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Range of shot types

and editing transitions

Effective use of establishing

shots to show the setting and
set the moos. Close ups used at
(0.31) allows the viewer to
connect with the girl.

Appropriate pace and

content for genre

Slow shots are suitable for the

genre chosen. Drugs are shown
but is not significant enough to
be inappropriate to the
Good use of inter cut titles at
the start to show the most
important companies.

Use different camera

movement to signify
movement and to include
the audience in the film. At
(0.55) you could pan the
room to help create
Make sure the rugs are nt
shown too often if you are
filming her taking them.

Position and order of


Introduction of

I cannot tell how many

characters there are because of
the drawings.

Maybe overlay the titles of

characters over footage as
this allows the start to flow
more effectively.
Possibly not go straight into
extreme close up? You
could start further away
then zoom in.

Introduction of storyline The storyline is a little bit hard

to follow because of the

If you add more dialogue it

may help understand whats
going on.

Clearly an opening

Yes. Has the plot there but not

the whole storyline revealed.

Make sure you show a clear

contrast between when she
is high on drugs and when
she is not.

Use of sound

I like the change in volume and

broken up music reflects the
girls state.

The piano overpowers the

voice which can make it
hard to understand.