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino was shot at Manila International Airport after seven years in exile. instead of knives and guns. the battle cries of the nation had changed. Bishop Gregorio Aglipay and the longest seated President of the Philippines. True False 13 | P a g e 7. the "Puppet Government" (Second Republic) was set up in the Philippines during Japan's occupation of the country. Manuel Roxas became the last Commonwealth President before the Philippines gained independence from United States. What was the name of this revolution? . Answer: (first name and last name General Miguel Malvar only) 3. True False 6. During the World War II. 1986: Three years after Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino's death.

had also faced controversies regarding her administration status. He faced the impeachment trial for which of these violations? All of these are true 14 | P a g e 10. Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking (JMSU) Scandal Hello Garci Scandal National Broadband Network Scandal None of these . 2. One of these was in regard to the elections in May 2004. respectively. Former film actor-politician Joseph "Erap" Estrada was also ousted by the following revolt of People Power. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.Answer: (2 or 3 words) Extortion of "jueteng" money "Jose Velarde" account Graft and corruption 8. The revolution ended when the former president and his family fled to the United States. Two significant events happened on this say in Philippine history: 1. the President after the 2001 People Power Revolution. called EDSA 2 in 2001. Which day was it? 1st May 1986 9th April 1985 20th August 1985 25th February 1986 9. Corazon Aquino and Salvador Laurel were sworn in as President and Vice-President.

ruled from 1898 to 1901 in Malolos. During the World War II.Results for Philippine Government History (The Republic) 1. Sergio Osmeña was the First Vice President of the Philippines (19351944) before he became the successor to Manuel L. 2. Manuel Roxas became the last Commonwealth President before the Philippines gained independence from United States. He won the elections in 1935 against First Republic President Emilio Aguinaldo and Bishop Gregorio 4. Quezon (19351944) was recognized by the US after the Philippines gained self-government in 1916. This war had lasted for three years (1899-1902). Manuel L. The conflict between the First Republic and the United States of America had started the "Philippine-American War" or also called "Philippine Insurrection". who died of tuberculosis in New York. the "Puppet Government" (Second Republic) was set up in the Philippines during Japan's occupation of the country. The correct answer was Manuel Luis Quezon 65% of players have answered correctly. 3. The first Philippine President of the Commonwealth and the "Father of the Philippine language". but he was nearly shot. Quezon. Your Answer: False 1941-1945: World War II affected not only the Philippines but also the Allied and Axis Powers around the world. 33% of players have answered correctly. Your Answer: Emilio Aguinaldo Jose P. The name of the lawyer-politician appointed by the Japanese was Sergio Osmeña. Bulacan. Who won the first Philippine National Presidential Election? 15 | P a g e Aglipay. He was selected by the National Assembly to serve as the 3rd President of the Philippines. Which one? Your Answer: Philippine Revolution The correct answer was Philippine-American War Emilio Aguinaldo. 59% of players have answered correctly. The First Republic of the Philippines was established during a war. the very first Philippine President. . Laurel's presidency had put him in danger because of his collaboration with the Japanese.

69% of players have answered correctly. 5. the battle cries of the nation had changed.Your Answer: True The successor to Sergio Osmeña as the third and last Commonwealth President. Two of the officials. The late Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal . and also the First President of the 4th Republic (1981-1986) of the Philippines. First Prime Minister/New Society President (1978-1981). Almost 2 million people came to express their condolences to his family. 7. had supported Ninoy's widow as the victorious president.4th of July 1946). When did this assassination happened? Your Answer: 21st of August 1983 16 | P a g e The late Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino's death had shocked the whole Philippines because of the assasination in Manila Internation Airport. former President Fidel Ramos (Vice Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces) and Senator Juan Ponce Enrile (Minister of Defense). some of his supporters said that the results of the February 7 snap election were unreliable because of malpractice. This late lawyer-politician from Ilocos had served two Republics. 6. The 21st of August is now a national holiday in the Philippines. This former Senator. 1946 until his death in 1948. He was the 6th President of the Third Republic (1969-1973). 65% of players have answered correctly. Corazon Aquino. His name was _____________________. He became the President of the Third Republic of the Philippines on July 4. The correct answer was EDSA Revolution 76% of players have answered correctly. Manuel Roxas served the Commonwealth for only 37 days (28th of May . instead of knives and guns. The Filipinos protested in the streets using prayers and flowers. 1986: Three years after Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino's death. and the longest seated President of the Philippines. Other accepted answers: People Power Revolution EDSA 1 People Power Despite Marcos winning against Ninoy's widow. What was the name of this revolution? Your Answer: Ferdinand Marcos Your Answer: EDSA Peoples Power Revolution He served 21 years as the President until "People Power Revolution" in February 1986. Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino was shot at Manila International Airport after seven years in exile.

had also supported these officials and called the nation to support the movement for change. President Marcos fled to the US on the same day and stayed in exile until his death in 1989. Two significant events happened on this say in Philippine history: 1. 1986. via Radio Veritas. The revolution ended when the former president and his family fled to the United States. respectively.Sin. 58% of players have answered correctly. 8. . 17 | P a g e Which day was it? Your Answer: 25th February 1986 On the morning of February 25. 2. Corazon Aquino and Salvador Laurel took their oaths as President and Vice-President on the same day in the Club Filipino. Corazon Aquino and Salvador Laurel were sworn in as President and Vice-President. San Juan in the presence of Supreme Court Associate Justice Claudio Teehankee.