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1. The behavior of Andy Sachs and Miranda Pristly can be explained through their personality type. a) Be
able to Identify (or perceive) their major and secondary type. b) What influences personality? Do this by
citing the 4 major determinants of personality. Plot your answer in a matrix.
2. Explain the behavior of Nigel and Emily through the self concept (efficacy, evaluation, locus of
control, esteem) principle.
3. Relate emotions in the workplace and stress with reference to Andy vis-a-vis the role of Miranda
Priestly, Emily, Nigel, Nate and Simon.
4. Apply a Needs Theory (except Maslow). Begin by stating your point of view.
5. Miranda Priestly made good misconceptions about Andy Sachs. Identify these manifestations through
the common types of perceptual errors.

*#1 is at the last part.

2. Right from the start of the Movie, you can already see that Andy

has a very positive self concept. In

terms of efficacy, when she was being interviewed by Miranda, she stated her remarkable scholastic
achievements which was her way of saying that Hey, I am capable and I accomplish all the task that you
will give me and she proved this as the story unravels. When she was asked by Miranda to join her and
Emily for the Runway ball, she didnt hesitate even if she has only a night to prepare and memorize the
names of the guests and as a matter of fact, she even saved Emily for not remembering the ambassadors
Andy/Andrea, without a background in fashion, tried to apply in a Fashion magazine and had even the
guts to go to the interview! This behaviour of taking high risk can be explained by her HIGH SELF
ESTEEM. To further back this up, despite the criticisms that she get from her colleagues, friends, Emily
and her boss, she didnt give up. Going back to the scene where she was scolded when she laughed during
a meeting with Miranda and other designers because she thought that the 2 belts where just the same and
when tears fell from her eyes when Miranda got mad because she wasnt able to get her a flight back to
New York due to the weather, she went to Nigel who advised her to quit then she said Why would I
According to the book of Slocum, Internals control their
own behavior better, are more active politically and socially, and seek information about
their situations more actively than do externals. Compared to externals, internals are more likely to try to
influence or persuade others and are less likely to be influenced by others. Internals often are more
achievement oriented than are externals. And basing from this, I can say that Andy has a very high
Internal Locus of Control. Her friends keep on telling her to quit her job, yet she even persisted, read
books and essays about fashion. She is pretty much calm and never blamed others for her failures.
Remember when she wasnt able to book Miranda a flight, she didnt blame the weather. When Miranda
saw her going up the stairs because the twins tricked her, she just apologized to Miranda and didnt blame
the kids. She is pretty much in control of herself.
When it comes to self- evaluation, I think that it took some time before Andy realized that her goals are
no longer congruent with whats happening. She got so focused with work that she already sacrificed he
social life and even her love life but in the end, when they were in the Paris Fashion Week, she realized
that she doesnt want to be like Miranda, a person who doesnt care about anyone else but herself so she
quit and pursued her dream to be a journalist.

2B.Nigel is one of the most efficient employees of Runway and has a very high self-efficacy. During a
very stressful meeting with Miranda, it was only Nigel who received a positive feedback for coming
prepared and suggesting a good idea. From the movie, you can also see how confident and dedicated he
is in doing his job which is a manifestation of self efficacy.
According to our book, Employees with low self-esteem are more susceptible than employees
with high self-esteem to procrastinate, suffer stress and conflict which is far from the responsible and
highly adaptive role of Nigel. Which only proves how high his self esteem is. Furthermore, in the latter
part of the movie, he was suppose to be the next partner of James Holt, he was so proud of this and he

even shared a drink with Andy to celebrate since he believes that with his talent and experience, he truly
deserves it.
Nigel has a high locus of control which can be seen in his strong motivation, ability to adjust in difficult
tasks just like when we there was a last minute revamp in the September issue. Instead of complaining an
whining, he whole-heartedly did his job. Another scene which he showed his high internal locus (which is
one of my favorites) was when he talked to Andy after she cried and got scolded because of the flight
incident, he didnt console her but persuaded her start loving her job.
During the scene where Nigel was talking to Andrea about his supposed partnership with James Holt, you
can say that he has good self-evaluation because he knows that he is capable and deserving of the job.
That comparing from what he has done in the past, its about time that he step into a bigger dream.

3. Relating from the emotions in the work place, you can see that there is tension brought about
by the intimdating personality of Miranda. Nigel has pretty much adapted with stress as you can
see how he handles stressful situations with grace and rapid changes. Andy was at first having a
hard time adjusting with the stressful environment and a very stressful boss but with her strong
motivation, internal locus of control, she was able to handle things well. On the other hand Emily
has a low emotional intelligence as seen in her lack of concern for others, she has poor life and
work balance which leads to poor health. Perhaps, the employees should undergo some stress
management workshops so they can adapat well with the environment.

