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1052 Longfellow Avenue Apartment 2f, Bronx, New York 10459 (347)573-0370
University at Albany,

Albany, NY
Expected Graduation Date: May 2016
1400 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12222

B.A. Journalism minor English

Centenary College,

Hackettstown, NJ
400 Jefferson Street, Hackettstown, NJ 07840

A.A. Liberal Arts

Date: 2014
Current GPA: 3.0

Treehaus Restaurant,
New York, NY
May 2015-August 2015
Working as a cashier, customer assistant representative, and assistant manager at a high end restaurant.
Whole Foods Market,
New York, NY
February 2014-August 2014
Working as a cashier and a customer assistant, interacting with customers throughout the day assisting them in the store.
Special Event Tour Guide,
Hackettstown, NJ
Show prospective college students around campus and promote Centenary College at special events.

2012 2013

Office of Student Engagement,

Office Assistant at Centenary College.

2011 2013

Hackettstown, NJ

Centenary College Resident Assistant,

Hackettstown, NJ
2012 2013
Provide a service and helping hand to residents 24/7 during the school year with 3 other resident assistants and a director.
Albany Student Television
Worked other students to write, film, and act in a television comedy aired on television and online.
Albany Student Press

Fall 2015-Now
Fall 2014-Now

Wrote stories, took pictures, and created captions. Interviewed individuals, scheduled meetings, and written 1
story prior to each deadline. Also I helped design the new look for the college newspaper.
Country Living Magazine
Fall 2013
Worked as an intern with CEO of company, interacted with other entrepreneurs, edited magazine, edited online databases
and attended meetings to further the companys publicity.
Centenary College Newspaper

Fall 2013

Detailed the campus in the elaborate ways. Took pictures and created captions. Interviewed individuals,
scheduled meetings, and written 2-3 stories prior to each deadline.
Centenary College Yearbook Committee


Portrayed the campus in the most positive way possible. Took pictures and sent them to an online database and
edited photos and numerous text boxes in a group of 7. Applied creativity to construct various designs for the
yearbook and publicized them to the senior class through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Web Design, created and manage a poetry website and blog
Web Editing, with Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Blogger, Wordpress, and Webs
Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft Powerpoint