Sales & Distribution

KON Conditions for Transaction Data V KON Conditions for Items P LIKP Delivery Header Data LIPS Delivery: Item data VBA Sales Document: Header Data K VBAP Sales Document: Item Data VBBE Sales Requirements: Individual Records VBEH Schedule line history VBEP Sales Document: Schedule Line Data VBFA Sales Document Flow VBLB Sales document: Release order data VBLK SD Document: Delivery Note Header VBPA Sales Document: Partner VBR Billing: Header Data K VBRP Billing: Item Data VBU Sales Document: Header Status and K Administrative Data VBU Sales Document: Item Status P VEKP Handling Unit - Header Table VEPO Packing: Handling Unit Item (Contents) VEPV Delivery Due Index G

MM Master Data
EINA Purchasing Info Record- General Data EINE Purchasing Info Record- Purchasing Organization Data MAK Material Descriptions T MAR General Material Data A MAR Plant Data for Material C MAR Storage Location Data for Material D MAS Material to BOM Link T MBE Material Valuation W MKP Header- Material Document F MSE Document Segment- Material G

MVE Material Consumption R MVK Sales Data for materials E RKPF Document Header- Reservation T023 Mat. groups T024 Purchasing Groups T156 Movement Type T157 Help Texts for Movement Types H MOF Lists what views have not been created F

MM Purchasing
A50 1 EBA N EBK N EKA B EKB E EKE T EKK N EKK O EKP O IKPF Plant/Material Purchase Requisition Purchase Requisition Account Assignment Release Documentation History per Purchasing Document Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines Account Assignment in Purchasing Document Purchasing Document Header Purchasing Document Item

Header- Physical Inventory Document ISEG Physical Inventory Document Items LFA Vendor Master (General section) 1 LFB Vendor Master (Company Code) 1 NRI Number range intervals V RES Reservation/dependent B requirements T16 Texts for Purchasing Document 1T Types

Transaction Codes

1. Developing

S001 Abap Workbench SE09 Workbenche organizer (Transports) SE11 ABAP/4 Dictionary SE16 Data browser SE24 Class builder SE30 ABAP Runtime analyzes SE32 ABAP/4 Text Element Maintenance SE35 ABAP/4 Dialog Modules Maintenance SE36 Logical Databases SE37 Function builder SE38 ABAP/4 Editor SE39 Program Comparison SE41 Menu Painter SE43 Area Menu editor SE48 Call hierarchy SE49 Program analysis: Table Manipulation SE51 Screen Painter: Initial Screen. SE55 Table maintenance dialog SE80 Repository browser SE91 Message Classes SE93 Maintain transaction SHDB Batch input recorder SM30 Maintain table views SM35 Monitor batch input ST22 Short dump analysis

2. Monitoring
ST05 SQL Trace ST07 Application monitor


SM04 User overview ( Possible to end sessions) SM12 Table lock Entries SM21 System log for viewing dumps SM36 Define background jobs SM37 View background jobs SM50 Process Overview SU53 Display Authorization Values for User SLG1 View application log SLG2 Delete application log SPAD Output devices SP01 See spool

4. SapScript
SE71 Form painter SE72 Style maintenance

SE73 SAPscript font maintenance. SE74 SAPscript format conversion SE75 SAPscript Settings SE76 SAPscript Form Translation SE77 SAPscript Style Conversion SE78 SapScript Graphics Management SO10 Create standard text module

5.Enhancements and modifications
CMOD Enhancementprojects SMOD List SAP enhancements to use in CMOD SHD0 Transaction variant maintenance

6. Other

ABAPDOCU ABAP coding examples supplied by SAP AL11 Look at directories on the host system ( With drill down ) LSMW LSM Workbench SA38 Submit batch job SE01/STMS Transport system SPRO Start SAP IMG SPAM Support packet manage SU03 Maintain Authorizations: Object Classes SU51 Display Authorization Data (Can be called after failed authorization)SWEC Events for change documents SW01 Business Object Builder SWO4 Display Businesss Object Types

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