4.One of the Key Characters in the movie is Miranda and she can be our great example for the Three
Needs theory of David McCleland. Which states that people motivation can be explained by the The three
needs which are the Need for Power, Achievement and Affiliation. According to Slocum achievement
motivation model states that individuals
are motivated according to the strength of their desire either to perform in terms of a standard
of excellence or to succeed in competitive situations. This was manifested by Miranda by her attitude to
make every issue of RUNWAY better than its last issue to the point that she changed the September issue,
a few days before it gets published. It can also be seen during the Runway Ball. She wants to makes sure
that she will look and act perfectly so she prepared a guest list and made sure that shell know all of the
guests through her secretaries. She also prepares ahead of time, as showed during their meeting where she
was already asking for ideas for next years issues.
Mirandas NEED FOR POWER was greatly portrayed during the Paris Fashion Week, when she talked to
the CEO of RUNWAY magazine, showed him a list of the model and editors who will support her if she
leaves and jeopardized the promotion of Nigel just to give the slot to Jacqueline Follet just to retain her
position. This was also evident all throughout the movie as she showed how strong she can influence
others with just mere nods, smile and pouting of lips. Which is a manifestation on how she wants to
control individuals and events.
The Need for Affiliation can be seen in one of the highlights of the movie. When Miranda was just sitting
in the couch then Andy came and she started talking about her divorce, her worry about the kids and how
his other marriages failed which showed her desire to be liked and to stay on good terms with

5. A very dominant perceptual error that Miranda committed during the interview was the Halo Effect. With her
impressive scholastic records, Miranda believed that Andy could fit into the Job which didnt manifest quickly. As a
matter of fact there was a seen where Miranda said that when I hired you because of your impressive resume, I
thought you were different. Another type of perception error which was showed here was Stereotyping, Emily
thought that because Andy isnt fashionable, she wont last long in the industry but then she even exceeded Emilys
achievements. Another stereotyping error was when Miranda said that when she hires people who patronize the
magazines, those who are fashionable, they would last long in the job but then she admitted that she was wrong..

One of the determinants of personality is the
environment which includes the culture and
cultural values. Say for example, Andy who was
raised outside of New York dressed personality
with Emily. The same way that a person raised
from a province differs from the personality of
those from the city. Your social circle is also
included in this factor which includes your friends
and families and as we all know in Psychology,
family up bringing also play a role in personality
Although these factors do not literally create and
shape up an individuals personality, situational
factors do alter a persons behavior and response
from time to time. These can be The situational
factors can be commonly observed when a person
behaves contrastingly and exhibits different traits
and characteristics. For example, a persons
behavior will be totally different when he is in his
office, in front of his boss, when compared to his
hangout with old friends in a bar.
In this way, situational factors impact a personality
in a significant way. They often bring out the traits

The physical factors on the other hand includes
physical structure of a person: his height, weight,
colour, sex, beauty and body language, etc Physical
traits also affect how we treat each other. Personal
bias and even subconscious discrimination can
mean the difference between a pleasant interaction
and one fraught with trouble. These interactions
with others set the stage for how we perceive
ourselves, and what we choose to present to the
Your physical atrributes are inherited and a part of
your intelligence and temper as well. Heredity
factors are the ones that are determined at the time
of conception. These factors not only affect the
physical features of a person, but the intelligence
level, attentiveness, gender, temperament, various
inherited diseases and energy level, all get affected
by them.
The example of how heredity factors determine
such a huge and significant part of an individuals
personality can easily be observed in children.
Many children behave exactly how their parents

of a person that are not commonly seen.

do. Similarly, twin siblings also have a lot of things

in common

Basing from the Myers-Brigs Theory, The behaviour of Miranda can be explained through her Extravert,
Intuitive, Thinking and Judging personality type. Which mean that she is an extrovert which can be seen
on how much she loves to socialize and attend balls. She also is comfortable talking with
others, speak up in a group, and are assertive, talkative, and open to establishing new
interpersonal relationships. Being intuitive Miranda she her skills at reading people to predict their
movements and anticipate them in ways that allow her to maintain her position. Being intuitive she is also
visionary. See how she was able to see the potential of Andy and by Judging, she prefers step by step
prcoedures just how she makes lists.
On the other hand, Andy is also an Extrovert, she loves talking to people, talking to Emily, nigel and to
her friends. She is into Sensing, she prefers ideas that have practical applications, she observes how
Emily does things..She is into feelings, bases her decisions on values just how she decided to quit her job
because its against her values and Judging since she is organized and even puts everything in her