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Research Method For Social Science

Assignment 2
13rd OF APRIL 2015

4.1 Introduction
This chapter are presents the research findings which is divided into the backgrounds of
respondents and the results of data analyses and research findings. The backgrounds of
respondents discuss the composition of respondents by using checklist. The results of data
analyses and research findings explain the result of analysis of teaching mathematics through
music in young children on the effects of parent awareness about teaching mathematics
through music, the important of music, and the activities in teaching mathematic through

4.2 Background of Respondents

Firstly, I want would like to thanks to all parents and students at Wonderful Years
Kindergarten that willing to give cooperation together to make this research study
successfully. The purpose of this research was to identify why parents do not realize that
music should be part of childrens life and the parents awareness about the importance music
in teaching mathematics for childrens. This survey takes about two weeks to complete. The
location that has been selected to carry out this study is in Sungai Petani, located at No.51,
Jalan Laguna Merbok 13/11E, 80000 Sungai Petani Kedah Darul Aman. On 3 rd of March
2015 at 10 am, I ask permission from the principal Madam Mimi Say to help my survey and
also thankful for giving 100% cooperation for this research studies. I was gave to the
principle and all teachers my research checklist and ask them a favour to distribute it to all 6
years old childrens parents. I simplify the question to parents understanding. At 11 oclock in
the morning, I went to meet the principle to collect all the completed parent-fill-up-checklists.
All the questions are written in English language because mostly parents also can
communicate in English. I was provided a column that parents easy to tick. Im feeling so

thankful to all parents and teachers for their cooperation in helping me to give their feedback
regarding to my research questions.
Before the checklist been distributed, I was gave my explanations to all parents and teachers
how this study is all about. I have to manage properly meeting with all parents, principal and
teachers before the checklist questions survey been given to them.

The teachers and some parents are helping me by giving their feedback during the
interview session to get more accurate information in order to answer all the research
questionnaires. After 1 weeks, all the questionnaires will be checked. The interview sessions
have been carrying out base on the teachers convenient time at school. All parents have
returned the checklist with complete Yes/No-answers. Im very happy with their input. Im
feeling please and grateful with the cooperative spirits between parents and teacher to help
me to complete my research questionnaires survey. For me, they have already gives me their
level best contributions.

4.3 The Result of Data Analyses and Research Findings

a) Data Qualitative Analysis
In my research study, I was used qualitative and quantitative type of research. There are
four parts and 18 questions that been asked in the survey questions which are the definition
about music, the importance of music to develop number concept skill, the variety of music
in mathematics and the effective of music for children learning mathematics. For students
Wonderful Years Kindergarten, quantitative of research study according to the chart is
successfully positive, 18 respondents of parents got around (100%), 4 respondent parents got
around (95%), 3 respondent of parents got around (88%), 2 respondent of parents got around
(72%), 1 respondent of parents got around (66%) and lastly 4 respondent of parents got

around (55%). These show that the higher amount parents agree about the importance music
in teaching mathematics for children and the percentage got increase.



b) Data Qualitative Analysis

From my researched study, there are 3 questions which related parents awareness
teaching mathematics through music evaluates children improvement. From the research

survey, there are 32 parents most of them say positive things about the importance music in
teaching mathematics for children. Music is the most important for children easy to learn for
improvement among children for 5 years old at Wonderful Years Kindergarten, according the
survey answer are coming from the parents themselves. Overall, most of the parents agree
that music does impact childrens development in many areas like socialization, cognitive
skills, body coordination and language development. Music also helps children in learning by
improve their concentration, positive self-esteem, memorization and creativity in learning
mathematics through music. As parents, they should make the learning through music as
interesting activity during free time at home and increase children interest toward music.
Some of children improved their learning mathematics by music and music is possible to be a
good effect for children as long as they are guided by their parents.

4.3 Discussion
Based on this research studies on parents awareness of the importance music in teaching
mathematics for children at Wonderful Years Kindergarten, the result comes from parents and
teachers are very positive. All parents here are so cooperative and give full support to ensure
their children get the best learning environment from teachers. They are aware of the
importance of music in teaching mathematics by completely giving their feedback in the
questionnaires session. Their children performances are always be their priority. Some
parents always have wrong perceptions in music. This is due to parents lack of time spent at
home with their children and therefore they are not involved in their young childrens musical
development. This is the reason that makes parents think music just an entertainment. When
they are not involved, it is hard to build positive perception about the music education among
the parents.

Parents are overly reliant on commercially available music recourses such as CD and DVDs
for their childrens engagement with music as said by De Vries (2007) When most of the
parents not involves during teaching learning process of their children and do not get the
information about the music education, it makes these parents think music is an
entertainment for children not as education. When parents and their children understand
how math and music comes into play at school, at home, and in the world around them,
meaningful learning can occur. Support this bridge between classroom and learning at
home by creating a lending library of math-with-rhythms games and activities that children
can take home to enjoy with their friends, siblings, and parents.

5.1 Introduction

This chapter are presents the conclusions that including the briefly summary of the present
research, the conclusion based on research questions and the result of data analyses, the
discussion on research findings, the implications of research findings to the practitioners and
the recommendations for further research.

