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This chapter contains discussions on the current system, the overview that
incorporates all necessary details, the problems encountered during operation and
lastly, the process model used to determine the flow of operation that current system
Overview of the Existing System
The current system of Municipality of Bautista is there are using manual
operation. The process starts from the registration of the applicants and filling up
personal information and scheduled for training. The Coordinator manually managed
the applicants information and keeps their records in the file cabinet. It is started year
2014 and estimated with 700 students who inquire. The students came from Well Care
and Luzon Training Institute any school accredited by TESDA. According to Dominador
T. Dela Cruz, Jr. the Administrative Aide I from the office of Municipal, Planning &
Development Coordinator the main problem is the process of information is very slow
and time consuming, difficult to search in the file cabinet. It consumed data redundancy
he didnt know if the students are already registered so it may repeat or duplicate.
Overview of the Propose System
It contains the overview of the Skills Registry System and elaborates the work of
the system as a whole. It discusses how and presents all the details relative to the
propose system. It also tells the System Requirements and System Specifications.
Skills Registry System is a web site that was conceived as a centralized
database of all TESDA Trainees. The SRS was established to enable job seekers to find

employment easily. The system provides for the online registration of Trainees of their
names, skills and other information will be saved in a database, which will be linked to
the official job portal of the Philippine government for job matching . SRS is an initiative
to have a robust and credible information repository about all persons working in the
Information industry. The site also claims that it develops trusted and permanent fact
sheet of information about each professional along with background check reports and
that it is a security best practice for the industry which assures identity security and
industry acceptance to honest professionals.
Skills Registry System is for TESDA Trainees. An effective system to track
TESDA graduates to have their way to find an effective employment that suit for their
This study focuses on the Out of School Youth in Bautista, Pangasinan. To
provide relevant, accessible, high quality and efficient technical education and skills
development in support of the development of high quality Filipino middle level
manpower responsive to and in accordance with the Philippine development goals and
priorities. The municipality of Bautista provides education and training opportunities to
prepare students and other clients for employment. It also addresses the skills training
requirements of those who are already in the labor market and would need to upgrade
or develop new competencies to enhance employability and improve productivity.