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Dstl Job Profile

Job Title Project Manager
Job Reference 22566
Department Information Management Department
Location Dstl Porton Down
Salary £30,185 to £34,374 dependant on experience
Reporting to Team Leader
Closing date for receipt of
3 April 2009
Nationality Eligibility Open to UK Nationals only (We are sorry that dual nationals cannot be considered)
This post will require additional Developed Vetting.
All posts require standard Security Clearance (SC), and all applicants must have resided in the UK
for the previous 5 years.

Appointment Type Permanent

Working Arrangement Full-time
Working Hours 37 Hours

Job summary
Primary Role
As a Project Manager you be accountable for the successful delivery of a number of projects to time, cost, and quality
within the management of accepted risk. You will also be required to be the prime point of contact for all stake holders
and to highlight opportunities for further work to the Department Portfolio Manager [DPM]. The prime function of the
group is to provide information and communication technologies (ICT) security advice and services across HMG. This
covers all phases from protection through resilience and response into recovery. The group is also the co-ordination
centre for research into Information Operations across Dstl tasking across the organisation, industry and academia as
appropriate. The group is strongly technology based exporting its’ expertise into systems areas across Dstl as well as
directly to the customer base

Essential Functions
 To interpret and deliver the required output through a common understanding of the customer need and
desired outcome; to act as the prime point of contact for the customer and Dstl in matters pertaining to the
 To ensure that the planned benefit or output, in terms of time, cost and quality, is delivered with the minimum
acceptable risk to Dstl.
 To lead delivery of the project (from bidding, throughout execution, to closure) through planning, integration
and implementation of an agreed set of objectives and aims; to utilise the Dstl Management System [DMS]
as required and appropriate.
 To manage/mitigate the identified project risks (encompassing Technical, Financial, Commercial, Health and
Safety, Environmental, Security aspects) to Dstl.
 To ensure the appropriate capabilities (manpower and facilities) are employed in the execution of the project;
to be responsible for agreeing and leading on project change to meet the agreed output and internal project
requirements, including tasking and aligning the project team including suppliers etc.
 To utilise appropriate tools and techniques to plan, monitor and report progress, deliver output, and effect
payment for work done. This includes provision of accurate forecasts to the required timescales.
 To establish, maintain and control project documentation necessary for the management of the project, from
bidding throughout execution, to closure, allowing for issues to be raised, reviews undertaken and lessons
learned to be promulgated in a timely manner; to initiate corrective action and exception reporting to aid
effective delivery.

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 To interface with Department Portfolio Managers [DPM] and Dstl Programmes Area to ensure that all
pertinent projects are consistent with integrated programmes of work to meet high level customer objectives.

Educational & Experience Requirements

Proven Experience of Managing Multiple Concurrent Projects
IT skills (MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Working Knowledge of Project Management, Processes & Tools

Working knowledge of DMS Project Management processes
Membership of a professional project management body
Knowledge of Ministry of Defence [MOD] and Other Government Departments [OGD] structure and work area
Ability to identify new work streams and to follow up opportunities

Key Skills
Good understanding of project management principles
Excellent negotiating and communication skills
Excellent planning and organisational skills
High degree of self motivation and professionalism
Responsible attitude to quality, safety and security
Flexible and adaptable
Ability to identify and manage risk
Ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team and to build networks
Financial and commercial awareness

Technical / Functional competencies

Experience of Managing Projects in a Science and Technology environment

Other Job Components

Scope & impact
A Project Manager is required to ensure project output meets the agreed customer need through:
• Improved customer understanding
• Delivery of agreed output
• Identification, management and mitigation of risk
• Timeliness, Responsiveness, Quality and Control
• Appropriate use of available capability

Being engaged within a role as a Dstl Project Manager does not preclude undertaking other, additional Dstl roles.
Internal & External Contacts
Internal Department Portfolio Manager [DPM], Team/Group Leader [TL/GL], Department Operations Manager
[DOM], Department Manager [DM], Chief Scientist, Capability Advisor/Technical Advisor, Management Accountant
[MA], Senior Programme Leader [SPL] and Programme Coordinator
External Ministry of Defence [MOD], Other Government Department [OGDs], Industry, Academia, International
Other Requirements
Travel to other Dstl or Customer Sites will be required.
Know How and Competencies
Personal Effectiveness
Personal Responsibility. I take ownership for issues and prioritise effectively to meet commitments. I organise
myself to deliver efficiently, effectively and safely. I take responsibility for what I say and do and I am prepared to
challenge others who compromise Dstl standards.
Drive to Deliver. I set high personal standards and strive to achieve them. I act decisively to achieve targets and
set new goals consistent with the business needs.

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Interpersonal Effectiveness
Communicate Effectively I communicate in clear, concise and appropriate terms. I am able to create
understanding across a wide range of technical and non-technical audiences both verbally and in writing. I listen
actively in order to build shared understanding.

Build Productive Relationships. I work effectively with a range of different people, sharing knowledge and
building positive relationships to enable constructive debate. I influence others appropriately to affect the outcome of
Integrated Thinking
Customer Appreciation. I actively consider the needs of internal and external customers and stakeholders. I
adopt a customer mindset when addressing issues and presenting outcomes.
Develop Effective Networks I network effectively to expand the pool of knowledge, resources and expertise
available to me and Dstl to help us deliver our objectives. I actively establish and maintain dialogue with a range of
internal and external contacts.
Knowledge Building and Application
Make the Links. I think broadly about the interactions between elements of my work and the knowledge and skills
that inform them. I understand the linkages to the work of others and play my part in sharing information to build
understanding. I consider the impact of the decisions I make and their implications for the long term and for other
Use Information to Make Decisions. I manage existing information effectively and source appropriate levels of
new data, balancing the need for information and the need for action effectively. I reach well considered and
evidence based conclusions and decisions, supported by thorough analysis where appropriate.
Leading and Managing
Drive for Results. I drive for shared results and implemented processes. I manage performance effectively by
helping people to understand what is expected of them, leading them towards outcomes, addressing poor
performance and recognising success. I show resilience in overcoming complications and setbacks.

To apply please complete an application form, which can be found on our careers page
(, quoting reference 022566. Send the completed application to Alternatively call the recruitment Team on 01980 617215

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