5.2 Conclusion of Study

According to the discussion in chapter 4, I was founded that parents are involved well in
their childs teaching math through music. It shows that they are concerned about the math
subject as they know the importance of the music. They apply it to their child as to make
them helps in children learning.
In short, the parents awareness about the importance music in teaching mathematics
for children is important for children development and helps the children to improve in their
learning. Parents can do a great deal to provide the necessary stimulation through music
experiences to nurture the young childs music abilities. Parents should give opportunity to
their children to explore music because all children are born with the innate ability to respond
to music and to develop musically (Music Council of Australia, 2005 pg. 159).
The collaboration between music and mathematics can help young children more enjoy full
while learning. It helps children more focused, make things easy to remember and helpful for
the classroom mathematics program. Based on the research about the parents awareness
about the importance music in teaching mathematics for children, the result showed that
parents play an important role for children development including cognitive, emotion,
physical, intellectual and language. Parents support is important for children in learning.
Parents should give the best education to children and giving the children a chance to develop
skills in music like playing instruments, singing and dancing that related with their learning at

school. Besides that, music education to children also develop in many aspects such as better
in coordination of body and thinking, like socialize with others and improve more on
language in terms of reading and writing. That is why parents are the people that hold the
important role when it comes to their children development. Sometimes we do not know our
own talent even until we are old. That is because observation to children is important to know
their development.
5. 3 Implication of Study
Music are gives different meaning to different people. It brings happiness, sadness,
relaxation, excitation and sleepy moment. We can hear different type of song around the
world with the languages and styles are also different. Music is never ending. It is
continuously build over the years. It tells us about the story, moral value, culture, love and
language. Music also can give our children interest to learning subject mathematics. It
because from music children easy to remember each of word that they sings. So, from these,
children are easy to understand and also have fun when learning. The implication from this
research the parents awareness about the importance music in teaching mathematics for
children is parents need to be aware and need to focused on understand that how music can
help childrens for learning. We may not forget the influence of culture, community, and
socio-economic status also related to children education. Just as a childs family and
neighbourhoods may influence the development of reading awareness and skills, these same
factors may affect progress in learning music. Research has revealed cultural differences in
when and how children are exposed to early music concepts at home helps their development
of education in class too.

As we know, music can improve the childrens creativity, memorizing and also improve the
childrens interesting in learning. When children learning mathematics with music, it can give

the children benefit and improve the children capability in learning. It can bring fun and
enjoyment to the children. Besides that, music also can be part of childrens life and it is as
important as other subjects as it can help childrens development in many ways. It also can
help children in many developments like social emotional, cognitive, language development
and increase positive self-aspects. I was asked Madam Mimi Say the principal of Wonderful
Years Kindergarten, an expert on children's music, to share with me some of her ideas about
the appeal of music and its unique potential for teaching young children on calculating skills.
She responded, "Music has positive effects on people's emotions and creativity. When we
sing together, we synchronize our breathing and feel more connected. Music is also an
effective, almost magical medium for learning and retaining information. It activates three
different canters of the brain at the same time: language, hearing, and rhythmic motor control.
By inducing emotions, it also creates a heightened condition of awareness and mental acuity.
Words paired with music are far easier to retain. As an example, most of us can remember the
words and meanings of songs we haven't heard for years. Isn't it interesting how you still
remember your ABCs?
5.4 Limitation of Study
There are few limitations to conduct this research, which is time.The lacks of time to find
more information as a fixed and details in the journal and book. There are only a few week to
find the suitable topic in the journal and book. The limitation of book to be search at elibrary make the researcher feels more difficult to do the research. The due date with other the
assignment is too close so the information about the issue must be search as soon as possible
before move to the next chapter. Most of the resources and references in this issue are from
the book and journal at e- library. Sometimes, it helps to use a variety of questions as starting
points. During the research, cooperation from the parents also can be of the one of the
limitation because some of parents do not want to give commitment.

5.5 Recommendation for Future Research

There are two the most important people that need to play a role to childrens success.
Children now are the future leader that wills governance our future nation. The first people
that really need to play an important role is parents, they need to guide the children as much
as they can. Based on the result of the survey research, what parents can do to achieve an
excellent level is, parents can surround children with expose their children with music to
learn mathematic. Research has shown again and again that children who are involved in
music expand their skills in many other areas, including mathematics. From basic concepts
to complex abstract thinking, playing instruments, reading music, and even dancing can affect
a childs mathematical comprehension skills.
Firstly, parents are the first people that hold the important role when comes to their
children development and guide the children as much as they can. Based on the result of the
survey research, what parents can do to achieve an excellent level is, parents can make music
as interesting activity during the free time at home and at the same time teach their children.
They can use the familiar songs like Old My Donald Had a Farm but change the lyric with
the content of any subjects that they want to teach. For example lyric is about name of the
month in sequence so that it makes their children easy to remember because music is an
entertainment and brings fun for children. The songs and activities also reinforce the
everyday benefits of characteristics such as respect, responsibility, and honesty and of
abilities such as resolving conflicts non-violently and facing and overcoming fears.

In order to encourage children to participate in music at school, parents should

encourage them to participate in any contest or performance such as concerts day, graduation
days and music competition. Thus, time and opportunities are important for children to
explore music and movement. Parents should give them appropriate time to learn a song with
the movements until they can master it, not few songs at one time. The second group of
people that really need to play an important role is teachers; they need to guide the children at
school as much as they can. Teacher should have enough knowledge about music. All
teachers must have certificate in music as one of the requirement before they can be
kindergarten teacher in private or government sector. They knowledge they have can be used
to create music environment and instruments based on their creativity in teaching.
Teachers can apply many techniques in teaching music for children like singing and
dancing, exploring music instruments and guide them to play it that related to the subject
learning. For example teachers can teach them sing a songs little Indian that related to
mathematic. Children need to sings with counting one until ten. One last suggestion before
my final word, teachers shall make music as part in the learning process and not just as a
single subject. Perhaps we are ready including music-based for mathematics teaching method
in every classroom nationwide.